The new coalition

Now, play nice and don’t fight, ok?

Indy goes to the vet’s (It’s cat flu season)

It’s cat flu season.

Our cats have escaped many seasons…for years, but this year, we are not exempted.

It started with Ginger and shortly after, Indy started sneezing too.

So, we took Indy to the vet’s today, even though his appetite is intact and he did not even seem sick except for the occasional sneezing.


Ginger….back on track?

Last night, Ginger seemed to have bounced right back and started eating his usual food and behaving in his normal “Gingerly” ways.

We felt sorry for him, so we let him stay inside the house (normally, his place is the patio at night – because he has a tendency to spray on all the cushions […]

Ginger eats!

I think Ginger felt much better with the nebulization done at the clinic, and the medicines must have taken effect because just now, he asked for food and ate his usual Cubgrub again!


Raw food doesn’t smell as aromatic as Recovery or AD. He must have lost his sense of smell this morning so […]

Ginger goes to the vet’s (sneezing problem)

Ginger had been having some sort of cough/sneeze which sounded like Heidi’s “reverse sneezing” for about 4-5 days now. I had been giving him Vetri DMG with the hope that it would resolve by itself, but it did not.

His appetite has been totally normal throughout and the cough/sneeze only happens at most about 3 […]

A single-handed subcut session

Bunny is not a problem at all; Pole and Cleo are. These two girls are our feral cats even though we have looked after them since the day they were born.

Cleo’s subcut.

I wish I had four hands, but I only have two, so I have to grab […]

The past week’s news

There’s been a lot of news, but here are some headlines.

A huge python was sighted by a neighbour on the road nearby, some 300m away, near the big monsoon drain. Although we think the slithery one could have come from the drain, a neighbour thinks it could be someone’s escaped pet. Yikes!

I’m […]

An NZ treat for the cats (Meow Freeze-Dried)

A friend gifted me a packet of Meow Freeze-Dried for our cats for CNY! It’s a product of New Zealand.

The verdict?

It’s been three days and they still love it!

I used it as a topping, as I use Primal.


Heidi’s updates

It looks like Heidi is on the mend.

As of yesterday, she started eating again, though not as much as she usually does.

But she is back to her usual habits, so that is definitely a good sign.

She came to the door to greet me when I came home from work.

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