An attempted escape at dawn

It was very chaotic this morning. Let me tell you why.

All seemed well initially. Samantha and the Blondies were on the Stargate platforms.

Suddenly, Samantha started walking on the frames towards the end of the lookout. There are actually two more blue platforms to be inserted on to the frame […]

Did you know that animals see the rainbow colours differently?

Rainbows are beautiful, aren’t they?

I’ve always loved putting the colours in the ROYGBIV order as they blend in so naturally and is so soothing to the eyes.

But did you know that animals see the rainbow colours differently?

Interested to know more? Here you go:

What colours do you […]

Who has panic mode tendency?

Some animals can go into panic mode quite easily. It all depends on the animal. And when they do, they get into a frenzy and will “forget” everything except to save themselves. In other words, they go into survival and defense mode.

Amongst our cats, Riley goes into panic mode very easily. Hopefully, as she […]

Indy rules

Ever since we started opening Stargate for longer hours now, the Monsters have been coming over to eat grass and Indy has been going over to Ginger’s Catio AND ruling from there.

Initially, when Indy was on Stargate2 platforms, nobody dared to go up. Everyone stayed down.

Indy, at 15 […]

Indra wants to try going out again?

Why are you looking up, Indra?

Indra was the one who escaped a few days ago and hubby and Gerald rescued her and brought her back. Now, the platforms have been lowered so that she cannot use the same modus operandi to escape again.

But she is still looking…


Getting a little “dirty”, for healthier life

I love Adzhar Ibrahim’s articles.

Here’s one:

It talks about letting children get a little dirty at times, particularly in earthing and being with nature, because it will actually make this healthier.

Well, would it be the same with cats and dogs too?

I’ve noticed that ever since the Blondies were moved from the […]

Jayden visits his friends

Ginger was Jayden’s best friend where Jayden was growing up and it’s been more than a year now!

Ginger used to live inside the house, but he started spraying massively, making detecting his urine spots and cleaning a great challenge, so we had to relocate him to Ginger’s Catio with […]

Indy’s platforms are solid now

We realised that the new Stargate’s material was of a very much more inferior quality compared with our Stargate2 only when the platforms were installed and Indy refused to go all the way up.

When he jumped onto the platforms the whole gate shook. So Indy never went all the way up. Only the kittens […]

Riley missing and the hero who found her!

Riley went missing this afternoon.

I thought I didn’t see her already this morning, but she definitely ate breakfast at 5am. Then, everyone went to Bunny’s Place to play and I was taking photos, and you’d notice that Riley did not appear in any of the photos taken this morning.

I thought she was just […]