Sewing PPE’s for our frontliners

Dear Friends,

I have just joined a group in Subang area that is sewing PPE’s for our frontliners.


1 A sewing machine and must be able to sew.

2 Be able to collect materials from centre in Subang Jaya.

3 To comply with strict safety protocols on hygiene:

(a) Anyone having any fever/flu/cough/breathing difficulty, […]

Blood donor (the latest news)

I contacted more than 10 vets to ask if their clinics or clients have any blood donor dogs, also contacted as many dog-owners I knew, including some of our applicants.

Everyone was very kind and the message was shared. Those whose dogs could not help helped by forwarding the message.

We found a kind man […]

Dog blood donor – still needed (urgent)

Dear Friends,

YY turned out to be not a match today, during the second test, so there is still no blood donor for Sugar, the dog suffering from tick fever. We thank Ms Soo very much for all her help. Unfortunately, all her three dogs did not match.

A dog blood donor is therefore, still […]

SOS: Dog blood donor needed

About an hour ago, a student from KL contacted me by email with an urgent message that his dog needs a blood donor for tick fever. He has stumbled upon one of our previous posts.

I contacted the blood donor that I knew, Ms S. She is the extremely kind lady who has helped two […]

“Mama, Let’s Go for a Walk at Padang Assam” (helping AnimalCare’s friend)

Dear Friends,

I am making a personal appeal here to help a friend of AnimalCare, Mr Edward Lim Kwan Kean, who helped us raise funds during Jon Tham’s cycling event last year. Edward, his wife, Vivienne Ngiu (who is also my ballet teacher) and their son, Chevaston, were travelling along the Seremban highway on their […]

How can we raise more funds?

This month started off so well with the RM5380 raised from the Stretch for Good workshop (thank you, Stretch Therapy Malaysia and all participants). The RM5380 will last us about 7-10 days of paying out claims, which is a big, big help.

You might remember too that we have been living with a shortfall of […]

Urgent help needed for newborn kitten (Gayathri SK’s)

If you are able to help, please contact Gayathri directly. Thank you.

Found this just born in my house @ Jln Terasek 1, Bangsar, KL. Abandoned, covered in blood with umblical cord still attached. Vet has since cut the cord & we have been feeding milk through a syringe. The poor chap’s survival is minimal […]