Blanket No 205 sold for RM205!

Many thanks to PC Leong for his only bid for Blanket No 205!!

Sold for RM205!!

Thank you very much, PC!

Auction: Blanket No 205: Tsum Tsum Blue-Green (for the young at heart!)

Our fundraising continues….

Auction Rules:

1. Please check the latest comment for the latest bid before putting in yours.

2. All bids are placed as comments on this blogpost. All comments will be published instantly in chronological order.

3. The auction ends at 5.00pm, on Sunday, 4th November 2018.

4. The winner is to bank […]

Double Charity Petfood/Neutering Donation – to Mun Mun Furkid Haven

Here’s number five!

Recipient: Mun Mun Furkid Haven Donor: Lee Chooi Wan

The petfood:

Cindy’s Favourite 400g – 2 boxes (48 cans) Nekko Kitten Tuna Mousse – 2 cartons (96 pouches)

We contacted Li Yen (of Mun Mun Furkid Haven) and she requested Nekko Kitten Tuna as she is presently nursing 13 infant kittens, all […]

Gold-D’s offer (fundraising!) and you get a 10% discount too!

Apart from Avant Pet and Coco&Joe, Gold-D is also a participating company in our Double Charity Petfood/Neutering Donation drive!

Gold-D only sells catfood and cat supplies. Their catfood is PETA-certified cruelty-free.

And another wonderful thing is they provide FREE delivery to the whole of Malaysia for a minimum purchase of RM90.

And since Gold-D takes […]

Double Charity Petfood/Neutering Donation – for feeders

Here’s number four!

Recipients: Feeders of street animals Donor: Anonymous

The petfood:

Monge Cat canned food – 10 boxes Alps Dog canned food – 4 boxes

This photo is provided by Avant Pet, before the consignment left their warehouse

In fact, this anonymous donor has been purchasing petfood from us for […]

Blanket No 203 (Bluestars) – resold for RM300 (total RM800)!

Blanket Bluestars goes to YL Chow for her generous bid of RM300!

So, thanks to Sis Nanda and YL, Bluestars fetched a total of RM800 for the animals!!

Thank you so much!!

Have a happy home and keep your owner warm, Bluestars!

It was worth every effort put in to […]

Double Charity Petfood/Neutering Donation – for a private shelter

Here’s number three!

Recipients: The cats in a private cat shelter Donors: Wong Yoke Mei, Mary Yap, Connie James, Vincent Bagheera

The petfood:

Cindy’s Recipe with Broth – 15 boxes

This photo is provided by Avant Pet, before the food left the warehouse:

Since this is a private shelter, we respect the shelter’s request […]

A baby gift set (fundraising)!

One of our long-time friend and supporter, Belle, commissioned us to sew a baby gift set for her. Belle requested for a baby blanket and an owl soft toy.

Belle banked in her kind donation of RM300 for this and I started work on it three days ago. It would have been faster but I […]

Reauction of Blanket No 203: Bluestars (redonated back to us!)

Sis Nanda put in the only bid of RM500 for Bluestars and won, and she has now redonated the blanket back to us for reauction!

So, Bluestars has already raised RM500 (from Sis Nanda’s generous bid – will be banked in to us), can it raise a bit more? It’s all for the animals.

You […]