Bunny & Indy’s check-up (after 6 months)

It was six months ago that Bunny & Indy’s SDMA tests showed early kidney degeneration. We started on twice-weekly subcut and have maintained that since then. Three months ago, the SDMA readings went down, which was good. The subcut sessions continued.

Today was their check-up after six months from diagnosis.

I was a little worried […]

Zurik’s check-up

I decided to take Zurik earlier for his check-up because the build-up of the abdominal fluids is very fast now.

We drew out 325ml of fluids but there was more.

Zurik’s urine had been dark yellow for some time now and today, his skin has a yellow tinge as well. Jaundice has set in and […]

Zurik’s news

Yesterday, I drove to the clinic to change Zurik’s liquid antibiotics to a tablet. It had been very stressful for him to take the liquid (even though it is the same one that Pole takes willingly); he froths and spits it out, and most of all, it is extremely stressful for him. The vet changed […]

Pole’s last day of antibiotics

Pole has been EXTREMELY good in taking her daily antibiotics and this evening’s dose will be the last dose. That’s 7 days of antibiotics.

The antibiotics worked wonders because right after 4 hours of the first dose, she was already able to urinate. After that, there was no more straining at all. But we still […]

Managing Zurik

Whether Zurik’s beginning jaundice is due to hepatic lipidosis or not, we are not absolutely sure, but the fact remains that he hasn’t had much appetite for the past week.

It is also a fact that he needs to eat. Whether it is hepatic lipidosis or not, eating definitely helps. His loss of protein is […]

Zurik’s check-up

The past few days have not been good for Zurik. Ever since the 375ml of fluids was aspirated from his abdominal cavity last Friday, he seemed to have lost his appetite. He only had one good day, which was on Tuesday, where he was able to eat. On other days, I had to force-feed him […]

Pole’s surprises!

It’s been a few pleasant surprises so far….

After about 3-4 hours after Pole was given her first dose of medication at the clinic, I saw her squatting and urinating! What a sight for sore eyes! Yes, there was definitely a stream of urine.

I hope this means the antibiotics is addressing the infection that […]

Pole to the vet (UTI)

The hardest cats to feed medicine to are Pole and Cleo, so we’ve been very lucky that both of them very seldom required any medication.

But this morning, I noticed Pole squatting trying to urinate and nothing came out. This happened about 7 times in a 15 minute interval, so that was a cause for […]

Zurik’s check-up (375ml fluids drawn)

Today was Zurik’s check-up.

His belly had already felt very turgid for a few days now. Prior to this, it was just soft and “fluidy”; not turgid. But for the past few days, it felt turgid, which is indicative of a fair amount of fluids in the abdomen.

The ultrasound on both sides of the […]