Subcut for Pole and Cleo

Today was the second subcut for Pole and Cleo.

Generally, it had been pretty easy doing subcut for Vincent, Zurik, Bunny and Indy. But for the girls, it’s a little tricky. This especially so as both Pole and Cleo tend to be easily spooked and highly defensive.

Jia-Wen was on hand to help with both […]

First subcut for Pole and Cleo

After letting Pole and Cleo rest for a few hours, I decided to try the subcut for both just now. The vet had said perhaps it would be a better idea to do it tomorrow as today’s consultation took almost one-and-a-half hours, plus the waiting time. Blood was also taken and the ultrasound was done […]

Cleo and Pole’s check-up (kidney issues and hyperthyroidism)

Six months ago, their SDMA readings were both normal, but their creatinine levels were on the higher end of normal.

I have also been rather worried about Cleo and Pole because I noticed both have been drinking water more than before. This is one symptom of possible kidney issues. Cleo also has been peeing more […]

Ginger’s check-up at the vet’s

It’s been six months since Ginger’s last check up where his SDMA reading was 15 (0-14 is normal) but his creatinine was only 100 at the time so we did not start him on any treatment.

Ginger’s check-up was all okay except that he has gained too much weight. He is 6.6kg now and yes, […]

Bunny & Indy’s check-up (after 6 months)

It was six months ago that Bunny & Indy’s SDMA tests showed early kidney degeneration. We started on twice-weekly subcut and have maintained that since then. Three months ago, the SDMA readings went down, which was good. The subcut sessions continued.

Today was their check-up after six months from diagnosis.

I was a little worried […]

Mickey learns to pray

Mickey’s mama is so delighted that Mickey accompanies her every day when she prays. He appears to be listening too.

Here’s a photo and a video.

Mickey playing with his bestfriends!

Here’s a lovely video of Mickey playing with his two new bestfriends!

Happy little Mickey!

Mickey – a clean bill of health!

Mickey went for his check-up at the vet’s today and was dewormed, frontlined and given Lysine as a supplement. His weight was 390g, which is a gain of 20g in two days!

Here are some photos and a video from my friend:

Mickey will have many cat-friends in his new […]

Mickey in his forever loving home!

My dear friend sent me photos of Mickey right after Mickey arrived at her house.

I’m very comforted in knowing that Mickey is in very safe hands and in the most loving home I know of. Thank you so very much!

In rescuing animals, I think the hardest part is to find a good forever […]