Tiger’s abscesses (Day 4) and Vincent’s monastic lifestyle

Yesterday morning, I was really happy when I saw that Tiger’s wounds had dried up. That was first thing in the morning.

But before I could take a photo, I guess Tiger bit his wounds and one of them started bleeding again. My guess is, perhaps when it is dried up, it itches, so we […]

Tiger’s abscesses Day 2

Thanks to a well-behaved Google Maps, we found out way to the vet’s and back home safely today!! For someone as severely directionally dyslexic as me, this is quite an achievement.

So, how are Tiger’s abscesses today?

Thankfully, according to the vet, it is showing signs of healing…quite well too.

I sent a photo to […]

Tiger’s (hidden) abscesses

Over the last 2-3 weeks, we’ve noticed Tiger hunching quite a bit, but thought nothing about it. His appetite had been good and he seemed happy enough.

“Leave well enough alone and don’t be paranoid” – I thought this would be a good motto to adopt. Trips to the vet are always very stressful for […]

New updates on Urko (sporo survivor)

The previous post about Urko: https://myanimalcare.org/2017/07/09/urko-surviving-sporotrichosis/

Today’s updates:

Hi, Urko is now 3.6kg, is very strong and active. Today, he has a check at UPM. He plays ball very noisily and can lift up the side of the base of 3 tier cage – prob about 8 mths.

Great to know!

A vet told […]

A vet who never gives up

The video: https://www.facebook.com/all4/videos/1111800812287937/?fref=mentions&pnref=story

Tiger’s updates

Yesterday was International Tiger Day! May tiger conservation efforts reach far and wide and be successful.

Meanwhile, on the homefront, here are some Tiger updates.

Tiger has not gone into his tv rack for more than a week now. Not at all.

Instead, he goes all over the house.


Daffodil’s updates

Her Royal Daffodil-ness.

She’s all settled in these days.

Sometimes, the tumour bursts and bleeds. I’ll just clean it up and each time this happens, it shrinks a little, so I suppose that’s good too. I think the Bioresis, being an immune booster is keeping any sort of […]

Tiger’s updates

With the slight increase of his Prochlorperazine dosage, Tiger seems to be happier and has been coming out of his tv rack quite a bit.

The seizures, however, have not stopped. It averages at twice a day. Previously, it was 3-4 times a day.

We achieved a sort of “breakthrough” yesterday when he […]

Tiger’s hyperesthesia updates

I’m really, really thankful to have found a vet who is very committed in helping Tiger with his hyperesthesia. The vet texts every few days to find out how Tiger is getting on.

We saw the vet on 30th June 2017 and restarted on 1/2 Prochlorperazine twice a day. Tiger was still throwing fits […]