Stargate2, Part 1 is here!!!


The galvanising of the frame was finally done and Stargate2 (Part 1) is now installed!!

It happened this afternoon, and Ah Keong and his boys took only about half an hour to install it.

Here it is, Stargate2, Part 1.

Part 2 will be installed in a few days’ […]

Doggy mattresses (fundraising)

We wish to thank Brenda (Bonte Lohicr) for her kind and generous donation of RM300 to our Neutering Fund for these two doggy mattresses.

They are tailor-made to the required sizes.

My mum sewed the two covers with cloth donated by Ms Ooi.

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3 more bags and 5 cat pillows (fundraising)!

We would like to thank Sau Yee for her kind support of purchasing 3 homesewn bags and 5 cat pillows from us (plus 2 toothpaste), all the way from Ipoh!

A reversible tote – batik and pastel.

Another reversible bag – also batik and pastel.

Cow’s bum sore (again?!!)

Yes, again.

I’ve lost count and I think this must be the third time it has happened.

Maybe he got into a fight with someone while we were out.

I noticed it about a week ago and started administering daily cleaning with hibiscrub and applying povidone iodine.

Finally, as of yesterday, it began to dry […]

A Rosie blanket!

The kind donor who donated the Rosie cloth also ordered a blanket from us, to be made from the remnant Rosie material (after making 6 tote bags and 2 hobo bags), and she also bought polka dot material and showed me the design that she wanted. She had all the fabric posted to me and […]

4 more Rosie bags sold!

One is bought by Mary (RM50) and the other is from my husband (RM50) to be gifted to the kind reader who has adopted the most number of animals from us over the years. We have already posted the bag to her and she loves it!

This hobo bag (RM100) is […]

Three bags sold!

We thank Jen Chan for her kind donation for these 3 bags (1 hobo and 2 medium totes).

Reversible hobo in batik (pink and maroon)

Reversible medium tote (giraffes on parade and red tsum)

Reversible medium tote (red tsum and blue tsum)

The cloth […]

Two reversible tote bags sold!

These two tote bags were ordered by Agnes’ friends. We thank them very much for their kind donation to our Fund.

A batik reversible and a Rosie reversible.

The batik reversible has black on one side and red on the other.


How smart is Mr Zurik?

If Indy is the smartest cat inside then for outside, Mr Zurik wins paws-down.

The difference is that Indy is not a bully at all, but Mr Zurik is.

The other day, he had a locked-body brawl with Daffodil and this frightened Daffodil so much, she ran away for a few hours. Zurik bullies Heidi […]