Brotherhood (He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother) – an album

I’ve compiled some brotherhood photos here, some past, some today’s.

The cat brothers:

Cow Mau gets the Brother-of-the-Year Award hands-down. He has always looked after Bunny and Pole, but especially Bunny who has been moong-char-char right from their childhood days!

It is always Cow who chooses […]

Tabs, the nanny-cat

Not only fun to lie on, but very fun to scratch on!!

Breaking news!!!!!!!

Berita hangat!!!!

After months of not sitting in his chair because it was taken over by Indy, this morning, for the first time in MONTHS…

…Bunny went back to his chair!!

As you can see, we even installed a makeshift “roof” for Bunny because last time, this chair was his only safe […]

The surprise element in the Surprise Me Happy Meals for extremely fussy and demanding cats

Wow, what a long title that was!!

So, the Surprise Me Happy Meals concept started because:

(1) Bunny needed some “junk” to bulk up his stools for this constipation problem.

(2) Indy has been going on hunger strike because he is bored with the meals. I force feed him 75% of the time and he […]

Ginger’s “inside” time

Ginger gets “inside” time every afternoon.

Ginger’s massive spraying time is actually in the mornings. He’s more subdued in the afternoons so he gets inside time then.


Another Surprise Me Happy Meal (all raw!)

I have not given up my efforts to convert everyone back to 100% raw.

Back story: Bunny had constipation while on 100% raw so I had to give him some “junk” (canned and kibble). Did it work? Oh yes, it did! It really did bulk up his stool and now, I don’t have to do […]

Ginger-proofing the patio?

This was my extremely pathetic and temporary makeshift Ginger-proofing yesterday when he started scratching at the fiberglass netting. He had already made two tiny holes with two scratches and it would have taken just minutes, perhaps, to tear it, if he had wanted to. Of course by doing this, I could not get in […]

Ryan plays with the cats again

I’ll let the photos and videos speak for themselves!

Hello, Bunny!

And as always, Ryan comes bearing gifts for Cow Mau, Cleo and even Indy got a fire truck this time!

The Queen isn’t too keen on making friends, but Ryan is unperturbed and nonjudgmental!


Ginger dictates terms

Cat parents = Cat slaves (no cat parent will deny this).

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.” – this is not only the AA prayer, it is also the cat parents’ prayer!!

So if you […]