Our Porch Cats

All is well in the porch. All three of them can already eat raw food now, including Creamy.

There is peace in the porch now, Misty does not bully Creamy as much as before. Actually, Misty is very friendly to me now. More friendly than Samantha!!

Even though they can totally eat raw […]

BARF – Updates (Joy’s Cats)

Hi everyone! Joy here

My cats are really a stubborn lot and so far (thank goodness), Pedro and Yasmin are BARF converts.

I put the wet food and the BARF side by side with crushed Primal on top as a topping. Everyone else ate the Primal and the wet food, and left the BARF untouched […]

Hiro eats a novel protein (Cubgrub’s Duck)

I was rather concerned about Hiro totally and completely eating only beef chunks. He has refused chicken.

So I asked Ms Ong for advice. Ms Ong of Survivor Shelter is a chef and knows a great deal about food.

Ms Ong said beef has a strong odour (in Chinese, it is known as a “fishy […]

Novel protein (quail) day for the Monsters

Today, the Monsters had Cubgrub’s Quail as their novel protein.

They loved it!

They ate so fast I didn’t have time to take photos while they were eating. I had to keep replenishing their bowls!


Hiro and the Blondies

In an effort to fatten Hiro up so that he can be vaccinated soon, I’m giving him beef chunks. I don’t make it a practice to feed beef to our cats but yes, cats can eat beef as they are obligate carnivores. I’m using it for a purpose here: To help Hiro put on […]

Raw food training in the porch

Not much progress so far. Gerald and Misty are already eating 100% raw meals, but Creamy is only willing to eat cut-up raw meat and not Coco&Joe’s.

The same as a few days ago. But I’m not complaining because Creamy probably gets food from home so he would prefer canned or kibble.


Breakfast for everyone!

Today, we achieved 100% raw for breakfast!! Yes, for all of our 18 cats.

The day started with the Porch Cats:

Here’s the trick to starting raw that works for our cats – give them cut-up raw chicken meat. Somehow this works better than the homebased raw food with supplements. Maybe it’s “purer”, I […]

Creamy’s boycott

Gerald and Misty had a raw meal breakfast today.

By the way, I was scrolling through past blogposts this morning and came across a cat I had named Trixie during Samantha’s free roaming days. Actually, Trixie is Misty!!

I thought Misty was a new tortie, but no, Misty is Trixie!

Misty Trixie! Trixie Misty!

Anyway, […]

Misty and Gerald can eat a 100% raw meal!!

It only took one day to convert Misty!

Gerald has been exposed to raw food before this, but yesterday, both of them had raw food mixed with their canned food.

This morning, I tried 100% raw and both finished it!

Misty actually preferred the cut-up raw meat to Coco’s. But Gerald prefers […]