MPK Pound now

I received this from an anonymous person who is very concerned about the condition of the MPK dog pound.  This cut-and-paste is done with no malicious intent to anyone, but merely as public information.

Our stand on this matter is to urge the public to help the dogs by bringing food to the pound, helping […]

Updates on the MPK puppies

If you remember, we did a 3-day rescue at the MPK dog pound in December.  On 14th Dec, we rescued 12 puppies and handed them over to MDDB. 

Here are updates on these puppies from Mandy:

After visiting Lucky at Dr.Rajah’s clinic where Lucky is boarding, i went straight to MDDB’s halfway home to […]

Wendy gets a change of menu today

After visiting Russell, we headed for Puchong to spend time with Wendy.

Feeding Wendy the cooked chicken.  She ate most heartily. After her lunch, she lay down, as usual, and I gave her a massage all over.  Then, Ainey snipped her nails.  She allowed this only for her front legs, but when Ainey tried on […]

Visiting Russell at PAWS

We started our day by visiting Russell at PAWS.  He was very happy to see us. 

Here’s Russell polishing the chicken we brought for him.  My, my, he looks so good now, and he seems to have grown, too. He is so strong I could barely hold him down.  We think he’s just so excited because […]

Visiting Wendy

After Eva’s examination, Ainey and I disinfected ourselves thoroughly, and off we went up to see Wendy. 

Wendy was lying down and seemed a little tired.  There were many pieces of chicken left all over her cage, as though there had been some struggle.  I think someone had come to feed Wendy earlier and […]

Cheering Wendy on…!! (3rd reiki session)

I reached the clinic earlier today, before Trevor arrived, so I had some time alone with Wendy. 

When I opened the door, she was asleep, so I called her name.  Immediately, she wagged her tail excitedly and tried to get up. 

Wow…this was really encouraging!  I noticed a well-wisher had fed her this […]

2nd reiki session for Wendy

At about 1pm today, Trevor and I arrived at the Bandar Puteri Vet Clinic where Wendy is boarding.  We went straight up to see Wendy.

Wendy was sleeping and we had to nudge her to wake her up.  She was twitching, quite badly too. 

Trevor laid his hands on Wendy immediately.  She continued laying […]

Updates on Perky and Sweetie

Meiling told us that Perky is having tick fever now.  We are sponsoring her treatment until she recovers.  She is still with Meiling and we hope Meiling will be able to cope with her.

Sweetie has already been returned to us and is now boarding at the vet’s.  We went to see her today, and […]

Wendy’s first hands-on reiki session

Reiki-master, Trevor Lee, was very early today.  He reached our meeting point at 2pm, and I had just finished my class, so I quickly got my things together, and drove home to get Wendy’s lunch (I cooked chicken for her this morning) plus a treat of canned food, just in case she is already bored […]