A melting pot for a meatless Malaysian Chinese New Year meal!

I highly recommend the Bananabro!

This is the Bananabro at Sunway Pyramid. It’s our second time here.

The place serves Indian banana rice plus other Indian dishes and it is run by Malays. The service is very friendly and efficient. I’m not exactly a foodie, but the food is excellent. I dare […]

The first Meatless Monday of 2023!

Make Meatless Monday a part of your New Year’s resolution if it isn’t so yet!

Love our pets, love other animals too!

Food for thought from Meatless Monday:

Did you know that if you took part in Meatless Monday for the year you would save around 789 bathtubs of water, 54 fish, 4 […]

Creamy meatless Christmas pie for the holidays

Here’s a recipe for a meatless Christmas pie for the holidays: https://meatfreemondays.com/recipes/creamy-christmas-pie/

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. – Michael Pollan.

Photo credit: Meatless Monday



Intermittent fasting for humans

Once in a blue moon, we talk about nutrition for humans too and today, I’d like to share something I’ve embarked on.

I’m sure everyone knows about Intermittent Fasting (IF, for short). It’s a diet plan where you fast for 16 hours each day (but continue to drink water). Basically, you just skip one meal […]

How a humble mushroom can fight climate change

The article: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/how-a-humble-mushroom-could-save-forests-and-fight-climate-change

Another meat-free one-pot steamed meal

Ever since Jayden started coming, I’ve been making one-pot steamed meals. Preparation time can be as little as a few minutes and steaming time is only about 8-10 minutes and you don’t have to attend to it. Just put it on the stove and put the timer.

Just dump everything in and steam. It’s also […]

A meat-free power meal for the morning

I know I haven’t written about meat-free meals in a very, very long time.

So here’s one for today – a power meat to start off the day, for dummies and lazy people like me, of course.

Let’s see…what did I dump into the Vitamix today? Carrot, pumpkin, cucumber, avocado (with the seed – […]

Israeli scientists create fish-less fish!

First it was honey without harming the bees, now it’s fish-less fish!! SALUD the Israeli scientists!! We hope we can have this product soon!!

The fish is made from pea.




Bee-free honey – save the bees, save our planet!

There are 20,000 species of bees on the planet, but only 7 of them make honey.

75% of agriculture depends on bees for pollination.

“If bees disappeared, humanity cannot survive more than 4 years.” – Albert Einstein.

Now, four friends in Israel have started a company called bee-io and they have successfully produced honey from […]