The youngsters

Here’s a rare shot of Minnie and her boys all together!

From left and clockwise: Robin, Lynx, Smurfy, Rey and Minnie.

And the Blondies:

From left: Indra, Akira and Kai.

Have I shared that K-A-I is the acronym for Kai, Akira, Indra?!!

Samantha and Riley are also youngsters, actually.

So, the youngsters outnumber […]

Gerald saves the day…again! “Happy Birthday, Riley”

How many times have Gerald saved the day?

So many times!!

He’s such a sweet, sweet hero!

Riley escaped again yesterday evening. According to hubby, she hid near the piano, quite a distance from the front door, and when he opened the door, she made a dash for it and sneaked out.

I heard the […]

Happy 3rd Birthday, Rey, Robin and Lynx!!

Birthday breakfast!

Their baby portrait.

With fond remembrance of Rio who passed away on 18th June 2021 while at the adopter’s.

We brought Minnie, Smurfy, Rey, Robin and Lynx back home in June 2022, after being away for 1.5 years.


The merging of Ginger’s Catio and Bunny’s Place

The ultimate aim is to one day open Stargate so that the inhabitants of both catios can cross over anytime they like WITHOUT war crying, fighting and emergency trips to the vet’s!

Samantha and the Blondies came over to play in Ginger’s Catio this morning, under supervision. The only dangerous one was Robin. He […]

The Blondies’ vaccination today

I took the Blondies for their next vaccinations today.

For Kai and Akira, this was their third, hence that completes their baby vaccinations.

For Indra, it was her second. Hers was delayed for a month because she had the flu earlier on.

All have increased in weight with Indra (yes, the youngest!) leading at 2.3kg, […]

At Ginger’s Catio

It’s not easy to take portraits of the Monsters as they are always on the move. Always active.

That is why I always only manage to take their photos while they eat!

It took me many shots, but here are some portraits.





What are the Blondies up to these days?

Climbing, climbing, climbing!! The platforms are about the best investments we’ve made for them! Indy loves them too and is constantly on the highest (the lookout).

Gerald still comes every morning and calls for the Blondies. So, this morning, they all went on the frame and Gerald was sticking his paw in through the holes, […]

Greening the earth and more fans for the cats!

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and now, finally, it’s DONE!!

We now have solar panels on our roof to generate electricity for the entire household!

The panels were installed on Saturday when pandemonium broke out in the house with Riley going on panic mode and trying to escape. TNB came to […]

The Food Bowl Method for litter box training and the spray problem

Eventually, it was the Food Bowl Method that worked to stop the Blondies (specifically, Indra and Akira) from peeing and pooping outside the litter box or wherever they liked.

Kai was litter box trained even when they were upstairs. It was Akira and Indra who were the challenging ones.

But ever since I place food […]