Tabs, the model

We had to take many, many shots before getting this one!

Tabs: Do I look like the model?

A pretty striking coincidental resemblance, won’t you say?

Bella and Birdy’s visits

It is highly likely that Bella’s nest is all ready by now. We don’t know for sure because it is so high up in the palm tree and we cannot see it from the ground, but we know the spot. It is also thickly covered with foliage, so that’s a good thing. It should be […]

Cow and Bunny’s daily trips to the patio

Cow and Bunny get daily trips out to the patio.

Here’s what happened in one of the recent trips.

Ginger is not exactly happy having his territory intruded upon.

We have to keep Ginger from confronting Cow & Bunny so as to prevent any possible clash (and injuries […]

Bella and Felix build a new nest

It looks like Bella and Felix are wasting no time. They have found a new and higher location in one of our palm trees and this morning, we saw them both diligently bringing twigs to build a new nest!

Looks like they are moving on and this is good. Based on our observation last time, […]

Tragedy at Bella’s nest

I’m so sorry but this is very sad news.

Bella’s potted plant (where her nest is) fell down onto the floor early this morning. We did hear a loud thud at about 6am plus this morning but we didn’t come down to investigate.

By the time we came out to the porch, my husband saw […]

Tabs’ MCO past-time

I haven’t posted much about Tabs lately as her favourite MCO past-time is to sleep…

Or, sit with her legs crossed.

Tabs: There isn’t much to do because we are under MCO and now, the lockdown.

Are you bored or sleepy, Tabs?

Tabs: […]

Cow’s suspension ends with strict SOPs

It has been eight days since the Cow-Ginger fight where Cow sustained two injuries (thankfully no vet trip was needed) while Ginger got off scot-free.

We immediately suspended all Cow-trips out to the patio. Only Bunny was allowed out to the Blue House.

This morning, Cow’s suspension was lifted and he was allowed out to […]

The Cow-Ginger fight

It happened yesterday.

Cow was out for his morning patio trip. I was inside the house.

Suddenly, there was the all too familiar sounds of cat scuffle and war cry.

It was Cow and Ginger.

The two of them were lying down facing each other, in a scuffle and fur was flying all over.

I […]

Bella is back…with 2 new eggs!!!

Believe it or not, Bella is back…with two new eggs!!!

We saw Bella and Birdy flying around our garden and porch in the past two days, and today, Bella was actually sitting back in her old nest. When she flew away, I took a peek and….

…there are TWO new eggs in […]