Zero trash for a week!

I am really happy to share that we have not thrown away a single piece of trash for a week now.

Yes, there is nothing in our garbage compartment.


All paper, plastics, cans and glass bottles have been recycled.

All organic wastes have been composted in the garden. I do this daily.

All […]

Tiger’s seizures (a running commentary)

I had another discussion with Tiger’s sporo vet again this morning. The vet thinks perhaps Tiger is mentally stressed and that is why he is holed up in the tv rack all day. This made sense, of course, but we don’t know why he might be mentally stressed. No one bullies him in the house […]

The brawl and the referee

It was between Vincent and Indy.

And it certainly looked like Vincent was winning too.

Can you see the referee?

See her now? At the window.


Daffodil’s midnight snacks

Daffodil tends to get hungry late at night.

Here are some photos taken last night, between 11pm and 1am.

A midnight snack, with Heidi waiting for scraps.

With Ginger, supervising my sewing.

When Daffodil gets a snack, everyone gets one too.

Another […]

Tiger and Daffodil to the vet’s

I was worried about Tiger’s fits recurring, so I texted Tiger’s sporo vet to discuss. He said to check Tiger for diabetes and he introduced me to another vet who has the facilities to check for this by using the glucometer instead of the more invasive blood test.

So I called this vet and was […]

Ginger and the mirror

This reminds us of dear Rosie, doesn’t it:

Ooooh…that’s me?

Looking sideways…that’s my “better side”.

Let’s take a video, shall we?



Daffodil’s way

Frank Sinatra’s evergreen and ever-meaningful song, “My Way”, resonates well with Daffodil and how we have decided to let the dowager empress decide what she wants (within reasonable boundaries which does not include going out of the house compound) and not interfere too much with her peace.

On certain days, she spends most of the […]

The ferret in the house

We have a badger:

And now, we have a ferret:

This is our resident ferret.

He sleeps on the kitchen island.


….Bunny Bun Buns!


Tiger’s hyperesthesia

Tiger’s hyperesthesia came back a few months ago. He was free from seizures for a few weeks after the August 2016 to October 2016 episodes.

It was Prochloroperazine that seemed to work last time. This is a very mild motion sickness medicine for humans. But now, it doesn’t work anymore.

We’ve also tried acupuncture, but […]