Vincent, Zurik, Buddy, Ginger, Heidi and Tabs’ morning

Our morning started at 4.30am. Vincent was sleeping on my pillow all night. Tabs was on the sofa in the bedroom.

Vincent came downstairs and stayed in the kitchen as I prepared breakfast. Ginger, Tabs and Heidi had homecooked plus Primal (surprisingly, Heidi wanted Primal today).

I offered Vincent his Cubgrub Duck – No.

Monge […]

Lucky meets his mini!

Here’s Lucky finally meeting his mini (the beautiful and meticulous handicraft by Ms Wong Pei Ling)!

Sihui, Brownie and Lucky.

We received a total of RM500 donation for these two minis!

Thank you so much, Pei Ling, Sihui, Brownie and Lucky!


Never mind the numbers (Vincent’s story)

Well, the numbers didn’t look good today.

But never mind the numbers. Vincent is still able to eat.

For lunch, Vincent ate Cubgrub Duck. It was certainly worth every effort picking up the supply after we finished at the clinic this morning.

At about 4.30pm, he ate some Cubgrub […]

Vincent’s 4th PCV test (with the Darbepoetin)

Today is Vincent’s 4th Darbepoetin injection (the last from the series of four injections) plus the B12 injection.

As per the protocol, a blood test was done before that to check his PCV. Sadly, his PCV has dropped today, to 18%.

Before we started the series of Darbepoetin injections, it had dropped to 16% and […]

Vincent’s morning

Vincent’s came up to our bed this morning and slept on my pillow!

Of course, Ginger came up too, and because of that, Tabs exiled herself to outside the room and Heidi did not even come up.

Such is cat politics.

Breakfast at 4.30am – Monge’s Tuna Salmon. He loves it.


Vincent on the comfy sofa

We took some photos today!

But before that, Vincent ate at 6pm.

Monge’s Tuna Salmon is still in season.

Tabs: I’m guarding Vincent’s food.

Vincent wanted Cubgrub’s Duck, so I gave him teaspoon by teaspoon. I don’t want him vomiting again just in case he has problems […]

A minor setback – Vincent vomited

Vincent vomited at about 12.50pm. I heard the sound, rushed out and saw a pile of vomit in Vincent’s hide-away.

It’s okay, Vincent. I quickly cleaned it up.

Sigh, from what I think, it could be due to the following reasons:

(1) Vincent ate too much or too fast this morning. (2) The Semintra I […]

Incurring Bunny’s wrath

So yes, Bunny is 80% blind but has that ever stopped him?

Ginger is unperturbed.

Bunny can easily come in through that hole. Maybe he forgot…momentarily?

If you watch the video, Cow is right there too. Always nearby to lend a helping hand to his brother.

A […]

It’s all about boxes

Boxes are so useful to cats. They can be used as beds or even houses.

Or as tables.

As steps up to a hide-away, which is also fashioned out of none other than boxes.

They can even be used as scratching pads (vertically […]