Kuning has been adopted!

What fantastic news! Kuning has been adopted!

Ref: https://myanimalcare.org/2016/07/13/marble-kuning-cat-for-adoption-ooi-bee-eans/

From: Ooi BE Date: Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 10:03 AM Subject: Kuning adopted To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Good morning Dr Chan

Kuning has been adopted last week by a family. He is settling in very well. Adopter just send me this picture […]

Mother-cat and 4 kittens for adoption – Adopted! (Rani Jarjan’s)


Dear Dr. Chan,

Hope you are well. Wanted to update about May and the kittens. Unfortunately 1 kitten died on 3rd August. But the rest of the 3 kittens including May were adopted.

Thank you for your advice.

The original post:

If you are able to help, please contact Rani Jarjan directly. Thank you.


Marble Kuning, cat for adoption – adopted! (Ooi Bee Ean’s)

Update: Kuning has been adopted!

The original post:

If you would like to adopt Marble Kuning, please contact Ms Ooi directly. Thank you.

Location: Klang Valley

From: Ooi BE <ooibeeean@gmail.com> Date: Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 9:23 PM Subject: Re: Pixs of Marble Kuning To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Dear Dr Chan Kuning is […]

Found schnauzer at LDP – rehomed (Karen Ng Kar Yin’s)

Update: Already rehomed. Owner not found.

The original post:

If this is your dog or you have any information that might help this found schnauzer, please contact Karen Ng directly via FB. Thank you.

From: Karen Ng <karyin.ng@gmail.com> Date: Fri, Jun 24, 2016 at 10:40 PM Subject: Fwd: FOUND LOST DOG AT LDP ON 23 […]

Guai Guai, cat for adoption – adopted (Lina Wong’s)

Update: Adopted!

The original post:

If interested, please contact Lina directly. Thank you.

Location: Klang Valley

From: Lina W <linalnw@gmail.com> Date: Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 6:38 PM Subject: Guai Guai To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Hi Dr. Chan,

May I ask for your help to put up Guai Guai’s adoption in your blog? She […]

Mr Quack says “hi” (with crossed eyes)!

Remember Mr Quack?!!!

Here’s his photo, just taken today:

Look at ’em eyes!!

For those who are new to the blog, Mr Quack was the ultra terrorist cat who invaded our neighbourhood in 2012, fought with and bit Ginger until the wound almost turned gangrenous (and that’s how Ginger came […]

Puppies for adoption in the Klang Valley (Nixon Wong’s) – ALL ADOPTED!

Updates: All adopted.

The original post:

If interested, please contact Nixon Wong directly.

Location: Klang Valley

From: Ni Won Territory <niwon88@gmail.com> Date: Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 7:16 PM Subject: abandoned pups for adoption To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Pups for Adoption (Taman Sentosa Klang)(Brindle, Black little White, Choco)


Someone dumped a mama dog […]

Prince’s adoption (a sharing by Judy Chua)

The adoption post: http://myanimalcare.org/2015/11/17/dog-for-adoption-in-ipoh-judy-chuas/

Sometimes miracles happen.

Judy sent out the adoption request and within the same day, someone from KL responded. The adopter drove all the way from KL to Ipoh to ferry Prince (the dog) back. Prince was taken to the vet for a check-up and had blood tests done too. And he […]

Dog for adoption in Ipoh – Adopted! (Judy Chua’s)

Update: Adopted!

The original post:

If interested, please contact Judy Chua at jlchua15@gmail.com.

From: judy chua <jlchua15@gmail.com> Date: Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 11:08 PM Subject: Prince available for adoption

My neighbor has asked me to help find a good home for Prince, a 2 year old male pup. He feels sorry for Prince as […]