Rosie’s 3rd EPO jab (day 37)

Today was Rosie’s 3rd EPO jab.

It was a very long wait at the clinic.

We also dewormed Rosie.

Rosie weighed 3.91kg. This increase has been gradual but it is due to the liver being swollen. On the last trip just two days ago, Rosie was 3.6kg. She […]

Bunny the Ostrich!

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

(No words to describe!!)

Rosie’s 3rd acupuncture session (Day 36)

We’re really grateful to our vet-acupuncturist who made time for Rosie today so that she could have a session.

Rosie is very perky now – trying to dig her way out.

She even ate in the car!


And she ate at the clinic […]

Taking care of the outside equilibrium

For more than a month since Rosie fell sick, the outside equilibrium has been disturbed.

The one most affected is Daffodil. Not only has she rejected (not recognised) Rosie, she also does not want to come into the house anymore. It’s rather sad, because it took us so long (I have lost count, but I […]

Rosie’s 2nd EPO injection (Day 35)

Today was Rosie’s second EPO jab.

Rosie’s HCT (equivalent to PCV), at 20.3%, was below the lower boundary of the normal range, which indicates that she is getting more and more anaemic, which is, unfortunately, expected, since the liver makes blood and Rosie’s liver is badly injured.

We decided to start her on the EPO […]

Bunny the bully

Yes, Bunny’s almost blind, but cats function with their sense of smell, so Bunny can still bully.

He was on one of this almost-daily trips out to the garden.

Normally, when Bunny comes out, he expects all the PatioCats to run. Whoever doesn’t run will be subject to being screamed at.

Ginger was happily sitting […]

Reversible bags (fundraising) and two more hobo bags

It was from the making of the hobo bags (with lining) that gave my mum the idea of making reversible bags!

Instead of doing just a white/beige lining which involves the making of two bags joining together as one, we could make two bags with presentable fabric so that each bag can be turned inside […]

Rosie and Daffodil (Day 34)

It has been 34 days since Daffodil rejected Rosie (since the day she came back from the overnight stay at the vet’s for drips).

It’s sad, but that’s the way it is with cats. They go by smell. Rosie’s smell could have changed so much because she is ill or because she had gone to […]

Rosie eats more (Day 34)

So the prognosis is terribly poor, but Rosie seems to be feeling better.

Last night, it must have been in the middle of the night (I don’t have a clock in the room), Rosie asked for food TWICE and she ate quite a bit. It’s definitely more than before.

This morning, she ate on her […]