A red-themed “potpourri” blanket (fundraising)

After publising the photos of the two small potpourri blankets I made for the cats, using remnant cloth, we are pleased that one of our readers, Che Khalifa, decided to order two of such blankets (single-sized, ie. at least 55 in by 75 in).

Here is the first one:

Beauty in chaos!


Tokyo Day 3b: The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and…Sayonara!

Since this is our last day (can’t leave the cats for too long and both children who were minding the cats, also have to get back to work), we decided to take it free and easy, so it’s another park in the afternoon.

The temperature on the two previous days had been about 14 degrees, […]

Tokyo Day 3a: Imperial Palace and the Kitanomaru Park

It’s Monday and we planned to visit the Imperial Palace, so we took the subway to the station nearest to the Imperial Palace.

It was raining in the morning, luckily I had bought a cat umbrella from Kamakura the day before!

A moat surrounds the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace and these […]

Kamakura Day 2d: The streets of Kamakura

We decided two temples would be enough for the day, so we visited the quaint little shops in this ancient town.

Plastic ninja ornaments!

This is a tiny little shop that sells all things cat.

Who can resist not buying something to take […]

Kamakura Day 2c: The Kotokuin (Big Buddha) Temple

From the Hasedera (Great Kannon/Kuan Yin) Temple, we walked to the Kotokuin Temple where the famous Dai Butsu (Big Buddha) statue is.

This majestic bronze statue of Amida Buddha stands at about 43 feet tall.

Don’t forget to wash your hands before you enter!

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Kamakura Day 2b: The Hasedera Temple

This is the grand entrance into the Hasedera Great Kannon Temple.

Entrance is only 200Y per person (cheaper than the Neko Maru Cat Cafe!). Really, visiting these places is so reasonably priced.

Wash your hands before going in!

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Kamakura Day 2a: The trip down by train

The Kamakura trip was not exactly on our itinerary since the journey would take 1.5 hours one way, but since we already managed to cover all three Hachikos on Day One, we decided we’d spend one day at Kamakura instead of Tokyo city.

If possible, I did want to see the famous Dai Butsu (the […]

Tokyo Day 1f: Ueno Park

Ueno Park is one of the best tourist spots for the viewing of Sakura and we were lucky we stayed right there!

Look, there’s a black-and-white cat!!

Picnic under the sakura trees. They camp all day, overnight, and throughout the weekend!

There […]

Tokyo Day 1e: The Neko Maru Cat Cafe

I had earlier googled, read reviews and the Neko Maru Cat Cafe seemed to be one of the best cat cafes in Tokyo.

By sheer luck, it was located just 6 minutes away from our hotel.

So we walked there after dinner. But we couldn’t find it until we stopped at another hotel and the […]