Heidi and her paper bag

More bag stories:

Happy cat in the bag.


….the bag fell off, with the cat inside!

No harm done. All is well.

There’s no happier place for Heidi than being in the paper bag…for now.


The bag story continues…

Horror of horrors!!

Our part-time cleaner threw away Heidi’s paper bag two days ago and yesterday, Heidi was without her bag!

She sat down very miserably on the kitchen island and I discovered her paper bag, soiled, in our paper recycle bin.

Oh dear….so I had to find her a new paper bag.


Tiger’s seizures restarted

Tiger was seizure-free for about 2 weeks, then the seizures started again. It was actually during his treatment for the wounds (while he was on antibiotics) that the seizures stopped. That’s a strange, if it’s not coincidental. Maybe he has some underlying infectious disease that causes the seizures and the antibiotics addressed that.

We cannot […]

It’s all about bags and baskets

Our “bag lady” still loves her paper bag on the kitchen island.

And while Heidi has her paper bag, Tabs is very happy with her basket.

But what happens when Heidi takes over Tab’s basket…

I don’t have a basket anymore…sobs.

Missing Daffodil and Ginger’s updates

Today is exactly a week since Daffodil crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. I still miss her very much and I think of her very often. Whenever I do, it’s a gentle reminder to do some good and acts of kindness and to share the merits with her.

I have always thought that passing of old […]

Potpourri blankets all ready! (fundraising)

We would like to thank Che Khalifa very much for her generous contribution of RM500 for our first two “new generation” potpourri blankets!

The concept now is to use remnant cloth to create blankets so that resources and material are not wasted. Even the tiniest pieces are used. Many of the fabric used was donated […]

4 homesewn blankets (fundraising)

We would like to thank Mr Ooi In Haw for his generous donation of RM1200 for these 4 blankets for his son. Mr Ooi also donated all the cloth for the top. The backing cloth is donated by my mum’s ex-student and mum sewed all four blankets, as per requested by Mr Ooi who wanted […]

Ginger’s grooming sessions

I guess it’s a good thing that Ginger comes often and asks to be groomed. At least he isn’t isolating himself at the bicycles.

Tabs is stuck


Cats are so patient, they will just wait…

https://myanimalcare.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/WhatsApp-Video-2017-09-15-at-11.48.58.mp4 […]