BARF – Updates (Joy’s Cats)

Hi everyone! Joy here

My cats are really a stubborn lot and so far (thank goodness), Pedro and Yasmin are BARF converts.

I put the wet food and the BARF side by side with crushed Primal on top as a topping. Everyone else ate the Primal and the wet food, and left the BARF untouched […]

BARF – First attempt (Joy’s cats)!

Good morning, it’s Joy here.

I am on a journey to transition some, if not all, of my cats to raw. With more than half being seniors, I would like them to benefit from this and have them live their lives healthy to a good old age.

First attempt :

Ate : 1 (Yasmin)

Licked […]

Cat Litter Conundrum

Joy here, everyone!

I am sure many Cat pawrents will agree with me that any one point in their pawrenthood, they would have the Cat Litter Conundrum. From choosing the right cat litter to the right tray, you somehow, will not get it perfectly right. But once you find that answer to the mysteries of […]

Cats are (almost) perfect!

Good morning! This is Joy. I am a member of AnimalCare’s Tag Team, and this is my first sharing.


I had always imagined what a “Perfect World” would look like and this sentence came to my mind: The World will never be perfect (in our eyes), but Cats are (almost) […]

Introducing Joy E. Saga (TagTeam): The self-proclaimed “Cat Crazy Cat Woman”!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

It is with the greatest pleasure and gratitude that I introduce to you the second member of the AnimalCare TagTeam: my dear friend and our former volunteer, Joy E. Saga. Joy was our volunteer going back to 2011, especially during events. She is also a very good friend, great listener, great […]