The last songket bags (fundraising)

We are really grateful to our anonymous donor for her kind donation of RM300 and this gave us the opportunity to use up all of the remaining songket cloth to sew 7 mini tote bags. It is the same donor who donated the cloth too.

This last one is made from […]

A portrait with Ginger

Another red songket bag (fundraising)

We would like to thank Ms Liew WY for her kind donation of RM50 for this red songket bag. And of course, to our anonymous donor who donated all the songket cloth and Mr Ooi In Haw, for donating the songkety (cotton) which is used as the lining of this bag.

There is […]

Mr Zurik’s new buddy

Last week, poor Ginger got beaten up by Mr Zurik.

Ginger was just on his morning trip out to touch noses with his BFF (Mr Zurik) when out of the blue, Mr Zurik decided to attack Ginger instead. Luckily I was right there and managed to break up the fight, but Mr Zurik attacked Ginger […]

12 songket bags (fundraising)

We would like to thank our anonymous donor for her very kind donation of RM800 for these 12 songket bags! Our anonymous donor also bought the cloth for us to sew. There are four colours and they are all woven songket. The cloth was enough to make 16 medium-sized bags, but she only wanted 12, […]

Ginger’s mornings

Every morning, when I get out of Stargate2 to feed Mr Zurik, Ginger will dash out and force his way out too, to meet his best friend.

He just needs to touch noses with Mr Zurik, and then he just hangs around in the garden.

Ginger only […]

Tiger and Cleo’s bench

Nowadays, for some strange reason, Tiger likes to come back to Bunny’s Place.

And he likes to sit on Cleo’s bench.

But whenever anyone (and this includes us humans) sits on Cleo’s bench, she will come and mew her protest. She’s either protesting or just making it known that this bench belongs […]

Heidi’s new paper bag

This is Heidi’s new paper bag on the kitchen island and she seems to love it more than the old one.

And yes, she is still doing her afternoon circuit walk. Like clockwork.

Heidi’s walking circuit

Humans are encouraged to walk 10,000 steps each day?

Well, what about cats?

Lately, we observed that around noon, Heidi will walk her “circuit” around the house. It happens like clockwork…every single day.

At around noon, she starts.

The circuit takes her around the living room, in a very orderly manner. She goes to the […]