More photos on the 2nd rehoming (from Lim Pueh Tian)

Photos courtesy of Lim Pueh Tian. Thanks! […]

The second rehoming of the Ketam dogs to Bentong

It was a beeeautiful day today. When we arrived at LLLF, we were greeted by blue skies, fresh air, nature at its finest, and the friendly smiles and greetings of Bro Sui’s helpers. These 6 dogs were much easier to get out of the van into the enclosure. However, one dog, Marco, escaped, […]

Updates from LLLF

I called Bro Sui today to ask how everything is over at the farm. Great news! He says the dogs are all “so obedient” and he has widened the enclosure too. No fighting, he said. Cleaning is not a problem as he can hose the place down every day. And most importantly, they are eating […]

Terry & Cotton (Ketam dogs) are adopted!

Our volunteer, Lilian was delighted today because her friend, Samantha, has adopted Terry, Cotton and another dog from the SPCA shelter. We are so happy that two more Ketam survivors have found a loving home. Rejoice!!

More happy photos from LLLF (from Adeline Lau)


The Lucky Seven!

Here’s Luna, Liberty, Piccolo, Piccola, BooBoo, Cuddly and Buddy at LLLF.

Have a great new life, dear friends!!

We’ll be taking another 6 from the 1st and 2nd batches to LLLF.


Be it ever so humble…

The first photo above shows Bro Sui and his helpers hard at work, covering all possible (big) gaps in the enclosure so that the dogs would not be able to escape during this settling-down period. The other photos show Roli and how the dogs were transported from the van into the enclosure. It was […]

A dream… Now, a beautiful reality!

I have just come back home from Bentong’s LLLF. I’m overwhelmed. What seemed an impossible task – to rehome the Ketam dogs, has now become a beautiful reality.

We reached LLLF at about 10.30am, after struggling for some time at SPCA to get the dogs on board the van. The journey was smooth-flowing, […]

The dogs’ new home

Here’s a photo of Bro Sui and one of his helpers cementing the area where the dogs would be housed tomorrow. Our volunteer, Chinkah, was up there today, to deliver 10 packs of food, and he also helped Bro Sui buy the cement from Bentong town. The cement is sponsored by AnimalCare. I called […]