Cleo bleats!

And that’s good, because that’s her “normal” voice! Cleo’s meow doesn’t sound like a “meow”, it’s more of a “Mehh…kkkk”, which sounds like the bleating of a goat.

So, Cleo’s bleating like a goat again and that’s good. It looks like she has got back her normal voice now.


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The day Cleo lost her meow

About 4 days ago, Cleo did not want to eat any kibble.

Cleo is a raw food eater and she gets her BARF twice a day (for breakfast and lunch), then later in the evening, it’s usually kibble as a snack for everyone. Cleo eats it too.

But she did not want to eat any […]

The 3 alpha-amigos and Pole

The 3 alpha-amigos having a siesta…

Pole sitting guard.

Pole and Cleo stand guard

For a few months now, we’ve tried out a new way to reduce the “spraying” activity of Cow, Bunny and Indy. As you know, these three alpha-males sprays in Bunny’s Room and it’s very, very tiring having to clean up their markings many times a day.

So, what we did was to put up a […]

Ginger-Zurik: Frenemies?

With so much political drama unfolding these days in our human community, dwellers in the cat community aren’t spared from the same too.

Ginger and Zurik used to be the best of friends for years. Yet, something happened between them yesterday.

A bit of background first, though. Ginger began whining a lot these days (non-stop […]

Indy’s new sleeping position


Yes, he was really sleeping. Not looking for something.

I waited to see when he’d wake up…

There…he is waking up now.

Hi, Indy!

Did you have a good nap?


Selamat Mengundi!

Mr Zurik’s setback

A few mornings ago, I went out to the porch to feed Zurik and found that he wasn’t there. Instead, there was a big black cat atop my car, lying down very comfortably and looking at me, straight in the eye.

He was a big cat.

I had to shoo him away, because our cat […]

“Mickey” Tabs

What’s that you’re wearing, Mr Dinosaur?

It’s a Minnie Mouse hairband, Tabs.

It’s so pretty…may I have one too?

How about this, Tabs? It’s a Mickey Mouse hairband….

There you go, Tabs!

Mickey Tabs!