Sean has demodex mange and papilloma

I’ve noticed that Sean has bald patches on his skin, and it has suddenly got quite bad over the last two days.  Today, my mum and I took him to our panel vet, Dr Vijay, for a diagnosis.   

All set and ready to go.  Sean was so very obedient. 

To cut a long story short, Sean […]

In loving memory of Wendy

Dear Friends,

Wendy passed away at about 10am this morning.  I am sorry for having taken this long to write this posting as I have just come home now. 

This morning, the adopter managed to feed Wendy some food.  She ate.  Then, to everyone’s delight, she defecated.  We all cheered. 

She probably wanted […]

Poo, glorious poo! (Wendy’s updates)

Yes, we shall all celebrate any tiny bit of achievement by Wendy. 

This morning, she woke up and ate breakfast.  Not much, but she ate….and after breakfast, guess what?

She poo-ed!  Well-formed poo!!  Goodness knows how long that has not happened.  We noticed some urine two days ago too. 

Here’s the poo-evidence for […]

Wendy’s updates

Wendy was still asleep when I reached her house today.  She was under the bougainvillea tree, where she is every morning.  So, we carried her cage back into the shade at the side of the house.

Yesterday, I found out from the vet that a mat would be good to provide some cushion for her.  The […]

Wendy eats half a can of AD

Since I fed Wendy yesterday afternoon, it seemed she slept soundly and did not wake up…until my visit today. 

Her adopter text me this morning to say Wendy had slipped into unconsciousness, and was not responding to touch or sound. 

I was prepared for this, and I had an inkling that perhaps Wendy […]

Wendy wants to eat!

I was very troubled all night and this morning.  Wendy’s adopter had text me last night saying Wendy’s breathing had gone very fast and asked me to be prepared for the worst. 

This morning, again, the news was not good at all.  He said it was just a matter of time then, as she […]

Latest updates on Wendy

I would like to, once again, thank the many people who have written to me personally, to express their empathy on Wendy’s case.  Here is one very touching comment:Darling sweet Wendy, even at this point so close to death, is in fact touching and blessing so many lives by igniting love and compassion for the pain […]

Updates on Roger

Roger is one of our Klang rescued dogs.  We got him treated for corona virus and tick fever.  He has been neutered and vaccinated too.  Roger was adopted by Elvin Hong (many apologies, we thought his name was Eric Hong earlier) last week.  

Mandy paid a visit to Elvin’s place yesterday:

Here is Roger’s updates. I went […]

Wendy in the garden

Wendy was discharged today, from the bathroom that had been her “room” ever since she came down with distemper.  The fosterer has decided he will adopt Wendy, and take full responsibility for her wellbeing.  The first thing he did when he brought her home was to place her in the garden just to get some fresh air and […]