The challenge of getting Pole to eat

As expected the craze over RC renal kibble only lasted 3 days. Pole is not so keen on it anymore, but at least, she ate a lot for 3 whole days and was happy.

Today, she ate a little of it, then stared at me asking for a different kind of food.

Okay, but I […]

Pole’s new enticement for meals (RC renal kibble)

I had a chat with the RC vet yesterday and he suggested that I feed Pole RC renal kibble since she is so fed-up of the renal wetfood by now.

So I decided to use the RC renal kibble as an enticement.

I know, it’s kibble, but I’m also using Greenies as one of the […]

Pole has FIC again….

Yesterday, Pole was acting up and being very difficult during her meal. I had no choice but to force-feed her just to ensure she had some food.

This morning, the same happened but she also started squatting all over the place and there was no urine.


I had some Prazosin, given by the vet […]

Pole’s updates

I still have not been able to make Pole eat Cubgrub. I’ve tried various ways (without the “eat or starve” method, of course). She doesn’t seem to like it anymore.

But she is willing to eat her RC renal wetfood, which is still okay. But I have to be creative in the toppings, alternating between […]

A discussion on Cow’s pawing problem

After the last treatment, Cow stopped pawing. The medication was very effective.

Cow is still on Orozyme on a daily basis, sometimes even twice a day.

But the pawing started again yesterday.

So I had a discussion with the vet today since I was at the clinic with Pole, Minnie and the kittens.

Cow has […]

Barkery treats for the cats! And Pole’s news

I ordered Barkery treats for the cats from Perromart’s online store. Perromart is indeed the friendliest online store I’ve ever encountered. Their service is personal and their shipping is extremely fast (next day delivery!).

I had initially ordered mackerel skin (to entice Pole to eat), but they had run out of stock, so it’s just […]

Pole’s new milestone (eating story)

Pole achieved a new milestone yesterday. She managed to eat her targeted TWO pouches of the RC renal food. According to the guidelines, a 3kg slim cat should eat two pouches of the food.

Pole achieved that yesterday!

Pole’s meals are spread out throughout the day and she eats on demand. The Catmandoo […]

Minnie, Lynx and the 3R’s (Day 4)

All four kittens look alright and appear to be growing in size. They do look chubby too. But Minnie started going off food yesterday. Today, she barely ate; just licked her food. I’ve varied the food too. She doesn’t want Coco&Joe’s, but was willing to lick half a can of Cindy’s mousse. She didn’t even […]

The black market drug for FIP

My dear friend, Aurora Lambrecht, director of FIP Advisory and Care Group, who gave me so much support and help during my four months with Zurik, shared this:

We hope this information will give you some insight into the black market drug so that you can make an informed decision if you need to.