Kinta Dog to be released tomorrow

Here’s an update from Mr Lu, the kind volunteer from Persatuan Pencinta Haiwan Kinta Perak, who helped with Kinta Dog when we made a callout for help.

I asked if the red collar is necessary since Kinta Dog has already been microchipped and ear-notched. According to Mr Lu, it seems to be a […]

Extending our aid to Sponsored Shelters

All this while, our Neutering, Vaccination and the latest revived-with-a-tweak Medical Aid have only been extended to individual rescuers/feeders of street animals. Animal organisations, rescue groups and shelters were not eligible for these aid because in the past, we know that these three categories had been able to raise their own funds. Also, when it […]

Kinta Dog is back in the Ipoh shelter

Mr Lu sent these updates yesterday.

Kinta Dog is now discharged and back in their shelter!

The back story: In November 2022, a lady from Ipoh wrote to ask for help to rescue Kinta Dog whom she thought had TVT. We sent out an alert and also contacted friends to help. Our two […]

Kinta Dog will be discharged soon (donation of RM715 disbursed)

Finally, we have good news on Kinta Dog!

She has recovered and will be discharged soon, brought back to Persatuan Pencinta Haiwan Kinta’s shelter and looked after there until she is fit enough to be returned to the colony where there is a feeder.

The total bill came up to RM1,315.00.

On 27th November 2022, […]

Updates on Kinta Dog

It was on 27th November 2022 that Kinta Dog was finally caught and taken to the vet’s for treatment. The person who asked us for help thought it was TVT, but it turned out to be a prolapsed uterus.

Since Kinta Dog was located in Ipoh and we also do not have any rescue expertise, […]

The revival of the AnimalCare Medical Aid

We are happy to announce the revival of our Medical Aid effective today!

From 2009 when we first started until the end of 2014, we had been providing our medical aid for rescued animals. However, we encountered significant dishonesty cases, so we had to close it at that time.

But now we are reviving the […]

Updates on Kinta Dog – half the surgery done

According to Mr Lu, the vet only did half the surgery yesterday as the “growth” was way too big and not all could be removed. Kinta Dog is recuperated at the vet’s now and the next surgery will be done next week to remove all of it.

I’m sorry if the information above is not […]

Updates on the Kinta Dog (thought to have TVT)

For those who are new to the blog, a young lady from Ipoh sought our help to rescue a female dog with visible TVT. We enlisted the help of friends who contacted Persatuan Pencinta Haiwan Kinta Perak. This group did the rescue over 3 days and the dog is under their care now. We have […]

A donation to help the rescued dog in Perak

We managed to get a donation of RM600 to chip in to help the rescued dog in Perak:

We approached individual donors because this is a little out of the norm of our neutering aid for individuals. The group that rescued the dog (Persatuan Pencinta Haiwan Daerah Kinta Perak) says they will use their […]