Zurik’s visit to the vet’s – it’s not toxoplasmosis

I’ve just returned from the vet’s with Zurik. He was so good in the car, to and fro.

An ultrasound was done for the lungs, there was presence of fluids in the right cavity again and very little in the left. We had about 40ml of yellow effusion sucked out from the right lung […]

Zurik eats raw meat

I discovered yesterday that Zurik likes to eat raw chicken fillet! He doesn’t like Cubgrub (which is balanced and hence, better) but he likes raw chicken meat, so I went out to buy some.

Ginger also likes raw chicken, but not Cubgrub.

Although plain raw meat doesn’t have the full range of nutrients that […]

Bunny in the morning

I was very worried about Bunny last night. Although he ate, he seemed very down and depressed.

Was it due to the pain? He was already on the transdermal Tramadol (as a painkiller). I asked the vet if I could give him some B Complex (the sunshine vitamin) and she said yes. So I gave […]

Who’s Da Boss?

I am!

Yups, me!

Show me those menacing eyes, Zurik…

Not menacing enough…a bit more….

After the subcut this morning, I managed to trim all of Zurik’s nails, on all four paws!

Tomorrow, the plan is to take Zurik for a toxoplasmosis, mycoplasma and […]

Bunny’s afternoon

Bunny wasn’t happy with e-collar at all.

So this afternoon, I took it off and observed him for 5 minutes. He did not paw at his mouth.

He slept all afternoon in his tunnel.

For dinner just now, I gave him Recovery, which he ate but not as voraciously as he […]

Zurik and the FIP Advisory and Care Group

I joined the FIP Advisory and Care Group on FB and the members there (some are vets and professionals in the field) have been extremely helpful. It’s a global group.

FIP is a very poorly understood disease so I really have to learn more about it in doing my best to support Zurik. There was […]

Bunny’s morning

I got up at 4am this morning to check on Bunny.

He was sitting in the cage, e-collar still intact (luckily!).

I fed the Cow Clan and Blanket Cats first (including Zurik). They all ate.

Then, it was Bunny’s turn.

I took his e-collar off so that he could eat in peace […]

Bunny is HOME!!!….with 2 teeth extracted!

Very sorry for the delay in this post, and many thanks to the few friends who texted to ask about Bunny.

Bunny is home now, he is okay, the surgery went smoothly and two teeth were extracted. Bunny now has clean and polished teeth!! We had a little mishap after coming home, but all should […]

Indy’s calm subcut

Today is Indy’s second home subcut.

He was MUCH calmer.

But it is still a two-person job for now.

Bunny’s was yesterday – also needed two persons.

After the subcut!


The moment we opened the door, guess who was right there?

Therapy […]