Pole and Cleo

Ever since Pole’s vomiting problem a few months ago, she has totally rejected raw food. It’s strange because Pole and Cleo were our first cats to be on the raw diet and they loved it. From a total turn-off, I resorted to giving her renal wetfood, but she soon rejected that and she only […]

All huddled up

Rio by himself and Rey, Lynx and Robin all huddled up on the deckchair.

A few days ago, I managed to lure Minnie back in through Stargate2. She wasn’t interested to stay and in less than 30 minutes, found yet another way to escape using her remarkable athletic prowess. She’s just […]

Bunny’s patio trips

Bunny’s special privilege is his patio trips.

Although Bunny is almost blind, he knows his way around the patio.

I’m training the Greystokes to give way to Bunny. They are all inquisitive and want to sniff at Bunny, but when Bunny senses their presence, he hisses. The Cow Family […]

The piranhas’ eating session

The Greystoke Piranhas attack food!!!

Cleo’s subcut + facial massage

Cleo’s twice-weekly subcut requires two human attendants.

I administer the subcut while husband gives her a facial massage along with tons of praises.

It’s the only way it can be done.

Her Royal Highness….

A rare photo of the three Originals.

When Pole eats […]

Tabs’ updates

Tabs seems better now.

Her stools are still a little bit soft, though, but there is no more jelly substance. Her behaviour is also back to normal.

I updated Tabs’ vet and she did not rule out a possible allergic and unexpected reaction to the liver supplement so we are not giving her that anymore, […]

A fright from Tabs last night

Last night, we rushed Tabs to emergency at the 24-hour pet hospital.

It started with her not wanting to eat dinner. She only licked a bit of food. Then, she looked unwell. I gave her Omeprazole.

About an hour later, she passed loose stools with “jelly”. It was light brown with transparent glue-like slime.

One […]

Tabs to the vet’s for a check-up

I guess we had been so busy with the Greystoke kittens that we didn’t notice that Tabs had lost weight until Jia-Wen and Sihui remarked that Tabs “looked smaller” during one of their visits last month. That’s when I weighed Tabs and noticed that she had indeed lost weight.

Granted, Tabs used to be slightly […]

Bunny’s visitor

Pat, pat…..little Ryan pats Bunny Bun Buns!