Tiger’s abscesses Day 2

Thanks to a well-behaved Google Maps, we found out way to the vet’s and back home safely today!! For someone as severely directionally dyslexic as me, this is quite an achievement.

So, how are Tiger’s abscesses today?

Thankfully, according to the vet, it is showing signs of healing…quite well too.

I sent a photo to […]

Tiger’s (hidden) abscesses

Over the last 2-3 weeks, we’ve noticed Tiger hunching quite a bit, but thought nothing about it. His appetite had been good and he seemed happy enough.

“Leave well enough alone and don’t be paranoid” – I thought this would be a good motto to adopt. Trips to the vet are always very stressful for […]

Bunny’s demand

Coming, coming…..!!

Tiger and Mr Zurik

An encounter between Tiger and Mr Zurik. The photo did not capture the fact that Tiger’s tail was up (about 40 degrees from the horizontal) while Mr Zurik’s was DOWN!

Wow!! Mr Zurik’s tail was down?!!

But soon enough…

…the tide turned.


Who am I?

Is this (A) Heidi (B) Vincent (C) Tiger (D) Tabs (E) Mr Zurik?

It’s Tabs!

Daffodil looks for a way

She’s still not happy with the new netting as it’s obviously thwarted her newly discovered attempt at escaping.

I observed her and she’s looking at all the sides (notice there’s a slight gap at both sides) as well as the top (which isn’t fastened securely – now, how would she know that?).

In […]

Daffodil’s protest

Ever since her two consecutive escapes, Daffodil has been on protest-mode.

Yesterday, husband decided to wire-net the front grille all the way to the top. Daffodil watched him as he went in and out of the the storeroom with all the paraphernalia.

But then before he could get started, our printer got jammed and I […]

Have a happy meat free day!

Fruits and homegrown mint!

Add some millet powder and sunflower seeds.

Makes a healthy breakfast!

Bon appetit!


One of the new kids on the block

Ever since Stargate2 went up, some neighbourhood cats have tried to come into our compound.

This wasn’t unexpected, of course.

Ideally, if the PatioCats could have stayed in the porch to protect the territory, CNRM would have worked (as it should) and no other cat would have come within at least 2-3 houses from ours, […]