Bunny’s routines

For quite long now, Bunny has been very, very dependent on routines. His life practically revolves around routines.

If you remember, last July, Bunny had a major constipation problem where even enemas did not work and he had to have a manual evacuation done. Since then, he has been on laxatives and supplements to ensure […]

Cindy’s pureed food to the rescue for Cleo

Last month, Cleo had her dental done and five teeth were extracted. After that, she had sinus problems resulting from the surgery and that took some time to resolve. Finally, that settled and the next challenge was to get her to take the Renal N powder.

Initially, the bread-balls worked, but the success rate was […]

Welcoming our second grandson!

Jia-Wen and Sihui’s second child was born this morning!

Ryan has a baby brother now!

Welcome to the world, little one!!

Cleo’s little bread-balls

Cleo’s sneezing was still going on and off, so the vet suggested we start her on Cetirizine 1/3 tablet once a day. It’s an anti-histamine. Cleo does not need the Bromhexine and Nuelin anymore because her nose is not blocked. It is just a persistent on-off sneezing which hasn’t gone away.

Today is Day 3 […]

Cleo’s day

I did two rounds of nebulization yesterday and this morning, I only heard Cleo sneeze once.

We also managed to pill her today…without any bloodshed or injuries on our parts. Cleo absolutely does not like her head being tilted, so she kept her head horizontally and I was able to open her mouth to plop […]

Cleo is sneezing again

I don’t know why this is happening. Cleo had already stopped sneezing yesterday but it resumed today. She is eating, but very little and she is being very finicky too. One meal has to be broken up into several small meals, with different types of food. I’m trying to keep it to Coco&Joe’s and Cubgrub […]

Cleo continues to eat

After last night’s welcome turnaround where Cleo finally started eating on her own (after having not eaten for three whole days), I was still a trifle worried that it might be short-lived joy again. But this morning, Cleo ate her breakfast.


Of course she did not finish this amount since Cleo is a […]

Cleo eats after a second nebulization

This morning, about an hour after the nebulization, Cleo kept sneezing for about half an hour. I thought the nebulization is supposed to stop the sneezing, so why was the opposite happening? Wanting to be optimistic, I hypothesized that perhaps (hopefully), the nebulization has loosened up the mucous and the body is trying to expel […]

Cleo’s condition

Cleo is still not eating on her own. I have only managed to give a very small amount of pureed food three times a day.

Her snorting has decreased, but her appetite is not back.

This morning started with our disastrous attempt at giving her the two pills – it’s half a pill and another […]