Robin, Tabs & Ginger – the art of coexisting

It had always been Tabs and Ginger inside the house.

Now, Robin has applied for permanent residence inside the house too.

For the past few days, Robin has been chasing Tabs in the house and Tabs was totally terrified. So in order to “teach” Robin that he should just leave Tabs alone, whenever the chasing […]

Cow’s seizures

Cow Mau had been seizure-free for a month until yesterday.

Just when I was about to serve lunch, he suddenly flipped on his back and sprayed urine. It lasted about 2-3 seconds. Then, he got up and ate his lunch heartily.

I quickly contacted the vet to see if Cow needed to be brought in […]

Another big Cow-Ginger fight

Cow, Bunny and Indy have been coming out to the patio daily after breakfast. Ginger isn’t exactly happy about it but all has been well and peaceful until two days ago when a huge fight broke out between Cow and Ginger.

We were busy clearing the garden when it happened. There was a very loud […]

Minnie still calls the shots

This happened a few nights ago when the kittens were still playing outside in the patio and there was suddenly a very, very loud sound.

Everyone came scurrying back into the house, frightened.

We went out to investigate but could not find the source of the loud sound.

Lynx was so scared, he hid behind […]

A discussion on Cow’s pawing problem

After the last treatment, Cow stopped pawing. The medication was very effective.

Cow is still on Orozyme on a daily basis, sometimes even twice a day.

But the pawing started again yesterday.

So I had a discussion with the vet today since I was at the clinic with Pole, Minnie and the kittens.

Cow has […]

Indy’s visit to the vet’s

The reason I decided to take Indy is that he only has one functioning kidney. One of his kidneys is much smaller than the other and this is probably from way, way back when he was first rescued from the drain as a tiny kitten with all kinds of infections.

Indy was […]

The amazing hospitality of the Tawau people

We just came back from a short but very happy and memorable trip to Tawau to attend Ming-Yi and Yui Ping’s Tawau wedding reception this weekend.

We had our Subang reception last weekend, and I cannot help but draw some comparisons between the two, so please do allow me to share my experience.

Upon our […]

Happy New Year 2019!!!

This is a particularly very HAPPY new year!!!

Indy and his “crazy” ways

Indy does the craziest stunts. He’s a real character to contend with.

I have noticed for the longest time that he wants to do whatever I do.

Trying to use the computer.

It’s been a few times that he created havoc on my laptop by stepping all over and altering […]