Bunny to the vet’s (eye injury again – Indy!)

There was a war cry episode between Indy and Bunny last night.

This afternoon, Bunny’s right eye was swollen and he was also squinting.

So, it was off to the vet’s this evening.

Indy is a big bully. I think he also picks on Bunny because Bunny is blind.

The vet checked and Bunny’s right […]

Conferences at dusk

After taking a well-deserved long nap and a hearty dinner, the kittens held several conferences at the patio.

This looks like a conference about the insects in the pebbles.

I think it ended with Lynx eating one.

This one is about Heidi’s medicinal herb. Now, […]

The Boisterous Foursome….is back!

We brought all the kittens home today.

Firstly, our grateful thanks go to the kind adopter for reaching out to help me when I needed it most. I had not been well since mid-September and I was on the brink of a breakdown.

Secondly, to all readers who offered support and words of comfort when […]

A quiet afternoon

The kind adopter sent me a video of the kittens and they are adjusting to their new environment now with the guidance of two “aunty cats”.

For everyone who has given me supportive and comforting messages, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your kind understanding.

Minnie started rejecting her kittens […]

The Greystoke Kittens – to their new home

It has not been an easy decision to rehome the Greystoke Kittens. But I know I don’t have the capability of looking after so many for the long term, so rehoming them would be better for them in the long run. Now that their vaccination schedule is completed and they are all solid, robust and […]

The Greystoke Kittens – for adoption

The Greystoke Kittens are now fully vaccinated and I am looking for loving forever homes for all of them.

If anyone is interested in adopting any of them, to be kept indoors (since they have not been outdoors before), please do contact me at chankahyein@gmail.com. They are loving, of good temperament, active and playful and […]

The new Greystoke equilibrium

So as it stands now, Minnie did come back for food, but she made it clear that she would only eat at the porch and does not want to be confined anymore.

Ever since the kittens turned 4 months old, Minnie had already distanced herself from them.


The four kittens […]

Minnie’s escape attempts

Minnie has not been happy being confined. Clearly, her “4 months” with her kittens is up and she wants to be a free spirit again.

She was not able to escape through Bunny’s Place because we closed her entrance into Bunny’s Place from the downstairs bathroom.

But this morning, she tried something else.


The escape artist is back

After almost 10 hours of disappearance, we found Minnie sitting on our downstairs window sill.

And this is after me making trips upstairs every half hour or so all day to see if she had come into our bedroom with the mosquito netting wide open (no, she did not).

So I calmly went to open […]