Bunny and his chronic constipation

I shall not repeat the backstory for Bunny and it’s a long story.

Ever since I started a more “rojak” diet for Bunny, it has really helped with his constipation problem. I think adding kibble and canned creates bulk – it’s as simple as that. So he is able to defecate, but he is still […]

Rey & Robin’s dinner

I gave Robin a bath as well and that was quite a disaster! He was literally screaming and Rey didn’t even bother to come out to look! Anyway, it was a quick bath and he got dry very quickly.

For dinner, thanks to a friendly reminder by my friend, Agnes, I put pumpkin together with […]

Rey’s Malaseb bath!

I did it!


And got scratched in the process and I think there might be a hole in my tshirt too, but never mind! I was home alone with Jayden so I asked Jia-Wen to come over for a few minutes to look after Jayden.

First, I prepared the towels, the […]

Rey & Robin – the morning of Day 3

Robin is not out of the woods yet.

This morning, I found 2 patches of diarrhoea in the litter box and 2 more random patches (but very tiny) on the floor and the basin.

I fed them breakfast but Robin is naughty, he totally refuses to eat the Hill’s ID now. Instead, Rey LOVES it […]

Rey & Robin – after the visit to the vet’s

This is going to be a very long story….

Here’s a record of what’s wrong with both of them and the treatment administered:


Weight 5.5kg (that’s good) Has tongue ulcer due to virus – to give Vetri DMG Has the flu – also Vetri DMG Ear infection – to apply Pyo Clean (more effective […]

A new theory on Indy’s puncture wound!

It was Ginger!

And how did this new theory come about?

Well, I’m limping now, that’s why!

It happened this evening when I was walking into the kitchen and I bumped into Ginger as he was coming out.

All of a sudden, I felt an extremely piercing pain on the sole of my foot and […]

Indy’s paw wound – Day 7

Today is Day 7 of Indy’s paw wound.

These are yesterday’s (Day 6) photos:

I am a little surprised that this secondary (tunneled) wound is taking longer to heal compared with the primary (original wound) at the bottom. How does that work?

Anyway, the swelling seems to have gone down. But the […]

Finally, we found the “culprit”!!

After wondering, searching and combing the garden with a fine-tooth comb for a few days, we FINALLY found what could have caused the puncture wound on the bottom of Indy’s paw.

It must be this and it accounts for everything.

Ever since the Blue House was brought into Bunny’s Garden, Indy would […]

Indy’s “new” wound and more food stories

Indy had been doing very well right after we started treating his paw wound but I did wonder why the paw was still swollen.

Yesterday morning, I noticed “another” wound directly on top of the earlier wound. So this would be on top of the paw.

I quickly texted the vet with photos but […]