Vincent’s pilling session on Sunday

As the vet said yesterday, it is VERY difficult to pill Vincent.

Yes, we know….

Indeed, it was.

Even though we wrapped him with a towel, he kept turning his head so fast that I couldn’t even get the pill popper into his mouth. When I could and I popped the pill, he spat it […]

Vincent’s home!

Vincent is discharged and home now!

He is not fully recovered yet and the ulcers are still bad, but he can already be off from the IV-drip and be on oral medication. However, he IS very difficult to pill, so that is going to be a great challenge.

His hydration improved after being on drips […]

Vincent’s Day 3 at the vet’s

The clinic is closed today, but the vet sent an update with a photo and video this morning.

Vincent is still able to eat on his own. But he has the beginning signs of the flu. We hope the existing antibiotic protocol will address the flu symptoms.


Vincent’s Day 2 at the vet’s

Vincent must be feeling much better after the IV-rehydration. He ate up all the food that the vet gave him – chicken breast meat, wetfood and kibble!

He looks more cheerful as well.

We visited this morning.

He was his usual “super manja” self. Even both the vets said so. He’d rub […]

Vincent’s updates

At about 5pm today, Vincent’s vet updated me with a video and photograph of Vincent. The vet decided to put Vincent on IV-drips since he was very dehydrated.

We hope Vincent feels better soon, with the help of the drips for rehydration. It would be certainly more effective than drinking water orally […]

Vincent is warded (stomatitis again)

After a relatively uneventful two years, Vincent’s stomatitis has flared up again.

Sigh…we know that there is no cure for stomatitis. We can only manage it. Throughout the two years after his two tooth extractions, Vincent’s condition has been stable. He was on Plague Off for maintenance and that did its job well. We didn’t […]

Indy’s follow-up at the vet’s (Day 5)

Today, Indy finished the fifth (and last) dose of his antibiotics (Stomorgyl).

We took him back to the vet for a follow-up (Vincent went as well – next story).

The vet checked Indy’s lymph nodes and they have gone smaller, which is good. As for his mouth ulcers, there is only a very slight improvement. […]

Indy goes to the vet (mouth ulcers)

For the past ten days or so, Indy had been showing symptoms of gum problems. He would be eating and all of a sudden, he would jerk away, run off and spit out thick saliva.

It reminded me of Vincent’s exact symptoms in 2016 when it was diagnosed as stomatitis. We tried various treatments for […]

Ginger seems to be okay

After the little scare yesterday, Ginger started eating again. He only wanted Monge yesterday.

This morning, he wanted home-cooked food again, so hopefully, everything will be back to normal.

So far, there has been no more vomiting.

Here’s Ginger with Tiger, after breakfast.

Ginger seems to be very thankful for the trip […]