LLLF updates (from Bentong)

Right now, as I am writing this, our volunteer, Chinkah has just sent the first 10 packs of vege food to Bentong. Take a look at the photo – the LLLF dogs (who have been on rice and eggs) seem to be enjoying the food very much.

Over at SPCA, Shahrul tells […]

Vegetarian dogs?

Hi everyone,Many have written to me asking why the Bentong-bound dogs have to be vegetarian. Some have expressed concern saying that dogs are supposed to be carnivorous and meat protein is needed in their diet. Let me clarify here that it is NOT my choice at all. We asked Hai Tao Foundation for a favour […]

LLLF updates (for the Ketam dogs)

It’s pouring from Dog-Heaven too, folks. I am always thankful for blessings, big or small. Size does not matter, it’s the heart that counts. We would like to acknowledge today’s donors with grateful thanks. Wan Choong LeungDr Veeranoot NissapatornDavina GohMudita Chan Yin FanKishani Sherene NgoiLilian’s friendsMs LiewThank you very much for your generous contributions.And a […]

A visit to the Lotus Life Liberation Farm in Bentong

We have been working very, very hard, doing our best to get the first and second batches of the Ketam rescued dogs adopted. And after more than a month’s negotiation, the Hai Tao Foundation has most graciously agreed to take the first 13 dogs.

Today we made a quick visit […]

The 2nd Klinik Kembiri on Pulau Ketam (25th July 2009)

It’s been a long and fruitful day! We went down to Pulau Ketam today, to help out in the 2nd Klinik Kembiri organised by SPCA. PAWS sent a team of volunteers too. And there was even a team of dog handlers who came to put up a obedience show for the Ketam folks.

I […]

13 is a lucky number – Hai Tao Foundation agrees!

I have been asking the Hai Tao Foundation in Bentong for more than a month now, if they could take some of the Ketam rescued dogs. Their initial reservation was that they do not have a vet coming in to see to the welfare of the dogs.

A few days ago, they came back to […]

Karuna: Please give me a home…

“My name is Karuna. Would anyone like to please give me a home?” Dear Friends, Karuna is one of the 14 dogs rescued from Pulau Selat Kering in the first rescue mission in May 2009. Currently there are 28 dogs awaiting adoption at SPCA but we are working very hard to find homes for […]

Ketam dogs for immediate adoption

AnimalCare and the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association had funded the medical treatment (and provided other needs) of the first 14 dogs rescued by SPCA from the dreaded Pulau Selat Kering. The dogs are now in good health, most of them are sociable, and 6 have already been spayed. The rest will be spayed very soon.We […]

Appealing for adopters for rescued Ketam dogs

We are arranging for the rehoming/adoption of the rescued Ketam dogs currently housed at SPCA. There was a total of 14 dogs from the first and second batches whose medical we had sponsored in full (blood tests, vaccination, wound treatment, one surgery and spaying, micro-chipping – they are ready to be rehomed as pets). These […]