Vincent still has no appetite

Vincent has no appetite. Sigh…

This has proven to be a big hurdle for us.

This morning, I offered him food, but he didn’t want any of it. So I had to force-feed some Recovery. He doesn’t like this. He doesn’t like being force-fed. I know. Vincent is a very proud cat. Last night, I […]

Vincent, back from vet’s

I am relieved.

Actually, so relieved.

I’m glad I took Vincent to see his vet today even thought I thought the car trip might exhaust him and stress him out.

As it turned out, Vincent has a respiratory infection as well as some rotten teeth (with pus). This is probably why we doesn’t feel like […]

Vincent, at dawn

I woke up at 4am today. Vincent was on his bed. He has been using the litter box, so that’s good.

I went downstairs to prepare for everyone’s breakfast but Vincent did not come down.

So, after serving everyone, I decided to bring Vincent downstairs. He should get out of bed a bit.

It’s […]

Raw liver to the rescue!!! (Vincent eats!)

I tried to keep as calm as I could, especially in front of Vincent. I went to check on him many times this morning. He was lying down on the bed.

I offered a bit of food again, but he did not want to eat any of it. So I let him be. No point […]


Vincent ate his last full meal yesterday at 6am. It wasn’t exactly a “jackpot” meal as he didn’t seem much interested in the food, but still, he did eat a mixture of canned, Cubgrub, Primal, etc. It was a fair amount, nonetheless. But I had to go spoil it all by putting a bit of […]

Vincent’s updates

It’s been a few days since I last wrote about Vincent.

And it’s been very hectic too – implementing our new policies and identifying who the “serial” claimants are, and talking with them, one by one. But more about that later.

Vincent has migrated from the bedroom to this spot at the […]

Semintra for Vincent

Vincent almost finished his Fortekor and previously, even after a month on Fortekor, his proteinurea did not improve. So I decided that we should try Semintra especially when much good results have been touted with its use. Most vets say it works better than Fortekor, so let’s see if that works for Vincent too.


Vincent’s updates (exploring new ways)

Much has happened lately. I’ve been so, so busy that I haven’t even had time to update on Vincent’s news.

About two days ago, Vincent wet his bed (the Rosie Blanket). So of course, I had to change all the sheets and I replaced it with the Carebears blanket.

I don’t know if he felt […]

Vincent Bagheera’s “Rosie” blanket and updates

Vincent has migrated onto the bed now!

This is now HIS room and HIS bed (and yes, Ginger is not very happy about it).

This blanket was a very thoughtful gift of love and friendship from one of our donors shortly after Rosie passed away. I was devastated and traumatised. This kind […]