What did Ryan do with his latest toy?

Yesterday was a hectic and challenging day for us (and luckily husband did not have to work).

Ryan’s school had a Covid case so it was suddenly closed.

We had to babysit both Ryan and Jayden for the day.

It was tiring, but fun.

Luckily we had already prepared a new toy for Ryan – […]

A new theory on Indy’s puncture wound!

It was Ginger!

And how did this new theory come about?

Well, I’m limping now, that’s why!

It happened this evening when I was walking into the kitchen and I bumped into Ginger as he was coming out.

All of a sudden, I felt an extremely piercing pain on the sole of my foot and […]

The latest craze in Bunny’s Place – cardboard boxes!

This is the current hit in Bunny’s Place now – cardboard boxes!

I’m glad Bunny took this box. Indy was trying to wrestle it from him on the first day, but Bunny won!

Cleo’s box is actually Cow’s first, but as usual, the Queen snatches. We might want to […]

Indy’s paw wound – Day 7

Today is Day 7 of Indy’s paw wound.

These are yesterday’s (Day 6) photos:

I am a little surprised that this secondary (tunneled) wound is taking longer to heal compared with the primary (original wound) at the bottom. How does that work?

Anyway, the swelling seems to have gone down. But the […]

Finally, we found the “culprit”!!

After wondering, searching and combing the garden with a fine-tooth comb for a few days, we FINALLY found what could have caused the puncture wound on the bottom of Indy’s paw.

It must be this and it accounts for everything.

Ever since the Blue House was brought into Bunny’s Garden, Indy would […]

Indy’s “new” wound and more food stories

Indy had been doing very well right after we started treating his paw wound but I did wonder why the paw was still swollen.

Yesterday morning, I noticed “another” wound directly on top of the earlier wound. So this would be on top of the paw.

I quickly texted the vet with photos but […]

Bunny – the magic happened!

Bunny had diarrhoea four days ago.

The next day, I stopped all his constipation medication and supplements and only gave him plain steamed chicken. The diarrhoea stopped.

And the following day, I started back his constipation medication but that was also the day he had the eye problem and I took all three (Indy, Ginger […]

Indy Jones is BACK!!

Yes, even last night, he was already “back”!

This morning, he was already jumping up the wooden shelves and during wound cleaning time, he even stretched out his paw for me! What a good boy. I think it’s also the effect of the painkillers.

At least without experiencing the pain, he has regained his confidence […]

Indy, Bunny and Ginger to the vet’s!

I took all three of them to the vet’s today…alone.

Ginger was for his check-up because he has finished all his medication. Bunny was for the eye that suddenly could not open but seemed okay now. Still, I did not want to take any risks because the last time I did, I applied the eyedrop […]