The Blondies’ vaccination today

I took the Blondies for their next vaccinations today.

For Kai and Akira, this was their third, hence that completes their baby vaccinations.

For Indra, it was her second. Hers was delayed for a month because she had the flu earlier on.

All have increased in weight with Indra (yes, the youngest!) leading at 2.3kg, […]

Updates on WinWin (from Survivor Shelter)

Here are some updates on WinWin from Ms Ong:

WinWin’s blood PCV dropped further to 19% today, but she gained weight.

Ms Ong has opted for the Darbepoeitin jab.

Today’s bill is covered by Ms Ong herself.

Here’s an online news about Ms Ong and her shelter:

Ms Ong also informed us that she […]

CPR for animals

Kindly learn from a veterinarian, the proper way to give CPR to animals. The diagram below is a guideline.

Watch this live action:

Updates on WinWin (from Survivor Shelter)

Ms Ong took WinWin to see the vet again this morning.

WinWin’s blood PCV has further dropped to 20%. The vet explained that with IMHA, this is expected to happen, that is, the blood PCV will drop gradually.

In fact, in severe cases, the blood PCV drops very fast, sometimes a fast as within 24 […]

Updates on Fate (from Survivor Shelter)

Ms Ong took Fate to the vet’s yesterday for a check-up.

Fate was given a clean bill of health and given her first vaccination.

All is well and Fate is growing well.

Ms Ong says she will cover the entire bill for this.


Updates on Fate (from Survivor Shelter)

Here’s updates from Ms Ong:

All is well with Fate. She’s a happy little kitten with an occasional sneeze which could be due to some allergy. Ms Ong will be taking her for the first vaccination soon.

For new readers, Ms Ong’s Survivor Shelter is a dog shelter and home to 46 dogs. Fate was […]

Updates on WinWin (from Survivor Shelter)

Ms Ong took WinWin for her weekly check-up today.

Everything is fine with WinWin except her blood PCV which hasn’t gone up. It is still the same as the last visit, at 22%.

WinWin has gained a little bit of weight (12.9kg now), has good appetite and good mobility.

The vet says this is beyond […]

Goodbye, Cash

Ms Ong had already expected the worst this morning when she visited Cash. Cash was unresponsive, could not lift up her head and refused to eat. Ms Ong still tried to feed Cash and even took her out on a walk, but she had watery diarrhoea, which was not a good sign at all.

When […]

Updates on WinWin (from Survivor Shelter)

Updates from Ms Ong on WinWin:

WinWin was brought for a follow-up visit at the vet’s today. Her weight is good and everything is good except that her blood PCV has gone down from 27% to 22%.

Her weight is 12.6kg which is good.

She was given the Darbepoeitin jab (we already paid it for […]