My teaching assistants

Since the start of the MCO, I have been working from home and it’s so much more work than teaching face-to-face.

But thank goodness I have assistants!

I’m wearing ballet shoes to remind myself to get up and exercise. Otherwise, I would be sitting for too long hours and that’s really bad. […]

Pole’s updates after 1 day

Yesterday, Pole was eating Coco&Joe’s already. But by night time, she “suddenly” remembered that she was supposed to be boycotting Coco&Joe’s.

Still, I just offered her Coco&Joe’s whenever she asked for food throughout the night. She merely licked a little bit each time and the other cats would finish it for her. I finally relented […]

Smurfy’s updates

Smurfy had his vaccination yesterday. The vet had cautioned that he might feel a little down for two days, maybe even a bit feverish.

Well, yesterday evening, Smurfy was clearly a little down, but this morning, he’s back to his normal feisty and completely adorable self! He always greets me and gets really excited when […]

Pole’s updates

Pole seems fine now, though she is not back 100% yet.

No more crouching, she can stretch out now.

Then, something unexpected happened in the late afternoon. Pole asked for food and I decided to just offer her Coco&Joe’s.

She ate!!!

Believe it! She ate. This […]

Ginger’s visit to the vet’s

Ginger wasn’t eating as well as he usually is yesterday and by this morning, he was snorting and sneezing out cloudy mucus.

I nebulized him first before taking him to the vet’s with Pole.

Ginger could not eat his regular food today. I think it’s because his upper respiratory tract is all congested so […]

Pole’s emergency – seizure or spinal spur?

Pole gave me a fright this morning.

I found her lying on her pillow, looking visibly sick. She did not come to the grille to wait for breakfast as she always does every single morning.

Something was definitely wrong.

She looked very sickly too. I could not for the life of me figure out what […]

Pole’s check-up at the vet’s (blood pressure and thyroid under control)

We took Pole along with Smurfy as her check-up is due as well.

To recap, Pole is 14 years old, has CKD (chronic kidney disease) which is exacerbated by her hyperthyroidism (on transdermal Methimazole) and recently, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure (on oral Amlodipine) and she is also prone to FLUTD (urinary tract […]

Smurfy’s vaccination visit to the vet’s

Today is Smurfy’s second vaccination at the vet’s.

We took him together with Pole (due for check-up and blood test).

All is good for Smurfy. He got his second 4-in-1 vaccination and his second FeLV vaccination too. He was also dewormed and given Revolution spot-on.

Smurfy weighed 2.1kg. I think he might overtake Pole in […]

The babysitters! (and looking for Puddle Lane books, please)

Jia-Wen, Sihui and Ryan came a-visiting yesterday. Ryan was here all afternoon and we got to babysit him, with the help of Tabs.

And Ginger.

Tabs and Ginger took turns.

This caption would be: Ok, then what happened???