Ginger seems to be okay

After the little scare yesterday, Ginger started eating again. He only wanted Monge yesterday.

This morning, he wanted home-cooked food again, so hopefully, everything will be back to normal.

So far, there has been no more vomiting.

Here’s Ginger with Tiger, after breakfast.

Ginger seems to be very thankful for the trip […]

A little scare from Ginger

Yesterday, Ginger vomited his entire breakfast out, about 6 hours after consuming it. All the food was intact and not digested (home-c0oked and kibble). Right after vomiting, he asked for food again, so I thought it was nothing to worry about, though the part where the food hadn’t been digested for 6 hours was a […]

Tiger and Vincent’s challenges

Tiger has epilepsy and is FIV+. Vincent has stomatitis. Both are life-long challenges.

Recently, Vincent wasn’t feeling too well. He lost his confidence and would only eat one meal per day, ie. breakfast only. Luckily, he ate a lot and his breakfast was enough to last him a whole day. At other times, he seemed […]

Tiger’s bite wounds

Ever since the last trip to the vet’s, Tiger’s wound (with the “fistullas” (tunnels under the skin)) healed and during the 17-day period when he was put on Clavamox, he had no seizures at all.

After that, the seizures came back and it has been averaging at 1-2 fits per day.

He is still on […]

Urko’s updates (sporo survivor)

The initial post:

The second update:

Now, the latest update:

Hi, Our Urko was at UPM today – considered cured. To take med for one more month. Weight 4.5 kg. Is a beauty Cheers, cynthia From the initial 2.2kg, Urko is now 4.5kg and thriving! Kudos to his caregiver!! […]

Daffodil’s new house

This is Daffodil’s new house. It’s a very small box in the kitchen.

She loves it and spends most of her time in it.

Daffodil’s tumour ruptured yesterday and there were blood stains all over the floor. But other that that, she’s okay. The tumour is shrinking and drying […]

Tiger’s abscesses Day 7

Today was Tiger’s check-up and the vet was very pleased with his healing.

No more flushing is required now. Only the oral antibiotics (one more week) and topical application of povidone iodine and the Polybamycin ointment. Hopefully, there will be no secondary abscesses.

The vet shaved a little bit more upwards just to check […]

Tiger’s abscesses Day 6 (the soft mass is also an abscess)

All the wounds are healing.

And finally, now we know that the soft masses on the side, which joined up and became one big soft mass, is also an abscess.

Either it ruptured or Tiger bit it.

I noticed some liquid oozing out of a tiny puncture hole this afternoon, so I dabbed […]

Tiger’s abscesses (Day 5)

I took a photo this morning and sent it to the vet. He was very pleased with Tiger’s progress so there was no need to take Tiger to the clinic today.

Now that the wounds are healing, Tiger must be feeling much better. He goes upstairs at night and sleeps at my […]