You do not want to mess with Cow Mau…or Indy

This is a story about Cow Mau and it stretches over the past one week.

Now that Stargate is open so that Minnie and her boys can go over to Bunny’s Place to eat serai and Heidi’s grass, the four boys do go over very frequently. Cow Mau has been very, very neighbourly, allowing the […]

The painting job is finally done!

After four days of having to cart Minnie-5 upstairs every morning and then release them again in the evening, the painting of our exterior walls is finally completed!

After the big clean-up yesterday, everyone was brought back down for dinner.

Our super seniors also had to be confined in Bunny’s […]

The invasion of R2!!

“R2” refers to Rey and Robin.

Rey has been invading Bunny’s Place almost every morning. The first thing I see when I go to the kitchen every morning would be that Rey is there, in Bunny’s Place. How does he do it? How does he get across Stargate? It’s not an easy gate to climb […]

Homemade catfood for Bunny & Indy

Bunny and Indy do not agree with raw food anymore nowadays. Indy has his gastro-intestinal problems while Bunny has chosen not to eat raw.

While raw food has natural enzymes to aid digestion, cooking also breaks down the proteins making it easier to be digested. I remember the advice of a holistic vet a long […]

Another invasion!!

It’s been very chaotic since yesterday.

We are having our exterior walls painted and this includes the catio and Bunny’s Place too. I had initially wanted some parts of the walls to be tiled up (for the long term) but the contractor advised against it because of the massive hacking and dust problem. So it […]

Ginger, the baby-sitter and baby-rescuer!

It’s confirmed!

Ginger is a baby-sitter and a baby-rescuer! And Jayden’s best friend.

Early this morning, I was busy with the cats. By the time I had finished my cat-chores, I saw Jayden having already awoken. He was sitting up and was about to cry (only when he caught a glimpse of me, otherwise, he […]

Guess who ventured up the cat tree?

The platforms that lead up to the lookout is the “cat tree” (that’s what the company calls it).

Can you see Minnie, Robin and Smurfy here?

Rey and Lynx are still earthbound.

All five are up!

Guess who this is?

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Home-cooked food for our 4 seniors

A long chat with a friend today made me recall the days when I used to home cook for Bobby and the cats.

Our cats were also on home-cooked food for some time, then I switched them to the raw diet and I did not have confidence to make our own BARF. So we bought […]

Minnie’s lookout (the video)

Thank you so much, Tony from Golden Triology!