We are in the #DoGoodwithBoost campaign!!

We are pleased to announce that AnimalCare is now accepting donations via the Boost app to make it easier for you to #DoGoodwith Boost! You can now conveniently find us under the Boost Donation tile within the “Do More” tab.

So, if you are a Boost user, you may make a direct donation to us […]

Super-Jon-Adrian’s amazing bike ride (21)

The bike ride was yesterday. Jon and Adrian completed 170km from Lumut to Bukit Rotan in the vicinity of Kuala Selangor.

The ride turned out to be more than just a ride. For both Jon and Adrian, it was an invaluable and amazing experience of camaraderie in strength, compassion, humility, honesty and solidarity.


Super-Jon-Adrian’s amazing bike ride (20)!

Jon Tham and Adrian Yao finished the bike ride at Bukit Rotan at 7.30pm this evening. Although they did not reach Subang Jaya as planned, it was, without a doubt, a truly remarkable and amazing effort on their part!

We salute them both and they are our very courageous heroes for today!

At 4.30pm, Jon […]

Super-Jon-Adrian’s 250km bike ride (19) – hot afternoon!

2.47pm – another puncture…but at a durian stall!

3.42pm – Jon estimates a possible delay to due unexpected road conditions.

Stay safe, boys!!

Jon Tham and Adrian Yao are cycling 250km from Lumut to Subang Jaya today to raise funds for AnimalCare!

To support Jon & Adrian’s efforts, […]

Super-Jon-Adrian’s 250km bike ride (18) – Crossing the Perak/Selangor border

Jon and Adrian reached Teluk Intan at 10.14am.

They crossed the Perak/Selangor border at 12.52pm.

Expected to arrive in Subang Jaya at 6.00pm!

The tally so far:

Direct donations: RM11,256

Mr Zurik 100 Tabs & Friends 100 The Cow Clan 100 Manja & Family 100 Yap Chin […]

Super-Jon-Adrian’s 250km bike ride has begun!! (17)

The ride has begun!!

Jon and Adrian started at 6.08am this morning, from Lumut.

They reached Kg Lekir at 7.02am.

Video: https://www.facebook.com/adrian.yao.52/videos/10161883092485484/

Oh oh…a puncture.

Stay safe, guys and enjoy the ride! We await your arrival this evening!

Jon Tham and […]

Super-Jon-Adrian’s 250km bike ride (16) – Greetings from Lumut!

Jon and Adrian are in Lumut now!

Tomorrow will be the 250km bike ride!!

This morning, Jon took part in the Perak International Ttriathlon and achieved a sub 3 hours! Congratulations, Jon!

Adrian (far left) and Jon (far right) – our heroes for tomorrow!

Rest well, guys, and all […]

Super-Jon-Adrian 250km bike ride (15) – 2 more days to go!

Two more days to the big event, folks!!

Jon will be travelling to Lumut today to take part in a triathlon there tomorrow morning. Adrian will travel to Lumut tomorrow.

All packed and ready to go!

The tally so far:

Direct donations: RM11,206

Mr Zurik 100 Tabs & Friends 100 The Cow […]

Super-Jon-Adrian’s 250km bike ride (14) – 6 more days to go!!

It’s 6 more days to the Super-Jon-Adrian 250km bike ride where Jon Tham and Adrian Yao will cycle from Lumut to Subang Jaya!

It’s happening on Monday, 24th June 2019!!

Right at this very moment, Jon and Adrian are at Route 5, Klang!


The tally so far:

Direct donations: RM11,026

Mr […]