Jayden and his No. 1 best friend, Ginger

Ginger is the cat who Jayden grew up with when he was a little baby.

Now, Ginger stays in the catio at the side of our house with Minnie and her Monsters (her four sons) who hero-worships their Uncle Ginger too. Ginger looked after them when they were young, from the day they were born, […]

An oral drug is available for FIP now

We are probably slow to the party, but we just found out yesterday that an oral drug is now available for FIP cats!

Previously, there was no treatment and FIP was a death sentence for cats. Then, came the injectable GS 441524, initially a controversial drug and had to be purchased through the black market. […]

Riley’s new dark-coloured drinking bowl

Riley urinates at the downstairs bathroom drain hole, so I’m able to note the colour of her urine and even syringe it up to collect it.

I’ve been a bit concerned that her urine colour is a tad too yellow. So I collect some two days ago to show the vet.

The vet said […]

The Super Seniors’ snack time

Cow Mau has a great appetite and his super senior status entitles him to get food whenever he asks for it.

Now, Cleo’s appetite has improved too, so she also demands for snacks, which is really a good thing.

It’s a bonus today when Indy too came for the snack!

But when the Super […]

Getting Indy and Akira to eat


Getting Indy to eat involves serving him where he is. Usually he isn’t hungry enough to come down from wherever he is to join the rest. So sometimes I need to climb up to where he is, on the platforms.


It’s the same with Akira and also Kai. I have […]

Minnie’s intermittent fasting and other tales about dental hygiene

We all know that intermittent fasting is now a very fashionable way of eating for humans.

But did you know that cats know how to do it too? And they are WAY smarter than us as well. They know how to have “cheat days”. They don’t do it blindly.

Minnie does intermittent fasting every once […]

Indy and Cleo’s subcut for today

My plan is to gradually increase the volume of the subcut fluids for Cleo and Indy.

Gradually, being the operative word here, because too much fluids might tax of the heart as well as, ironically, the kidneys too.

Ever since Cleo started getting 150ml daily, her appetite has improved tremendously. But perhaps the Astro […]

Our taiji cats at work again and some reflections

Here are Gerald and Misty, hard at work!

They accompany me on my walks, but only at the park (which is safer for them and they know this) and as well as for taiji.

On a more serious note:

Why street dogs and cats live amongst us

It was our human ancestors, many […]

Cow Mau at the park!

I’ve been wanting to take Cow Mau to the park for an experience at a different environment. And it is also not likely that he would try to escape.

First, in the harness. But he clearly did not like it, so I took the harness off after that.