Cotton bedsheet sets (Auction!)

More updates: Mickey Single received a bid for RM118, from Liza.

Updates: We thank PC Leong very much for his kind donation of RM188 for the double bedsheet set! The two single sets are still available, if anyone is interested.

The original post:

Ms Ooi has contributed the following three sets of fitted cotton […]

My little helpers (#BebasPlastik)

After a few months’ break from sewing, I’m really thankful that we have orders again.

So, my little helpers have work to do!

Look at Tiger’s expression!

We welcome orders for shopping bags!

We have lots of cloth ranging from songket, batik, geometrical designs, animal designs, cartoon, […]

Two reversible bags (fundraising)

Jia-Wen and Tabs ordered these bags as gifts! Thank you for the total donation of RM200 to our Fund!

Cloth donated by my mum.

Batik cloth donated by Mr Ooi.

Our cloth shopping bags are still available upon request. Please do write in for enquiries. We still have […]

Cat hammocks (fundraising)

We would like to thank Brenda for ordering 10 cat hammocks from us, and her kind donation of RM200 for them!

All homesewn!

The above is a picture from the internet as I cannot get any of our cats to sit on a hammock!

Our […]

Gold-D, a new catfood in town (fundraising too!)

Gold-D is a new catfood in town!!

And we are deeply honoured that the parent company in Singapore, AHA (Animal Human Alliance), as well as the agent in Malaysia, Feline Grace Enterprise, have graciously extended their support to AnimalCare! Thank you very much, Mr Chan and Mr Gary Wei!

Here’s the website: (please check […]

Linen cloth for bags (fundraising)

Currently, we have the following linen cloth for bags. If you are interested to get any sewn, please write to me at Thank you!

The Shiba Inu and lining cloth (above) are donated by an anonymous donor.

The cute cat and doggy motifs below are donated by Hui […]

21 reversible bags (fundraising)

We would like to thank our friend, DT, for her kind donation of RM850 for these 21 reversible bags.

All cloth donated by an anonymous donor (the 3 cat motifs, 2 dog motifs and all the lining cloth too – all cotton linen and very thick). Thank you so much!

Sewing done by my mum […]

“Pillow case” as mattress cover (fundraising)

We sewed this pillow-case cover as a mattress cover for our frien’s dog and would like to thank her for her kind donation of RM360 to our fund.

The Shiba Inu cloth is from our friend and the blue songket is from Mr Ooi. Sewing done by my mum and me.

Five bags to Singapore (fundraising)!

We would like to thank Kathleeen (from Singapore) who ordered these bags from us.

Please note, however, than shipping to Singapore is very expensive.

Four applique bags, sewn by my mum:

And one reversible medium-sized tote bag, sewn by me.

All applique bags are priced at RM60 (by donation) and the price […]