Lazing around on a hot afternoon

Here’s Lynx, being flanked by Smurfy and Minnie, lazing on a hot afternoon.

Robin and Rio were taking a nap in “The Jungle” (that would be the place where we have the palms, it’s very shady and resort-like). Rey was walking around and not sleepy at all.

Now in the evening, Lynx, […]

Birdy’s lessons

Reymont sent some updates on Birdy!

Reymont is training Birdy to eat wet food on her own now. Tomorrow he is setting up a bigger cage for Birdy so that there’s more space to hop around.

Birdy can also fly higher now. She flew up to the stationary ceiling fan and it was quite […]

The kittens’ updates

Now that Birdy is in the safe and capable hands of Reymont (and is doing very well!), the focus is back to the kittens again!

Rey likes to watch TV. He’s watching an episode of SuperGirl!

Mersmerised by it too!

Minnie and the kittens supervising the […]

Birdy starts flying!

Reymont sent this video below. Birdy has started flying!! And she is also learning to peck food on her own from her plastic feeder!

Hello, Birdy!!! So happy to hear you chirping!

I’ve been playing Birdy’s video every now and then, just to hear her chirp (the one where she was […]

Playtime at the staircase

In the four days where my focus was on Birdy, I hadn’t realised that the kittens have grown quite a bit!!

Today, it’s playtime on the staircase for the Greystoke Gang!

Big Brother Smurfy is always with them, ensuring they are all safe.

Minnie is also keeping an eye, […]

Birdy enjoys sunbathing!

Here’s a video Reymont sent this morning – he says Birdy loves sunbathing!

Be well and happy, Birdy!!

Birdy in her new home!

We reached the meeting place in KL at about 3pm, and Reymont arrived moments later.

The transfer from our carrier into Reymont’s bird cage was done in the car as Reymont wants to be completely careful. I did the transfer and told Birdy she will be going to her new home.

Reymont mentioned that when […]

Birdy’s lunch

I fed Birdy a small lunch before the car trip.

You’re going to your new home soon, Birdy. You’ll have bird-friends there and be well taken care of by Uncle Reymont and Aunty Joey. They will teach you to fly too.

All set for our car trip.

I know […]

Birdy (Day 4)

After breakfast today, we tried to give Birdy flying lessons in the bedroom, but the room wasn’t big enough as she kept banging onto the wall. Or she would just fly a short distance.

It’s either a very short distance like this, but she bangs on the wall, so that’s not an […]