The plan to transition back to raw…or almost there

Here’s my plan to transition the Super Seniors and Tabs back to a raw diet…or somewhere there.

For Tabs, she loves Primal Freeze-Dried, so I’m going to give her that whenever she asks for kibble. I think it shouldn’t be a problem.

Now, for the Super Seniors, it isn’t going to be as easy because […]

Bunny’s ashes are back with us

Thank you very much, Pet Memorial Services, for doing the last rites for Bunny.

Time to remember the joy Bunny brought to our lives.

Bunny Bun Buns, your energy is one with Nature now. Be free!

We shall be reunited one day.

From stardust to stardust, […]

Gerald visits Samantha from the window

It is a version of boy throwing stones at window to wait for girl to open window for him to climb in.

Gerald was at the window this morning, mewing to get in to see Samantha.

It was simply too cute, so I opened the netting to let him in. Thank goodness Samantha isn’t […]

Of protein rotation, hydrolysed protein, the biggest junkie in our clan and stories about the Monsters

It was because of Bunny that I had to create the “Surprise-Me-Happy-Meals”, just to entice Bunny to eat. He was getting very choosy and losing protein, so I had to resort of offering him all kinds of different foods ranging from raw, to canned, to cooked and to kibble.

Whatever it took, just to get […]

Human’s antidepressants affecting animals and our ecosystems

The article:

I’m glad I do not need antidepressants. I tried that for very short periods in a three-year duration, but drugs did not work. It only made my symptoms much worse until I had to stop them on my own, against the doctor’s orders. They were making me even sicker and the scary […]

Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats

The article:

The sharing of all this information is so that we can look out for it as our cats (or dogs) age.

Here are some pertinent points from the article:

With inflammatory bowel disease, specific types of inflammatory cells, depending on the type of IBD, invade the wall of the stomach and/or intestines. […]

IBS and IBD in cats

I only found out now that there is a technical difference between Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). I had earlier erroneously thought the two were the same thing. My apologies for this.

From the description of the difference in the link above, I think Bunny had IBD. His wasn’t a […]

Samantha may have large bowel diarrhoea

But it’s a common thing with street cats. Not worrying.

Samantha has been having frequent defecation of soft stools, so I thought I should check with the vet over texts. The vet says it sounds like “large bowel diarrhoea” which is quite common.

Google says:

What is the difference between small and large bowel diarrhea? […]

The tussle over Bunny’s cage

Cats know more than what we give them credit for.

They have their rules, which in some ways, may give rise to more ethical actions than what we humans have.

Yesterday before Bunny passed, nobody went into Bunny’s cage at all. It was left vacant. Out of respect?

It was only after Bunny passed that […]