Indy’s diarrhoea and Bioflor

For those of you who have been following this blog, you might remember Indy’s 7-week bout with bloody diarrhoea (the stools had blood in them) in October-November 2019. At that time, I tried everything I was advised to, by the vet as well as well-meaning friends.

Nothing worked until I switched his diet to raw […]

What does Bunny want to eat?

It’s back to the Surprise-Me-Happy-Meals again for Bunny now.

But Bunny clearly has a preference for fish these days. I know the vet says fish isn’t suitable when there’s diarrhoea, but that’s what Bunny wanted and so far, he has been diarrhoea-free for 6 days now and switching to fish was one of the changes […]

YES! It IS Bunny’s glorious poo!!

I saw it happening before my eyes just now!!

It IS Bunny’s well-formed big poo!!!!

No more diarrhoea. It’s suddenly all back to normal now.

Thank you, Bioflor and/or Clavamox! I don’t know which one worked but something worked!!

Bunny has 3 more days of Clavamox and I’m giving it in the morning and evening, […]

Bunny’s updates – no diarrhoea

It’s looking good…finally!

No diarrhoea today too.

But…yes, there is a “but”. After breakfast today, Bunny tried to defecate but nothing came out.

So I think the chronic constipation may have returned again, which isn’t surprising since Bunny does have chronic constipation since July this year. The motility in his gut is compromised, probably due […]

Bunny’s updates – are his diarrhoea days over yet?

I don’t even dare to write this post or even say it.

But Bunny has been diarrhoea free for more than 48 hours now.

The diarrhoea had persisted for a total of 18 days. Our first regimen of treatment completely failed. Metrogyl and the supplements did not work at all. I gave him Saccharomyces Boulardii […]

Bunny’s diarrhoea – the second line of treatment

It has been extremely challenging managing Bunny’s diarrhoea. The first treatment of Metrogyl did not work so I stopped that but continued with his supplements of folic acid and B-12. Then, we saw the vet again and now we are embarking on a fresh regimen of treatment.

The first line of treatment in this new […]

Bunny to the vet’s (persistent gut problem)

I communicated with our vet on Bunny’s condition and she said she would like to see him and give him another B-12 (methycobal) injection. So off we went to the vet’s this afternoon (in the pouring rain!).

The vet did a fecal examination of Bunny’s stool and found a tiny bit of blood in it […]

Bunny’s persistent diarrhoea

The medication isn’t working. It’s already been 15 days now and Bunny is still having diarrhoea. Bunny has had diarrhoea before this, but it always resolved itself within a day or two. But this time, it has persisted.

This diarrhoea has resulted in weight loss and of course, discomfort, I’m sure.

After 7 days on […]

Ginger’s thigh cyst

Yesterday, Sihui was patting Ginger and she felt a lump on his body near his thigh.

So today it’s off to the vet’s.

The vet said it’s really lucky that Sihui felt the lump because indeed there is a lump there.

The lump is where my thumb is.

An ultrasound scan was […]