Another red songket bag (fundraising)

We would like to thank Ms Liew WY for her kind donation of RM50 for this red songket bag. And of course, to our anonymous donor who donated all the songket cloth and Mr Ooi In Haw, for donating the songkety (cotton) which is used as the lining of this bag.

There is […]

12 songket bags (fundraising)

We would like to thank our anonymous donor for her very kind donation of RM800 for these 12 songket bags! Our anonymous donor also bought the cloth for us to sew. There are four colours and they are all woven songket. The cloth was enough to make 16 medium-sized bags, but she only wanted 12, […]

A red potpourri blanket (fundraising)

We would like to thank our reader and ardent FB follower, Ms Iza, for her very generous contribution of RM350 to our Fund for this red potpourri blanket.

This blanket is made out of small pieces of reds, orange, yellow and related shades. It has a border of strawberry motives.

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Potpourri blankets all ready! (fundraising)

We would like to thank Che Khalifa very much for her generous contribution of RM500 for our first two “new generation” potpourri blankets!

The concept now is to use remnant cloth to create blankets so that resources and material are not wasted. Even the tiniest pieces are used. Many of the fabric used was donated […]

A red-themed “potpourri” blanket (fundraising)

After publising the photos of the two small potpourri blankets I made for the cats, using remnant cloth, we are pleased that one of our readers, Che Khalifa, decided to order two of such blankets (single-sized, ie. at least 55 in by 75 in).

Here is the first one:

Beauty in chaos!


4 homesewn blankets (fundraising)

We would like to thank Mr Ooi In Haw for his generous donation of RM1200 for these 4 blankets for his son. Mr Ooi also donated all the cloth for the top. The backing cloth is donated by my mum’s ex-student and mum sewed all four blankets, as per requested by Mr Ooi who wanted […]

“Real” patchwork pieces (“potpourri”)

I’m back in sewing mode again and this time, we’ll be doing “real” patchwork pieces, making use of remnant cloth to create covers and blankets (made to order).

Last time, our patchwork pieces were made with specially bought/donated cloth so each one had designs, but this time, let’s do “real” patchwork of using remnant cloth […]

Foldable bags as gifts to the orphanage (fundraising)

We would like to thank our anonymous donor and long-time supporter for her kind donation of RM400 for these small foldable bags. They will be gifted to orphans for Christmas later this year!

These are meaningful and useful gifts – to educate the young on using cloth bags instead of plastic ones. And of course, […]

The very last AnimalCare “Speak Up” tshirts (ladies only)

We have these last 8 pieces to sell off at RM22 each!

ORANGE L36 – 2 pieces L38 – 4 pieces

GREEN L36 – 2 pieces

Self-collection at SS18/6 or by post (shipping charges apply).

Thank you very much for your support!