Getting Bunny to drink more water

Bunny drinking chicken broth.

I started yesterday to explore ways to make Bunny drink more water.

So far, what works is to flavour the water.

Bunny likes virgin coconut oil, so I tried dropping some oil into water and he licked it all up! Virgin coconut oil is also a traditional […]

Bunny’s constipation problem and the manual evacuation

It has been two days since Bunny’s enema on Thursday. Since then, there has been no poop from him.

We palpated him and if we are palpating at the correct place, there seems to be a long, hard piece of faeces in his colon.

I was really hoping he would be able to defecate on […]

Indy’s glorious poo

I didn’t think pumpkin would work for Indy, but it did this time.

We are SO lucky.

In 2019, it did not work and we ended up trying so many other remedies which also did not work. The Battle of the Loose Stools lasted for FOUR whole months then.

This time, I decided we would […]

What’s up, Indy?

So, Indy’s story continues.

Yesterday, we started well and from morning until evening, I did not have to force feed Indy at all. I thought we could make it through the whole day with this “win”, but no, by dinner time, he had to force fed again. Given a choice, Indy only wants baby food […]

Bunny’s updates

I was so, so worried about Bunny since last night.

After coming home from his enema, he seemed alright, but later, he did not look well at all. He refused to eat and seemed unwell. I was worried that perhaps the enema had taken a stressful toll on Bunny, especially with him being elderly now. […]

Bunny’s chronic constipation (to the vet’s)

Bunny has chronic constipation. His stools are usually very dry and hard. Whenever I see him straining, I give him Lactulose and normally that helps.

But for two days now, he has been straining and he has not been able to defecate. Even Lactulose did not help. I also tried steamed pumpkin and virgin coconut […]

Indy and the steamed pumpkin

It was a long shot, but I offered some steamed pumpkin to Indy last night. Initially, as expected, he rejected it, but after force feeding him a bit, to my surprise, he ate it up by himself. I waited all night to see if there would be any loose stools. There was none and Indy […]

Indy and the battle of the loose stools (again!)

Following Indy’s refusal to eat by himself for 6 days and his lockdown kendiri under the bed, Indy started eating small amounts two days ago and so far, he is willing to eat blended baby food (Cindy’s recipe) and some kibble. He is still not willing to eat his raw diet by himself and I […]

Finally….Indy eats a little by himself!

The magic happened last night at 9.20pm when Indy was out exploring the house. He didn’t want to stay in Bunny’s Room and asked to come out to play.

Indy kept following me into the kitchen many times and it certainly looked like he wanted some food. He kept rubbing himself on my leg. So […]