Birdy’s flying lessons (Day 3 evening)

Birdy is wrapped in tissue paper before each feeding session so that they sweat of my palm will not make her wet. The tissues have to be changed or added on because she flicks off access food. It’s not easy to get the amount “exactly right”. So, it’s good that Birdy shakes […]

Birdy was attacked but is fine now (Day 3 noon)

We heard a sudden loud noise.

One of the cats (could be Minnie or Smurfy) went up and brought Birdy’s whole carrier tumbling down onto the floor (luckily it wasn’t very high). The carrier door fell off and Birdy’s tissue box also fell out.

Luckily, it was upside down, so Birdy was still inside.

By […]

Birdy is a Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker (Belatuk Belacan Ubun Perang)

According to this:!

Scientific Name: Yungipicus moluccensis Malay Name: Belatuk-Belacan Ubun Perang Chinese Name: 巽他啄木鸟

Range: Found from the Thai-Malay Peninsula to Borneo, Greater and Lesser Sundas

Taxonomy: Polytypic. Subspecies are: moluccensis, grandis

Local Subspecies: moluccensis

Size: 12.5-13 cm

Identification: Male has brownish crown and ear-covers, well defined submoustachial stripe, red streak on […]

Birdy communicates with her family (Day 3 morning)

Birdy had breakfast at about 7.30am this morning and then, it was a trip out to the garden again. I decided not to increase the amount of food, but instead, play it by ear to gauge how much Birdy wants to eat.

With the carrier door totally detached, Birdy decided to remain inside but […]

The kittens scale Stargate2

Today’s adventure is scaling Stargate2!

I think (and hope) Stargate2 is escape-proof. It was Daffodil-proof and it’s been Minnie-proof too. But will it be Greystoke-proof?

This, remains to be seen….

The kittens’ weight yesterday

The kittens were weighed yesterday at the clinic and here are their weights:

Rey 1.33kg Rio 1.29kg Robin 1.32kg Lynx 1.27kg

So, Rey is the heaviest, but Robin is the biggest in size!

The SOP now is, no more 12-hour playtime. They are let out at 7am in the morning, but “forced” to take […]

Birdy flaps her wings (Day 2 evening) and the kittens’ news

It’s almost 7pm and Birdy has had 5 meals so far. I’ve also increased the amount a wee bit each time but I am learning to let Birdy call the shots when she has had enough.

It’s a learning curve as today is only Day 2.

Before feeding – warming her up […]

Birdy wants to fly (Day 2)

I woke up this morning, and went to check on Birdy. She was sitting down in her tissue box.

I quickly fed all the cats first. Nowadays, it’s three feeding venues. The kitchen first, then the Greystoke kittens and finally, Bunny’s Place.

Then came the bird-feeding session. I pounded some of the pellets and made […]

The rescue of Birdy, in a house of 14 cats

Late yesterday evening, Minnie spotted a baby bird on the grass. Luckily Minnie was inside Stargate2 while the baby bird was outside of it.

We managed to catch the baby bird, now named Birdy, and put her into a box.

I’d never been successful in caring for injured birds before this, so I quickly […]