The Princesses

I definitely recall that when Minnie’s boys were about this age (5 weeks plus), they were already eating by themselves and zooming in every day to the kitchen to sapu habis their meals. We called it the “Formula One”, how they zoomed in, four in a row, so fast that I could not even take […]

Hiro’s day

Little Hiro had many hours in the living room this afternoon. He played by himself and played with me. I felt sorry for him as he doesn’t have any kitten friends. I cannot put him with the princesses because of his flu. He hasn’t fully recovered yet.

He had a […]

Indy eats…on his own!!

Ever since Indy started recovering from this loose stools, I made the judgment call to convert Indy back to a 100% raw diet and it has been good for him. He does not vomit in the morning (this is rare but it has really stopped) and he looks good.


But he won’t eat on […]

Little Hiro

Hiro gets timeout from his kitchen nursery a few times a day. I let him explore around the house and he loves it.

He’s a very friendly and affectionate kitten and he’s completely adorable.

The vet said I could do two nebulizations in a day, but only once with Ventolin. The second one can be […]

Riley’s new failed feeding spot

Because Misty is now occupying Riley’s room, I had to move Riley’s feeding spot out of the room.

Riley is such a clever cat in so many ways except this. She will only eat in her room.

I might have to either force feed her or move Misty out. But where […]

Misty’s war zone

Look what Misty did.

This is what greeted me this morning when I went in to feed Misty.

By the way, last night, she had already sapu habis her food, so that’s good. I added more food and it was almost finished this morning too. But she also did other things to […]

Misty is home and spayed!!

Misty was not pregnant (thank goodness!) so she was spayed.

Everything went well. She has also been vaccinated (the clinic’s protocol is to vaccinate after spaying for CNRM cats) and given the Convenia antibiotic jab that will last for 2 weeks.

I requested the FIV/FeLV test for Misty and the result is positive for FIV […]

Hiro IS a boy

I forgot to update on Hiro’s gender.

It’s confirmed, Hiro IS a boy!

Can our little boy join the Monsters one day, I wonder…

He’s the same colour… does that count? Gosh, this sounds like racism, doesn’t it?

When I put Gerald there twice, the wolves (I mean, the […]

Misty and Hiro at the vet’s

Catching Misty to put into the carrier was harder than I had expected.

She went totally feral on me, spraying urine everywhere, scaling the security windows and running helter-skelter all over the room.

I went from wearing gloves to taking off the gloves, and wearing them again, using the towel, I failed to put her […]