Wendy in the garden

Wendy was discharged today, from the bathroom that had been her “room” ever since she came down with distemper.  The fosterer has decided he will adopt Wendy, and take full responsibility for her wellbeing.  The first thing he did when he brought her home was to place her in the garden just to get some fresh air and […]

The universe intervenes and provides an answer for Wendy

Ainey, Mandy, Terry, Trevor and I deliberated for hours on sms, on what the “best possible” option would be for Wendy, and believe me, it was extremely emotionally-draining and very difficult. 

But the universe provided an answer by evening, and one of the volunteers who had been feeding Wendy stepped up and has now […]

Wendy in a critical state

I visited Wendy today, and it really breaks my heart to see her in this state.  Dr Edmund says no other dog would have gone this far as their rescuers would have had them put down before a distemper dog reaches this stage. 

I asked if there was anything at all that we haven’t […]

Updates on Wendy

We visited Wendy yesterday, and I am sad to inform you that she was twitching considerably more than before.  It definitely looks like she has deteriorated.  Our foremost concern is that we want to do everything possible to relieve her pain.  Next week, if Dr Susanna can give us a slot, we will do […]

Updates on Wendy

One of our volunteers visited Wendy today, and tried to feed her some chicken essence by syringe but she refused to swallow. 

Meanwhile, she is still on drips.  Compared to that critical day, she is “slightly” better. 

We can only hope now that she will decide to fight on. 

Trevor’s updates on Wendy

Trevor went to visit and reiki-heal Wendy this afternoon.  According to Trevor, Wendy is better today, but she still lacks the human touch, and needs a lot of love and care to feel she is wanted. 

We have a few regular visitors and I know they will transmit positive vibrations to Wendy. 

Trevor […]

Updates on Wendy

This is a quick update on Wendy.  One of our volunteers visited today and said she seemed to be slightly more alert today.  It’s hard to tell, because different people visit at different times.  But whatever it is, we are hoping for the best.

Wani of MDDB has advised that we syringe in liquid food […]

Appealing for your understanding (Wendy’s condition)

I refer to last night’s post on Wendy: http://myanimalcare.org/2010/02/please-send-positive-vibrations-to.html

I know I have been appealing for visitors for Wendy because as of last week, we noticed she thrived on receiving the caring human touch, and Trevor said having more people visit would do her a lot of good.We thank you for visiting, but we’ve just […]

Please send positive vibrations to Wendy

It is now 9.40pm and Ainey just informed me that the vet at the clinic told her that “many people” visited Wendy today, and some told the vet to put her on drips while some gave instructions to have her euthanised.  So the vet was a bit confused and that is why they rang us […]