Revisiting Ketam Island

I made a trip up to Ketam Island, today, many months after my first visit in June when the Ketam dog dumping issue was still very “hot”. 

Today’s trip was an invitation by INCOVAR, a youth group of college and varsity students (as well as graduates).  I was asked to give an awareness talk […]

The price to pay when you help others

I thought I would not want to write about this, but it looks like I have to now. 

In the course of discussing the Chow Chow situation today, I was blamed by this staff from the shelter that the rehoming of the Ketam dogs in Bentong has not turned out the way they had […]

7th visit to LLLP

We left in four cars today – mine, Mandy’s, Chee Onn’s and Jamie’s.  It was raining quite heavily when we started, but the rain stopped when we reached LLLP.

Shall I let the photos tell the story?

Hello, friends…how are you? Lots more new friends.  That’s the dogs greeting Mandy and Jamie. Ainey […]

Our 6th visit to LLLF (Part 3)

When we got back to the main building, I spotted a litter of new puppies at the back of the building. Then I remembered in our visit last month, a brown dog was in the advance stage of pregnancy. These must be her puppies!

Aww…isn’t this sweet?

I got everybody over to take […]

Our 6th visit to LLLF (Part 2)

Ahh…here’s a photo of the three of us – Ainey, Terry and me – in our “uniforms” – the AnimalCare tshirt!

So, after we got back to the main building, I suggested we all take a walk up the other part of the farm to see the duck ponds (I was the day’s tour guide, […]

Our 6th visit to LLLF (Part 1)

We arrived LLLF and as usual, we greeted by the friendly farm dogs.  Bro Sui and some of his helpers were there to welcome us, too.  Many of the workers were on Deepavalli leave, including Mr Mariappan, the one who looks after and feeds the dogs. Thanks to your generous donations, here’s my […]

Trip to LLLF (5th visit)

Hi everyone. I ecided to make a lightning trip up to Bentong today, to visit the dogs and also to send food supplies to them, and some goodies for the workers at LLLF.

I thought I would try Bentong town for supplies for a change. Who knows, it might be cheaper there. But no, it’s […]

For the record (Ketam Project)

For the record, here are the names of the 13 Ketam rescued dogs that we have rehomed in LLLF, Bentong:First batch – Piccola, Piccolo, Luna, Buddy, BooBoo, Liberty and Cuddly.Second batch – Marco, Meta, Karishma, Daya, Ajax and Rolanda. Btw, we named Rolanda on the spot (after Roli) because she had no name at the […]

Lights, Camera….REAL action!

A short movie clip of our second rehoming of the Ketam dogs in Bentong:

Many thanks to Lim Pueh Tian, our photographer of the day, who selflessly did not include himself in the movie clip.

We had so much holy fun rehoming holy beings in a holy place, on a most holy day! […]