Sam and her kittens eating 100% raw food

I’m switching Samantha from Primal Freeze-Dried to Coco&Joe’s.

Seeing her kittens eat, she is also following now.

And for the first time today, Indra can finally pick up raw meat from a plate!! It’s an achievement for little Indra!

This is Coco&Joe’s for Samantha. Her kittens are also […]

The kittens teach Samantha how to eat raw food!

On 6th March, Kai was the one who started to eat raw chicken breast meat.

She was the first.

Then, Akira followed closely. Indra was the last, being the youngest.

In the very next meal, Kai was already able to pick up the meat from the small plate all by herself.

(It is so strange […]

Updates from Amy Kok’s Kennel in Kota Bharu

Today, Amy fed the dogs, both outdoors and indoors in her kennel with the food we provided.

Here are some photos and videos:

We were discussing nutrition and I told Amy about the benefits of bones and raw food (BARF). So, Amy was game to try it on her dogs. Here’s raw chicken […]

Cow’s eye and eating problems

Once we age, old age and sickness are sure to set in.

No one escapes this.

Cow Mau was having massive eye discharge for more than a week. While Maximus Ophtal worked wonders for Bunny, it does not work for Cow at all.

But Nicol eyedrops work, thankfully!

So after a week’s application of Nicol […]

Good morning, Sam and kitties!

I wasn’t feeling well last night (must be due to some sambal I ate at an eatery) so I could not get up to feed the kittens at 10pm. But I’m okay this morning.

So, Kai and Akira lost weight in the 4am weighing session this morning. But it isn’t too alarming. Indra gained weight […]

Kai eats another chicken meal!

So far, only Kai knows how to eat chicken on his own. For Akira and Indra, I am still only putting a very small amount into their mouths. They chew and swallow. But both are still not able to pick up minced chicken on their own from the plate yet.

In fact, the amount […]

Kai eats another raw meal and an update on the kittens

I was hoping Akira and Indra would eat the raw chicken on their own too, but they aren’t ready yet.

Only Kai is.

I’m rather worried about Akira and Indra. They are both active, but have not been putting on weight since Samantha stopped breastfeeding. I’ve been feeding them, but they aren’t drinking […]

Kai achieves a first (raw food on his own)!

I thought Kai had become slow in everything, but no. Just now, he achieved a first – he ate raw meat on his own!

Since yesterday, I had been giving the kittens very small amounts of minced chicken breast meat. I do it by placing the small amount into their mouths. Both Akira and Indra […]

Weaning kittens to raw food

This reference contains guidelines for kittens with mum and orphaned or hand raised kittens:

An excerpt:

Week 3: Ground tripe or chicken. Week 4: Add ground bone and other ground proteins Week 5: Add liver and offal. Add small meat chunks to the ground meat. Week 6: Add bigger chunks of meat and small […]