And how is our Super-Indy??

I woke up this morning, came downstairs quickly to check on Indy and got a mini shock of my life when I could not find him anywhere at all!

Last night, I left him on the chair and this morning, that same chair looked like it had turned a somersault and landed 180 degrees off.


Indy is still disorientated

I transferred Indy from the carrier into the cage. He was relatively calm at first….

Tabs visiting…

I offered him some Recovery, but he just licked the surface and didn’t want any.

He was calm for a few minutes only, then he started flipping and toppling his water […]

Indy is home (with 7 teeth extracted!)

It was an unexpected and hugely massive job!

Indy had SEVEN teeth extracted.

I reached the clinic at about 4.10pm and found Indy still asleep. The vet assistant told me it was a massive tooth extraction and many teeth were extracted.

Indy was waking up but growling, obviously in pain. Maybe even angry […]

Indy’s dental scaling and eye ulcer

We reached the clinic at 11.40am.

Waiting for our turn.

The vet checked Indy and discovered he has an eye ulcer in his right eye. He must have either got into a fight (again!) or he accidentally scratched himself. An eye gel will be prescribed later for this.

Indy was put on […]

Indy’s dental scaling is today

Today is Indy’s dental scaling. I’ve been giving him his antibiotics, Metrogyl (as a prophylaxis) since five days ago.

It will be done this afternoon. I hope all goes well.

Among all of them who needed dental scaling (Cow, Bunny, Ginger and Indy), I think Indy’s oral hygiene was the worst of all. Cow only […]

How much fluids was drawn today (Zurik’s updates)??



Yes, none!!

But wait…it’s STILL not time to celebrate yet.

Here’s what happened.

From the ultrasound, there was “a small amount” of fluids in Zurik’s right lung cavity today and still none in the left cavity. However, the amount in the right was too small for the vet to draw out. We also […]

Fresh supply of RetroMAD1 for Zurik

Yesterday was one month after Zurik’s diagnosis of having FIP. At present, he seems to be doing as well as he can be on the following;

Prednisolone 2.5mg twice daily RetroMAD1 0.8ml thrice daily Vetri DMG 0.5ml daily B Complex Fish oil

I had to buy a new stock of RetroMAD1 today as whatever I […]

Reading down…the countdown begins for Indy!!


Indy’s creatinine has gone down from the previous reading of 238 one month ago in April to today’s reading of 174 (within normal range). Exactly a month of alternate-day subcut. Hydration works!!

The vet says we can now reduce his subcut to twice a week, at 200ml each time and Indy’s scaling is now […]

The Luca Fund for FIP research

The website:


The Luca Fund for FIP research is a special fund of the American Alumni of the University of Glasgow established in 2018 to accept tax-deductible donations for FIP research. The Luca Fund exclusively supports ethical, cruelty-free research and does not and will never fund, directly […]