Minnie-5’s meals

Minnie-5 only eats twice a day, unlike our seniors who eat three times a day because they cannot eat too much at one go.

When Minnie-5 first came back, they ate a huge amount at every meal. Now, after a month, the quantity has reduced to a third (yes, one-third) of what they used to […]

Ginger to the rescue!!

Jayden has started crawling everywhere and he is always trying to escape from his mattress-prison by crawling towards the exit.

Way to freedom!!!

So, Ginger came to the rescue!

Ginger is blocking the exit. And no, I did not teach Ginger to do this.

You cannot teach a cat anything. […]

Jayden wants to play with Tabs too!

Hello, Tabs.


Tabs…want to play with me?

Visiting the “Forbidden City” and eating news

Minnie-5 and Ginger LOVE visiting Bunny’s Place.

Now they get many visits a day.

They come in mainly for the serai and Heidi’s grass (I still haven’t found out the name of this weed, but all the cats love it). Heidi discovered it at the park during her trips there, we brought […]

The daily visits to Bunny’s Place

Every morning, Stargate is open and Minnie-5 would cross over to visit, play, explore and eat serai and Heidi’s grass.

This morning, so far, Cleo has not done her warning war cry.

You should be able to see all five of them here, with Ginger in the planter’s box and Indy and […]

In the afternoon

Everyone was relaxing on a chair each. That’s Lynx and Robin (note the hooked tail).

Rey on the left and Smurfy on the deck chair.

Minnie seems to have taken over all of Uncle Ginger’s spots. This is one of Ginger’s favourite spots.

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Deodorizing a cat sandpit – an interim measure

Ever since Minnie-5 moved to Ginger’s Catio, they use automatically went back to Tiger’s Sandpit to do their business. I left all four litter boxes (which they had happily used while under quarantine in the two-bedroom “apartment” upstairs) with the tofu litter in the catio but nobody used them.

Everyone preferred the sandpit even though […]

Where is everyone on a rainy day?

It rained quite heavily this morning.

Where is everyone?

Cleo and Cow share the bed.

Indy and Bunny, the condo.

Tabs loves the baby mat.

Ginger is in his basket inside the house.

Minnie-5 are in the condo. Can you […]

Updates on Cow & Bunny

Cow stopped licking rocks the moment we started him on the Maltofer iron supplement. He is still on it now.

Bunny started on the twice-daily Cisapride and Lactulose and we changed him to the Petdiatrics Maximus Pro GI probiotics. So far, his defecation has been good. Let’s hope this works.

Nowadays, only […]