Novel protein, Cubgrub’s Duck, for the Monsters

The easiest clan to try on any new food is the Monsters. They will practically gobble up anything.

So I ordered Cubgrub’s Duck as a novel protein for them. “Novel” means it is uncommon to their diet, so you should only give it once in a while. It is to offset the incidence of allergy […]

The plan to transition back to raw…or almost there

Here’s my plan to transition the Super Seniors and Tabs back to a raw diet…or somewhere there.

For Tabs, she loves Primal Freeze-Dried, so I’m going to give her that whenever she asks for kibble. I think it shouldn’t be a problem.

Now, for the Super Seniors, it isn’t going to be as easy because […]

Of protein rotation, hydrolysed protein, the biggest junkie in our clan and stories about the Monsters

It was because of Bunny that I had to create the “Surprise-Me-Happy-Meals”, just to entice Bunny to eat. He was getting very choosy and losing protein, so I had to resort of offering him all kinds of different foods ranging from raw, to canned, to cooked and to kibble.

Whatever it took, just to get […]


Tabs eat in the kitchen and Riley eat upstairs in her room. I did not take photos.

Over at Bunny’s Place…

Breakfast consists of steamed tilapia for Bunny, Coco&Joe’s for Cow Mau and Cleo and Cindy’s pureed food for Indy. Later, Cleo had steamed tilapia too. She’s kiasu.

Rey has […]

Wheat in a cat’s diet

I’m researching on wheat in a cat’s diet because Bunny is now on Cindy’s Holistic Chicken & Salmon Maintenance kibble and I was previously told that wheat is not suitable for cats because they might not be able to digest it well.

The reason I opted for this range and flavour is simply because of […]

Bunny’s current favourite kibble and…nostalgia

As you know, Bunny is now very, very choosy over food.

It’s because of his kidney problems and also probably he cannot smell very well now, so he needs more aromatic and fragrant food. Cats need their sense of smell to trigger appetite.

So, when Bunny lost interest in a 100% raw diet, I gave […]

The Super Seniors’ breakfast

What do the Super Seniors eat for breakfast?

My principle in feeding our Super Seniors is: As long as they eat.

This is especially so for Bunny who has become so very picky with food.

Bunny had steamed tilapia today. He still likes it very much. But he has to take […]

Riley’s habits and routines

Because Tabs gets a snack, Riley also gets one. But when it comes to the day’s two main meals, Riley simply refuses to eat in the kitchen.

She must go back upstairs to her room to eat. And look, she has taken some of Jayden’s toys up as well, to play. How cute!


Steamed tilapia for Bunny

Bunny has been very, very choosy with food lately.

He would go crazy over a certain food, only for a few meals. Then he gets fed-up with it and wants something new.

Yesterday, I tried steamed tilapia and he loved it!

But it won’t be for long…

Surprisingly, though, nobody else liked it. Only […]