Not trichomonosis or coccidiosis

Ok, the vet said it’s not trichomonosis or coccidiosis. So, we have ruled these two out. She suspects it is a immune mediated bowel disease. We did not have time to discuss as this was through text messages.

I guess that sounds like an autoimmune condition.

Typical Indy – baffling the vets.

Meanwhile, life goes […]

Feline Coccidiosis – the search continues

Indy had more blood in his stools today. Sigh.

My search has led me to this:

Again, the symptoms fit: bloody stools.

But this link talks about more symptoms:

And Indy doesn’t have some of the said symptoms like “weak, feverish and weight loss”.

I’ll need to check with Indy’s vet again – […]

Feline trichomonosis and differential diagnosis for Indy

I posted for help and suggestions at a raw feeding FB group and someone shared that her cats had feline trichomonosis.

So I looked it up and found this link:

Diarrhea associated with T. foetus can be semi-soft but may be mucoid or bloody and is usually not accompanied by other signs (eg, weight […]

Indy’s bone broth and some reflections

Indy simply loves his bone broth!

I don’t know how much Indy is supposed to eat, so I give the broth to him as a snack in between meals.

Of course everyone else wants it too!

Heidi absolutely loves it too!

Sedap, ya?


Making bone broth for the cats

Desperate to find a solution for Indy’s loose stool problem, I joined an FB group of raw feeders for cats and was advised to give Indy some bone broth as it is supposed to be very healing for the gut. It is also good for the liver and for the joints.

And it’s also good […]

Oh no…..(Indy’s news)

I was full of hope that Alpteses would work for Indy. He had one sachet yesterday, spread over lunch (11am) and dinner (5pm), as per the instructions.

I watched Indy and the sandpit all night and was too happy that there were no stools for the day until….

At 10.52pm when Indy went to the […]

Alpteses and NaturVet’s

Here’s a comparison between Alpteses (taken from PetDiatrics’ website) and NaturVet’s Digestive Enzymes.

Alpha Amilase 2320 SKBU Lipase 210 LU Cellulose 75 CMCU Protease 22100 PU Bacillus Coagulant 100 million CFU

As you can see, the units are different and I am not at all familiar with them, so I guess I cannot […]

Alpteses for Indy

I was at the vet’s with Heidi today and the vet said to try Alpteses for Indy.

Alpteses is a pancreatic digestive enzyme, from Petdiatrics. It’s a powder to be mixed with food or I could also put it into capsules as an alternative method of feeding it.

So I tried it during lunch just […]

Heidi to the vet’s

Late last night, Jia-Wen noticed a wound on Heidi’s thigh.

It looked like this. Wet.

That totally freaked me out and I quickly searched for pictures of Tiger’s and Zurik’s sporo lesions last time. Zurik had a classical sporo lesion, but Tiger’s were not the typical classical type.

And Heidi wound looked […]