A vet who never gives up

The video: https://www.facebook.com/all4/videos/1111800812287937/?fref=mentions&pnref=story

Tiger’s updates

Yesterday was International Tiger Day! May tiger conservation efforts reach far and wide and be successful.

Meanwhile, on the homefront, here are some Tiger updates.

Tiger has not gone into his tv rack for more than a week now. Not at all.

Instead, he goes all over the house.


Daffodil’s updates

Her Royal Daffodil-ness.

She’s all settled in these days.

Sometimes, the tumour bursts and bleeds. I’ll just clean it up and each time this happens, it shrinks a little, so I suppose that’s good too. I think the Bioresis, being an immune booster is keeping any sort of […]

Tiger’s updates

With the slight increase of his Prochlorperazine dosage, Tiger seems to be happier and has been coming out of his tv rack quite a bit.

The seizures, however, have not stopped. It averages at twice a day. Previously, it was 3-4 times a day.

We achieved a sort of “breakthrough” yesterday when he […]

Tiger’s hyperesthesia updates

I’m really, really thankful to have found a vet who is very committed in helping Tiger with his hyperesthesia. The vet texts every few days to find out how Tiger is getting on.

We saw the vet on 30th June 2017 and restarted on 1/2 Prochlorperazine twice a day. Tiger was still throwing fits […]

Urko: Surviving sporotrichosis

One of our readers wrote to us about two months back enquiring about a sporo-cat, Urko. We encouraged her to get Urko treated and here are some updates and photos. We are really glad to know that Urko is showing good signs of improvement and recovery now.

The first email on 17th May 2017:

Just […]

Tiger and Daffodil to the vet’s

I was worried about Tiger’s fits recurring, so I texted Tiger’s sporo vet to discuss. He said to check Tiger for diabetes and he introduced me to another vet who has the facilities to check for this by using the glucometer instead of the more invasive blood test.

So I called this vet and was […]

About cancer in dogs

The video clip: https://www.facebook.com/PlanetPaws.ca/videos/1557198357688374/

Tiger’s hyperesthesia

Tiger’s hyperesthesia came back a few months ago. He was free from seizures for a few weeks after the August 2016 to October 2016 episodes.

It was Prochloroperazine that seemed to work last time. This is a very mild motion sickness medicine for humans. But now, it doesn’t work anymore.

We’ve also tried acupuncture, but […]