Heidi, our loyal taiji cat

Heidi has been following us for taiji for the longest time now. It’s been many years.

She has her own routine at the park too. First, she will roll around in the basketball court, then she goes to her “secret stash” of grass. Sometimes, if in the mood, she does sprints in the park and […]

Indy and Bunny’s twice-weekly subcut sessions

Indy and Bunny’s twice-weekly subcut sessions have been ongoing for a few months now. It helps tremendously in reducing the kidney readings as well as the predictive SDMA values.

In the last check-up, all kidney readings came down and Indy’s SDMA went from 15 to 13 (the borderline for kidney degeneration is 14) while Bunny’s […]

Zurik’s mid-week report

A few days ago, we increased Zurik’s Vetri DMG to 0.5ml twice a day. Previously, it was just once a day. The vet agreed there was no harm in doing so. Hopefully, this increase would help slow down the progress of the FIP disease.

Coincidentally with the increase in the Vetri DMG, I […]

Zurik’s check-up today (PCV up!)

Today was Zurik’s check-up.

There is good news and not-so-good news.

The good news is that Zurik’s blood PCV has gone up to 30% from the previous 23% last week! And, there is no more jaundice too though Zurik’s gums still appear to be a little pale. This means that decrease in the PCV, and […]

Bunny’s eye is healing

Bunny’s eye is definitely getting better with the eyedrops, eye gel, anti-inflammatory medicine and the also the Ophtal supplement.

Feeding Bunny oral medicine is relatively easy. But applying the eyedrops and eye gel still requires two humans.

He is not squinting anymore and the right eye can open fully. There is also […]

Zurik and Bunny’s news

Zurik has been eating very well. Everything seems okay except for the bulging abdomen (due to the fluids).

Sometimes, like today, he takes a long nap, which is good. He seems very comfortable and isn’t disturbed by the fluids in the abdomen. The vet did say that in a way, fluids in […]

Bunny goes to the vet’s (eye problem)

Yesterday, I noticed that Bunny’s right eye was swollen on the upper and lower lids. Bunny has always had eye discharge for years now, but this was different. The left eye had the usual discharge but the right was visibly swollen.

Also, Bunny has been having his vomiting problem again and I needed to get […]

Zurik’s check-up

Today was Zurik’s check-up.

The small amounts of fluids in the right and lung cavity remains the same with no increase. But the abdominal fluids have a slight increase. However, these fluids are spread all over interspersed in the layers of fat, so it was not possible to have them drawn out. The vet thinks […]

Zurik’s news

It’s been almost a week since Zurik was discovered to have fever, jaundice and pockets of fluids in his left lung cavity and abdominal cavity (which has caused a noticeable bulge).

These came unexpectedly and it took me some time to take it all in. I had thought that Zurik’s condition had stabilised but I […]