Fresh supply of RetroMAD1 for Zurik

Yesterday was one month after Zurik’s diagnosis of having FIP. At present, he seems to be doing as well as he can be on the following;

Prednisolone 2.5mg twice daily RetroMAD1 0.8ml thrice daily Vetri DMG 0.5ml daily B Complex Fish oil

I had to buy a new stock of RetroMAD1 today as whatever I […]

Zurik gets an inside view and more about RetroMAD1

Heidi: I haven’t been out for taiji for SO long!! Ginger: I haven’t been out to chase Buddy and Lanky for SO long too!!

Zurik: I’m quite settled in the house. Not going out.

But I do miss having Heidi or Zurik accompany me for taiji. Zurik acts as a […]

Zurik starts on RetroMAD1

Last night, Zurik started on RetroMAD1, the anti-viral that was experimental many years ago.

It was my friend, Agnes, who reminded me that RetroMAD1 might be worth a try, so I contacted my friend, Anita, who recently bought 3 bottles of RetroMAD1 for her cat, to ask from where I could purchase them. Anita immediately […]

Tiger gets RetroMAD1 (Day 2)

Connie came over to fetch me to the clinic where I hoped Tiger will qualify for the RetroMAD1.

The vet was really nice and kind.

He explained that not all sporo cats make it despite treatment and one’s best efforts. Tiger, being FIV-positive for so many years also means that his immunity is already significantly […]

Bunny, after the RetroMAD1

It’s just been two doses of RetroMAD1, and Bunny seems much, much better today. His fever is gone. He looks much better too.

He fought me real hard just now when I gave him his Vetri DMG. Maybe he thinks he doesn’t need it anymore. Now, when Bunny fights, I lose. I definitely lose, because […]

RetroMAD1 available for rescuers through vets

As you know, RetroMAD1 is an experimental drug that has proven helpful in alleviating the following diseases:

1. Canine Parvovirus (dogs)

2. FIV/FeLV in cats (only if symptomatic)

It has also been helpful in Canine Corona Virus, Feline Calici Virus and certain diseases in shrimps and primates.

RetroMAD1 is known to work as a virus […]

RetroMAD1 news for Penangites!

Calling all animal-lovers and pet-owners in Penang!!

Mr Huan, the scientist who co-developed RetroMAD1, the wonder oral antiviral drug, would like to introduce RetroMAD1 to Penang vets. Could you please speak with your respective vets and let them know about the efficacy of this drug? If they are interested to use the drug, please contact […]

RetroMAD1 helps another Parvo puppy!

About a week ago, a friend asked if I had anymore RetroMAD1 to spare for a vet who had five parvo puppies. Four had already died, and one was hanging on. I only had a very tiny amount left but this was sufficient already. The RetroMAD1 was passed to my friend, who took it immediately […]

RetroMAD1 and TVT

We have very good news to share. A friend of mine used to think TVT was untreatable or that the treatment was terribly expensive until I told him it’s VERY treatable and affordable. In fact, TVT is one of the most treatable cancers in dogs and it often heals incredibly well with the proper treatment […]