Jayden and Ginger’s first order of the day

As the say, “First things first”.

The first thing that Jayden does when he comes every morning (that is if he doesn’t stay overnight) is to check his books and business ledgers at his office.

You simply cannot find a better and more dedicated CEO, right? It’s Sunday and Baby J is hard at […]

Who is the new resident?

He is actually not new.

He’s been around for months.

And he has dual citizenship – both at Bunny’s Place and Ginger’s Catio, plus a passport to travel out to the garden compound.

But he actually prefers to chill out with the cats most of the time.

So, who is this privileged person?

Good boy, Rey

It sure looks like Rey’s application for permanent residence status in Bunny’s Place has been approved by Bunny et al.

He climbs over every single day without fail and practically lives in Bunny’s Place.

However, when it comes to lunch time (the Seniors and Super Seniors have lunch, but the Juniors only eat twice a […]

Jayden, Ginger and cat instincts

There is no doubt that Jayden’s best friend is Ginger.

Jayden saying hello to Minnie-5 through the screen door.

Jayden hatching a scheme with Ginger on how to let Minnie-5 into the house.

You know how it is that cats just know when you are going to return home […]

Jayden misses Ginger…so much!

Ginger went for his dental surgery yesterday but by the time he came home in the evening, Jayden had already gone home for the day.

So this morning, Jayden was back here again and here’s his “reunion” with his best friend.


Jayden to Ginger: You are my best, best, best, […]

A short story – by Jayden

Home-cooked cat food and the importance of taurine

I just wish to share something I learnt recently about the importance of taurine in cat food.

Cats need taurine and they get it from their food. It is particularly important for heart health.

From Google:

Taurine is exclusively found in animal-based proteins. It is critical for normal vision, digestion, heart muscle function, to maintain […]

Ginger’s cyst and dental surgery

Today was Ginger’s dental surgery.

Jayden wishing his best friend well before we departed for the vet’s.

At the vet’s, it is their protocol to do a heart scan (an ECHO) on geriatric cats (above 7 years old) before the cat undergoes general anaesthesia. Ginger passed his heart scan with flying colours. […]

What’s cookin’?

What’s cookin’ here, folks?

It looks totally harmless, right? It’s like Indy and Ginger are best of friends?


A fight it about to break out, but I intervened and stopped it before it happened.

Indy and Ginger absolutely cannot get along. AT ALL.