American Bully found at Balakong industrial area

Hi all,

It’s JoTong here.

I rescued an American Bully last Sunday evening from Balakong industrial area where I feed dogs after receiving information from a foreign worker who works there.

Initially I was actually afraid as he looked fierce, but as I was trying to catch him, surprisingly, he […]

Kansas has been found!! (Helen Perera’s)

We published this on 19th April 2023:

Ms Perera informed us that Kansas has been found now!!

Thank you for letting me post the lost of kansas on your website. He is home with us, since this evening at 21:00pm. 2/5/2023. He was found in a drain, 2 km from my house. The gentleman […]

Missing cat, Yoyo, in Bandar Kinrara (Josephine Yong Pek Swan’s)

If you have any information, kindly contact Ms Josephine Yong directly. Please help to share this widely. Thank you.

Full Name: Josephine Yong Pek Swan Cat Name: Yoyo Description: Black & white longhair male with a fluffy tail Last Seen: Bandar Kinrara 5/8 on 24th April 2023

Any sightings, please call 010-310 4618


Lost schnauzer in Cheras (Moon Hooi’s)

If you have any information, please contact Moon Hooi directly at 012-204-2288. Kindly help to share widely.

Kansas, lost dog in Kelang – FOUND! (Helen Perera’s)

Updates on 2nd May 2023 – Kansas has been found by a good samaritan!!

The original post:

If you have any information, kindly contact Ms Helen directly. Please help us share this as widely as possible. Thank you.

This is Helen’s message:

My dog is lost since Sunday 16/4/2023.

Name : Kansas, wearing a white […]

Kai achieves a first (raw food on his own)!

I thought Kai had become slow in everything, but no. Just now, he achieved a first – he ate raw meat on his own!

Since yesterday, I had been giving the kittens very small amounts of minced chicken breast meat. I do it by placing the small amount into their mouths. Both Akira and Indra […]

Help needed to look for Leo (dog) in Penang area (Chow Yi Lin’s)

We received this request from our friend, Chow Yi Lin (hp 012-3038852). Could you please help to forward it, especially to friends in Penang? Thank you so much.

We rehomed Leo in Oct 2014 to a friend in Penang. Due to family difficulties, this friend released Leo to the street in the last quarter of […]

We caught Furby last night

We caught Furby last night.

He was mewing nonstop under our car all night. I offered food but he did not finish it all, and continued mewing. Poor little thing. He must be lost.

Then, he kept going towards Samantha, but Samantha would smack him.

Later, he went to Stargate2 and Minnie was there. Minnie […]

Lost cat, Tiku, in Permatang Pasir Perdana, Melaka (Mathias Krope’s)

If you have any information to help, please contact Mr Mathias Krope directly at +60 178381977.

Kindly help to forward this post. Thank you.

From Mr Krope:

My name is Matthias Krope from #5, Jalan Siakap 5, Taman Permatang Pasir Perdana. Since Monday, 5th December 2022 one of our cat’s is missing and […]