Queuing up at the watering hole

Vincent only ate twice today, and there were no “A” meals.

He licked a little bit of Coco&Joe’s at 10.11am and had a “B” meal of raw meat and organs at 1.55pm. Since then, he hasn’t eaten.

When Indy made the supper call just now, he came to the kitchen to join everyone too.

To […]

Mercola’s Complete Probiotics and lunchtime

I ordered Mercola’s Complete Probiotics on Friday (14th Sept) and it arrived today!!

A bit of background about it first.

It is highly recommended by Dr Karen Becker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ4RIW1rDM0.

I also have used it before for Tiger previously (bought from Asia Paws when Tiger went for acupuncture). It was also recommended by Dr Susanna Santhiram. […]

Morning has broken (3 pilling sessions) and about the Biosilver

I’ll say we are off to a pretty good start as far as pilling is concerned.

Pole ate well today too!

I gave her Monge and Cubgrub to see which she’d like. Of course I was hoping she would eat Cubgrub again. Once any of our cats eat Cubgrub, my worries are […]

A more “balanced” diet for Vincent and more about his subcuts

I forgot to mention to very important things I learnt at the vet’s today.

The first is regarding Vincent’s diet. As you know, we were so desperate to just get him to eat initially, so we adopted the principle of letting him eat whatever he wants as long as he is willing to eat it. […]

Ginger’s wound is still infected

Luckily the vet insisted on seeing Ginger again today.

If he had left it to us, we wouldn’t have brought Ginger back because (in our untrained mind and eye), we really thought Ginger’s wound was healing very well.

But the vet said he would like to see Ginger again.

However, Ginger had other plans.

As […]

Another opinion for Pole

Last night, I managed to receive a response from a senior vet whom I consulted about Pole. This vet agreed that we needn’t wait for 2 weeks with the medication. Instead, we should get the blood test done as soon as possible (results could be obtained within 20 mins) and if Pole is fit for […]

Pole eats but…

I decided it would be wiser to let Pole settle down properly and completely after a few traumatic experiences today – the trip to the clinic, our attempt to spray the Biosilver (which failed miserably) and our next attempt to squirt the Biosilver using the syringe (which failed). We also attempted to trim her nails […]

Pole has bad teeth and gingivitis

Ming-Yi and I took Pole to the vet’s today.

Waiting for our turn.

I already informed the vet that Pole is extremely nervous and “jumpy” so he was prepared.

The only times Pole had ever been to the vet’s was for her kitten vaccinations and spaying. There was also one other time […]

Vincent to the vet’s

Yesterday was a bad day for Vincent.

He only ate breakfast and after that, it was the sad staring game.

He came to the kitchen at lunch time, dinner and supper, but could not bring himself to eat.


Vincent and me, last night, at the landing.

This morning he came to […]