The raw deal: The fusspots

To these 3 fusspots…..

The Queen merely licked some Coco & Joe’s this morning and everything else was just “not right”. Finally, she wanted raw chicken plus liver.

Mr Singapore, surprisingly, boycotted even his all-time favourite Duck this morning and also only wanted raw chicken (without liver). Kiasu!!


The raw deal – Ms Poldrey Hepburn and daughter’s deal

It was during the time when I wanted to give everyone fish oil that Cleo got angry because I wiped some fish oil onto her bowl. Since then, she went back to her fussy ways of eating again.

Lesson: NEVER make a cat angry.

It was the same when I gave Quail to Ginger and […]

The raw deal: An update

I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to write about our raw-feeding adventures.

Here’s the latest (in order of preference, as per today):

Cow: Coco n Joe, Cubgrub, Primal Bunny: Cubgrub, Coco n Joe, Primal and everything else Pole: Coco n Joe, Primal Cleo: Coco n Joe, raw chicken Indy: Raw chicken, Cubgrub, Coco n […]

Look, Ginger, look…..!!!

In the middle of last night, I was awakened by an intense screaming and yowling of several cats (not our cats).

It sounded like a huge cat fight somewhere outside.

Now, I’ve seen cat fights on the road before and it’s very scary because in the heat of the fight, they pay no attention to […]

Queen Cleo’s subcut session today

For those who are reading this for the first time, I have done subcut for the following: Rosie, Vincent, Zurik, Bunny, Indy, Pole…and Cleo. For all the boys, I do it single-handedly. Why, I can even change the bottle midway for Bunny. Rosie was our first subcut patient, so I had help then.

I have […]

How much bigger?

Just how much bigger is Tabs than Cleo?

No, Cleo, extending out your front leg does NOT count.

Oops…Poor Tabs.

Talk to my bum!


Meat broth for our cats, CKD and “enough” water intake

I’ve been writing quite a bit about the benefits of bone broth and at least two other friend’s pets have also benefited from it.

Recently, I found out that bone broth is not recommended for humans with chronic kidney failure so this should apply to cats and dogs too.

It says so here as well: […]

Sunny days are here again!!

I like sunshine!!

So does Indy – the sunnier, the better!

Morning sun-bathing

Partial sun-bathing!

Sunny days are here again, The skies above are clear again, Let us sing a song of cheer again, Sunny days are here again….


Ginger’s grand (but short) escape!

You will not believe how sneaky and lightning-fast Ginger is until you actually experience it.

Yesterday, Ming-Yi and Yui Ping dropped in and the moment the door was open, Ginger dashed out. Yes, in a split second (no exaggeration there). He has developed a new modus operandi for his escapes now – he will not […]