Daffi updates: Getting back to normalcy?

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find Daffodil on our bed, sleeping next to me. She must have come up in the middle of the night.

Well, good that she has energy to come upstairs, after her return from her roof sojourn of 3 full days. It was literally a case of a “cat […]

Blocking the gopher hole

My friend, Cathy, came over this afternoon, to help me block the gopher hole. She even brought over her own supplies of green netting, in case I didn’t have any.

This is what we’ve done. Totally Cathy’s brainchild.

Thank you very much, Cathy!

A little hard to […]

Daffodil in the morning (no escape)

I came downstairs this morning and Daffodil was sitting on the floor, peeping out at me.

It looks like she is strong enough to jump down and walk now.

She loves this new scratching post.

Poor Ginger, though.

Ever since coming back, Daffi hasn’t acknowledged Ginger’s presence […]

11pm – baby steps

Thank goodness I still had Ciao and Kit Cat with me. These are liquid foods, meant as treats as well as convalescence food for recovery period.

And thank goodness Daffi did not associate these with her pilling because this is what I use to pill her every time.

She ate two tubes within a half […]

9.12pm – Daffi is very tired

The excitement must have worn off and Daffodil slept all afternoon.

By evening, she was still very tired and could barely prop herself up. Her legs were wobbly as she tried to stand.

It is REALLY fortunate her Calico pride finally allowed her to come down from the roof this morning.

THREE days without food […]

Daffi updates and behind the (iron) curtain

I rushed back after my class and yes, Daffodil was still around, right there, on the sofa, where I left her when I went off to work.

She must have taken quite a nap.

Hello, Daffi.

Keeping it calm, casual and nonchalant.

I sat down and spoke with […]

9.30am – settling down for a nap

Daffodil is still home.

But she did pace all over, looking for a way out.

Born free. Live free. Stay free?

Finally, settling down now.

She is sleeping (right now).

The surprising thing (or, maybe not so surprising) is that she didn’t touch noses or even go near Ginger […]

6.40am – the miracle happened!!!!!!! Daffi is back!!!!!

I don’t know where to start!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! To everyone who prayed hard and kept vigil with me throughout this nightmarish ordeal – Thank you!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so much!!!

I woke up many times last night, I thought I’d heard […]

5.30pm – memories of Daffodil

It is 5.30pm now.

No sign of Daffodil all day.

I am very sad to have to write this, but I think she has possibly crossed over. That was my fear on Saturday morning, that she had gone away to “cross over”.

Daffodil wasn’t lost at all. She spent all Saturday on our roof, right […]