Home-cooked cat food and the importance of taurine

I just wish to share something I learnt recently about the importance of taurine in cat food.

Cats need taurine and they get it from their food. It is particularly important for heart health.

From Google:

Taurine is exclusively found in animal-based proteins. It is critical for normal vision, digestion, heart muscle function, to maintain […]

Bunny eats Primal!

I have not been able to get Bunny back to raw food for a few months now. He simply refuses to eat Coco&Joe’s and Cubgrub. Once in a while, he would eat cut-up raw chicken breast meat and that’s about all.

Today, I decided to try Primal Freeze Dried.

I know they used to like […]

Ginger’s stories (diet and doors)

Ginger is still on his urinary diet, and since he refuses to eat the wet version (canned), I have to give him the kibble. But it’s better to add water to it because for urinary cases, they do need more fluids.

The first time I added water to the kibble, Ginger protested and walked away. […]

Making cat food at home (Part 2)

This is a continuation from the previous post where the broth from the cat food had been given to everyone.

Now, to make the cat food.

First, let me share my recipe but do please consult a pet-nutritionist or a reliable source before you make your own cat food. Mine is tweaked for our super […]

Chicken broth for everyone (Part 1)!

The Royal Canin vet gave me a fantastic idea to increase the fluid consumption of the cats, especially for Ginger (frequent FIC), Bunny and Cleo (both CKD cats) – chicken broth!

So I made some early this morning and the aroma permeated the entire house. All the cats were very excited.

I used 1kg of […]

Ginger and kibble

Ginger has this problem of regurgitating kibble if he eats too much at one go. I suspect (again, my own hypothesis) that it may be due to the fact that cats do not digest carbohydrates very well or it could just be a case of eating too much too fast?

Anyway, Ginger didn’t use to […]

Wet food, dry food or both?

The ongoing debate….

This article offers some insight: https://pottycats.com/blogs/cat-care/should-i-feed-my-cats-wet-food-dry-food-or-both?syclid=ccff3u839i7vd0ievv4g&utm_campaign=emailmarketing_143552217311&utm_medium=email&utm_source=shopify_email

And what do our 11 cats eat?

Juniors: Minnie (3 yo), Smurfy, Rey, Robin, Lynx (all 2 yo) – 100% raw.

Seniors: Tabs & Ginger (both 11 yo)- Mostly raw, some canned and kibble (snack), but not mixed.

Super Seniors: Cow Mau (16), Bunny (16), Cleo […]

How a humble mushroom can fight climate change

The article: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/how-a-humble-mushroom-could-save-forests-and-fight-climate-change

The super seniors at Bunny’s Place

Everyone is fine at Bunny’s Place, as fine as can be expected of super seniors, that is.

Bunny does occasionally vomit his breakfast out these days, but apart from this, his defecation is as good as we hope it to be. Bunny is on homecooked and canned food. He cannot seem to […]