Nini, cat for adoption (Yee Veterinary Clinic)

Location: The Klang Valley

For urgent adoption: A little sporo kitten (Aisyah Rizzal’s)

We received this request from Ms Aisyah Rizzal yesterday evening. She is a university student in Gombak and she rescued this little 7-week old kitten identified with minor sporotrichosis. According to her email, she has already taken the kitten to the vet’s, obtained the medicines (please photos below, sufficient for one more week) and she […]

Furby’s adventure

I think Furby’s eye ulcer has healed (to my untrained eye). It is very easy to apply to eyedrop to his eye, but the Metrogyl syrup is a bit challenging. Still, it’s completely doable. Feeding him the medicine with a syringe totally reminds me of the time when I first rescued Indy and had to […]

Furby wants a mother figure

Yesterday, the vet already told me that Furby’s persistent mewing is his call for his mother. Poor thing.

It didn’t help that Samantha rejects and smacks him. About Samantha, I discussed her case with the vet too. The vet says that if Sam is spending so much time in our porch now, it means she […]

Furby is a boy! (For adoption)

So it’s confirmed by the vet.

Furby is a boy and is long-haired.

Furby was dewormed and deflead today (Revolution spot-on). He has a superficial eye ulcer on the right eye and is prescribed Nicol with Sodago (stemcells) eyedrop for 2 weeks. His intestines is also slightly gassy, he has a superficial tongue ulcer and […]

Furby’s face

We finally got a good look at little Furby’s face.

I think he’s male (but I stand corrected). The vet appointment is this afternoon. He’s very feisty and fierce, though. His behaviour seems feral in nature. But how did a long-haired kitten end up being feral?

Furby is for adoption. Please contact me at […]

We caught Furby last night

We caught Furby last night.

He was mewing nonstop under our car all night. I offered food but he did not finish it all, and continued mewing. Poor little thing. He must be lost.

Then, he kept going towards Samantha, but Samantha would smack him.

Later, he went to Stargate2 and Minnie was there. Minnie […]

Furby, kitten for adoption

Would anyone be interested in adopting Furby? He/she came to our house again this evening. I think he/she is probably 6 weeks old, is long-haired.

If interested, please contact me at Thank you.

The Greystoke Kittens – for adoption

The Greystoke Kittens are now fully vaccinated and I am looking for loving forever homes for all of them.

If anyone is interested in adopting any of them, to be kept indoors (since they have not been outdoors before), please do contact me at They are loving, of good temperament, active and playful and […]