Zurik is strong!

I guess Zurik has regained his strength now (which is good). He has becoming quite choosy with food too, something which I’m learning now. Previously, as you know, he only came for meals 2-3 times a day and would disappear after that.

He does like to sit under our cars in the porch and also […]

Fragile – Jaga dengan cermat

In the midst of handling Bunny, Indy, Ginger and Zurik on a daily basis, isn’t it a welcomed break to see this?

Fragile, she certainly is NOT. But “jaga dengan cermat” – always!

You really got to KNOW Heidi to love Heidi. She is very adorable in our books. Yes, she whacks people when […]

It’s Ginger’s turn today

For a few days now, Ginger has been occupying the “sick bay”. I prepared this for Bunny with fresh towels but Bunny only used it for one night. Then, Ginger quickly took over. We think it’s a territorial thing, or is it because he knows he is going in for a dental procedure and […]

Indy goes a bit “cranky”

After this morning’s subcut, Indy has been behaving a been crankily all day.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the subcut…


He is trying to attack Pole here. She’s hiding under the bed because Indy chased her.

I can see you, Pole. You can run but you […]

Zurik’s test results – it IS FIP

All my hopes are dashed now. The Rivalta test was positive, which means there is an 86% chance that it is FIP. Coupled with the pleural effusion where the liquid is yellow and sticky, the positive corona virus test on the blood and the ALB/GLOB ratio being 0.5, it all points towards FIP.

My last […]

Zurik’s update

I’ve been doing my best to find out about the Rivalta Test and so far, there are two clinics that has done it before. In yesterday’s post, if you viewed the video, you’d see how relatively easy it can be done. It just needs a test-tube, water, a few drops of vinegar and one […]

Indy’s water intake

Indy has to drink more water in our attempt to get his creatinine level down (if at all possible) so that we can do his dental scaling and tooth extraction. Actually, among the four of them, Indy has the worst dental hygiene because of the presence of pus in his mouth.

However, due to the […]

Bunny’s updates

I updated the vet about Bunny every day. Compared with Cow, Bunny’s recovery from the dental procedure was significantly slower. I was worried for the first two days. But now, he is almost back to normal behaviour.

The vet said one of the reasons could be Bunny’s reaction to the transdermal Tramadol. Maybe the […]

The Rivalta Test for FIP

This is how the Rivalta Test is done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmOk2veunqA&fbclid=IwAR0iaN0Le0YEGA84IQUcm85hIYFES74gTTdDdISeBHngWvRERHC0aTqqwLU

Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rivalta_test

I got this from the FIP Advisory Group. They have been so helpful.

If the “jellyfish” appears – that’s a “positive” result and it means the cat has an 86% chance of having FIP.

If the effusion diffuses into nothingness, no “jellyfish” – […]