Furby’s updates!

Here are some photo updates of Furby!

Many friends!!

Furby came to our gate mewing about three weeks ago (on 18th December 2022). We took him in, got him dewormed, treated for an eye ulcer and gassy intestines. Luckily my friend adopted him. He has a loving forever home now!


Furby’s updates

The little one has grown, in just 7 days!

He looks so much bigger already!!


Furby’s photos


Furby explores his new home

Furby explores his new home, watched by his curious new friends!

All the cats have a very big space in my friend’s home.

Furby in his new home!!

Here are some photos of Furby in his new home!!


Acclimatising to his new home and new family.

We are so grateful that Furby has a forever home now!!


Furby this morning

Chillaxing in Ginger’s orange basket.

Precious little thing. I’ll miss him even though it’s only been less than 5 days.

This is a little care package for Furby. I’ve also packed his medicines in ice.

My friend came over just now and […]

Furby will go to his forever home tomorrow!

We all know how very difficult it is to rehome animals nowadays, especially when times are so hard economically. So, being able a rehome an animal to a good home is indeed, a miracle.

I would like to thank my dear friend who will be taking Furby tomorrow and giving him a loving forever […]

Rescued cat for adoption (Leong Chee San’s) – Adopted!

Updates: Adopted!!

The original post:

If you would like to adopt this cat, please contact Ms Leong Chee San directly at <removed> or email <removed>. Thank you. Kindly help to forward too.

Location: Klang Valley


I found this cat five days ago. He came to my door to ask for food. To me, […]

Perky says hi!

We rescued Perky from the pound in 2009 and she almost did not make it. She was neutered in Bentong along with the other dogs at the safehouse over there, but she was bleeding after the vet left, so we brought her back and I pressed on her wound throughout the journey to stop the […]