Minnie, Lynx and the 3R’s (Day 4)

All four kittens look alright and appear to be growing in size. They do look chubby too. But Minnie started going off food yesterday. Today, she barely ate; just licked her food. I’ve varied the food too. She doesn’t want Coco&Joe’s, but was willing to lick half a can of Cindy’s mousse. She didn’t even […]

The black market drug for FIP

My dear friend, Aurora Lambrecht, director of FIP Advisory and Care Group, who gave me so much support and help during my four months with Zurik, shared this: https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-treatment-cats-fip-sold-10k-black-market-2020-6?r=US&IR=T

We hope this information will give you some insight into the black market drug so that you can make an informed decision if you need to.


Pole’s blended RC renal food

Pole doesn’t like the soft pellets of the RC renal food, so I have been using a spoon to mash it up for her, but it’s still not fine enough. Hill’s KD is totally blended but she refuses to eat Hill’s.

Sometimes, when lucky, I get to make her eat 100% renal food, but often, […]

Treatment for Ginger and Cow (ends today!)

Ginger started having the flu (cough and cold) in February 2020. Along with him, Heidi, Tabs, Indy also had it and they too had one round of medication, but all three recovered.

Bunny had it as well, but he recovered on his own.

Ginger had problems recovering, and this is probably due to him being […]

Pole’s eating news

After about 4 days of training Pole to eat RC renal wetfood, by yesterday, she was willing to eat it neat.

But once in a while, she still requires some enticement in the form of AD, Primal sprinkles or Cindy’s mousse. I alternate these to keep it interesting for her.

I would offer RC renal […]

Pole’s eating challenges

Every CKD cat is different. So very different.

Taking care of Vincent was very different from what I’m facing with Pole now. Firstly, Vincent’s creatinine readings was only around 240 or so. It never went any higher and yet, he was already in Stage 4 kidney failure when discovered. His kidneys were already “porous” and […]

A pep talk with Mr Cow Mau

Something happened to Cow yesterday and he got aggressive when I tried to feed him his medicine.

So, a pep talk was in order.

Cow is, in my opinion, our most sensitive cat. “Sensitive” as in being able to read minds and emotions accurately.

And he is also very sympathetic and empathetic despite his fierce […]

Cow’s check-up at the vet’s (mouth ulcers)

Cow has been pawing on the right side of his mouth for what seemed a long time now. He does it a few times a day. He gets Orozyme daily but it does not seem to be helping with whatever problem he is having in his mouth.

So, together with Pole, Cow went to the […]

Pole’s check-up (the numbers aren’t so good)

Today was Pole’s check-up at the vet’s.

The numbers aren’t so good.

In just two weeks, her creatinine has increased from 381 to 426. It looks like it’s on the rise despite the daily subcut. The vet says most likely, her kidneys are deteriorating.

Her urea went from 25.6 to 17.6 today, so that’s a […]