Smurfy donates blood for Heidi

There was an emergency situation last night. The vet called in the evening and informed us that Heidi needed a blood transfusion.

Heidi took a turn for the worse and was going down. The blood transfusion was supposed to be for today (Monday), but Heidi just deteriorated rapidly all of a sudden.

The blood donor […]

Heidi has IMHA

Heidi did not regain her appetite, but she did eat very small amounts of various kinds of food yesterday. Whatever she wanted, I let her eat. It ranged from Pole’s renal kibble to different types of canned food. She wasn’t interested in her regular food at all.

This morning, we took her to the vet […]

Heidi’s update – still a waiting game

It was at 10pm last night that Heidi was willing to eat some food on her own.

This morning, she came upstairs and jumped onto our bed at dawn, so that gave me some hope that her condition would improve.

But she did not eat her breakfast this morning and is not interested in […]

Family support for Bunny

Just now, another fight broke out in Bunny’s Place.

Of course, Indy was involved (so what’s new?). But I think it was between Indy and Cow this time. I rushed in and found Bunny hiding. So I scooped him up and put him on the bed.

Cow also came up and actually, […]

Heidi to the vet’s

Heidi’s usual morning routine is to come upstairs and jump onto our bed in the middle of the night or at dawn without fail, every single day, but she did not do it this morning.

Then, she did not want to eat breakfast.

It’s not uncommon for Heidi to skip a meal, though. But I […]

Bunny’s eye and some wordpress matters

After two days on the plasma eyedrop, Bunny can now open his right eye and it does look better too!

It’s not back to normal yet, but there is definite improvement, so that’s good.

Also, there seems to be a glitch in this wordpress blog in that it does not send me […]

Bunny to the vet’s (eye injury again – Indy!)

There was a war cry episode between Indy and Bunny last night.

This afternoon, Bunny’s right eye was swollen and he was also squinting.

So, it was off to the vet’s this evening.

Indy is a big bully. I think he also picks on Bunny because Bunny is blind.

The vet checked and Bunny’s right […]

Conferences at dusk

After taking a well-deserved long nap and a hearty dinner, the kittens held several conferences at the patio.

This looks like a conference about the insects in the pebbles.

I think it ended with Lynx eating one.

This one is about Heidi’s medicinal herb. Now, […]

The Boisterous Foursome….is back!

We brought all the kittens home today.

Firstly, our grateful thanks go to the kind adopter for reaching out to help me when I needed it most. I had not been well since mid-September and I was on the brink of a breakdown.

Secondly, to all readers who offered support and words of comfort when […]