Bunny’s rain shelter (finally!!)

It took a lot of time and effort…

Bunny has finally accepted the mat in the room as his rain shelter!!

Not only is this his rain shelter, but it is also his “night shelter” now. He comes in on his own after dinner and sleeps here.

To have Bunny finally accept this mat […]

The alphas’ power struggle and tussle for hot spots

For many months now, there has been peace in Bunny’s Place.

Bunny had his pantry chairs, Indy took over Pole’s condo and Cow had a comfortable basket in the room with a towel which he thoroughly loves even on hot days. The basket was meant for Bunny but Cow got it first and in any […]

Indy and Ginger’s PTSD

Both Indy and Ginger were traumatised by their fight.

Even though Ginger won the fight, he appeared to be in a daze after that. He only ate a little bit of lunch and spent the whole afternoon sleeping. By evening, he was somewhat back to his normal habits again. We noticed that there was a […]

A huge Indy-Ginger fight

I don’t know how it started, but Indy with Cow & Bunny were out in the patio for their usual morning routine.

Suddenly, I heard the war cries and found Indy and Ginger locked in battle. Fur was flying all over the place and I had to use the water hose to separate them.

Checked […]

Bunny’s eye ulcers

It never rains but it pours.

Bunny has eye ulcers…in both his eyes.

I noticed Bunny closing his eyes each time after taking his antibiotics (Clavamox) and the Cystaid Plus. But I thought he was just resting, until this morning when I noticed his right eye tearing and inflamed.

A day after starting on […]

Bunny’s glorious pee!

After barely three hours from taking his first dose of antibiotics and supplement, Bunny was already able to urinate normally!

There was also no more straining after our return from the vet’s. That is most likely the effect of the anti-inflammatory injection.

I continued observing Bunny all afternoon.

Some “manja” time!


Bunny’s sudden UTI

Bunny suddenly had a urinary tract infection today.

He was urinating normally in the morning, but suddenly at around 11am, he started straining to try and urinate and either no urine came out or there were just droplets. He kept doing this repeatedly and it was worrying.

It’s rather strange how the UTI happened so […]

The ongoing quarrels between Indy and Ginger

It’s been ongoing, these loud and noisy quarrels between Ginger and Indy, but lately, it has got even more intense and frequent. It happens in the middle of the night as well and we have had to wake up, come downstairs to stop the war cries.

The consolation is that both of them have […]

The daily hunt for Bunny poop

It’s been more than a month now since Bunny had that rather serious constipation problem which required manual evacuation.

I have been faithfully continuing with all his supplements (B-12 and Gentle Digest), extra water, laxatives, virgin coconut oil and steamed pumpkin. So far, Bunny has been able to defecate by himself. From 2-3 days once, […]