Decision for Vincent (we need your kind thoughts, please)

I spoke with the vet about the tooth extraction. To cut a long story short, we are going for it tomorrow.

Initially the vet didn’t think it should be done because the reality is that Vincent doesn’t have much time left. But to me, it doesn’t matter how much time he has left, I don’t […]

Goat’s milk liquid food, ikan bawal and Renate

Vincent came out many times today asking for food and I couldn’t get it right…

…until I gave him this liquid food. The other bowl is homemade steamed chicken from a broth, but he didn’t want any of that.

This is Cindy’s liquid food with goat’s milk and it is meant for kittens […]

Vincent’s prognosis, back from clinic

We made the trip to the clinic this morning. I decided not to do the subcut yet and thought I’d do it after the visit.

However, the vet found Vincent severely dehydrated and the subcut had to be done immediately at the clinic. It was 300ml too, due to the severe dehydration.

Vincent’s muscle wastage […]

Lounging and relaxing (Vincent’s stories)

After the big and happy meal of raw chicken and steamed sardines this afternoon, Vincent lounged all afternoon.

Subcut 250ml. He probably knows he needs this, so he cooperates completely.

Then, he went to lick rocks. Yes, definitely anaemic. We have already started on the Darbepoetin. Let’s hope it […]

The gates opened and Vincent EATS!!

Right after work, I went straight to the shopping mall to get “fresh” chicken fillet and I also bought sardines (to steam). Then, to the clinic to buy two bottles of subcut fluids and I rushed back home.

As I was approaching the house, the electric gates suddenly opened by themselves. How did THAT happen? […]

Vincent, back from the vet’s

I rushed back from work today, did Vincent’s subcut and off we went to the vet’s. I requested for a housecall, but the vet was packed today.

I drove slowly so that Vincent would be as comfortable as possible. He seemed okay in the car and was sitting on his tummy. A side story: I […]

Vincent’s breakfast

Last night, I was so sick, I went to bed at 9.00pm. I’ve been having his horrible sore throat and cough for 3 weeks now. It just wouldn’t go away. I know my throat is the weakest part of my body, it’s been like this since I was very young. Once infected, I need medicines […]

Vincent’s breakfast

I could barely sleep all night. I think I woke up every 15 mins. However, I decided not to come downstairs to check on Vincent because a cat’s sense of smell and hearing is so much sharper than ours, it will only wake him up and disturb his rest.

I finally got up at 4.30am […]

Vincent’s tube feeding and subcut for the night

Since all the medicines were given at the vet’s before we left, I only have to do the tube feeding and 200ml subcut tonight.

Vincent was clearly so happy to be home. After settling him in his downstairs bathroom (which is is current chosen “nest”), I went upstairs to take a bath. When I came […]