Zurik tips the scales at 4.8kg!

First, let me apologise for yesterday’s typo in the subject of the post about Zurik’s breathing pattern. I used “beats” and that led to the confusion that I was talking about his heartbeat. The word should have been “breaths” and not “beats”. Sorry!

I am monitoring Zurik’s breathing pattern to check if there is any […]

Zurik’s 8 breaths per 15 seconds

There are a few “vital signs” that I should monitor for Zurik. Besides his appetite and weight, I must also monitor his breathing pattern as this would be an rough indicator of accumulation of fluids in the lung cavity, if any.

Previously, Zurik’s number of breaths in 15 seconds was 15 or even 16.

But […]

Zurik is….STABLE!!!!!

I couldn’t wait until 10 days.

Today is the 9th day since Zurik’s steroid dosage was halved and I was already too anxious, so we took Zurik for his check-up. It’s just one day earlier. Beat the weekend jam – that’s my excuse! But I was actually very anxious and wanted to be sure that […]

Zurik’s updates

It’s been 4 days since Zurik’s steroid dosage tapered down to 2.5mg once a day. I must admit that I’m anxious about this. I was told to watch his breathing and I’ve been doing this, but my untrained eye isn’t sure whether there are changes to his breathing pattern. He has always had a […]

Zen By Cat

Zen by Cat: https://www.zenbycat.org/

A site dedicated to raising awareness about FIP and research to end FIP.

Indy’s fine (7 days after the extraction)

I took Indy along for a check-up today, with Zurik.

Last night Indy started eating quite a lot of canned food, which was all good, but this morning, he jumped up onto the ledge (Cleo’s observation ledge where she does all her battles with intruders) and refused to come down for breakfast.

He was up […]

Zurik’s check-up: Too little fluids!!

Today was Zurik’s check-up at the vet’s. This is after 19 days from the last pleural effusion aspiration (drawing out of fluids from right lung cavity).

My heart was beating so fast when he was being checked with ultrasound. I tried to look out of the “black spots” indicative of spots with fluids. Even my […]

And how is our Super-Indy??

I woke up this morning, came downstairs quickly to check on Indy and got a mini shock of my life when I could not find him anywhere at all!

Last night, I left him on the chair and this morning, that same chair looked like it had turned a somersault and landed 180 degrees off.


Indy is still disorientated

I transferred Indy from the carrier into the cage. He was relatively calm at first….

Tabs visiting…

I offered him some Recovery, but he just licked the surface and didn’t want any.

He was calm for a few minutes only, then he started flipping and toppling his water […]