Nebulizing Sakura (aka Hiro)

The vet said I could nebulize Sakura (renamed Hiro) twice a day to help clear the congestion.

So, here we go…

The Omron nebulizer, bought for Ginger last time when he had a most persistent flu. Tabs has used it too.

1/2 vial of Ventolin and 0.3ml saline.

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Good morning, Sakura (renamed Hiro)

I got up at 1.30am to check in on Sakura (renamed Hiro).

I slept really early last night, completely knocked out from the dental surgery. So I got up at 1.30am and could not go back to sleep, might as well start the day…very early, though!

Sakura got up shortly after that […]

Luckily I sent Sakura (renamed Hiro) to the vet’s (severe flu)

An update: Sakura has been renamed Hiro now.

I managed to drop Sakura at the vet’s while I was on my way to my dental surgery and collected her after that.

Luckily I sent her.

Sakura has severe flu and a lot of allergic cells.

An X-ray was taken and it showed that her […]

Samantha’s lesion update – it is NOT fungal

The clinic updated me yesterday. Samantha’s culture came back negative for fungus, so it isn’t fungal at all.

It is healing well. Slowly, but surely.

Tabs’ sneezing came back

Tabs was sneeze-free for a full 24 hours after initially taking the medicines. Then, it came back.

I told her vet yesterday and she said Tabs is a very allergic cat (from the ear-prick blood test conducted that day). So, this may not be a case of cat flu but a case of allergy.



Kai, Akira and Indra’s check-up (breaking news!)


Kai, Akira and Indra….are…all…


They are all girls!!

The vet checked twice. As it stands now, they are all girls! She also showed me their private parts – see, it’s just a vertical line. All three are the same.

Lift the kitten’s tail. The opening just under the tail is […]

Samantha (it’s NOT crypto!!) and the kittens’ check-up

Today is the kittens’ 4th week deworming so I took Samantha along to see the kittens’ vet.

Good news – what Samantha has is not Cryptococcosis!! It looks like ringworm, according to the vet. And yet no fungus was detected with the light (it’s the same gadget as the one I have) but the vet […]

Indy’s un-wellness

Whenever Indy is unwell, I worry. This is because no vet can find out exactly what is wrong with him or provide treatment that works 100%.

It’s not surprising since no vet had ever been able to find out what is wrong EXACTLY.

For those who are new to this blog, Indy was rescued at […]

Tabs has stopped sneezing

Luckily we arrested the flu before it got any worse.

Tabs stopped sneezing yesterday itself.

She will still have to complete her antibiotics and the anti-histamine. The vet did say that Tabs is a very allergic cat too.

I’m so relieved Tabs isn’t sneezing anymore. Otherwise, it would have been madness if our other […]