Finally….Indy eats a little by himself!

The magic happened last night at 9.20pm when Indy was out exploring the house. He didn’t want to stay in Bunny’s Room and asked to come out to play.

Indy kept following me into the kitchen many times and it certainly looked like he wanted some food. He kept rubbing himself on my leg. So […]

Indy zooms around the house

A few hours after I syringe-fed the bone broth, Indy called from Bunny’s Room, asking to come out to play. So I let him out. This is the first time he has done this since the “bafflement” started.

He trotted out happily and went to explore at the patio. He seemed very much more active.


The bafflement from Indy

How I wish I had good news to share, but I don’t.

This morning, Indy made his routine rooster calls, quite loudly too. And many rounds as well, which is his usual routine.

When I came downstairs, he was at the grille, waiting. This is all his usual routine.

But when it came to food, […]

It’s still a “No” from Indy

It had been seven hours since his last meal of a tablespoon of raw food. The vet said to not feed him until 6pm to see if he would be willing to eat on his own. She was sure he would.

At 6pm, Indy came out from under the bed and waited at the grille. […]

Indy comes out of “lockdown kendiri”

Indy has been doing self-imposed “lockdown kendiri” for two days now, hiding under the bed most of the time. He also has not been eating by himself since Wednesday afternoon. I have taken him to the vet’s twice now and his blood tests are all normal. The diagnosis is gastro-intestinal issues.

This morning, at 4.20am, […]

Indy’s GI issues – the story continues (to the vet’s again)

The vet suggested on the phone today that perhaps we could consider putting Indy on IV-fluids. I was hesitant initially as I know Indy would be very stressed with hospitalisation and the IV-pod on his paw. If he needs fluids, I can always do home subcut and still continue to force feed him small meals […]

Indy’s eating problem (to the vet’s)

Indy has been having this eating problem for some months now.

It is very hard to get him to eat. Once food is served, he will look at the bowl (as though he has never seen this food before and what-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-this?). Then, I would have to spend five minutes coaxing him to eat. But the […]

Tabs’ bald patches

It started about two weeks ago.

First, there was just one bald patch on the head. Then, there was a lot of shedding on the floor.

Over the years, Tabs have had this shedding/balding problem before and it would resolve itself after a few months or so. I thought I’d let the problem run its […]

Ginger’s sneezing

Yesterday afternoon during the thunderstorm, Ginger started sneezing.

Oh oh….I remember his sneezing last year, which later developed into a cough and it took more than 2 months and 3 different antibiotics for him to recover. That happened from February to April last year.

Ginger is FIV+, so the long period of recovery is due […]