Zurik’s check-up – a minor setback

We just came home from Zurik’s check-up today.

There is a minor setback.

Zurik’s weight was 5.0kg on the clinic scale, which is an increase of 300g from two weeks ago. However, since Monday, I’ve noticed a slight bulge in his abdomen and the vet felt this too and it felt like a bulge of […]

Zurik’s portraits

Tomorrow is Zurik’s check-up at the vet’s. It would be 77 days after diagnosis.

Two weeks ago, we took another bold step and tapered down his steroids to 2.5mg once in two days. Tomorrow, we shall see if there is any further fluid build-up or it is status quo (as it had been for the […]

Heidi and her tunnel

If you remember, after Ginger (our prime suspect, that is) sprayed massively on Heidi’s tunnel, Heidi refused to enter her tunnel again. This was after we cleaned and sunned the tunnel.

So, the tunnel was left uninhabited for weeks.

Until yesterday…..

All it took was just to move the tunnel to a different location, […]

What’s going on?

This photo was taken late last night…

What were the Alpha-Amigos doing?

A. Alerted by some strange noise outside.

B. Trying a mediate a fight outside (probably between Ginger and Zurik?).

C. Standing guard on their nightly watch duty.

D. Asking for supper.

Zurik eats Cubgrub!

It happened a few days ago, when Zurik was on top of the piano. I just tried my luck and offered him some Cubgrub along with some canned food. Zurik was interested in the Cubgrub and he licked some.

That was really good, but the next time I offered, he didn’t want it anymore. So […]

Mr Zurik’s high spaces

Zurik’s appetite has been on and off lately. On some days, it’s good, and on some, not so. I’ve discovered the trick, though. I think Ginger and Heidi intimidate him when he is eating by just sitting next to him, sniffing at him or staring at him. Zurik doesn’t like this.

Zurik […]

What a life – Ginger’s nap portraits!

From street cat to “sofa cat”!


Zurik’s new supplement

Zurik is back to his “normal” good appetite again. This is despite the lowering of the steroid dosage.

I also started him on two more supplements which I add to his AD when I give him his medicines. One is Mercola’s probiotics (which all our cats take since last year) and there’s a new one […]

Zurik’s news

Zurik had been doing his “jerks” for more than a week, but that has stopped now. That’s good. One less thing to wonder or worry about!

We started on the reduced steroids (half dose once in two days) on Saturday. So far, his breathing is still as per normal but his appetite is also not […]