Ginger’s 2nd home nebulization

I know how to do it now, so it’s very easy.

It took about 15 minutes today. And Ginger did not struggle. In fact, he rather enjoyed it, happily breathing in the fumes!

We’re done!

Heidi takes the carrier. Ginger takes the basket.

Wait, no […]

Ginger’s first home nebulization

Ginger seemed much better after the trip to the vet’s yesterday, with the Baytril injection and the nebulization done at the clinic. Either he’s a hypochondriac (“I’ve been to the vet’s so I’m already much better” – I know MANY human hypochondriacs, believe me – it’s called the Placebo Effect) or whatever that was done […]

Ginger to the vet’s for the 3rd time (needs daily nebulizing)

Ginger was getting better, but took a turn for the worse yesterday when he started snorting. Although his appetite is intact, I did not want to take any chances. So I got an appointment at the vet’s for 11am today.

At 10.20am, I “geared” up and Ginger and I made our trip to the vet’s […]

The Belgian cat and safety protocols to keep our animals safe

Many of you would have read news about the cat in Belgium who was tested positive for Covid19 and displayed symptoms. Indications currently suggest that the cat was infected by his/her owner and not otherwise.

There are many links to this news, but this one is from our news portal:

We have checked this […]

Cornell Feline Health Centre (Corona virus updates)

Please refer to this for reliable news:

ICAM on Covid-19, dogs and cats

The article:

Some excerpts:

Sugar says “thank you!!” (the blood donor case)

Finally, a blood donor matched and Sugar got her blood transfusion today!

Max sent this photo and on behalf of Max and Sugar, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to everyone who has helped.

Thank you so much!! Messages from Max:

hi ms thank u for ur kindness sugar had a donor today […]

A clarification from the experts (Covid19 and dogs)

One of our dear friends shared this article. It is very informative:


“But infection doesn’t mean the dog is sick or has symptoms. Whereas, a disease is when an infected person or animal develops symptoms, such as fever, cold, or pneumonia,” he said.

A lesson in self-isolation (by Ginger)

Hi, I’m Ginger. About a month ago, I contracted cat flu. Apparently, it’s cat flu season now. My human brought me to see the vet twice and I’ve been on two courses of antibiotics now. I was also given anti-histamines, a mucolytic and a broncodilator. My sneezing has stopped but the cough is a little […]