MCO again….

The numbers are alarming, so yes, we understand that it has to be implemented.

Tabs: I’m bored…

Cow & Bunny: It makes no difference to us…

Baby-talk for Tabs

Our cats are probably the first pets that Ryan has come close to. At this age, he is not afraid of them. Tabs also appears to be baby-friendly. She lets Ryan pat her.

The adorable thing is that Ryan “talks” to Tabs using his very own unique sounds. It’s not his usual sounds when […]

Breaking and entering

A few days ago, we were awakened in the middle of the night by loud noises in our attic. Previously, the neighbourhood civet cat (musang) used to break into our attic, but this hasn’t happened for a long time now ever since we blocked off all the entrances in our roof.

But there was definitely […]

Bunny’s glorious poo

Two days ago, I saw Bunny straining to defecate.

Bunny has had some constipation problems in the past too.

Luckily I was home and was able to monitor the problem. He got into the defecating position about 4-5 times, tried, but nothing came out.

It was still very early in the morning. I had some […]

Cow Mau’s possible allergic sneezing

Cow Mau started sneezing on Sunday. By Monday, I started him on Lysine, Vetri DMG and Bromhexine (a mucolytic) and I had also made an appointment for him at the vet’s for today. I was worried it might be cat flu and Cow being FIV+, I didn’t want to take any chances.

However, today, his […]

Ginger and Bunny

We’ve been helping Ginger adjust to the quiet environment without the Greystokes. We let him sleep on our bed along with Tabs too, but he comes and goes throughout the night.

Since Bunny and Cow get to come out to the patio for their walks again now, I figured Ginger should also have the privilege […]

The five Greystokes

This is one of the hardest decisions we have ever made, but my husband and I have tried our best and given this a lot of thought for more than 2 months now. It is simply too huge a responsibility for us to raise another 5 kittens and see them through their lifetime. We felt […]

Safer with Cow

Tabs still feels safer with Cow.

Pole and Cleo

Ever since Pole’s vomiting problem a few months ago, she has totally rejected raw food. It’s strange because Pole and Cleo were our first cats to be on the raw diet and they loved it. From a total turn-off, I resorted to giving her renal wetfood, but she soon rejected that and she only […]