An NZ treat for the cats (Meow Freeze-Dried)

A friend gifted me a packet of Meow Freeze-Dried for our cats for CNY! It’s a product of New Zealand.

The verdict?

It’s been three days and they still love it!

I used it as a topping, as I use Primal.


Meat chunks as a dental treat

I was asking advice from my raw-feeding friend today regarding Pole’s tartar problem. I would do whatever it takes as long as she does not have to undergo scaling.

The advice was to give her Orozyme twice a day of which I am already doing AND to give her meat chunks to chew on. In […]

Don’t let the Calcium/Phosphorus ratio scare you!

A very good article:

Just for cat-parents’ information, Coco&Joe’s cat barf (all flavours) are all lab-tested to contain a 2:1 calcium:phosphorus ratio.

Eat! But not too much.

Here’s my (as always) very simple Chinese New Year “hoi lin” (welcoming the year, on the 2nd day of CNY) lunch.

First and foremost, an inspection by Tabs.

I cooked everything except for the Lou Sang which was compliments of Ming-Yi and Yui Ping.

This […]

Michael Pollan’s Food Rules

Again, in the wake of the Wuhan Corona Virus epidemic which has claimed many lives now, the world has been told that the outbreak originated from a live food market in Wuhan.

Not meaning to downplay the severity of the growing outbreak, it might do humans well to take heed of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules.


Medifoods’ fantastic 6-star CNY vegetarian reunion dinner set

We had our second reunion dinner yesterday at Medifoods, SS18/6. Their vegetarian set comes with 11 dishes (yes, 11!) for only RM488!!

AND it’s all organic food!

Take a look…

It starts with a very generous lou sang. It comes with plum sauce and olive oil.

A sweet & […]

The raw deal: The fusspots

To these 3 fusspots…..

The Queen merely licked some Coco & Joe’s this morning and everything else was just “not right”. Finally, she wanted raw chicken plus liver.

Mr Singapore, surprisingly, boycotted even his all-time favourite Duck this morning and also only wanted raw chicken (without liver). Kiasu!!


The raw deal – Ms Poldrey Hepburn and daughter’s deal

It was during the time when I wanted to give everyone fish oil that Cleo got angry because I wiped some fish oil onto her bowl. Since then, she went back to her fussy ways of eating again.

Lesson: NEVER make a cat angry.

It was the same when I gave Quail to Ginger and […]

The raw deal: An update

I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to write about our raw-feeding adventures.

Here’s the latest (in order of preference, as per today):

Cow: Coco n Joe, Cubgrub, Primal Bunny: Cubgrub, Coco n Joe, Primal and everything else Pole: Coco n Joe, Primal Cleo: Coco n Joe, raw chicken Indy: Raw chicken, Cubgrub, Coco n […]