Hobo bags sold (fundraising)

We wish to thank our friend (anonymous blog reader) for ordering these hobo bags and her kind donation of RM500 for them!

All bags were sewn by my mum.

Cloth donated by the same friend. Unbleached cotton as lining.

Cloth donated by Mr Ooi. Unbleached cotton as lining.

The 2nd Rosie bag (small tote)

The 2nd Rosie bag (small tote) is bought by Jia-Wen for a donation of RM500 to our Neutering Fund!

The Rosie cloth and old rose lining (both linen) are donated by our friend (also anonymous blog reader) and the sewing of the bag is done by my mum!

This Rosie combo cloth was fully […]

The 1st Rosie tote bag (fundraising)

Update: Already bought by Selina Foong! Thank you very much, Selina, for your kind donation of RM50!

The original post:

Using the Red Rose linen fabric and the matching old rose lining donated by our friend, my mum sewed this small tote bag and it’s simply beautiful!

Would anyone be interested to buy it for […]

4 foldable bags for fundraising

We wish to thank Mary Vergis very much for her kind donation of RM100 for these 4 foldable bags.

Batik in black.

Batik in maroon.

Batik in pink.

Batik in green.

All cloth donated by Mr Ooi.

My […]

New best friends?

Tiger (from Inside) and Vincent (from Outside).

Tiger has had calici virus, sporo and is still battling epilepsy once in a while. Vincent had very bad stomatitis and has been okay for about a year now. Life as a cat is definitely not a bed of roses. But it sure […]

Intruder alert!

It’s G-Cuz.

Glad to see Cleo is not alone. Indy and Cow are still helping.

Someone (a cat) pushed this chair to the Stargate for sentry duty.


Comfort from the PatioCats

Daffodil started grooming Ginger again…a lot.

I sense Daffodil is grieving. She came to look at me many times.

I know. It’s okay, Daffodil, Rosie is no longer sick now.

Tiger and Vincent, sitting with me on the sofa.

Vincent is especially […]

The changing of the guard

Indy used to be the chief guard at Bunny’s Place.

But now, it’s Cleo.

Yes, Cleo takes up all the fights now. She would be the one on the ledge, fighting off all intruders. Indy seems to have taken a back seat now.

We don’t know why, though. It’s not age, because Cleo is 10 […]

The empty tray

I still have tubs of home-cooked food which I had specially made for Rosie. Rosie loved chicken with carrot, and I had fortified her special food with liver too (for her anaemia). It will take some time to use up this food for the cats as I would need to mix it with their regular […]