Indy’s bone broth and some reflections

Indy simply loves his bone broth!

I don’t know how much Indy is supposed to eat, so I give the broth to him as a snack in between meals.

Of course everyone else wants it too!

Heidi absolutely loves it too!

Sedap, ya?


Making bone broth for the cats

Desperate to find a solution for Indy’s loose stool problem, I joined an FB group of raw feeders for cats and was advised to give Indy some bone broth as it is supposed to be very healing for the gut. It is also good for the liver and for the joints.

And it’s also good […]

Ginger got his Duck food

Ginger got his Cubgrub Duck for breakfast this morning.

And he LOVED it so much!

Look at the bowl – it’s licked so clean you don’t even have to wash it.

Ginger, you can be the cover boy for protein rotation advertisement!

Of course he asked for more, […]

Indy’s homemade raw food

I call it “Fillet Plus”.

Thanks to Lin Li who suggested that I make our own balanced raw food for Indy, I tried it today. and Indy ate it!!

We don’t know which ingredient in Cubgrub Indy has an adverse reaction to, but we strongly suspect it is either the fish oil or the egg […]

Indy’s news

This morning, I did not find any liquid stools or any stool in Indy’s poo-spot, but it’s still early.

Indy finished his Metronidazole yesterday and the vet confirms that we will not be continuing with it (which is a relief).

I ended up giving Indy a double dosage of the S.Boulardii yesterday, divided into four […]

The raw deal – the boycott

Yesterday, Ginger, Cleo and Bunny were the willing eaters of the new protein – Duck.

This morning, it was back to Chicken for everyone but Cleo and Ginger decided to stage a boycott.

“We want Duck, We want Duck, We want Duck!”, they chimed.

But I had already frozen the remaining portion of Duck for […]

The raw deal – introducing Duck for protein rotation and more about Indy

I bought a jar of Cubgrub Duck today and tried it on the gang.

As expected, Ginger thought it was cat cuisine, guzzled it all up and asked for more. Last week, he did the same with Quail too. So, as of now, Ginger already has three proteins – Chicken, Quail and Duck!

As for […]

The raw deal – into the second month

We are into our second month of 100% raw food for the cats. It’s been 5 weeks since we started on this project.

For this month, my target is to reduce the “incentives”, which is Primal as toppings.

We managed to bring down Ginger’s (obese) 6.5kg to 6.1kg in one month. However, the two […]

The raw deal report (after 1 month)

I made the decision to convert all our cats to raw food on 27th September 2019. There is a lot of literature about the benefits of raw food for cats because cats are obligate carnivores. The literature says that converting your cat to a raw food diet is about the best thing you could do […]