Ginger at the table

Ginger is getting to be very, very picky with food. He learnt it from Daffodil!

Look at him!

He is occupying three-quarters of the seat, mind you.

That’s not your food, Ginger.

Indy and Tabs, asking for food.

Indy loves coming […]

Daffodil and her small meals

Daffodil has been going up and down the stairs, but most of the time, she prefers to be upstairs.

So far, no signs of limping, which is a relief!

She must be wondering why I’m taking so many photos of her!

The only “problem”, if you could call […]

After the egg yolk meal (Daffi stories)

The egg yolk meal was indeed a miracle of sorts. For two whole days, I feared the worst. Daffi barely even moved and ate very, very small amounts.

But yesterday, after the egg yolk meal, she appeared to feel better.

She finally came downstairs.

This morning, she was able […]

A doggie mattress and mattress covers

We would like to thank Mr Ooi In Haw for his kind donation of RM600 for this doggy mattress and four mattress covers.

My mum sewed them all and I only stuff in the kapok!

That’s the sewn “mattress” before being stuffed.

I used two-and-a-half bags of kapok to […]

Daffi and her mats

The 3-day hot roof sojourn last week had definitely taken its toll on Daffodil.

It’s now exactly a week since she came back and for the last two days, I was really worried about her.

She seems weak and has problems walking. Her appetite hasn’t been too good either.

Daffodil decided she just wants to […]

Why do cats go away?

I’ve heard this often enough and I thought it’s because they feel weak and vulnerable so they go away to hide and be alone.

Hope this article may shed some light and help us understand better if our cats do “go away”:

An excerpt (but please do read the whole article):

According to Desmond […]

The badger in the house

This is his paw…

That’s his face.


The one and only Indy “Badger” Jones.


Where are you, Daffodil?

This afternoon, when I came home, there was thunder.

Mr Zurik was waiting for me in the porch and he asked to be let into the house.

Of course I let him in.

He is VERY afraid of thunder.

Very, very, very afraid.

Mr Zurik came in and sat quietly by himself. I offered him […]

Daffi updates: Getting back to normalcy?

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find Daffodil on our bed, sleeping next to me. She must have come up in the middle of the night.

Well, good that she has energy to come upstairs, after her return from her roof sojourn of 3 full days. It was literally a case of a “cat […]