Malachy, sporo-cat – another sharing

Ms Louie Chuah is one of our applicants, and recently, we provided our neutering aid for one of her rescued cats, Malachy. Shortly after being neutered, Malachy contracted sporotrichosis.

It was Louie’s first encounter with a sporo-cat so she was very worried if she would be able to home-nurse Malachy successfully. Louie wrote to us […]

The thrice-weekly subcut sessions

Here’s today’s subcut session for Bunny and Cleo.

As always, I can do Bunny’s singlehandedly, and even change the bottle midway and take videos!

But when it comes to the Queen…..

Susah sedikit…

But nowadays, it’s possible already, which is a huge achievement!

I used to […]

Cow’s update, after his 3rd dental

Cow is as tough as nails! He showed no pain after his dental two days ago. He did not even paw his mouth so there’s no need to wear the e-collar anymore.

Cow is only on the transdermal Tramadol, probably until tomorrow.

Before the surgery, I was really so undecided whether to let him […]

All’s well with Cow Mau so far

I got up at 5.00am this morning and Cow Mau was fine.

The only thing I realised is that I’d forgotten to keep the back grille open for him last night because the e-collar would have prevented him from going out through the horizontal bars of the grille! We modified the width of our horizontal […]

Cow wants to eat!

So Cow is really hungry and asked for food!

Nowadays, all the cats have supper as well. And because one of Bunny’s trials was to include some kibble in his diet (to bulk up his stools), everybody’s supper is now…kibble.

Oh well…never mind. Let them enjoy the treat!

The vet said to let Cow have […]

Cow Mau’s third dental procedure

“If you have anything important to say, please…start at the end!”

Cow Mau is okay, dental done and is back home now!

Last night, I wrote this:

Cow had a dental procedure in March 2019 where two teeth were extracted. At that time, Vincent had just passed away from kidney failure and I decided to […]

A Cindy’s “baby food” birthday supper treat for everyone!

I use Cindy’s Recipe’s Original canned food with goat milk (in broth) a lot. I call it Cindy’s baby food because it is meant for kittens and special needs cats. It’s just so versatile.

Mostly, it’s excellent for feeding medicines, even for someone as fussy and strong-willed as Queen Cleo. I’m thankful she is willing […]

The ongoing trials for Bunny and his chronic constipation

Bunny started on Cisapride on 15th April, which is almost a month ago. I can safely say that yes, Cisapride helps the motility in his intestines and therefore, his constipation problem. But we are still on Lactulose and the extra water.

Lately, I also started giving Bunny some kibble with the hope that it would […]

A cheat day for the cats

Today’s breakfast was a “cheat day” meal for the cats!

It’s all because Bunny had loose stools yesterday, so I gave him Cindy’s Tender Chicken with broth. Of course if Bunny gets, everyone wants it too.

So, this morning, everyone had Cindy’s Tender Chicken…what a treat!

Bunny, Cow and Cleo had pure […]