Rey eats on her own and all the “kittens” obey mom’s instructions!

No sooner had I written last night’s post about Rey not being able to eat on her own than Rey did it!

At midnight, I took him out onto the table to finger-feed (forced) him. Soon, he began to lick the food off my finger and in no time, he started to eat Coco&Joe’s […]

Astro’s Renal Care package for Cleo and Bunny too

Pole started on Astro’s Oil’s renal care package on 8th July 2020 so it’s been one week now.

Yesterday, I started Cleo and Bunny on the N-Creatinine Scrub and the Phosphate-Free Protein (both powders). I haven’t given them the Oil yet.

Pole is on the whole package (with the oil).

Surprisingly, Cleo loves it (for […]

All the kittens eat Coco&Joe’s!

With Lynx leading the way yesterday, by this morning, finally….all the kittens have now eaten Coco&Joe’s on their own (without the need of finger-feeding)!


Robin (or Rio?) stared eating first. Lynx was still fast asleep.

These kittens have never lived as strays, so they do lack a bit of […]

Lynx leads the way again…in eating Coco&Joe’s!

Looks like Lynx achieves a first again…in eating raw food (Coco&Joe’s)!

Lynx doesn’t seem to like canned food at all. He went for the kibble that day, and tonight, he licked up the remnants of Coco&Joe’s that Minnie left behind.

I had prepared three bowls with the hope that the kittens will lick the food. […]

Rey’s secret route revealed!!

Determined to find out exactly how Rey did it, husband decided to do cat-watching this morning.

And Rey showed him how it is done. No photos, unfortunately, but husband is now an eye witness to it!

How Rey does it: He goes down the ladder halfway, then from this halfway mark, he scales the […]

A new variety of food for Pole

My friend, Chen Chen, introduced me to Aixia cat food for finicky seniors:

They actually have a range for kidney cats too, but it’s not available at the online stores.

I ordered a variety of flavours for seniors (above 15 years and above 11 years) from Perromart (I love this online store) and they […]

Astro’s Oil’s Advanced Renal Care Formula for Pole

I’m rather excited about this. I heard about Astro’s Oil during Vincent’s time but at that time it was only one product, Astro’s Oil and it is a high grade fish oil, so I did not opt for it because Vincent was already on a quality fish oil. I actually ordered it for Vincent, but […]

Rey eats solids!

Another milestone today!

The kittens are 28 days old today so I offered some solids (Cindy’s mousse with goat’s milk). Every day they have been sniffing at some Coco&Joe’s whenever Minnie eats, so they probably know that’s the smell of food.

Rio is interested, but did not really lick the food.


The challenge of getting Pole to eat

As expected the craze over RC renal kibble only lasted 3 days. Pole is not so keen on it anymore, but at least, she ate a lot for 3 whole days and was happy.

Today, she ate a little of it, then stared at me asking for a different kind of food.

Okay, but I […]