Sporty Boy – Officially Adopted

Hi, it’s JoTong here.

Yesterday was a happy day for me as Sporty Boy was officially adopted by a loving family. He and his 2 sisters were abandoned at the roadside about 10 months ago in July 2022. While Sporty Boy’s 2 other sisters had found their forever loving home, Sporty Boy […]

I’m a Cat Grandma too…

Hi, its’s JoTong here.

All my previous articles were all about dogs and actually I still have tonnes of untold rescue stories on the dogs.

However, I would like to share that I am a cat person too with 2 female cats (MeMe, who was rescued from the roadside in 2020 and […]

Rehoming a family of 4 beautiful dogs

Hi, it’s JoTong here.

I still recall very vividly one of the very first rescues of a family of four dogs that had been abandoned at a construction site after the foreign workers left the place. I first bumped into the dogs at night when I was doing my usual feeding at the nearby playground […]

Catching the “Mission Impossible Dogs”

Hi, it’s JoTong here.

I would like to share with all of you about the different methods that we have been using to catch the “Mission Impossible Dogs” . When we started our neutering work in our area back in 2021, it was an easy job for us as most of the dogs were touchable […]

Male dog with TVT on its hind leg

Hi, its JoTong here.

I think it would be good to share more on TVT in strays. This time it happened to a male stray dog that we were feeding.

I still remember it was in 2021 when I first saw this male dog with a big open wound on its hind leg walking past […]

Can spayed dogs contract TVT too?

Hi, its JoTong here.

I would like to share my experience with two of the strays that I have been feeding which contracted TVT after they were both spayed in August 2022.

The answer is YES, spayed dogs can contract TVT too.

TVT stands for “Transmissible Venereal Tumour” and is more commonly observed in the […]

Untold Story About an Unsung Hero – Uncle Wong Woi Kan ( 无名英雄)

Hi, it’s JoTong here.

I was thinking of what to share with the readers of AnimalCare and how frequent I should share as a new member of AnimalCare Tag Team.

Well, I do think I need to share the story of Uncle Wong who did most of the labour intensive work and “dirty work” […]