Vincent’s back to Primal

I hit the jackpot this morning by getting Vincent’s breakfast right in the first try!

I “figured” it could be Primal today and YES!

I made a big bowl of Primal today.

Bought this new bowl yesterday, it is more rounded. Vincent has problems picking up food from the […]

Vincent’s updates (exploring new ways)

Much has happened lately. I’ve been so, so busy that I haven’t even had time to update on Vincent’s news.

About two days ago, Vincent wet his bed (the Rosie Blanket). So of course, I had to change all the sheets and I replaced it with the Carebears blanket.

I don’t know if he felt […]

Fish oil for Vincent

Fish oil is known to be beneficial in many ways to humans, dogs and cats.

5 Great Benefits of Fish Oil For dogs and cats. EPA, one of the two omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil, acts as an anti-inflammatory. It will help with any condition that causes inflammation of the heart, kidneys, skin, and […]

Breakfast time!!

Today’s fare (from left): Mercola’s Probiotics (if possible to sneak some into Vincent’s food), Cubgrub’s Duck (his favourite Cubgrub flavour), Cubgrub Chicken (as contingency), rehydrated Primal Turkey and Primal Chicken & Salmon, Coco&Joe’s Turkey Recipe, leftovers from last night (a bit of Gold-D mixed with some Coco&Joe’s).

Let’s see what Vincent wants this morning.


Tokyo government launches Meat Free Monday menu!

The news:

If you are not already on board, do consider going meat free on Mondays….for the animals, the planet and of course, the humans too!

Also, no harm doing a Meat Free Tuesday today!!

Vincent’s updates

This is going to be a long update. It covers from Thursday night till now (Saturday night).

During the last visit to the vet’s on Wednesday, the vet suggested that since Vincent won’t eat the renal diet, I’m to give him homecooked, canned and raw (in that order, with raw being the last option).

You […]

Coco&Joe’s latest cat barf flavour – Turkey Recipe!

Coco&Joe recently launched their latest Cat Barf recipe – Turkey! It contains turkey and chicken. And all our cats love it!

Coco&Joe is also supporting our cause by letting us sell their barf products. However, due to logistics issues, free delivery to the Klang Valley is only possible with purchases of at least RM350. We […]

Vincent’s Sunday raw food feasts

Vincent’s Sunday started with a feast of rabbit. I was afraid he might not eat it again, but he did, which is good, because I read that for kidney patients, rabbit and poultry are the preferred proteins.

I rotate among these Cubgrub flavours: Duck, Chicken and Rabbit. Vincent finally ate Quail as well, […]

A chat with a senior vet

I went to purchase Vincent’s fluids, tube and needles today and had a good chat with the senior vet at the clinic.

We asked about Fortekor, how it works, what it does and if Semintra might be better. Semintra is known to produce much better results, but Fortekor has been THE drug for a long […]