An update from Soi Dog on the illegal meat trade

An Update On The Dogs Rescued From

The Illegal Dog Meat Trade

Dear Friends and Supporters of Soi Dog,

Firstly, many thanks to those of you who have joined the Trade of Shame campaign aimed at stopping the illegal dog meat trade from Thailand to Vietnam.

I am pleased to […]

Brainstorming for solutions to halt the dog-hunts

This is from one of our readers who has requested anonymity. I believe all of us who feel that street dogs in our country ought to be treated with more respect and given a chance to live on would want to do something constructively towards this end.

Shall we brainstorm on how this can be […]

A Bed Of Thorns, Part 9

Today, the Kawan and Hoarder brought the remaining 6 dogs for vaccination at the vet’s. With this, all 12 dogs have been vaccinated now, and we have banked in the money to the vet directly. The vet is also treating the dogs for their skin problem and they have been advised to bring the dogs […]

A Bed Of Thorns, Part 8


You would have read from Part 7 that the Hoarder had somehow changed her mind and decided to retract her statement to our volunteer. Her husband texted me to say she will be keeping all her animals until “such a time when it is unavoidable”.

I told him we may not be able […]

A Bed Of Thorns, Part 7

I received an email from the Kawan today saying that they have discussed our offer to relocate as many of her (the Hoarder’s) animals as we possibly can. The Kawan urged her to think over carefully first.

Hence, there is still no reply so far.

Here are photos taken by our volunteer at the Hoarder’s […]

A Bed Of Thorns (Part 6)


Six of the 12 dogs from the Hoarder have been sent to the vet’s for vaccination. All have been vaccinated and 3 of them received injections for their skin condition. As pledged, we will subsidise these vaccinations as soon as I receive the receipts.

Our volunteer went up to visit the place today. […]

A message from Soi Dog, Thailand

As The Flood Waters Recede

The Animals Of Thailand Need Your Help!

Dear Kah,

To those of you who have generously donated towards helping the animal victims of Bangkok’s recent floods many thanks.

As the flood waters retreat our rescuers are able to reach more and more dogs who […]

Updates from Soi Dog

Here’s from the Soi Dog Newsletter:

The recent floods in Bangkok, have prompted a massive rescue operation by numerous rescue groups, all with one aim in mind – to save the lives of many animals stranded by the fast rising flood waters. Soi Dog is playing an integral part in organising medical aid, food & […]

Updates from Soi Dog, from Dog Island

From Soi Dog:

The Evacuation of Dog Island…

Dear Friends and Supporters of Soi Dog,

Dog Island has been a temporary refuge for hundreds of dogs displaced by the Bangkok floods. The dogs on Dog Island captured the worlds attention and have become symbolic of all the animals affected by the flooding.