Direct donations and Merchandise for fundraising (MCO-Relief)

It is a fact by now that everyone is hard hit by the Covid19 pandemic. Many businesses have already closed down, people have lost their jobs, hence it would follow that donations to charitable organisations would be much lesser as well.

In view of this, we would like to help as much as possible so […]

WeeWee Pads and PooPoo Bags (fundraising)

We have new products from Ecopet for our fundraising!

To order:

Cindy & Friends’ WeeWee Pads & PooPooBags

New packing (400g) for Monge canned food for Dogs!

This is yet another new product in our fundraising efforts! Thank you very much, Avant Pet!

To order: (Minimum order is RM350 of Avant Pet and Ecopet products for free delivery to the Klang Valley if address is covered by the company’s itinerary).

RM150 per box of 24 cans (400g)

Flavours: […]

Our effort to promote raw feeding to dogs and cats!

In an effort to promote raw feeding to dogs and cats, AnimalCare presents this very special offer to everyone!

Primal Freeze-Dried, raw food for dogs and cats!

For orders in the Klang Valley, we will deliver for free for a minimum purchase of RM300 if your area is covered by Avant Pet’s itinerary. If less […]

Cindy’s Naturelle cat kibble – a brand new holistic range!

Cindy’s Naturelle Grain Free cat kibble has been one of our hottest selling products from Avant Pet.

Now, there is a new HOLISTIC range of 4 flavours, affordably priced!

The difference between the two is, the previous one is grain free and this new holistic range contains maize. Please take a look at the ingredients […]

Tupperware August catalogue

If you’d like to purchase any Tupperware products, do consider ordering through us. All proceeds go to our Neutering and Vaccination Fund for the animals!

Tupperware August Catalogue

Blanket No 216 – the Very Batik doggie blanket

We would like to thank Ms Wong Puei Ee for ordering a second doggie blanket from us and her very kind donation of RM300 to our Fund!

This blanket is for her 5 doggies and the latest addition to her family – a cat. Puei Ee requested something very bright and cheerful and I suggested […]

Mini EE (another miniature figurine from Wong Pei Ling)

We would like to thank Wine Dogs for ordering another miniature figurine from Ms Wong Pei Ling. Many thanks for their kind donation of RM400 to our Neutering and Vaccination Fund. Of course, as always, many thanks to Ms Wong Pei Ling for her thoughtfulness, time, generosity and labour of love in crafting this life-like […]

Tupperware for fundraising (July catalogue)

If you’d like to purchase any of these Tupperware products through us, please write to All proceeds go to our Neutering and Vaccination Fund.

The latest catalogue: July catalogue