Too much energy, Indy Jones?

These few days, Indy seems to have too much energy!

Could it be due to the bone broth, being a “superfood”?

Anyway, having energy is a good thing, so no complaints there.

But, it has also resulted in him being very hyperactive and he’s been looking for fights with Bunny, Cow and Ginger.

He doesn’t […]

Indy’s news

Last night and all of yesterday, there was this ongoing tension between Indy and Bunny. It would be both taking turns to be the aggressor.

This has been going on for a few days now.

Making up after a fight.

This morning I found semi-soft stools in Indy’s spot. Semi-soft, but well-formed. […]

Saving an IBD cat from 11000 miles away

The story:

Over the next weeks, many nauseating hours were spent in butchers’ shops and in the kitchen, simmering bones and disembowelling poultry following Lyn’s recommendations. The commitment of the all-vegetarian cattery staff was tested to the limit both by the concoctions stored in the freezer and by the ever-increasing list of instructions on […]

Indy’s updates (firm stools!)

I found firm (well, only a teeny weeny bit soft) stools at 5.30am today. It was Indy’s for sure, because there was a tiny bit of blood in it and it was in Indy’s spot.

Yesterday, Indy had chicken fillet and Cubgrub, but separately. I noticed that if I mix the two, he will only […]

Indy is eating again

After an unexplained dip in appetite yesterday, Indy is back to eating again today!

In fact, he ate with everyone else, not at the window sill.

Yesterday, I finally had to resort to putting a Greenies nugget on this food to entice him to eat.

The vet did advise me to give […]

Indy and Cow to the vet’s

I took Indy and Cow to the vet’s today.

Indy was due for his Vit B12 injection (weekly). And Cow had been pawing the right side of his mouth when eating, so I was worried if he had some problem there.

So, Indy had his B12 jab and was really good about it. The vet […]

Finally, Indy….finally!!!

After almost 3 months of exploring ways to help Indy with his loose stools, finally, just now…..

These are his stools….

It is formed!!!!!

Blood-tinged, but formed!!! Only slightly soft – ever so slightly!

So, is something working? The steroids? The Vit B12 injections? The Boulardii? The […]

What if….(again)

Indy’s is back to his usual self, zooming around and playing.

There’s no stools today and the last output was what I found at 5.20am yesterday morning.

His ravenous appetite is back too.

He is currently on Vetri DMG, S.Boulardii (yes, I restarted this after he started getting liquid stools) and the low dose of […]

Indy’s ravenous appetite is back!

It’s confirmed – it’s back!

Indy was back on his window sill this morning, asking for food. I got up at 5.30am to check the sandpit but he could not wait.

He was SO hungry!!

So, Indy ate his Fillet Plus (the full recipe), Cubgrub (I had to control the amount as “the sky’s the […]