Pole’s moments

In her better moments, Pole is able to jump onto the sofa and even go upstairs to explore.

Coming down after exploring upstairs.

Bird-watching at Stargate2.

Yesterday, she jumped onto the sofa in the living room and took short naps.

Sleeping in Ginger’s basket.

Every 1-2 […]

Making the moments count

Pole’s condition is deteriorating, and yet it seems to us that she wants to make the moments count.

She continues to come out to the rest of the house and stays close to us. When we return home, she walks to the door to greet us.

When Jia-Wen, Sihui and Ryan visited yesterday, she came […]

Pole’s 2nd Darbepoetin jab and the uremia

After two days of a slight glimmer of hope where Pole was exploring the house and even going upstairs, she was very down again today.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to feed her now. I’ve tried various types of food and even coconut water, but nothing works.

Today was Pole’s check-up. I decided to spare her […]

Pole explores upstairs

This morning, Pole went upstairs to explore.

She took a few steps at a time on the staircase but was determined to go all the way up.

We let her explore the bedroom, the bathroom and the rest of upstairs. When that was done, we carried her back downstairs.

We’re doing […]

Pole ventures out to the rest of the house

Last night, Pole decided she wanted to venture out of the rest of the house.

We carried her out to the living room for awhile but later in the night, she sat at the grille.

This is a rare photo of the “Originals”.

Indy and Cleo came too, […]

Astro’s Oil support for Pole

I was surprised but very thankful to receive an unexpected email from Astro’s Oil yesterday. It’s been quite long since I last contacted them when I first ordered the renal care package.

The person-in-charge, Ms Bianca, remembered Pole. She found this blog, read about Pole’s condition and wrote to me. I’m very surprised as I’ve […]

Minnie’s reunion with her sons

An update on Minnie: After we successfully got Minnie out from the attic, she joined her sons in their forever-home. It took a few days for Minnie to acclimatise to the new environment and the family reunited for a meal by eating from the same tray! This is indeed a happy reunion for the Greystokes!


Family support for Pole

Pole has been very quiet since the Darbepoetin jab on Saturday.

Visible muscle wastage had already set in since last week , so we know that her condition is deteriorating.

Kidney degeneration is a very debilitating and long-drawn illness….sigh.

She is still unwilling to eat on her own, so I still have to force feed […]

Pole’s 1st Darbepoetin injection

Pole went for her one-week check-up yesterday.

Clinically, ever since administering the Kaminox, Pole seemed more alert and mobile. The blood test shows her electrolyte levels have improved slightly, which is good.

Unfortunately, Pole’s PCV dropped from the previous 20% last week to only 15% yesterday. While drawing her blood, the vet already noticed that […]