Costume jewellery and more scarves (fundraising)

We received these beautiful cat-themed rings and ear-studs for fundraising, from Lina Wong. And, a few more scarves! Thank you very much, Lina.

There are two designs for the rings and they are priced at RM20 each.

The Cat

Cats’ Ears

The ear studs are priced at […]

A doggie mattress and mattress covers

We would like to thank Mr Ooi In Haw for his kind donation of RM600 for this doggy mattress and four mattress covers.

My mum sewed them all and I only stuff in the kapok!

That’s the sewn “mattress” before being stuffed.

I used two-and-a-half bags of kapok to […]

Cat-themed chiffon scarves for fundraising

Updates: We currently only have 1 big grey and 1 each of the small ones. The rest have been sold! But Lina might have more to donate if there is a demand for them… (thank you, Lina).

The original post:

This may not be in time for the first week of Hari Raya, but as […]

AnimalCare tshirts (stock clearance – 9 pieces left!!)

We have 9 more pieces to clear!!

If you’d like to purchase an AnimalCare tshirt, we have the following (below) left and we are clearing stock, hence, they are only priced at RM22 each (by donation).

As it stands now, we won’t be printing tshirts anymore for a long, long time as it requires upfront […]

AnimalCare tshirts (stock clearance!)

We are have a stock clearance sale of our remaining tshirts!!

Priced at RM22 each while stocks last. I will be updating the number of tshirts left in this blogpost as orders come in.

Shipping charges apply for mail orders.

If you’d like to order, please write to me at, to check stock availability. […]

Price revision for Orifera VCO Soap and Monge Cat Canned Food

Update: The last 50 bars of Orifera VCO soap have been bought up! Now, the new price is RM7 each.

The original post:

We have always tried to delay any price hike for as long as possible because we know this will burden our readers and supporters. But inevitably, we cannot keep absorbing the price […]

Hair care products from Cadeau International (fundraising)

We would like thank the managing director of Cadeau International, Dr Joseph Lim, for his kindness in offering Cadeau’s complete hair care products for our fundraising.

To help us raise funds for the animals, Dr Lim has very graciously allowed us to sell all five products at a discounted price to all our supporters and […]

6 foldable bags (fundraising)

We would like to thank Mr Ooi In Haw for ordering these bags from us.

The bags are sewn by my mum and me.

These blue ones are square (as per Mr Ooi’s request).

Thank you very much, Mr Ooi, for your kind donation to our Fund!


Beautifully handmade soap for fundraising! (all sold out)


All sold! We thank Soak Peng and Mr Ooi for buying up all the soap at RM15 each!!

Mooi Yeng will be making more soap, in 6 weeks’ time!

The original post:

We would like to thank Mooi Yeng for her very beautifully handmade soap, donated to us, for fundraising.

There are 21 […]