A single-handed subcut session

Bunny is not a problem at all; Pole and Cleo are. These two girls are our feral cats even though we have looked after them since the day they were born.

Cleo’s subcut.

I wish I had four hands, but I only have two, so I have to grab […]

Heidi’s updates

It looks like Heidi is on the mend.

As of yesterday, she started eating again, though not as much as she usually does.

But she is back to her usual habits, so that is definitely a good sign.

She came to the door to greet me when I came home from work.

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Meat chunks as a dental treat

I was asking advice from my raw-feeding friend today regarding Pole’s tartar problem. I would do whatever it takes as long as she does not have to undergo scaling.

The advice was to give her Orozyme twice a day of which I am already doing AND to give her meat chunks to chew on. In […]

Protect yourself from the Novel Coronavirus: “Your face is sacred”

This is a very informative interview: https://www.facebook.com/onefm913/videos/2916759611719451/?__xts__[0]=68.ARBhXVolEQGQoOPUGg3-BTVmLgZHVPZghGZkRpT8hEmXVAFOqs9DfrT-qIDHv6gVXFJfjaouDpooEz1o5nZ-0Mw2vhZBVXS0eT4nn2kfqzOH8bpBhkJ2pICq7R7hVlp3IF6Nbi0ZmJrmYIl7C2Pda-ffq4-nKklaH2HAEOPV9rHkQ1FYN8GYx3HuSQMndAeURc2ZmaPMbjyqhGEYWLudpJbSdJx3FMfILwS8izQ56BVQWgaDr7DjFLb_IqpwMdV7ufmX3ofXinbMKORmmZw-bnLnfaCd4V-OIQOylQSOuzy2X57vHN05AZrCkuH1g4UfBOqEB7fuE7WZ_r7xAi3Zi6Tz-Q&__tn__=H-R

The summary, as I understand:

1. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently. 2. Do NOT touch your face (“Your face is sacred”) unless you have just washed your hands thoroughly with soap and water. 3. Get some Vitamin D – from the sun, in the safety […]

The FCoV does NOT infect humans

The FCoV is the Feline Corona virus.

In the wake of the Novel Wuhan Corona Virus, below is an informative article, shared with the kind permission of Ms Aurora Lambrecht: https://www.facebook.com/aurora.lambrecht/posts/10158264189920312

Very important to keep in mind: FCoV does NOT infect humans. Commonly coronaviruses are host specific, only infecting closely related species. FCoV is genetically […]

Pole eats!

This morning I got up at 2.30am!

Everyone had breakfast at 5.00am and Pole ate her Recovery. I did offer some Cubgrub but she refused. Guess it’s going to take some effort to convert her back to Cubgrub or Coco&Joe’s. Perhaps the association of these foods with the mouth pain takes a longer time to […]

Orozyme and Greenies for Pole

Since yesterday, I had already started Pole on Greenies and Orozyme.

Well, of course, everyone else wanted Greenies too.

This afternoon’s experience with Oral Aid must have totally freaked Pole out.

I was lucky enough that this evening, she was still willing to eat Recovery (no bad experience from there). But after that, when […]

Pole goes to the vet’s (pawing at mouth)

I decided not to wait until Tuesday when the clinics reopen.

So, we took Pole to the 24-hour vet hospital this afternoon.

Despite being the first day of Chinese New Year and a public holiday, the clinic was packed – a grim reminder that sickness does not choose a time to happen. If it happens, […]

An all-new reunion portrait (!!) and Pole’s “gingivitis”(?)

Gong Xi, Gong Xi, everyone!

Since yesterday, I had been trying to get the Cow Clan (with associate member, Indy) to pose for a reunion photo.

You know how anti-social the whole clan is, right? The girls eat on the counter, and usually Pole eats in her condo.

So, the best I could get was […]