Our new cat collage

These twelve drawings of cats with ear notches are from a calendar gifted to me by rescuer Koo last year. I saved the pictures and turned it into a collage.

12 cat pictures and 2 cats to add to the deco!


The ongoing Minnie-Ginger scuffle

Minnie has gone back to chasing and attacking Ginger again.

It happened multiple times today and we had to intervene or else a trip to the vet’s would have been warranted.

Minnie back in the cage as a “punishment” for attacking Ginger.

Ginger ran for cover to the vegetable […]

Lynx makes it to Level 6!!

All in celebratory mood today, lots of achievements to shout about!

And Lynx attempts the next level…and makes it up!


Yes! And our smallest kitty goes all the way up to Level 6!!

Making this second attempt.

While all this was […]

The kittens level up today!

Lots of levelling up today, by the hour!

All four made it to the pink basket this morning!!

Then, by this afternoon, guess who made it up another level into the big red basket?

Yes, Rey!! Rey made it all the way up another […]

My online teaching supervisor!

The Bunz!!

After class!

Who says Bunny is not doing his work, right? He knows maths.

Astro Oil’s Advanced Renal Care Formula for Pole

I’m rather excited about this. I heard about Astro’s Oil during Vincent’s time but at that time it was only one product, Astro’s Oil and it is a high grade fish oil, so I did not opt for it because Vincent was already on a quality fish oil. I actually ordered it for Vincent, but […]

Naughty Indy sneaked out…for how long?? (and his eating disorder)

I don’t know when it happened, but Indy sneaked out all of last night.

It was in the middle of the night that we heard sounds of a catfight. Husband came downstairs to check and found…..

…Indy and Ginger about to engage in full battle!

So, he scooped Indy back into Bunny’s Place.

Indy […]

The big cushion!

We put the big cushion last night, strategically at this spot so that in case any of the kittens fall down from their climbing endeavours, they will have a soft landing.

But looks like they are using it as a…..cushion!! A big, comfy, soft cushion!!

Up, up and away!

And by tonight, everyone had gone up!

I came back from taiji and found 3 kittens in the white basket!

It was Lynx (of course), Rey and Rio.

Big Brother Smurfy checking on them, ensuring that everyone is safe.

Rio and Rey […]