Guess how much fluids was sucked out today?

We just came back from the vet’s after Zurik’s check-up. It has been ten days after his last lung cavity aspiration of fluids.

During the first round of aspiration, we extracted 125ml (don’t know how much it had taken to accumulate to that much). The second was 40ml after 4 days, the third was 90ml […]

Breakthrough FIP Research at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine

The video:

Dr Karen Becker talks about FIP

The video:

Is Pole finally okay yet?

You might remember that Pole had a vomiting problem which started four days ago when I gave all of them a different brand of fish oil (yes, my fault, I shouldn’t have changed the brand).

Ever since then, she has not gone back to 100% yet.

I was monitoring her all day yesterday and there […]

Heidi bullies Zurik

What started off as playing has now become a case of bullying.

I have caught Heidi whacking Zurik at least two times so far. And on each occasion, I told Heidi off.

Today, Jia-Wen witnessed it all.

Zurik was sleeping on the sofa minding his own business. Heidi came, walked over to the sofa, put […]

Zurik’s blunt teeth and still more on FIP

Zurik has “blunt” teeth. You’d think that is less dangerous, but it isn’t necessarily so. He can inflict blunt force trauma on me when I feed him his medicines!

But I suppose blunt force trauma is less painful than sharp teeth injury!! There is less likelihood of puncture wounds which warrant a tetanus shot!


Debunking the myth of L-lysine benefits for cats

“Cats with FIP, those that have been exposed to and have the coronavirus and those who are at risk of developing FIP should never be given L–lysine. The reason is clear. Arginine is necessary for a good, healthy immune system. As explained, L–lysine prevents arginine from being taken up in the body.”

The article:


Zurik’s check-up (3rd aspiration of fluids)

I was optimistic and hopeful there would be less fluids in the lungs, or even less. Zurik’s breathing doesn’t seem so laboured anymore now. He looks so alert and he seems more energetic and interested in life compared to the past few months when living outside. Zurik’s appetite has improved so much and he eats […]

What plan are you brewing, Mr Zurik?

He’s up to something, I know.

I think he is planning an escape so we are on Code Yellow and high vigilance today.

I “measured” Mr Zurik’s breathing last night while he was asleep. It was 11 breaths for 30 seconds! Previously, it was 15 breaths. While I know this […]