Cow Mau’s possible allergic sneezing

Cow Mau started sneezing on Sunday. By Monday, I started him on Lysine, Vetri DMG and Bromhexine (a mucolytic) and I had also made an appointment for him at the vet’s for today. I was worried it might be cat flu and Cow being FIV+, I didn’t want to take any chances.

However, today, his […]

Tabs’ updates

Tabs seems better now.

Her stools are still a little bit soft, though, but there is no more jelly substance. Her behaviour is also back to normal.

I updated Tabs’ vet and she did not rule out a possible allergic and unexpected reaction to the liver supplement so we are not giving her that anymore, […]

A fright from Tabs last night

Last night, we rushed Tabs to emergency at the 24-hour pet hospital.

It started with her not wanting to eat dinner. She only licked a bit of food. Then, she looked unwell. I gave her Omeprazole.

About an hour later, she passed loose stools with “jelly”. It was light brown with transparent glue-like slime.

One […]

Rio’s scrotum infection

Two days ago, we noticed some redness on one of Rio’s scrotum. It looked like an inflamed wound.

So, it was off to the vet’s with Rio (on Tuesday).

Luckily, it wasn’t a castration wound. That had already healed. The vet said it was an external wound. Rio must have somehow got it lacerated.

Now, […]

Indy eats

Indy actually started eating baby food on his own yesterday afternoon. By evening, he was able to eat his raw food, though the amount was less than his usual.

Today, he was also able to eat his raw food, but still at a reduced amount.

Hopefully, his appetite will be back to normal gradually.

This […]

Indy to the vet’s

Indy refused breakfast this morning and looked quite miserable. Sometimes, Indy does skip a meal but he would remain active. This morning, he looked sick and his body also felt warm to the touch. He only went to defecate and his faeces were normal. Then, he just slept on a pillow the whole morning and […]

The Greystoke Kittens are neutered!

The Greystoke Kittens have reached five-and-a-half months old and are finally neutered today!

Rey and Lynx, being the strongest, also donated blood plasma to the clinic (to be kept frozen for any patient who might need it).

Robin and Rio were neutered first, followed by Rey and Lynx. The procedures were done one by one.


Smurfy donates blood for Heidi

There was an emergency situation last night. The vet called in the evening and informed us that Heidi needed a blood transfusion.

Heidi took a turn for the worse and was going down. The blood transfusion was supposed to be for today (Monday), but Heidi just deteriorated rapidly all of a sudden.

The blood donor […]

Heidi has IMHA

Heidi did not regain her appetite, but she did eat very small amounts of various kinds of food yesterday. Whatever she wanted, I let her eat. It ranged from Pole’s renal kibble to different types of canned food. She wasn’t interested in her regular food at all.

This morning, we took her to the vet […]