Vincent, Zurik and Buddy’s stories

This is Vincent’s new nest for the mornings and evenings. He loves hiding in here. But when it is hot in the afternoons, he goes back upstairs to our bedroom at this “other” nest.

Because Buddy snatches Zurik’s food all the time, today we started a new meal protocol at the […]

Vincent and Ginger created “magic” in the air

Our niece and family visited us last night.

Here are some photos:

The moment they entered through the door, our feline (the 3 little lions) welcoming committee was on hand to greet them!

This is unprecedented and has NEVER happened before. Ever.

And you know why? Because there was a little animal lover in […]

What happened during the CNY week…

It’s been a relaxing one-week break! Here are some photos of what’s been going on.

We will start with a puzzle….

Who is this? Haha…

We set this up for Tabs and she has been really so happy with it!

Vincent with my mum, on CNY […]

Our CNY models

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Happy CNY reunion!!

Ginger’s wish came true

A few days ago, Ginger was having some vomiting problem.

Every once in a while, Ginger has this problem. I think he may have some stomach issues.

So, since I have Vincent’s antacid, I decided to give Ginger a dose (and this is after 2 days of intermittent vomiting – I was hoping the issue […]

Vincent in the sun

Here’s a photo of Vincent having some sun yesterday.

He is eating well, peeing and pooping well.

His current “nest” is still one of the corners in the upstairs family hall. After breakfast, he goes up and takes a very long nap before coming down for lunch. I think this long […]

Indy’s workout

Apart from scaling the grille a few times a day, Indy has found a new workout regime…

Dumbbells, Indy?


“Go home, Buddy!”

Buddy understands English.

He really does.

Two evenings ago, he came to eat but husband was there and he said to Buddy, “Go home, Buddy, go back to your own house” without any gesture, whatsoever. It was just words. Buddy turned around and walked out of the gate, back towards the direction of his own […]