A small scare by Bunny Bun Buns

On Friday evening, Bunny gave me quite a scare.

Suddenly, he looked ill and did not want to eat…at all.

For Bunny to refuse food – that is always an alarm bell.

But it was already late evening and the vet was closed.

Bunny also felt a bit warm to the touch. The worrying thing […]

Cow & Bunny’s sneezing updates

Bunny stopped sneezing on the very next day (nipped in the bud, thankfully) but Cow took a few more days. He’s not totally sneeze-free yet, but he is on the mend.

Besides the medication, Cow & Bunny are also on Vetri DMG and Lysine. Lysine seems to help this round (it did not […]

Bunny sneezes too…. (the cat flu bug)

It was just a matter of time….

Bunny started sneezing as well, so we are going to put him on the same medication as Cow, as advised by the vet. No need for another car trip since it has just started and it’s at an early stage.

The flu bug – it’s airborne and it […]

Cow goes to the vet’s (cat flu)

Cow suddenly started sneezing yesterday afternoon.

After consulting the vet, I started him with Vetri DMG and Cetirizine 10mg half tablet (anti-histamine).

This morning, my husband took Cow to the vet’s as I had to work. I was also concerned I noticed Cow straining to defecate two days ago. But I gave him Lactulose for […]

Cow Mau and Bunny Bright Eyes!


Cow Mau is eating fine and well. There appears to be no more pawing of the mouth now.

For him, it’s all about maintaining the cleanliness of his teeth now so that he doesn’t need another scaling! I give him Orozyme twice a day now. But I still cannot use my finger to […]

Bunny got into a fight…off to the vet’s

We were out yesterday evening and when we came back, I saw fur on the ground in Bunny’s Place.

It looked like Bunny’s eye was injured too as it was watery, had discharge and he was also drooling blood-stained saliva.

Based on the black and white fur, the possible aggressors would Cow or Indy, but […]

How’s Cow now?

Cow took a long, long nap last night, then he ate a truckload of food at about 10.30pm. Since the vet suggested kibble to avoid the “stickiness” of wetfood (for now), I offered Pole’s kibble and he ate them up. Then, I offered canned food (totally blended till fine) and he ate TWO cans!

Well, […]

Cow’s back from his 2nd dental surgery!

Cow is back home now!!

I’ve been very anxious the whole day, worrying about Cow, but all’s well and he is home now.

I got up at 5.30am this morning to give Cow his breakfast so that he has enough hours of fasting before the surgery. But Cow did not eat much. However, he ate […]

Rio and Lynx (on flu medication)

Rio also had been sneezing occasionally for about 2 weeks now, but it wasn’t serious until yesterday when he seemed a little less active than before.

Remember Rio is The Flash aka Barry Allen? He zooms around most of the time so when he does not zoom around, perhaps something is not so right with […]