The second reprint of Indy Jones & the Four Pillars of Kindness

Wong Lee Sam wrote to me last week, requesting for a reprint of Indy Jones & the Four Pillars of Kindness, in memory of her late father-in-law. Through the generosity of some friends, I managed to raise enough funds to reprint 560 copies of the book, in time for the anniversary of her father-in-law’s passing.Here’s my […]

My new “Kite in the Wind” to fly!

I wrote the book, “A Kite in the Wind” in 2008.  It is about living a life of simplicity amidst the trivialities and complexities of our modern-day life.  So far, this book is my “best-seller”, so to speak.  It is the book that has seen the most reprints and received almost as many positive reviews […]

Thank you very much (donors of Pawprints on My Heart)

I’d like to record my personal thanks to the following well-wishers who have donated generously towards the reprint of my book, Pawprints on My Heart.  We have collected enough funds to print a total of 2100 copies which will be distributed free to the public at our events and also placed in vet’s clinics and […]

Reprinting of Pawprints on My Heart


This is a gentle reminder that if you’d like to contribute towards the reprint of this book (will be distributed free at all our events, certain vet clinics and shops that allow it), the deadline for the collection is Tuesday, 28th June 2011.  This is because we have an event coming up in July […]

Reprinting Pawprints on My Heart (my first book)

Pawprints on My Heart was written in 2008.  It tells the stories of my childhood pets and my rescue and caregiving work.  It is my first non-academic book (there have been five more after that, and no more academic books!!).   

Since then, a total of 12,000 copies of Pawprints have been published, all for free distribution, […]

My books at Little Penang Street Market

While we were busy distributing books at Petfinder’s Carnival this weekend, Huey was helping me distribute books in Penang at the Penang Animal Sanctuary Society’s (PASS) booth on Penang Street!

PASS is a proposed no-kill sanctuary and they are in the process of raising funds to set up their sanctuary now. From Huey: Hi […]

Pawprints & Indy Jones, available in Klang

Two of my books, Pawprints on My Heart (revised edition) and Indy Jones & the Four Pillars of Kindness, are now available for free distribution in three places in Klang:

1) A pet food & medical supplies centre @ Bandar Botanic Klang.

2) A pet shop @ Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2 (opposite Aeon Bkt Tinggi)


Pawprints on My Heart – Revised Edition

The latest edition of my first book, Pawprints on My Heart, arrived yesterday, just two days after its second anniversary. 

Pawprints was written on Earth Hour two years ago, in 2008.  It was the first time observing Earth Hour for me, and we had turned off all the lights.  Having nothing to do for […]

Free books – Pawprints and Indy Jones

If you’d like to read my books about animals, they are available for free download.  Please click on the links below: Pawprints on My Heart Indy Jones & the 4 Pillars of Kindness´╗┐

I also give talks on leading a more spiritual and simpler life, and have written two books on this. If interested, […]