A little kitten rescue (Mickey’s story)

This evening, we rescued a very tiny little kitten at the side of the road in the very busy Jalan Tujuan (the Subang Jaya-USJ main road). Cars were speeding and zooming nonstop and the little kitten was standing by the road side, probably a little stunned.

To get to him, I had to climb a […]

It’s Pole’s turn to be demanding….after 13 years!

Throughout the last 13 years, Pole had always kept a very low profile. She never gave anyone any problems. She never picked fights with anyone. She just kept to herself and minded her own business.

Back in the old neighbourhood when all our cats were CNRM-cats, Pole made friends with a neighbour’s dog and spent […]

The mystery of the bloody stools

I’m talking about blood-tinged stools here.

Last Sunday, I noticed two spots of loose stools tinged with blood and mucus on the sandpit at Bunny’s Place.

Now, it was rather tricky to figure out who passed those stools because the sandpit is shared. I spent most of the day monitoring the movements of all the […]

The new sword and sabre guardian

Tabs decided to take up Zurik’s duty of guarding our taiji swords and sabres.

She also took up the position on top of the piano. That’s Zurik’s piano blanket. It was one of his favourite spots in the house.

Tabs was friendly and sympathetic to Zurik during his indoor-stay of almost […]

Ginger’s orientation in Bunny’s Place

Since Ginger has become a super-alpha sprayer in the house now, I thought there might be times we need to put him in Bunny’s Place.

It would also be good if Ginger can be accepted by the Cow Clan.

So, Ginger had a supervised orientation today.

He was making a lot of noise while I […]

Intruder-nemesis alert

White Bushy is Ginger’s greatest nemesis.

Quite a number of the neighbourhood cats have been trying to colonise our compound lately. Without CNRM-cats on duty outside, this is bound to happen.

Ginger really doesn’t like White Bushy and they have fought before previously. White Bushy has a home down the road.

Bunny […]

Ginger’s alpha-ness

Ginger has a jealousy streak. He was very jealous of all the attention that Zurik had and now, he is jealous of Tabs.

Tabs loves to sit at the window in our bedroom every morning and enjoy the scenery, then she will take a long nap there. But Ginger is jealous so he too goes […]

Pole’s trips out and the Cow Clan

For quite some time now, Pole has been mewing at Bunny’s grille at certain times of the day, asking for attention.

This got more and more regular, so we decided to let her out to the rest of the house.

So, Pole has been getting trips out to the house every day now.

We think […]

The emptiness

I’ve kept all of Zurik’s favourite places intact.

This is his favourite box-house, right in front of Bunny’s room. He’ll wait for me here if I’m inside the room.

His blanket on top of the piano.

I remember the numerous times I’ve had to balance myself, one leg on […]