Tanam jagung!

Now, this one I will say is all by me.

Yes, me, the one with “killer” fingers as far as plants are concerned….

I did not expect them to grow, but they did!!!

Now I have to transplant them onto the ground…that is going to be a challenge….


Ladies fingers!

Our part-time cleaner, Sara, planted “something” in our garden. She said it was some vegetable, but did not tell me what it was until…

We chanced upon this!

Ladies fingers!!!

I cooked it yesterday!



Grow a garden!

Growing a garden in the community – Something we can all think about doing.

Even if you cannot grow anything (you do not have “green fingers”), fear not, we managed to grow our first papaya tree!

But, actually, I did manage to grow a green vegetable (for making soup), mint (yes, I really did) and […]

Eat! But not too much.

Here’s my (as always) very simple Chinese New Year “hoi lin” (welcoming the year, on the 2nd day of CNY) lunch.

First and foremost, an inspection by Tabs.

I cooked everything except for the Lou Sang which was compliments of Ming-Yi and Yui Ping.

This […]

Michael Pollan’s Food Rules

Again, in the wake of the Wuhan Corona Virus epidemic which has claimed many lives now, the world has been told that the outbreak originated from a live food market in Wuhan.

Not meaning to downplay the severity of the growing outbreak, it might do humans well to take heed of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules.


Medifoods’ fantastic 6-star CNY vegetarian reunion dinner set

We had our second reunion dinner yesterday at Medifoods, SS18/6. Their vegetarian set comes with 11 dishes (yes, 11!) for only RM488!!

AND it’s all organic food!

Take a look…

It starts with a very generous lou sang. It comes with plum sauce and olive oil.

A sweet & […]

Muscle and myth: Animal vs plant protein

I haven’t shared anything about nutrition for humans for a long time now.

Recently, I came across a theory (verified by a trusted friend-pharmacist-nutritionist) that humans with O blood group should eat meat (high protein) and those with A blood group should be vegetarians (high carbohydrates). The theory is really very interesting. It talks about […]

A return to their African vegan roots

“More Africans are going back to being vegan, not becoming vegan,” says chef Nicola Kagoro from the culinary movement African Vegan on a Budget.

The story: https://qz.com/africa/1611946/vegan-restaurants-chefs-and-lifestyle-on-rise-in-south-africa/?fbclid=IwAR0zw01OE_uIlbvFqg3raKWMf3Xdo6_fD887t7nA0kddFyIvWRSHwRsg8w4

Nicola Kagoro says, “South Africa is one of the leading vegan trendsetters in Africa”: Whether it’s burgers, shiro wat, or pap and chakalaka, South Africans are returning to […]

Mum’s birthday at Little Wonders Cafe, SS18/6

Today is my mum’s 86th birthday!

We had dinner at our favourite little cafe, Little Wonders at SS18/6, Subang Jaya.

This is the specially ordered vegetarian creation – it’s not on the menu.

The gravy is mild but very pleasant and it makes you feel “healthy” eating it!!