Samantha is in the “nesting” phase

I contacted the vet to update her on Samantha’s condition. She thinks Samantha is in the “nesting” phase now. It could be anything from 8-36 hours before birthing begins.

Here is another link:

The link says that the queen will stop eating 24 hours before labour, but Samantha is still eating! She loves […]

Waiting for Samantha to give birth

Samantha started mewing a little now and then this morning. She was also pacing quite a bit and moving from tray to tray.

I thought she would give birth today, but it hasn’t happened yet.

She also loves to eat Primal and doesn’t want kibble anymore. Well, clever girl! So I’ve been giving her Primal […]

Catching Samantha and to the vet’s and total pandemonium!

During Indy’s visit, I had brought along Samantha’s faeces. The fecal examination of her stools showed the presence of a lot of Clostridia, a gram-positive anaerobic bacteria. The vet says Samantha would need to be dewormed, given a B-12 injection and if possible, three days of anti-parasitic liquid medicine.

I said the three days of […]

Indy to the vet’s (bacterial infection of gut)

I was worried about Indy’s off-and-on loose stools. So I made an appointment for Indy check-up and at the same time, the vet said I should also bring Samantha in because she too is having diarrhoea.

Indy was ready, inside the carrier, I had to pack a few things, and I asked hubby to go […]

Samantha’s diarrhoea issue

Samantha is still having the large bowel diarrhoea.

It must have started right from the beginning when we brought her indoors on 27th Jan. That time I was still very busy nursing Bunny, so I may be mistaken now but I thought I saw well-formed stools in her litter box on the second day. I’m […]

Of protein rotation, hydrolysed protein, the biggest junkie in our clan and stories about the Monsters

It was because of Bunny that I had to create the “Surprise-Me-Happy-Meals”, just to entice Bunny to eat. He was getting very choosy and losing protein, so I had to resort of offering him all kinds of different foods ranging from raw, to canned, to cooked and to kibble.

Whatever it took, just to get […]

Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats

The article:

The sharing of all this information is so that we can look out for it as our cats (or dogs) age.

Here are some pertinent points from the article:

With inflammatory bowel disease, specific types of inflammatory cells, depending on the type of IBD, invade the wall of the stomach and/or intestines. […]

IBS and IBD in cats

I only found out now that there is a technical difference between Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). I had earlier erroneously thought the two were the same thing. My apologies for this.

From the description of the difference in the link above, I think Bunny had IBD. His wasn’t a […]

Goodnight, Bunny

Bunny didn’t manage to finish a whole can of food for dinner. He ate about 80% of it, which is really good enough.

His breathing is a bit laboured, so I’ve given him Tramadol as instructed by the vet.

I managed to give Bunny 3 capsules of Bioresis tonight, so in total, he has taken […]