Betsy’s happy playtime!

Here’s a video that will definitely make your day!!

Happy little Betsy playing with her friends in her forever home!!

What happened to Betsy: Betsy (with a large e-collar still on) was found by a good samaritan and brought to the clinic. Her owner was contacted by the clinic but the […]

Betsy has her forever happy home!!

Connie has decided to adopt Betsy!!

And Mun Mun is delighted that Betsy has a forever home now. We do wish to, again, thank Mun Mun very much, for offering to adopt Betsy when she was first rescued.

All’s well that ends well.

Connie will also take care of all of Betsy’s medical bills including […]

Mickey is growing up…adorably!

Here is a photo and a video of Mickey, sent by his mama. Mickey is so adorable even the helper in the house has totally and completely fallen in love with him.

He has grown! And he looks good!!

Mickey is SO loved!

He goes back to his “room” […]

Mickey learns to pray

Mickey’s mama is so delighted that Mickey accompanies her every day when she prays. He appears to be listening too.

Here’s a photo and a video.

Mickey playing with his bestfriends!

Here’s a lovely video of Mickey playing with his two new bestfriends!

Happy little Mickey!

Mickey – a clean bill of health!

Mickey went for his check-up at the vet’s today and was dewormed, frontlined and given Lysine as a supplement. His weight was 390g, which is a gain of 20g in two days!

Here are some photos and a video from my friend:

Mickey will have many cat-friends in his new […]

Mickey in his forever loving home!

My dear friend sent me photos of Mickey right after Mickey arrived at her house.

I’m very comforted in knowing that Mickey is in very safe hands and in the most loving home I know of. Thank you so very much!

In rescuing animals, I think the hardest part is to find a good forever […]

Found dog in PJ (Susan Swier’s) – adopted!!

The dog has been adopted!!!!

The original post:

The request:

My name is Susan Swier and I found a dog at the Poh Kong SS 2/55 bus stop, Petaling Jaya, on Friday. I’ve already posted on Petfinder and in all the relevant Facebook groups I can think of. I’ve also given some posters to nearby […]

RayRay says “hello!” (a case from 2011)

This rescue story goes way back to 16th May 2011 when two students, Jason and Powie, rescued a little kitten off from the middle of the road. Initially Jason though the kitten was dead but upon closer inspection, he discovered that the tiny little thing was still alive.

16th May 2011:

15th May 2012: […]