Medical aid for 1 cat in Puchong (Soo Tzan Jian & Teng Yeeng Xuang’s) – Ah Miao (2nd aid)

We have provided an aid of RM3524.00 for Ah Miao’s diaphragmatic hernia repair and hospitalisation.

Ah Miao was sent for neutering at another vet, but went into dyspnea when she was anaesthesised. The spaying was aborted immediately and she stopped breathing 3 times during recovery.

Upon further investigation at our vet, Miao was found to have diaphragmatic hernia, sustained some time ago. Unfortunately, Miao was also pregnant. The caregivers made the decision to abort the pregnancy during the hernia repair. As per policy, we do not cover abortions, so the caregivers will pay for that themselves.

The above is for the to-date bill for the hernia repair and the donors are: Two anonymous donors, donors from Pastorale Charity Concert 2023, Agnes Cheong, Blondies, Chow Yi Lin, Coffee, Leong Wai Ngor, Mong Looi, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Ng Siew Ching, Rashidah, Thean Kim Pin, Wong Chin Kuan, Yim Soi Chee and the AnimalCare reserve fund.

The caregivers had earlier paid a deposit of RM200.

There may be another bill to settle as Miao has to stay hospitalised for another 2-3 days more. Updates: Nicholas (Soo Tzan Jian) says they will settle this bill.

We had earlier settled another bill for Miao for the attempted neutering procedure where the vet only charged RM80. So the total aid to-date given to the caregivers for Miao is RM3604.00.

About the hernia repair:

The vet said that during the surgery, a large gaping hole was found in Miao’s diaphragm, there was also a lot of adhesion already which indicates she must have sustained this tear more than a month ago. The caregivers also did not notice any panting in Miao at all, which shows how well a cat can hide pain. A diaphragmatic hernia is caused by a heavy blow or an assault to the abdominal area.

It is even more amazing that Miao made it through such a complicated and extremely high-risk surgery. We thank our vet so very much for her willingness to do this surgery which many vets would not attempt, and to have brought Miao successfully and safely out from it.

This is a message from Aline (Teng Yeeng Xuang):  Thank you to both Dr Chan and Ms Yim for the great help in saving Nomi and Miao all along. Thank you for bringing us hope in saving our fur children. We are truly blessed to have met you both 🙏🏻. Thank you to all donors for your kind contributions.  

Here are photos of Miao when I visited her today. She is an extremely affectionate cat and makes friends very easily.








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