Eating stories from the Cow Clan

So, what is the Cow Clan eating these days?

Well, it isn’t as straight-forward as Tabs and Ginger.

Tabs is obediently on her Cubgrub topped with some Coco’s for different proteins. Ginger is currently on Hill’s CD (I would have to consult the vet on the duration). Otherwise, Ginger eats Coco’s topped with a variety […]

Ginger’s Operasi Kencing Day 3 – the magic happened!

Last night, Ginger spent all evening with us until we went to bed and he went back out to his patio kingdom (which has been the norm for many months now).

Ginger seemed extremely happy after the visit to the vet yesterday, even with the second visit (where we failed to draw his urine). […]

Ginger’s Day 2 – to the vet’s for a thorough check-up


Ginger was still squatting and straining. The amount of urine output had not improved from yesterday. Also, I didn’t know how to palpate his bladder to check if it is enlarged, so I had already decided last night that I would take Ginger for a more thorough and complete check-up at his regular clinic […]

Operasi Kencing Day 2 (Ginger’s FIC)

I spent all night yesterday looking through my records (they are all in this blog, actually) on Bunny’s and Cow’s FLUTD episodes in the past, dating as far back as 2010.

The senior vet who attended to Cow in 2016 mentioned the research done by Jody Lulich, who, among other things, recommended a diet change. […]

Operasi Kencing for Ginger

I’ve been reading up on Feline Idiopathic Cystitis, which is what Ginger has. There are lots of suggestions on what we can do to reduce the stress that our cats may be facing and also to get them to drink more water.

I’m doing these right now.

I bought this last time for Pole […]

Ginger’s 4pm emergency trip to the vet’s again

I was monitoring Ginger like a hawk all afternoon.

He got everything that he wanted. I sat with him at the patio.

I sat with him on the sofa.

By the way, that’s his wart, which is harmless.

He seemed very relaxed and was no […]

Ginger’s 3pm update (the FIC)

It is 3pm now.

Ever since waking up from his nap, I have not seen Ginger squatting and straining to urinate. I suppose this is good.

But I also have not seen him urinated yet, or maybe I missed it when I was feeding Bunny and clan. The trouble is, I cannot confine Ginger in […]

Cow’s seizures

Cow Mau had been seizure-free for a month until yesterday.

Just when I was about to serve lunch, he suddenly flipped on his back and sprayed urine. It lasted about 2-3 seconds. Then, he got up and ate his lunch heartily.

I quickly contacted the vet to see if Cow needed to be brought in […]

Ginger’s ultra-drama (rushed to vet at dawn – FIC)

It happened early this morning.

I let Ginger in for breakfast but instead of eating, he made a beeline to Tab’s litter box to “urinate”. Then, he squatted again at the bathroom drainhole, and again at the litter box.

Something was definitely wrong, so I quickly checked and to my horror, there was NO urine […]