Daffodil’s daily sessions

It’s been 18 days since I started Daffodil on Bioresis and the daily molasses+sodium bicarb paste.

Bioresis, I’m told by two pharmacists, is one of the purest extract of Beta Glucan 1-3, 1-6 on the Malaysian market: http://www.bioresis.com/

On Day 12, I felt that the lump started shrinking and every day since then, it seems […]

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Klang (Mary Oh Sim Poh & Ree Oh Sim Choo’s)

We have sponsored RM60 for the neutering of this cat, Miley.

Mary and Ree are sisters and together, they help as many animals as they can. I’ve met them often at the vet’s, always with rescued animals. I would ask if they are rescuers, to which they always answer, very modestly, “Oh, we are not […]

Issues on over-vaccination

We have written a few times about this in the past few years.

Please do take note: https://www.facebook.com/doctor.karen.becker/videos/1469701116438099/

Please do a Google search on “over vaccination” and do give serious thought to research findings.


What are titers: http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/titers-avoiding-over-vaccination-in-dogs/



Updates on Spora and her kittens (Muhammad Shafiq Abu Bakar’s)

On 13th May 2017, we published an urgent plea to rehome a mother-cat, Spora, inflicted with sporotrichosis and her kittens (also affected): https://myanimalcare.org/2017/05/13/urgent-rehoming-for-sporo-mum-cat-and-kittens-muhammad-shafiq-bin-abu-bakars/

We were really lucky because almost immediately, one of our readers (who has requested anonymity) responded to help, not by taking the family, but by offering to sponsor the medical treatment, supplies […]

A sharing on the Golden Paste (turmeric paste)

In Feb 2016, we published this: https://myanimalcare.org/2016/02/23/the-golden-paste-recipe-for-your-pets/.

Agnes followed the recipe and has this to share:

A street cat that I feed at a street junction has many health issues. At first it was gum infection n 8 teeth were extracted. Then drooling recurred due to tongue ulcer. Various treatments including laser, antibiotic n steroids […]

Super Daffi’s great escape (and my nightmare)

I suppose no story is complete without an episode on a “great escape”….

This morning, someone left the front open and Daffodil escaped.

By the time we rushed out, she was already inside the drain. I was worried sick because she still had her tshirt on. Pro – it would keep her lump reasonably “clean”. […]

Super Daffi’s updates

It’s been six days now, since we found out that Daffodil’s lump at the armpit is a tumour. Since she is already 17 years old and surgery is very risky, we searched for alternative treatment.

Thanks to a reader’s recommendation of lingzhi, my search led me to Bioresis. I met the pharmacist who inspired the […]

Patio stories and Daffodil’s treatment update

Breakfast for the PatioCats is a challenge these days, ever since Stargate2 went up.

Every meal, I have four zones to serve: (1) Patio (sometimes, this happens in the kitchen, if all are willing to come in and if there are no territorial issues, temporary or otherwise (2) Tiger (at the tv rack – he […]

Daffodil has a tumour

It had been there since the end of January 2017. At least that’s when I first felt it when I tried to carry Daffodil. Instinctively, I immediately called the vet for an appointment but he was fully booked and about to go on leave.

After pondering over it, especially at her age (Daffodil is estimated […]