Another (rare) Cow Family portrait

It’s never easy to get the 4 members of the Cow Family near enough to take a family portrait, but once in a while, we get lucky….

Especially on a cold day like today….

But wait…where’s Bunny? Bunny prefers the warm lap of a human…

And it took many hours later, to […]

The higher, the better

We washed the cushion and put it up to dry. Look who is on top?

Tabs’ banana boat

Mr Dinosaur doesn’t want to play “banana boat” with me….

The banana guardian

Tabs not only likes to guard the bananas, but she also likes to sit “banana-boat” style on our bolsters every night!

Go bananas, Tabs!

Tabs’ friend, Mr Dinosaur

Tabs has a new friend.

She thinks the toy dinosaur is real and tries to touch noses with it every time.

Hello, Mr Dinosaur….

Let’s be friends.


Touch nose and head-bump, Mr Dinosaur.


A patched denim bag (fundraising)

We wish to thank our anonymous donor for contributing denim fabric from his old jeans and requesting a shopping bag to be sewn from them, and his very generous donation of RM500 for it!

My mum sewed the bag!

The bag comes with a lining inside too.


Mini replica of dogs

One of friends, Pei Ling, has the skill of making miniature replica of dogs out of wool, and she offered to do one for Sihui’s dog, Brownie, as a fundraising activity for AnimalCare.

Here it is!

That’s Brownie on the left and Mini-Brownie on the right.

More photos…

We would […]

The happy and well-fed dogs and cats on Phuket Island

We made a quick get-away to Phuket Island on Christmas Day and just came back this evening! I needed a short break from all the routine and this quick get-away was good.

The dogs on the island were huge, definitely well-fed and very friendly.

They would just come and sit […]

Living in the present moment with Tiger

I stopped Tiger’s Prochlorperazine medicine shortly after he completed his antibiotics for his bite wound. The vet agreed that we could “experiment” a bit and monitor his condition.

It has been weeks now and it appears that with or without the medication, his condition remains the same. On the average, he gets by with 1-2 […]