Catfood donation for rescued cats

We received the following 24 boxes of Monge catfood for the rescue cases below (the abandoned cats that we helped pick up in the last few weeks).

This catfood donation comes from Wong Yoke Mei, Faizati Mohd Ali, Khoo Ming-Yi, Donald Duck, Julia […]

Dogfood donation for Susan Bell and Margie Tan Chin Liang’s community dogs

One of our readers have donated dogfood to Susan and Margie’s community dogs and the dogfood was collected last week. We thank the donor very much for the kind gesture.

These are some of the dogs Susan and Margie feed at several locations in the Klang Valley.



Dogfood donation for Mr Fan Ching Hooi’s factory dogs

Mr Fan Ching Hooi feeds about 28-odd dogs inside a factory area. He has already got 19 neutered, fully sponsored from our Fund.

One of our readers has donated the following dogfood for Mr Fan’s dogs and we wish to thank the reader very much for the very kind and generous gesture:

Canned food (400gm) […]

Catfood donation for rescued and rehomed cats

These 16 boxes of Monge catfood are contributed by Wong Yoke Mei, Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn and Tabs & Associates for the following rescue and rehoming cases:



Food donation for Mr Fan Ching Hooi’s factory dogs in Klang

We recently published a post on Mr Fan’s efforts in getting the factory dogs neutered:

These were some photos sent to us:

An anonymous reader wanted to purchase some dogfood for these dogs, so here it is:

Thank you very much, kind reader!

Mr […]

Catfood donation by our readers

We wish to thank our readers, Julia Chong, Irene Leong, Premala Narendra and Kok Khee Wee, for purchasing 10 boxes of LeChat catfood, and donating it to the kind-hearted adopter who has helped take in the following rescued cats:



Dogfood donation for Susan Bell & Margie Tan Chin Liang’s community dogs

Besides the catfood, we also received 6 boxes of canned dogfood from the same anonymous donor (who donated the catfood to Maslinda). We have given this dogfood to Susan and Margie, for their community dogs.

We thank the anonymous donor for her kind donation.


Catfood donation for Maslinda Abd Talib

We received these 6 boxes of canned catfood from an anonymous donor, and we have given them to Maslinda for her cats.

Petfood donation from U R My Pet House

At the Animal Awareness Day yesterday, U R My Pet House donated not only 100% of their sales to our Fund but also all the remaining products after they closed their booth. We sold some of the products at our booth and the balance was brought back to be distributed to two recipients.