Minnie shows her escape route

Minnie came back very quickly after her last escape last night. It seemed she was having fun with her escapes.

For the whole night, she did not make any attempts to escape and was here in the morning.

But when I fed her this morning, she did not want to eat at all.

Instead she […]

It’s a total mystery, even with the CCTV playbacks

We decided to playback the CCTVs to determine if Minnie’s escape route is where we thought it to be.

After scrutinising every single footage of the few cameras, it’s a complete mystery.

It is NOT where we thought it was.

So now, we have no clue how Minnie escaped.

And as expected, while we were […]

Minnie escapes again

Taking off the green netting did not work. No sooner had I finished writing the previous post than I fed her a bowl of food and after a few minutes, Minnie was missing again.

She had escaped…again. I could not believe it. She must have used those tiny knobs on the screws to scale Stargate2 […]

Minnie escapes, loophole identified (we think)

Minnie escaped again this afternoon, without a sound.

By dinner time, we could not find her anywhere in the house.

I knew she had escaped and we can only hope she will come back on her own.

She did, but was too proud to be unceremoniously “caught”.

When I called her, she came down from […]

A 3-storeyed tower for the kittens

This is the 3-storeyed “tower” we set up for the kittens yesterday.

It’s another novelty for them to play on. The cat tree serves as a stairway but they can very easily climb up the cage too.

Something new, something fun!


Third vaccination for the kittens

All the kittens had their third vaccination yesterday and they were also dewormed. This completes their baby vaccination and the next is only due next year.

The vet advised that I should reduce their food as all of them can do with some slimming down! So yes, we are doing that now.

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Minnie escapes…but how??

Early this morning, we were awakened by a mewing outside our bedroom window. My husband recognised it as Minnie’s mews.

It was still very dark. We saw a cat right outside our window and I tried very hard to see if the ear is notched.

Yes, it was! It was Minnie.

I quickly opened the […]

Playtime for the kittens….and Ginger!

I think the cat who has benefitted the most from Minnie’s family is Ginger.

Ginger’s best friend is Smurfy!

Previously, with only Tabs and Heidi, Ginger had no BFF.

Now, Ginger and Smurfy are always together.

The kittens had a new box today!

For the last two days, they were using the […]

The kittens’ updates

The Greystoke kittens are growing up fast!

It’s not easy to get a family portrait of all six of them, but I almost did it….

Rey got away by the time I got my phone!

That’s Rey, but from the back, he can be easily mistaken to […]