Cleo’s blocked airways

Cleo was doing well yesterday morning – she was up and about, alert and eating quite well.

But by evening, she could not eat again and had started snorting. She was also mewing quite a bit. This condition persisted until this morning, so we had to take her back to the vet’s again. Her airways […]

Cleo is up and about, and eating!

Cleo was already up and about at dawn this morning. The bleeding from the sinuses decreased last night and have now stopped completely.

However, last night was a bit of a problem in the room. My plan was to keep the boys (Cow, Bunny and Indy) in the pantry for the night after the rain […]

Cleo’s dental surgery

Cleo’s dental surgery was supposed to be on Tuesday, but there was a vacant slot today, so it got bumped up. I also requested for an earlier slot since the mouth pain was causing her so much difficulty in eating. A five-day wait would have been very challenging, especially when she already had so much […]

Cleo’s bald flanks – it took 12 years

It’s been 12 years, believe it or not.

Cleo’s been balding at the flanks for 12 years. It started when she was 2+ years old. I took her to see many vets over the years, but none could solve the mystery of her balding flanks so we just accepted it and left it at that. […]

Cleo’s eating problem

I don’t know if Cleo was traumatised after the car ride or vet’s visit yesterday, or is it because there is new renovation works going on around our house, but she refused to eat today.

I had thought that with the treatment and painkillers, she should be eating better than before, but no, she did […]

Cleo’s mouth pain and her kidney disease

Cleo has been having mouth pain for sometime now. It started a few weeks back, but it wasn’t frequent. Since she is very hard to handle, I’ve decided to put off taking her to the vet’s until it is absolutely necessary. She is stressed in the car as well.

Of all our cats, Cleo is […]

Bunny and his Blue House

Of all the safe houses we have created for Bunny, his favourite is still the Blue House.

Every morning, after breakfast and poop (so far we have established a routine where Bunny has to poop after breakfast – so far, so good), Bunny gets to come out to the patio as a reward and […]

Bunny’s rain shelter (finally!!)

It took a lot of time and effort…

Bunny has finally accepted the mat in the room as his rain shelter!!

Not only is this his rain shelter, but it is also his “night shelter” now. He comes in on his own after dinner and sleeps here.

To have Bunny finally accept this mat […]

The alphas’ power struggle and tussle for hot spots

For many months now, there has been peace in Bunny’s Place.

Bunny had his pantry chairs, Indy took over Pole’s condo and Cow had a comfortable basket in the room with a towel which he thoroughly loves even on hot days. The basket was meant for Bunny but Cow got it first and in any […]