Semintra for Vincent

Vincent almost finished his Fortekor and previously, even after a month on Fortekor, his proteinurea did not improve. So I decided that we should try Semintra especially when much good results have been touted with its use. Most vets say it works better than Fortekor, so let’s see if that works for Vincent too.


Vincent’s updates (exploring new ways)

Much has happened lately. I’ve been so, so busy that I haven’t even had time to update on Vincent’s news.

About two days ago, Vincent wet his bed (the Rosie Blanket). So of course, I had to change all the sheets and I replaced it with the Carebears blanket.

I don’t know if he felt […]

Vincent Bagheera’s “Rosie” blanket and updates

Vincent has migrated onto the bed now!

This is now HIS room and HIS bed (and yes, Ginger is not very happy about it).

This blanket was a very thoughtful gift of love and friendship from one of our donors shortly after Rosie passed away. I was devastated and traumatised. This kind […]

Vincent’s subcut (the floating hand technique)

Vincent has been very good during subcut these days. I have no complaints whatsoever and am able to handle it all alone.

On cold days, I need both hands to handle the subcut because I can feel that the fluids under the skin is cool (and the weather is cold), so it helps if I […]

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Cheras (Leow Fook Fong’s)

This is a private sponsorship of RM60 for the neutering of this cat and another RM40 for the surgical fee.

Ms Leow is a new applicant. She rescued this cat off the streets and the cat was found to be sick. The vet said the cat needed surgery so it was performed. It was discovered […]

Vincent’s news and other thoughts

It’s been two days since I last wrote about Vincent.

The last two days have been packed with things to do, but it’s all been good, because our Double Charity Donation received four orders!

And there have been an overwhelming number of neutering applications, which is all good. But the saddest part is, on Wednesday, […]

Vincent’s updates

This is going to be a long update. It covers from Thursday night till now (Saturday night).

During the last visit to the vet’s on Wednesday, the vet suggested that since Vincent won’t eat the renal diet, I’m to give him homecooked, canned and raw (in that order, with raw being the last option).

You […]

Of anecdotes, testimonials and the placebo effect

I’ve been researching “cures” and treatment for Vincent’s kidney disease and came to this, which I simply have to share, because it’s definitely food for thought:

And I have to share this picture too (because it’s so funny!):

It’s good to share and it certainly is good to learn, but ultimately, what works […]

Vincent’s check-up after one month

Today was Vincent’s check-up after one month on treatment at this vet.

First, the vet is pleased with his weight gain. Based on the records at this clinic, using their scale, Vincent’s weight has gained steadily from 2.6kg to 3.1kg, then 3.3kg and today, 3.6kg. The vet says this is already considered very good. She […]