News from Korea – owners of dog meat farms slam their First Lady

This news is from Korea:

First lady Kim Keon Hee faces criticism from a group representing dog meat farm owners for her recent remarks calling for an end to the country’s contentious culture of eating dogs. The group claimed Kim, who is neither a president nor a lawmaker, should maintain neutrality as the role […]

It’s Meatless Monday!

This is from Le Food. They only serve vegetarian dishes and I like practically everything on their menu.

Have a compassionate meal today!

My Meatless Monday (Okinawan) meal

I haven’t shared my meatless meals for a very long time now, so here’s today’s!

To our friends who are fasting, you can prepare this for sahur or iftar.

This is black rice. I read that in ancient China, it was reserved for the Emperor and the royalty only. Hence, it was also […]

It’s Meatless Monday again!

Once a week, let’s save the animals, save the planet and save ourselves!

Fish had empathy long before humans

The article:

Well, naturally, because marine life was here long before marine animals grew legs and lungs and migrated onto land.

So, empathy has ancient origins and this research shows that zebrafish has the ability to feel empathy.


For example, a test showed that when fish watched videos showing other fish in danger, […]

Plants do “scream” out loud

The purpose of this sharing is not to discourage you from eating vegetables or plants.

It is a reminder that all living beings and living things do feel, in their own ways.

The article:

We already know that all animals feel pain, and previously, we could have thought that plants don’t because we think […]

Of cognitive dissonance and the sentience of animals

The article:


In other words, consumers still find it difficult to grasp the idea that animals are sentient beings like themselves. The psychological phenomenon behind this reluctance is called cognitive dissonance, theorised in the 1950s by American psychologist Leon Festinger.

This often takes the form of a psychological discomfort that arises when beliefs […]

Of biologically-appropriate food and evolution

Some weeks back, an old friend contacted me to ask if I knew where to buy vegetarian food for dogs and cats. I immediately told him that dogs are omnivores, so while some dogs are known to be able to live on a vegetarian diet (provided it is nutritionally balanced), cats are obligate carnivores and […]

A melting pot for a meatless Malaysian Chinese New Year meal!

I highly recommend the Bananabro!

This is the Bananabro at Sunway Pyramid. It’s our second time here.

The place serves Indian banana rice plus other Indian dishes and it is run by Malays. The service is very friendly and efficient. I’m not exactly a foodie, but the food is excellent. I dare […]