Cow’s bum sore (again?!!)

Yes, again.

I’ve lost count and I think this must be the third time it has happened.

Maybe he got into a fight with someone while we were out.

I noticed it about a week ago and started administering daily cleaning with hibiscrub and applying povidone iodine.

Finally, as of yesterday, it began to dry […]

Palliative care for pets with terminal illness

A few days ago, I received a call for advice.

A man was facing a dilemma. He was told his dog has cancer and is terminal. His vet advised him to have his dog put down.

The man didn’t really know what it meant so he asked me if “putting down” meant killing. It was […]

Rosie (Day 40)

Today was the blood test to check if the EPO had worked.

Rosie’s RBC and PCV (HCT) have both dropped further. The vet said we cannot tell for sure if the EPO had not worked as it sometimes take a longer time to work.

In any case, we will continue to do all we can […]

Rosie (Day 39)

Today was an uneventful day for Rosie, but quite eventful for me.

It was a lovely morning, so I put Rosie in the cage so that she could get some fresh air and sunshine.

She soon fell asleep and it was all peaceful until…

Yes, Mr Zurik had […]

Rosie (Day 38)

Watching early morning cartoon on tv!

Eating with Ginger and Heidi.

I’ve noticed that Rosie feels intimidated by Heidi and Tabs because these two are eating machines. They finish their food really fast and go after Rosie’s, so I have to keep these two at bay.


Rosie’s 3rd EPO jab (day 37)

Today was Rosie’s 3rd EPO jab.

It was a very long wait at the clinic.

We also dewormed Rosie.

Rosie weighed 3.91kg. This increase has been gradual but it is due to the liver being swollen. On the last trip just two days ago, Rosie was 3.6kg. She […]

Rosie’s 3rd acupuncture session (Day 36)

We’re really grateful to our vet-acupuncturist who made time for Rosie today so that she could have a session.

Rosie is very perky now – trying to dig her way out.

She even ate in the car!


And she ate at the clinic […]

Rosie’s 2nd EPO injection (Day 35)

Today was Rosie’s second EPO jab.

Rosie’s HCT (equivalent to PCV), at 20.3%, was below the lower boundary of the normal range, which indicates that she is getting more and more anaemic, which is, unfortunately, expected, since the liver makes blood and Rosie’s liver is badly injured.

We decided to start her on the EPO […]

Rosie eats more (Day 34)

So the prognosis is terribly poor, but Rosie seems to be feeling better.

Last night, it must have been in the middle of the night (I don’t have a clock in the room), Rosie asked for food TWICE and she ate quite a bit. It’s definitely more than before.

This morning, she ate on her […]