Dog for adoption in the Klang Valley (Pn Tina’s)

If you are able to adopt this dog, Gule Gule, please contact Pn Tina at 019-790-0860. Thank you and kindly help to share this widely.

Dr.Chan, im writing this because i need to seek your kind favour and i hope its not burdensome for you. 🙏😔

We are selling our fruit orchard, and […]

Dog for adoption in Ipoh (Judy Chua’s)

If you are interested, kindly contact Judy Chua at 60 11-1145 4328. Thank you.

My name is Puteri. I am around 1 year old. I am very affectionate and friendly. I love to be patted, given belly rubs, hugged, and ‘manja’. I love dog treats too! Unfortunately, I have a deformity. My right hind […]

Four puppies looking for homes (Nandhini Sivanna’s)

If you are able to help, please contact Nandhini Sivanna at 0123630991. Thank you.

Location: Klang Valley

From Nandhini:

These are street dogs and puppies. One of the mummy dogs has been spayed and she has 4 puppies. All the dogs are very approachable (used to humans). The puppies at 3 months +. They have […]

Dog for adoption in the Klang Valley (Agnes Cheong’s)

If interested, please contact Agnes Cheong directly. Kindly help to forward it widely. Thank you.

Flash is just about 1 year old when i found him 10 days ago beside a guard post in Taman Desa very vigilant in his duty helping to man the post! He is extremely friendly with humans.

He has just […]

Adopters needed urgently for newborn puppies (Yee Veterinary Clinic’s)

This is a message from Yee Vet Clinic. Please help to share. Thank you.

5 puppies (3 females, 2 males) were found in the park just now. They are less than 1 week old, eyes are still closed and need to be bottle feed. The rescuer will be taking care of the puppies for […]

Puppies for adoption in the Klang Valley (Suhaimi Saad’s)

These puppies are currently seeking shelter in a house under construction. If you are interested in adopting, please contact Suhaimi Saad at 0 12-320 3969. Thank you.

Rescued puppies for adoption (Adeline Khaw’s)

Adeline Khaw is a long-time puppy and dog rescuer. She has many, many rescued dogs and puppies for adoption. If you are interested to adopt, please contact Adeline at 60 16-252 5050.

Here are some of her many links:


2 female pups for adoption (Dr Agas)

If you are able to adopt, please contact Dr Agas at 016-232 7394.

Location: Klang Valley

Two female pups for adoption. Around 4 weeks old. 3 vaccinations and deworming provided free of charge.

Puppies for adoption (Alicia Chooi Har Lok’s)

If interested to adopt, please contact Alicia Chooi at Thank you.

Location: Klang Valley