Tabs’ priceless present

It’s been 3 days since Tabs had the inappetance and we started treatment for it.

The X-ray showed a “mass” in her stomach which the vet said was something she ingested and she has to pass it out.

Well, the magic happened today.

She passed out a lot of stools!

She did pass out some […]

Do I HAVE to share?? (Cleo’s complaint)

Cleo is not big on sharing.

She’s the queen and she takes whatever she likes. She snatches and steals from others (isn’t that what queens do, ya?) and she doesn’t like to share.

But nowadays Rey has chosen to live in Bunny’s Place. He comes over every single day and if we put him back […]

Robin’s spooky Saturdays

Every Saturday, Robin gets spooked.

We think he is spooked by our part-time cleaner, who, by the way, absolutely loves cats.

What’s with Robin and her? It must be a case of a lack of affinity, somehow.

So ever since the first Saturday when Robin refused to eat and was holed up in his condo […]

Where is Ginger?

No, he did not escape to become a longkang-cat!

Two days ago, I spotted Ginger on one of the platforms on Stargate2. It’s the first time he has ever gone up. Or rather, the first time I saw him up there.

Then this evening…

Wow! Ginger is on the highest platform – […]

Best friends

Jayden: I’m so lucky to have a best friend like Ginger!

The ever dedicated babysitter – Ginger!

The moment Jayden cries, even in the middle of the night, Ginger will be right by his side.

It’s an incredible bond.


Jayden loves all the cats and he tries to form the same bond with them, but Tabs and Robin are a little afraid when Jayden gets too excited.


And the magic happened….glorious poop!

Barely 15 minutes after I wrote the previous post last night, Tabs went to the litter box, did a massive scratching routine and then……

….there was poop!

Glorious poop!!

I quickly took a photo and sent it to our vet, so that we could celebrate!

So, the plan now is to dial back on the […]

Tabs to the vet (inappetance)

It started yesterday evening when Tabs showed no interest in her dinner. I thought it was just a one-off thing so I left it. Normally, I would allow a cat to not eat for one meal but once it hits two meals, it’s a red alert.

Then this morning, again, she showed no interest in […]

Bella visits

I was feeding Minnie-5 today when suddenly, there was the sound of loud chirping.

All the cats stopped eating and looked towards the Murraya plants on Stargate and there….perching on the gate, was Bella.

Bella was chirping happily and almost singing a song.

Backstory: Bella is a bird who has built nests in our house […]