Bella’s nest – Day 19

We’ve been carefully monitoring Bella’s nest every day. She spends a lot of time sitting in her nest, so we go in and out using Stargate2.

If my calculations are correct, it has been 10 days since the eggs were laid. They should hatch soon…

Meanwhile, Gingertom and two other neighbourhood cats have been coming […]

Bella’s eggs – Day 9

Bella was sitting in her nest this morning.

Just now, she wasn’t there, and I managed to take a peek.

There are two eggs!!!

They weren’t there yesterday afternoon, so she must have laid them after that.

Bella’s back – Day 8

Bella was sitting in her best yesterday at dawn!

She is back and hopefully, has not abandoned all her meticulous and hard work in building her nest. However, later in the day, she disappeared again.

This morning, she was sitting her nest and it looks like she is definitely staying. She doesn’t fly off when […]

Bella’s nest – Day 6

From the looks of it, Bella’s nest was finished yesterday. In the morning, I saw her sitting comfortably in it too.

There was also no more flying back and forth.

But by afternoon, I did not see Bella at all and the nest was empty.

Early at dawn today, Ginger was making noise at Stargate2 […]

Bella’s nest – Day 3

It was only three days ago that we noticed a bird flying into the potted plant right outside our front door.

On the next day, there were a few twigs on the ground and some twigs in the plant. By evening, it was clear that the bird was building a nest in the plant!

This […]

Indy’s “obedience-collar”

Indy gets into mischief all the time, so we decided to try using the “obedience-collar” on him yesterday.

This is the spongy and cushiony e-collar I bought online. It’s really so much more comfortable than the plastic e-collar and so far, Indy was not able to get out of it! *Clap, clap, […]

Bunny to the vet’s (after Sunday’s fight with Indy)

Bunny has been alright after the Sunday fight with Indy. The only thing is he showed some mouth pain whenever he eats and he has been eating a little less than usual. But yesterday, when I opened his mouth to give him is Maximum Ophtal (his eye anti-oxidant), I noticed a significant swelling way back […]

Cleo’s portraits

I managed to take a few close-up shots of Cleo yesterday.

Cleo is 14 years old.

Indy and Bunny – after the fight

So far, it has been quiet and peaceful.

Indy insists that the new condo belongs to him now and he ensures his scent is on every shelf.

I put Bunny downstairs and in the basket too, but he didn’t seem to like it anymore.

This basket […]