Flying pony blanket (fundraising)

A few years ago, Chen Chen ordered a horsey blanket for his newborn nephew. According to Chen Chen, her little nephew loves the blanket and keeps using it!

Now, it’s time for another blanket for the little boy who has grown into a very active young boy.

What better and more appropriate design than “flying […]

Vincent’s perfect hideout

Vincent has always been a scaredy cat.

He is scared of Ginger.

Don’t let that face fool you. Ginger is a bully.

So, Vincent tries to hide.

A week ago, he found a new hiding place and there was an afternoon where I spent hours looking for him. I really […]

Pole makes the call for everyone else

Cow, Bunny and Indy are eating machines. So, whenever they call for snacks, we try to ignore them because we don’t want them eating too much and unnecessarily.

But now, they have all figured out a way to get snacks.

They get Pole to make the calls.

And when Pole stands at the grille and […]

Heidi’s perfect symmetry and balancing act

Perfect symmetry.

Perfect snooze!


“Bunny” and “food” are synonymous. Rain, shine or thunder, if there’s food, you’ll find Bunny there.

So, it was worrying yesterday when Bunny wasn’t interested in supper. He stayed on his piggy mat and didn’t even go to the pantry.

Earlier in the afternoon, I had noticed a patch of vomit on the slabs.

Maybe […]

Tiger and Vincent’s challenges

Tiger has epilepsy and is FIV+. Vincent has stomatitis. Both are life-long challenges.

Recently, Vincent wasn’t feeling too well. He lost his confidence and would only eat one meal per day, ie. breakfast only. Luckily, he ate a lot and his breakfast was enough to last him a whole day. At other times, he seemed […]

Blanket and reversible bags (fundraising)

We would like to thank Min-mei for her kind donation of RM300 for our homesewn items – a red potpourri blanket and 3 reversible small bags.

All three bags are made with the cottony “songkety” fabric while the lining is made from assorted cloth of matching colours.

The potpourri blanket […]

Who are these?

Is this Vincent, Tiger, Tabs, Heidi or Mr Zurik?

And is this Cow or Indy?

A vibrant square patchwork blanket (fundraising)

We would like to thank Ms Saras for her kind donation of RM150 for our homesewn patchwork blanket.

Ms Saras requested a vibrant and colourful square patchwork, so we used 15 different fabrics to create this design.

The backing cloth is the soft and comfortable cotton donated by Ms Ooi.