Heidi’s one-day scare for us

Yesterday morning, I found vomit consisting of digested food and hairball in the living room. It was Heidi’s.

Heidi occasionally has hairball regurgitation. This has been happening for a long time. Her stools are also occasionally a little “wet”, not as dry as the rest of the cats’. I know she has a bit of […]

Meat chunks as a dental treat

I was asking advice from my raw-feeding friend today regarding Pole’s tartar problem. I would do whatever it takes as long as she does not have to undergo scaling.

The advice was to give her Orozyme twice a day of which I am already doing AND to give her meat chunks to chew on. In […]

Who is on duty tonight?

The Cow Clan functions in such a way that at any time, one cat will do sentry duty, to guard the place from possible intruders or worse, invaders!


The Royal Guards are asleep (rare for both to be asleep at the same time).

Pole is sitting with me. […]

Pole’s news

Yesterday, I finally managed to get Pole to eat her raw food again. Maybe enough time has passed for her to associate the smell of Cubgrub and Coco&Joe’s with the pain in her mouth.

She will finish her antibiotics today and since she is able to eat normally, I don’t think a trip to the […]

Pole dictates the menu

Pole has created a bit of a upset in the menu at Bunny’s Place.

Because she could not eat Coco&Joe or Cubgrub last week and due to the diagnosis that she had tartar which caused her inability (or unwillingness) to eat, I had to resort to giving her the thoroughly blended (and thoroughly delicious) Recovery […]

A new CNY cat tree!

The last cat tree was completely destroyed by the Cow Clan.

So, we saw this in a shop yesterday and bought it primarily for Heidi because Heidi uses our rattan dining chairs as her scratching posts. All six of them, too.

Surprisingly, it was Tabs who first went for it. And being as heavy […]

Eat! But not too much.

Here’s my (as always) very simple Chinese New Year “hoi lin” (welcoming the year, on the 2nd day of CNY) lunch.

First and foremost, an inspection by Tabs.

I cooked everything except for the Lou Sang which was compliments of Ming-Yi and Yui Ping.

This […]

Pole eats!

This morning I got up at 2.30am!

Everyone had breakfast at 5.00am and Pole ate her Recovery. I did offer some Cubgrub but she refused. Guess it’s going to take some effort to convert her back to Cubgrub or Coco&Joe’s. Perhaps the association of these foods with the mouth pain takes a longer time to […]

Orozyme and Greenies for Pole

Since yesterday, I had already started Pole on Greenies and Orozyme.

Well, of course, everyone else wanted Greenies too.

This afternoon’s experience with Oral Aid must have totally freaked Pole out.

I was lucky enough that this evening, she was still willing to eat Recovery (no bad experience from there). But after that, when […]