Rio and Lynx (on flu medication)

Rio also had been sneezing occasionally for about 2 weeks now, but it wasn’t serious until yesterday when he seemed a little less active than before.

Remember Rio is The Flash aka Barry Allen? He zooms around most of the time so when he does not zoom around, perhaps something is not so right with […]

An update on Cow, Bunny and Pole (plus Cleo)

It was on Wednesday that we took our Originals to the vet’s. Cow has an exposed nerve on his lower molar which causes him much pain. Bunny has a fur mite allergy on the inner part of both legs. Pole was there for a check-up on her kidney condition and it was good news for […]

Pole’s kidney readings – THANK YOU, Astro’s Oil!

I had been delaying Pole’s check-up and follow-up for her kidney condition.

In the last two check-ups, her creatinine and urea readings kept shooting up. Her creatinine had gone up to the 400’s already and even with daily 200ml subcut and being on renal wetfood did not help. The vet had said that her kidneys […]

Bunny’s fur mite allergy

Bunny went to the vet’s with Cow and Pole today too.

I noticed a single lesion (yes, definitely just one) on the inner part of Bunny’s left leg last week. I did monitor it for 1-2 days and it remained as just one lesion. I thought it was one of those wounds, so I left […]

Cow’s “bad” tooth

Today, we took Cow, Bunny & Pole (our “Originals”) to the vet. I’ll write about them one by one.

Cow has been having some mouth issues every now and then. Sometimes, he would paw at the right side of his mouth after eating.

But in the past few days, the pawing because very violent and […]

Robin to the vet’s (the flu)

A few days after their first vaccination, Lynx, Rio and Robin started sneezing mildly. Rey was spared from it, though. I gave them all Vetri DMG once a day, including Rey.

Rio stopped sneezing first, followed by Lynx, but Robin’s sneezing persisted. It was quite mild and I was hoping that his own immunity would […]

Minnie and the kittens’ first vaccination

Today was Minnie and the kittens’ first vaccination.

The vet said they might be quieter today, after the jab, but no, after two hours, they are still zooming around!

These photos were taken when we came home from the vet’s.

It’s Smurfy who is all tired out, keeping watch on and […]

After the spaying, a recognition problem and Lorong Tikus 2

Minnie barely ate on her own yesterday, so I forcefed her. This morning, she also barely ate, so it was forcefeeding again. It could be the pain, the discomfort or the e-collar. I also gave her Vetri DMG, B-Complex, Nutriplus Gel as well as transdermal Tramadol for pain.

Other than not wanting to eat by […]

Minnie is (finally!) spayed and home!

I got up at 5am to feed Minnie this morning so that she would be fasted for 8 hours before her spaying at 2pm today. But as expected, Minnie did not want to eat. She has her primal instincts whereby she has to “hunt” (play) before eating every morning.

So, I just force-fed her some […]