Reversible bags (fundraising) and two more hobo bags

It was from the making of the hobo bags (with lining) that gave my mum the idea of making reversible bags!

Instead of doing just a white/beige lining which involves the making of two bags joining together as one, we could make two bags with presentable fabric so that each bag can be turned inside […]

Two hobo bags sold!

We’ve sold these two hobo bags!

Thank you, Connie and Selina!

My mum sewed these bags after one of our readers gave us the fabulous idea!

Hobo bags are priced at RM100 each (by donation). The measurements are:

Base: 5 in Width: 17 in Height of […]

Hobo bags for fundraising!

Updates: All sold out except for the Pink Giraffe!! Thank you very much!! We also have orders for 10 more hobo bags to be sewn using the cloth that Mr Ooi has donated (lining will be either the same material as the bag or a different material). If anyone is interested, please do write to […]

Foldable bags with and without lining (fundraising)

One of our readers, Merlinda, requested for our foldable bags with lining.

Fabric donated by Mr Ooi In Haw.

My mum sewed both bags. Adding a lining is exactly like sewing two bags and joining them together. Hence, the price will be double.

We thank Merlinda very much for […]

Drink coffee and support the animals!

Calling all coffee drinkers!!

Would you like to purchase quality Arabica Coffee and support the animals?

We are selling Atomy’s Arabica Coffee (black and 3-in-1) by donation. All proceeds go to our Neutering Fund.

Please check out the coffee and other Atomy products here:

For purchase of RM290 and above, it’s free shipping to […]

Small foldable bags available – all bought!

Update: Many thanks to Mr Ooi – he has bought up all the bags!!

The original post:

#BebasPlastik is going to be a way of life for us (hopefully, it will be!).

So, would you like to purchase our small foldable bags as gifts for friends and loved ones? It would be a meaningful gift […]

Stock clearance of tshirts (only Ladies 36 and Ladies 38)!

Calling all petite ladies and friends of petite ladies!

We have the following sizes remaining for our very last batch of tshirts. If you’d like to help us clear stock and contribute to our Fund, please write to me at

The tshirts are RM28 each and there is a shipping charge.

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Disney Tsum Tsum blanket ordered

This is the 4th blanket that Mr Ooi In Haw ordered for his son. We thank Mr Ooi for his kindness, his generous donation and also for the cloth donation.

It’s Disney Tsum Tsum!

We will have plenty of both colours, if you’d like to have something sewn.

My mum […]

Bags sold at the 9th Animal Awareness Day

These are the bags sold on that day:

Looks like batik and songket stole the day!

We also sold two tshirts.

Thank you very much to Dr Veeranoot’s team of students for manning our booth!