Vincent’s breakfast

I could barely sleep all night. I think I woke up every 15 mins. However, I decided not to come downstairs to check on Vincent because a cat’s sense of smell and hearing is so much sharper than ours, it will only wake him up and disturb his rest.

I finally got up at 4.30am […]

Vincent’s tube feeding and subcut for the night

Since all the medicines were given at the vet’s before we left, I only have to do the tube feeding and 200ml subcut tonight.

Vincent was clearly so happy to be home. After settling him in his downstairs bathroom (which is is current chosen “nest”), I went upstairs to take a bath. When I came […]

Vincent is home again

This morning, I waited by my phone. I know if I get a call from the clinic around 9.30am, it cannot be any good news.

Vincent looked pretty bad last night.

By 10am, there was no call, so that’s good. I drove to the clinic.

Upon my arrival, the vet said Vincent is still very […]

Vincent at the clinic

I reached the clinic before 5pm and brought home-steamed chicken with chicken soup, for Vincent.

Vincent was sleeping when I arrived. It is good that he can sleep and rest.

I spoke with the vet and Vincent had already been fed twice through the nasal tube. No vomiting so far. The vet […]

Vincent has a nasal tube

Vincent’s condition deteriorated from yesterday. I managed to force-feed him 4 times, but as the day wore on, he looked more miserable.

When he first returned from the clinic, after the IV-drip, he was active, happy, alert and very interested in food. But yesterday, he took a downward turn.

This morning, he rejected the food […]

“Vincent has perked up” (says the vet!)

Let’s start the story from this morning.

Just like yesterday, Vincent wanted to eat, but the pain from the mouth and tongue ulcers must be preventing him from eating.

Last night I tried very hard to recall what was it that turned him around in July/August 2018 when his mouth ulcers were SO bad […]

Vincent’s lunch

Vincent was very interested in lunch.

Unfortunately, he still could not eat on his own.

But he allowed me to force-feed him a tablespoon of Recovery. That was at 1pm.

At 5pm, it was time for his antibiotic, so I took the opportunity to feed him again. This time, he resisted. It […]

Vincent shows interest in food

This morning, I was greeted by Vincent as I came downstairs.

He had already removed that blue tape-cloth from the IV-pod.

Vincent came to the kitchen to join everyone for breakfast. I offered all that he eats, but he couldn’t eat any. He was interested in the food, but […]

Vincent is home, but…

Vincent is home now.

I reached the vet’s at about 6pm this evening. Vincent was fast asleep, so I decided not to wake him. He was on drips and also mildly sedated due to the medicines. I went in to peek at him several times. Finally, I called him softly and he woke up […]