Kinta Dog is living at the shelter in Ipoh

Some of you might remember Kinta Dog:

In November 2022, a lady from Ipoh sought our help to rescue Kinta Dog whom she thought had TVT. Being so far away, there was nothing we could do. So our friend contacted Persatuan Pencinta Haiwan Kinta and Mr Lu took on this case and rescued Kinta […]

Hello Perky!!!

It was in December 2009 when we had first started (in May that year) that we were gung-ho enough (as with all newbies!) to do pound rescues.

Our first pound rescue was from the Klang pound and Perky was one of our rescues.

Perky has always been special to me because we took all the […]

Whiskers is adopted! (from Imm’s Shelter)


Whiskers, a little male kitten, was the latest rescue at Imm’s Shelter. After his rescue, he was sent for a check-up at the vet’s and two days ago, through one of the volunteers at the shelter, Whiskers was adopted by a very kind and loving family!

His new family bought […]

Furby is neutered!

Remember Furby?

He was the little kitten who came to our porch one night. Tiny little fellow he was at that time. I got him rehomed to my very trustworthy friend.

Furby is now neutered!

The vet says Furby is in good health, just make sure he doesn’t get too fat!!


Sporty Boy – Officially Adopted

Hi, it’s JoTong here.

Yesterday was a happy day for me as Sporty Boy was officially adopted by a loving family. He and his 2 sisters were abandoned at the roadside about 10 months ago in July 2022. While Sporty Boy’s 2 other sisters had found their forever loving home, Sporty Boy […]


Look at how much he has grown!!

He’s so big now!!

Sparky, 15 year-old dog, joins Survivor Shelter

Here’s news from Survivor Shelter’s Ms Ong. It is about Sparky, a 15 year-old pet dog.

Sparky, anjing berumur 15 tahun. Sparky adalah seekor anjing yg dibela oleh satu keluarga,oleh sebab Sparky tiap mlm pukul 2am bising ,tuan dia hantar ke petshop utk boarding ,dah 5 bulan. oleh sebab April adalah Hari Raya harga boarding […]

Furby is a big boy now!

He sure looks big, doesn’t he?

Sure looks like Furby’s got a best friend!

Backstory: Furby was a little longhair kitten who wandered into our porch on 18th December 2022 and absolutely refused to go away. So I took him in and got him checked by the vet. After a week, […]

Help needed: 7 puppies for adoption and 1 mother-dog to catch for spaying (Lung Sai Mei’s)

Updates on 19th February 2023: All 7 puppies have been adopted!!

The original post:

We received the following request from Ms Lung Sai Mei (location: Klang Valley) to help rehome 7 puppies (estimated at 2 weeks old) and to help catch the mother-dog for spaying.

Important: The puppies still need their mother’s milk until they […]