Reviving the blanket auctions!! Blanket no. 202: Wisteria Bleu!

Our last blanket was sold early this year and our auctions ended months before that. I had to take a break because I wasn’t well for many months. However, we need to raise funds again as the number of applications have been overwhelming each month. We have been digging into our reserves since last year […]

Of anecdotes, testimonials and the placebo effect

I’ve been researching “cures” and treatment for Vincent’s kidney disease and came to this, which I simply have to share, because it’s definitely food for thought:

And I have to share this picture too (because it’s so funny!):

It’s good to share and it certainly is good to learn, but ultimately, what works […]

Vincent’s check-up after one month

Today was Vincent’s check-up after one month on treatment at this vet.

First, the vet is pleased with his weight gain. Based on the records at this clinic, using their scale, Vincent’s weight has gained steadily from 2.6kg to 3.1kg, then 3.3kg and today, 3.6kg. The vet says this is already considered very good. She […]

Vincent sniffs out “new food”!

Sorry for not being able to write updates as often as before. A few reasons, actually.

Firstly, Vincent’s condition seems to be “stable” now, so there isn’t anything new to report. Secondly, I’m busy sewing blankets as I’m hoping to restart the auctions, if anyone is interested? If not, maybe just sell the blankets then. […]

Guess who….?

Guess who is the one on the above left?


1st hint: Who has a pink nose?

2nd hint: Who thinks he/she is a lion?

3rd hint: The photo is taken by Jia-Wen.






Vincent’s good day!

Yesterday was a setback-day for Vincent. Not only did he vomit twice, he also sneezed specks of blood again. During the start of the subcut, Vincent also coughed a few times. I was worried about this.

I texted the vet last night and the plan was to bring Vincent to her for a check-up today. […]

Sewing again!

I’m so excited because we have an order of a blanket!

Ahh…brings back real sweet memories of days gone by when my sewing assistants and I would sew late into the night.

Can’t wait to get it finished!

Am thinking of starting the auctions again. Would anyone […]

Vincent’s setback

Yesterday was not exactly a good day for Vincent.

After his fidgeting subcut, he also vomited under our bed. However, I did not get to see this vomit or examine its contents because our part-time cleaner was here and she cleared it up. When she informed me, I asked her and she said it was […]

Bunny stank up the room!!

There was a huge Cow-Bunny screaming fight two days ago. In the photo above, Pole is checking out all the fur.

Cow is hiding at the wigwam, waiting to pounce on Bunny again.

Poor, poor Bunny. He is already 80% blind. But thankfully, he can stand his ground. And […]