Indy bullies Ginger

Indy escaped again today, to the patio.

And he decided to pick on Ginger.

Cats have incredible patience and persistence. After half an hour, he is still staring at Ginger, trying to annoy him.

Until he went overboard, put his paws up and screamed at Ginger. That’s when we took him […]

Our weekly subcut sessions

A friend asked if I could share share how I do the subcut for our cats (namely, Cleo, Pole and Bunny) so I took some videos.

I’m not a vet, so this may not be the best or most correct way to do it, but I’ve been doing this for sometime now, and so far, […]

Indy does it again (hypnotism in action)

He did it again this morning!

First thing in the morning, eating with the Kitchen Cats at the window sill.


Indy: What about me? Why aren’t you feeding me??

Hahaha…You’re not getting away with it this time, Indy. I took a photo. See? I took a […]

Waiting for Minnie and Trixie, and a reflection on One-Street CNRM

I bought a small bag of Iskhan kibble because I figured it would be more practical to leave a bowl of kibble outside the gate for Minnie and Trixie. Kibble won’t spoil as fast as raw food.

So I waited this morning while I did my taiji in the porch. Trixie did not turn up […]

A mascot-tshirt for Ginger!

Husband suggested I put a tshirt on for Ginger in case he is cold at night. We already let him stay inside the house at night (not the patio), but he has got so used to patio that he would find ways to sneak out and sleep on the chair in the patio every night.


Ginger’s nebulization progresses daily

It’s progressing very well.

Ginger loves it!

He’s always been envious of Pole, Cleo and Bunny because they have subcut sessions regularly and he doesn’t.

Well, now, he has nebulization every single day for the total of 20 days!

As the vet remarked earlier on, Ginger puts his nose at the outlet and sniffs […]

The great MCO-violator escapees and their capture

This morning I was suddenly awakened by a strange loud sound. I had been exhausted and sleeping very late for the last few nights because of the preparation of e-learning materials for my work.

But my husband shouted, “Heidi has escaped!!”

I jumped up and realised that Heidi was on our roof! The stainless steel […]

Indy’s hypnotism (cont) and other stories

I’m way behind in stories, so let me start from yesterday morning’s.

The day began with….

…Indy eating at the window sill with the Kitchen Cats.

Then, it was the Cow Clan’s turn…

Indy: What about me?

You’ve just eaten, Indy, don’t try to […]

Feeding Little Minnie

Little Minnie is a small grey cat in our neighbourhood. I’ve seen her around quite a bit and she comes from the houses down the road. So I always thought she stays in one of those houses.

A neighbour informed me two days ago the he saw Minnie (name given by me) clutching a piece […]