The surprise element in the Surprise Me Happy Meals for extremely fussy and demanding cats

Wow, what a long title that was!!

So, the Surprise Me Happy Meals concept started because:

(1) Bunny needed some “junk” to bulk up his stools for this constipation problem.

(2) Indy has been going on hunger strike because he is bored with the meals. I force feed him 75% of the time and he […]

Another Surprise Me Happy Meal (all raw!)

I have not given up my efforts to convert everyone back to 100% raw.

Back story: Bunny had constipation while on 100% raw so I had to give him some “junk” (canned and kibble). Did it work? Oh yes, it did! It really did bulk up his stool and now, I don’t have to do […]

An all-new “Surprise Me Happy Meal” for the cats this morning!

This was yesterday’s flavoured water drinking session where even Cleo came to ask for some. I’ve been having difficulties in feeding Indy ad Cleo breakfast. Cleo doesn’t seem keen on eating and Indy…well, Indy is Indy. He has to be force fed, as usual, he shows NO interest in eating and also, his regurgitation […]

Converting back to 100% raw?

I just might (and “might” being the operative word here) be able to convert some of our cats back to a 100% raw diet again after the few weeks of Surprise Me Happy Meals (where they got all kinds of toppings ranging from canned food, raw treats to kibble). It all started when it got […]

Israeli scientists create fish-less fish!

First it was honey without harming the bees, now it’s fish-less fish!! SALUD the Israeli scientists!! We hope we can have this product soon!!

The fish is made from pea.


What are the cats eating these days?

Our cats were successfully converted to a 100% raw diet in September 2019. Before that, they were on a “rojak” diet of raw food, canned and kibble. So when I started the conversion in August 2019, raw food wasn’t exactly new to them as they had been on it for years, just not at a […]

A Cindy’s “baby food” birthday supper treat for everyone!

I use Cindy’s Recipe’s Original canned food with goat milk (in broth) a lot. I call it Cindy’s baby food because it is meant for kittens and special needs cats. It’s just so versatile.

Mostly, it’s excellent for feeding medicines, even for someone as fussy and strong-willed as Queen Cleo. I’m thankful she is willing […]

Surprise Me Happy Meals and other stories

I started giving the cats our “Surprise Me Happy Meals” by adding toppings (of various kinds) to their raw food ever since they kind of lost interest in eating. Every meal, I would put a different topping so that there is that surprise element there. I was hoping it would entice them to eat or […]

The “Surprise Me Happy Meals” for our cats

As you know, all our cats are on the raw diet. I managed to convert them 100% in Sept 2019. Before that, they were on a rojak-diet of “semua taruh” where they got raw, canned and kibble. At that time, it was for convenience so that in case I could not feed them, anyone else […]