Here for a Reason – it’s finally HERE!!

My 8th book is published and ready for distribution!

The 3000 copies arrived today. I’m particularly excited because this is my first bilingual book.

I wish to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Mdm Cheah Gaik Kew for her excellent Chinese translation of the book, Thye Kit and Alex Kam for the comic illustrations and […]

“Here for a Reason”, presented by Baggy!

My 8th book, Here for a Reason, is finally going to the printing press after months of awaiting its turn at being typeset at the publisher. So sorry for the delay, but we had to wait for our turn.

So, here’s Baggy presenting the e-book version to all of you first!

I have uploaded […]

The reprint of 2000 copies of “See You at Rainbow Bridge” are available now!

Finally, the 2000 copies of “See You at Rainbow Bridge” has arrived, just days after the PetWorld event, but never mind, those who did not manage to get the last few copies of the book at the event may now request through post.

We wish to once again thank all sponsors for this […]

Sharing in the reprint of “See You at Rainbow Bridge” – thank you very much!


Today is the closing date for the collection to reprint “See You at Rainbow Bridge”.

We wish to thank the following donors for their contribution to share in this reprint:

Faizati Md Ali Mong Kwai Chee Chan Kam Loon Catherine Chong Chai Ha Reena Kong & Ken, in memory of James & Tiger […]

An invitation to share in the reprinting of “See You at Rainbow Bridge”

Lately, there has been many email requests as well as enquiries at our booths for the book, “See You at Rainbow Bridge”. Since this is my thickest book and it is in colour, we only printed 2460 copies the first round, which was in Dec 2010. Since then, the book has been widely distributed and […]

“Here for a Reason”, my next book!

At long last, the comic book that I started 3 years ago has now finally gone for layout. Thanks to the delay in looking for an artist to complete the drawings (that is how hard it is to look for an artist who is willing to continue the work), I have expanded the book, with […]

Our Education Fund

In conjunction with the month of May where we celebrate the founding of AnimalCare and its registration as a society, we are pleased to announce the launching of an Education Fund within the AnimalCare Fund.

Currently, we have our Medical Fund which takes up the bulk of the donations as it covers all our subsidies […]

My books distributed in Penang, by PASS

PASS is a proposed no-kill animal sanctuary in Penang. Huey is one of their members and she has been distributing my books at their booths.

Recently, they had an event.

Huey writes:

Hi Dr Chan.

Just an update on the book distribution on my side. PASS is having Let’s Dance for Love Charity Dinner and […]

This is why I write

I published my first non-academic book, Pawprints on My Heart, in 2008. My friends had been asking me to write for sometime and that day, it was Earth Hour 2008 and the lights were all turned off. Being one who is so used to doing something all the time, I needed to do something while […]