Zurik to the vet’s

For more than a week, I’ve noticed a progressive balding on Vincent’s head. Initially, it just looked like some loss of hair, but in the last two days, it looked more like mange.

This was taken a few days ago.

I first started by applying some enzyme onto the bald parts (according to a […]

Vincent’s 4th PCV test (with the Darbepoetin)

Today is Vincent’s 4th Darbepoetin injection (the last from the series of four injections) plus the B12 injection.

As per the protocol, a blood test was done before that to check his PCV. Sadly, his PCV has dropped today, to 18%.

Before we started the series of Darbepoetin injections, it had dropped to 16% and […]

Vincent’s blood test results

Our day started at 5.20am with breakfast. Vincent ate his usual amount.

I managed to put the Semintra into the food. Vincent was VERY hungry so it all got eaten along with the food. Yay!

Since Vincent’s steamed fish and chicken isn’t exactly balanced, I mixed […]

Vincent is home!

We were at the vet’s this morning to take Vincent home. He hasn’t had any loose stools already so that’s good and he has his appetite back.

The vet showed me how to hold Vincent’s head in place so that the pill popper can be used. Vincent did get a shock but that’s “okay”, and […]

Visiting Vincent (Day 3)

Today is Day 3 for Vincent at the clinic.

Hi, Vincent!!

The vet says Vincent had some loose stools this morning, so he cannot be discharged yet. Most likely tomorrow then.

The drooling is still pretty bad.

Sigh…this mouth/gum problem must have started quite a long time ago. Two […]

Visiting Vincent this morning (and the kitten next door)

I made a fresh batch of steamed chicken this morning, to be taken to the clinic for Vincent.

The steamed chicken and 4 cans of Vincent’s (current) favourite food.

Here he is.

The vet said last night, he didn’t want to eat anymore. The videos posted yesterday were taken […]

And our soldier………EATS! (Vincent’s news)

I really did not expect this news!

Look at these videos sent by the vet just now.


He is eating cooked chicken here. Believe it or not?


And here…he is eating renal wet food and renal kibble!!!

Look at him eat!!

Can you believe […]

Vincent licks some gravy, but…

I remember the last time this happened. Vincent is so sensitive that he develops this “food repulsion” tendency where he associates his illness with the food. And he will get turned off by that food, hence, he won’t eat.

The “trick” at that time, was to give him something totally different. That worked…at that time.


Vincent to the vet’s (1st Darbepoetin jab)

We took Vincent to the vet’s this morning.

On the way there.

We were the first patient of the day.

The vet checked Vincent’s mouth thoroughly and while there was some pus in certain areas, the mouth, as far as we could see, isn’t that bad. So, perhaps it is the esophagus […]