Carnism: Why humans eat meat

Carnism is the invisible belief system that conditions people to eat certain animals and tells them that they may not want to eat a dog/cat but it is “okay” to eat a pig/cow/goat/chicken, etc. It is a belief system, created by humans, to justify their wants and the pleasures of their tongues.

This video clip […]

Happy Meatless Monday!

We all KNOW it’s good. There’s no question about it.

Now, let’s make it happen!

Dr Lisa Pierson talks about cat food

Please do read the entire article:

Dr. Pierson tries to keep things very simple for cat guardians when it comes to feline nutrition. Her recommendations are based on what a cat would eat in the wild – a mouse, bird, lizard, or some other small animal. There are three main take-home messages. The first […]

From best to worst – 13 pet foods

Dr Karen Becker revised her ranking of these 13 foods:

Nutrition is so very important to the wellbeing of our pets, so it pays to hear from the experts.

When in doubt, always consult an expert in the field.

Make your own nut butter

The video:

You may wish to use a healthier oil instead of canola (which is genetically modified).

Happy Veggie Thursday!!

The wisdom of a child

It is said that kindness is the greatest wisdom.

Happy Meatfree Monday!

Make your own healthy milk!

The dairy industry can be a very cruel one.

Let’s make our own healthy milk with seeds!

Research findings on dog food formulas

The findings:

Meat-free eating is happening all over!

News from Meat Free Monday:

Meat free eating is truly a global phenomenon at the moment, winning the support of local authorities, businesses and government agencies across the world.

Japan’s Cabinet Office and Cabinet Secretariat recently launched a weekly veggie menu at their staff canteen, while the German Environment Ministry has banned meat from being […]