Gerald & Misty today

Misty’s post-breakfast snack after helping me with gardening. Her breakfast is always wet food.

Here comes Gerald!

Normally, Misty will rush to the garbage compartment to welcome Gerald, but today, she was still busy eating her snack.

Gerald and Misty get Healthy Gut pre-probiotics daily too. It is also from Adored Beast.

I totally believe in the benefit of pre-probiotics for humans, dogs and cats. I will repeat this for the benefit of new readers: A holistic vet once taught me that if there is one supplement that you give your dogs and cats, it’s a good probiotic.

Even I have been saved (so far) from the relapse of a nasty illness by taking a pre-probiotic, thanks to my brilliant pharmacist’s recommendation.

So, all our cats take Healthy Gut on a daily basis. Well, all except Samantha as I still have not succeeded in sneaking it into her food. But I’m getting there.

Misty likes to share a bowl with Gerald. It is their way of bonding.

This is the lifestyle that Gerald feels happy with – he wants his freedom and does not want to be confined inside the house. I need to respect that.

Misty is happy living in our porch so that she has access to Gerald’s visits.

Actually, Misty has become quite the territorial CNRM-cat now. Yesterday, she chased away an unneutered male tabby from across the road. I heard the big commotion.

If you’ve been reading our blog in around Nov-Dec 2022, you might remember Socks. She comes from the Rumah Kucing down the road. Back then, Socks tried to come to our porch, but was chased away by Samantha. Gerald does not like Socks. I think Socks is a female but I have never seen her pregnant. There is no ear-notch on her, though. Hopefully, she has already been neutered by her owner.






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