“Mickey” Tabs

What’s that you’re wearing, Mr Dinosaur?

It’s a Minnie Mouse hairband, Tabs.

It’s so pretty…may I have one too?

How about this, Tabs? It’s a Mickey Mouse hairband….

There you go, Tabs!

Mickey Tabs!


Mr Zurik’s heroic defence

Sometime last week, Zurik made a heroic and successful attempt at defending his compound from a new intruder – a black cat.

It was in the middle of the night when Zurik came to our bedroom window and communicated with Tabs.

A bit of background first: Our bedroom is Tabs’ territory and Zurik does come […]

The extremely lackadaisical look

I’m bored and lazy…

Hmmmph….why are you taking my photo?

What’s interesting out there?

She loves looking out of the window.

And being all wrapped up!

It’s Tabs!

Tiger’s hypnotic stare

Despite the hundreds of epileptic seizures that he has thrown, Tiger remains one of the calmest and most strong-willed cats we have encountered.

It was his perseverance and tolerance that got him through years of living amongst the alphas (Cow & Bunny). When they scream into his face, he would just close his eyes. He […]

The 3 alpha-amigos

Cow, Bunny and Indy are the three alphas at the pantry. Fights still break out amongst them.

Very often, it is triggered by Bunny (who is 80% blind) accidentally bumping into Cow. Cow will retaliate and fur will fly.

However, Indy, as tough as he may look, seems to understand that Bunny doesn’t mean […]

Vincent’s pandan haven

This is Vincent’s safe haven.

It’s one of the few places where he feels safe from….

….this terrifying bully!

Bunny’s fun in the sun

The Bunz

Photo Shoot!

Still no water – Day 7

We have been patiently waiting for our water supply to come back.

It was supposed to be a scheduled cut for only two days. Then, it became five days.

Today is Day 7 and our taps are still completely dry.

We have been getting water from the tanker on a daily basis.

Poor cats. […]