Ginger’s cyst and dental surgery

Today was Ginger’s dental surgery.

Jayden wishing his best friend well before we departed for the vet’s.

At the vet’s, it is their protocol to do a heart scan (an ECHO) on geriatric cats (above 7 years old) before the cat undergoes general anaesthesia. Ginger passed his heart scan with flying colours. […]

Tabs’ priceless present

It’s been 3 days since Tabs had the inappetance and we started treatment for it.

The X-ray showed a “mass” in her stomach which the vet said was something she ingested and she has to pass it out.

Well, the magic happened today.

She passed out a lot of stools!

She did pass out some […]

And the magic happened….glorious poop!

Barely 15 minutes after I wrote the previous post last night, Tabs went to the litter box, did a massive scratching routine and then……

….there was poop!

Glorious poop!!

I quickly took a photo and sent it to our vet, so that we could celebrate!

So, the plan now is to dial back on the […]

Tabs to the vet (inappetance)

It started yesterday evening when Tabs showed no interest in her dinner. I thought it was just a one-off thing so I left it. Normally, I would allow a cat to not eat for one meal but once it hits two meals, it’s a red alert.

Then this morning, again, she showed no interest in […]

Ginger and kibble

Ginger has this problem of regurgitating kibble if he eats too much at one go. I suspect (again, my own hypothesis) that it may be due to the fact that cats do not digest carbohydrates very well or it could just be a case of eating too much too fast?

Anyway, Ginger didn’t use to […]

Bunny to the vet’s (kidney check and heart scan)

Bunny has been having his regurgitation of breakfast problem lately. I tried to isolate the cause but failed to do so. So the vet suggested that we do a kidney check.

Bunny’s last kidney check was seven months ago, so it’s due.

So together with Ginger, Bunny went along too.

The vet thought it prudent […]

Ginger to the vet’s (kidney cyst is growing)

Today is Ginger’s follow-up at the vet’s, five days after he had the FIC (feline idiopathic cystitis).

I gave him a 200ml subcut at 6am this morning so that it would be 6 hours when he has his appointment. This is to ensure there is urine in the bladder for extraction to do the urinalysis.


Ginger’s urine clears up!

This morning, it was still very slightly pinkish and the volume was also quite small.

By this evening, it’s back to normal urine and the output is also normal!

In good health or not, Ginger still takes care of Jayden.

Ginger’s normal urine this evening!!

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Bunny’s “morning sickness” (and Indy’s too)

Indy has had this “morning sickness” for goodness knows how long. It has nothing to do with the human “morning sickness”, of course. For Indy, it’s his regurgitation of food after breakfast each morning, which I think is because his stomach is without food for “too many hours” through the night. I finally found the […]