Indy and Ginger’s PTSD

Both Indy and Ginger were traumatised by their fight.

Even though Ginger won the fight, he appeared to be in a daze after that. He only ate a little bit of lunch and spent the whole afternoon sleeping. By evening, he was somewhat back to his normal habits again. We noticed that there was a […]

A huge Indy-Ginger fight

I don’t know how it started, but Indy with Cow & Bunny were out in the patio for their usual morning routine.

Suddenly, I heard the war cries and found Indy and Ginger locked in battle. Fur was flying all over the place and I had to use the water hose to separate them.

Checked […]

Bunny’s eye ulcers

It never rains but it pours.

Bunny has eye ulcers…in both his eyes.

I noticed Bunny closing his eyes each time after taking his antibiotics (Clavamox) and the Cystaid Plus. But I thought he was just resting, until this morning when I noticed his right eye tearing and inflamed.

A day after starting on […]

Bunny’s glorious pee!

After barely three hours from taking his first dose of antibiotics and supplement, Bunny was already able to urinate normally!

There was also no more straining after our return from the vet’s. That is most likely the effect of the anti-inflammatory injection.

I continued observing Bunny all afternoon.

Some “manja” time!


Bunny’s sudden UTI

Bunny suddenly had a urinary tract infection today.

He was urinating normally in the morning, but suddenly at around 11am, he started straining to try and urinate and either no urine came out or there were just droplets. He kept doing this repeatedly and it was worrying.

It’s rather strange how the UTI happened so […]

Bunny’s Poopy Gallery

It’s been 15 days since Bunny underwent the manual evacuation of his bowels. And it’s been 15 days of meticulous monitoring of his bowel movements plus a strict regimen of extra water, supplements and laxatives to help Bunny.

I’ve also started a “Poopy Gallery” to monitor and keep track of Bunny’s bowel movement and the […]

Tabs fur grows back

It has been a month since Tabs’ balding problem started.

The vet said it was an allergy problem and Revolution spot-on should do the trick.

Her fur is growing back in all three spots on the head and back of the neck now. We applied the spot-on again yesterday and there will […]

Bunny’s ongoing challenge

This month has been a very challenging month for me. It started with Tabs’ sudden balding problem, then Indy’s GI issues and this was followed by Bunny’s constipation problem.

To cut a long story short, Bunny needed a manual evacuation of his bowels as he was too constipated until the enema did not even work. […]

Indy’s milestone

I have been force feeding Indy for half a month now. It started with him having some GI issues and that was settled after about a week. Since then, he has been his usual active self but the only thing is that he refuses to eat by himself.

It was no longer a medical problem. […]