Mun Mun’s magic touch and heart of gold!

Rocky B’s updates:

Updates on Snoopy (at Mun Mun’s sanctuary)

Look at how happy Snoopy is now!! And it has only been one day!

We are all so happy that Snoopy is happy!

Thank you very much, Mun Mun.


A rehoming of a pet dog who fears thunderstorms

I received an urgent request a few days ago from a lady. The issue is that her pet dog became very fearful of thunderstorms and would react rather “aggressively” by destroying her front door and the netting on it.

Her dog was acting out of fear, which isn’t uncommon in dogs and cats.

The main […]

2 kittens for adoption (Suzanne Ngiow’s) – adopted!

Update: Adopted!!

The original post: If you are able to give these kittens a home, please contact Suzanne Ngiow directly at <removed>. Thank you.

From Suzanne:

I recently rescued 2 kittens during MCO and due to the condition, I didnt post and ask for anyone to adopt them. I am keeping them temporary, once MCO […]

Petfood donation to the kind samaritan (rescued puppy for adoption too)

Donors: Marcus Wong & Family, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Poldrey Hepburn, Minnie & Smurfy.

The petfood:

Cindy Holistic cat kibble 13kg – Open Farm Chicken – 4 bags Vitalplus cat kibble 18kg – Salmon – 4 bags Cindy’s Favourites cat canned food (400g) – Sardine Chicken – 3 boxes – Mackerel Chicken – 3 boxes […]

Updates on Hoko and Momo (adopted!!!)

Isn’t this great?!!!

I just texted the caretaker and she says Hoko and Momo are doing fine, eating well and getting along very well with her own cats. She says they are both very friendly.

So, the caretaker has decided to ADOPT Hoko and Momo as her own. They will not be going to the […]

The rescue and rehoming of 2 kittens (Marcus Wong’s)

Yesterday, I received an urgent email from Marcus Wong. Marcus had been taking care of two kittens, already neutered and vaccinated too. They were community kittens in his neighbourhood. There are only eight community cats in his area and the gardener helps to take care of them. He even told the residents that two are […]

Another great rescue (from Soi Chee)

My friend, Soi Chee, who used to be a dog-person, has now become quite the cat-person! Here is another rescue from her, or rather, from her domestic helper.

Soi Chee’s story:

Lately cats have been entering into my life , no idea why and how …they keep coming to me. I rescued a few … […]

Rocky B’s updates

Do you remember Rocky B?

His owner went back to India and left him behind without an owner. Rocky B was living in the workplace, but there was a biting incident, so the workplace did not allow him to live there anymore. The rescuer, Ruzila, contacted us. We advertised for adoption, and a kind samaritan […]