A happy update of a rescued cat from 11 years ago!

In July 2010, my friend, Yi Lin and her husband rescued a tiny little kitten who survived being in their car engine for a day. Here’s the story: https://myanimalcare.org/2010/07/20/meoww-a-feisty-little-kitten-for-adoption/

Julie Pek was so kind to foster Meoww. Meoww did not get adopted, so Julie adopted her.

Today, Meoww is 11 years old, in great health […]

Calico-Ginger cat family for adoption (Lee Lay Cheng’s)- Adopted!

Update on 23rd March 2021: The kittens have all been adopted now. The mother-cat will be spayed, released and continued to be looked after.

The original post:

If you are able to help, please contact Ms Lee Lay Cheng directly at <removed>.

From Ms Lee:

Mama cat & 5 kitties rescued in Shah Alam on […]

Tigger is adopted!

Tigger’s story has a lovely and happy “beginning” today!

He was discharged from hospital with a clean bill of health. Julia brought him home (photos below) and by evening, his kind adopter from Klang came to take him back to his forever loving home! Julia has offered to sponsor Tigger’s vaccinations and his neutering later.


Betsy’s photo shoot

Remember Betsy?

Betsy, a Shitzu, was supposed to have undergone an eye operation to save her eye, but the owner neglected her. Betsy was found with a large e-collar by a good samaritan, on the street, and luckily taken to the “correct” vet. The vet contacted her owner to ask if the eye operation could […]

Ruzila visits Rocky B!

Ruzila was Rocky B’s rescuer. To recap, Rocky B was her workplace security guard’s dog, but the guard left Malaysia for good to go back to India, so Rocky B was left without a caregiver.

Then, an incident happened where Rocky bit someone and the employer said Rocky could not stay at the workplace anymore.


Mun Mun’s magic touch and heart of gold!

Rocky B’s updates: https://www.facebook.com/munmun.imonday/posts/2185504548260669

Updates on Snoopy (at Mun Mun’s sanctuary)

Look at how happy Snoopy is now!! And it has only been one day!


We are all so happy that Snoopy is happy!

Thank you very much, Mun Mun.


A rehoming of a pet dog who fears thunderstorms

I received an urgent request a few days ago from a lady. The issue is that her pet dog became very fearful of thunderstorms and would react rather “aggressively” by destroying her front door and the netting on it.

Her dog was acting out of fear, which isn’t uncommon in dogs and cats.

The main […]

2 kittens for adoption (Suzanne Ngiow’s) – adopted!

Update: Adopted!!

The original post: If you are able to give these kittens a home, please contact Suzanne Ngiow directly at <removed>. Thank you.

From Suzanne:

I recently rescued 2 kittens during MCO and due to the condition, I didnt post and ask for anyone to adopt them. I am keeping them temporary, once MCO […]