Urgent: Dog blood donor needed (Sharon Loh Mei Chin’s)

Please help if you can. Please also help to share this post from Sharon Loh. Thank you.

My name is Sharon Loh Mei Chin and I’m writing to you to seek your kindness and help to find a blood donor for my dog, Luna. She has IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia). Appreciate any help that […]

Adopters needed urgently for newborn puppies (Yee Veterinary Clinic’s)

This is a message from Yee Vet Clinic. Please help to share. Thank you.

5 puppies (3 females, 2 males) were found in the park just now. They are less than 1 week old, eyes are still closed and need to be bottle feed. The rescuer will be taking care of the puppies for […]

Direct donations and Merchandise for fundraising (MCO-Relief)

It is a fact by now that everyone is hard hit by the Covid19 pandemic. Many businesses have already closed down, people have lost their jobs, hence it would follow that donations to charitable organisations would be much lesser as well.

In view of this, we would like to help as much as possible so […]

Can anyone help this dog, please?

A lady wrote to me yesterday asking for help for her dog who is “aggressive” and has bitten her. I replied saying that I am not a dog expert and am not qualified to help and that it’s best she takes the dog to an expert who can help with behavioral problems, check here for […]

MCO-Relief Petfood Donation to CNRM-applicants

As part of doing our bit to help street animals and their caregivers during this MCO-period, we are contacting our CNRM-applicants (past and present) as well as some other feeders (recommended by donors) to ask if they need petfood.

Many have already stocked up, which is really good. But some are running short and their […]

Sewing PPE’s for our frontliners

Dear Friends,

I have just joined a group in Subang area that is sewing PPE’s for our frontliners.


1 A sewing machine and must be able to sew.

2 Be able to collect materials from centre in Subang Jaya.

3 To comply with strict safety protocols on hygiene:

(a) Anyone having any fever/flu/cough/breathing difficulty, […]

Blood donor (the latest news)

I contacted more than 10 vets to ask if their clinics or clients have any blood donor dogs, also contacted as many dog-owners I knew, including some of our applicants.

Everyone was very kind and the message was shared. Those whose dogs could not help helped by forwarding the message.

We found a kind man […]

Dog blood donor – still needed (urgent)

Dear Friends,

YY turned out to be not a match today, during the second test, so there is still no blood donor for Sugar, the dog suffering from tick fever. We thank Ms Soo very much for all her help. Unfortunately, all her three dogs did not match.

A dog blood donor is therefore, still […]

SOS: Dog blood donor needed

About an hour ago, a student from KL contacted me by email with an urgent message that his dog needs a blood donor for tick fever. He has stumbled upon one of our previous posts.

I contacted the blood donor that I knew, Ms S. She is the extremely kind lady who has helped two […]