Rosie (Day 28)

Today was a rather uneventful day.

Rosie wasn’t interested in eating again. The vet had already told me that it’s going to be up-and-down for an animal afflicted with liver disease.

We took Rosie out on the harness for some morning air. She didn’t want to walk, just sat with us to listen to the […]

Rosie’s 2nd acupuncture session (Day 27)

Rosie enjoyed her time at the patio today; she slept from 9am until almost 1pm!

Then, Connie came over to take us to the vet for Rosie’s 2nd acupuncture session.

The vet said Rosie’s pulse is still weak but we have to give it at least 2 weeks as […]

A breakfast story – the rest of the brood

Note: This is a long post. I am de-stressing and writing is very therapeutic for me.

I haven’t been writing much about the rest of the brood, being so engrossed with Rosie’s case, but I have been spending time with the Inside Cats daily so that they won’t feel neglected.

However, the equilibrium outside has […]

Rosie’s morning (Day 27)

Last night, I slept like a log.

This morning, I woke up at around 6.45am and guess what, Rosie was sitting next to the bed and the moment I woke up, she mewed loudly.

By now, I more or less know what each “mew” means.

Rosie wants food. And kibble has already been her favourite […]

Rosie eats on her own (Day 26)

After so many days of not being able to eat on her own, today, finally, Rosie eats on her own again!

It was after her subcut and she was having a nap in the litter box-bed (it made me think of a nap after a massage!) when Daffodil asked for food. So I poured out […]

Rosie’s 26th day

Today, Rosie seemed a little perkier.

She is more willing to come out of the room and sit in the hall upstairs instead of hiding under the bed.

But when she hides under the bed, this what I have to do in order to get her out to give her her meds and supplements.


Rosie at dawn (Day 26)

These past three weeks of looking after Rosie have been very challenging. Never in my life have I felt so tired until I almost drifted off to sleep in the midst of doing taiji. That was certainly a first.

Of course it also does not help when we have to deal with dishonest applicants as […]

Rosie’s first home subcut (Day 25)

The senior vet we consulted has recommended that Rosie gets a 150ml subcut daily (on one side) and after one week, we would do a blood test to see if the bilirubin level drops.

Rosie is still very, very yellow and that’s worrying.

So, we administered the subcut today, as per the vet’s instructions and […]

Rosie’s day in the sun (Day 25)

Rosie had some sun this morning.

She does get some sun in the room.

This is for her snacks when she is in the room, just in case.

Since many days now, Rosie has not asked for kibble at all. She gets fed about 5-6 times a […]