A Tabs vs Cleo short story

Tabs: Help me, please….

Tabs is so much bigger and heavier than Cleo, really. But then, this is a classic case of “size doesn’t matter”.

Even Cow is afraid of Cleo. So, that says it all.


Take your pick, Indy

Which do you like best?

INDY JONES Of course this is classic Indy. That’s where he got his name.

Indy-Zorro. The likeness is pretty good too, isn’t it?

Indy-Batman What can I say…I’m movie star material.

And finally…

Indycoot!! (That’s Crash […]

Heidi’s preference

Tabs loves sleeping on cloth. Normally, she would sleep on our clothes when they are folded on the table.

So I decided to give Tabs a permanent blanket on the dining table.

Heidi: What about me? I don’t get one too?

Yes, like the one Tabs has. Don’t […]

Bunny in the pot

Er, Bunny, you cannot eat those vegetables.

And please don’t use that as a sandpit…!

Hello, Mr Cow Mau.

And Indy.

Cow and Bunny love these pebble slabs. They are very cooling.

Meanwhile, this “latest” hole has […]

Heidi’s secret stash at the park

Heidi follows me to the park for taiji every day.

She loves hanging around at the park.

This is Heidi’s secret stash of herbs.

She loves eating this grass. It’s medicinal.

I brought back some of this grass and planted it in a pot, but Heidi didn’t […]

Who is bigger?

Is Tabs bigger than Bunny??!!

Or is it just the angle of the camera?

Tabs’ photo shoot

Look up!

Look straight.

A bit to the left…

Nice, nice…

Lean back…relax.

Hey!! That’s Vincent!

I want to be in the photo shoot too.

This is my lion pose. I’m […]

The day Cleo fell 8 feet down!

It happened this morning.

But Cleo is totally okay.

And it was all because of Zurik.

Or rather, because Cleo got angry with Zurik’s “intrusion”.

Zurik was making his rounds from the back and was walking along the ledge. Cleo was on patrol duty (on the ledge) and the moment she saw Zurik, she got […]

Bunny eats serai


Whenever Bunny comes out to the patio to play, Cow always keeps watch on his brother to make sure Bunny is safe.

Vincent, meanwhile, is sleeping soundly in the carrier (shh…Bunny doesn’t know).