ICAM on Covid-19, dogs and cats

The article: https://www.icam-coalition.org/icam-statement-on-covid-19/

Some excerpts:

Sugar says “thank you!!” (the blood donor case)

Finally, a blood donor matched and Sugar got her blood transfusion today!

Max sent this photo and on behalf of Max and Sugar, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to everyone who has helped.

Thank you so much!! Messages from Max:

hi ms thank u for ur kindness sugar had a donor today […]

A clarification from the experts (Covid19 and dogs)

One of our dear friends shared this article. It is very informative: https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/health-environment/article/3076480/coronavirus-hong-kongs-infected-dogs-were


“But infection doesn’t mean the dog is sick or has symptoms. Whereas, a disease is when an infected person or animal develops symptoms, such as fever, cold, or pneumonia,” he said.

A lesson in self-isolation (by Ginger)

Hi, I’m Ginger. About a month ago, I contracted cat flu. Apparently, it’s cat flu season now. My human brought me to see the vet twice and I’ve been on two courses of antibiotics now. I was also given anti-histamines, a mucolytic and a broncodilator. My sneezing has stopped but the cough is a little […]

Dog blood donor – still needed (urgent)

Dear Friends,

YY turned out to be not a match today, during the second test, so there is still no blood donor for Sugar, the dog suffering from tick fever. We thank Ms Soo very much for all her help. Unfortunately, all her three dogs did not match.

A dog blood donor is therefore, still […]

“Kitten season” in temperate countries

This is a sharing from my dear friend, Ms Aurora Lambrecht, from South Africa, also person-in-charge of EndFIP®.

While one hemisphere says goodbye to the warm, halcyon days of summer, another opens its arms to welcome the season of rebirth and renewal. EndFIP® extends a special Spring message:

Spring Is Here, but So Is […]

Covid19 does not transmit to pets (further assurance)

I cannot find the date of this video so it may not contain the latest facts. But, for animal-lovers, you may be interested to listen from 1:09 to 1:42. Covid19 does not infect pets and hence, cannot be transmitted from pets to humans.

There is also an explanation about pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic spreaders at 4:17.


Can RetroMad1 cure Covid19?

The news: https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/3075604/coronavirus-singapore-start-thinks-cat-leukaemia-drug?fbclid=IwAR2auh_7G-aeDY0lFZfBOgU-BOzHwQ0yEsIqSZCbJeZkdEcbFnftQVsuqjo

Most of us would definitely remember this drug as it was developed by two Malaysian scientists about 9 years ago. We used it for our dogs and cats too, and I just used it last year for Zurik as well.

Still have two bottles in my fridge!

It is a very effective […]

Ginger to the vet’s again

Ginger recovered, then started coughing again. I quickly got him the anti-histamines and broncodilator, and the cough stopped, but he started sneezing again yesterday so it’s off to the vet’s again today.

The vet explained that being FIV+, it appears to be harder for Ginger to overcome the flu virus. Also, the flu virus does […]