Indy’s bone broth

I have shared this many times, but would like to do it again, in case anyone missed it.

The bone broth recipe:

Chicken carcass or any bones Water Apple cider vinegar Boil for more than 24 hours (slow cook)

I found out about this superfood for dogs and cats when I was desperately trying […]

The raw deal: The wonders of raw food (Wendy and Potato’s story)

This is a follow-up to the earlier story about Wendy, my friend’s dog:

Wendy took to raw food (Coco & Joe’s barf) instantly and on that very same day, her 3-times daily seizures stopped. My friend took a risk and after a few days, took the medication off. Wendy continued eating 100% raw, and […]

The raw deal – a rabbit treat for everyone

Pole and Cleo have been getting rather picky lately, so I knew it was time for a change and a treat for them.

They always have this eating “pattern”, I know.

So, I got them some Coco & Joe’s barf and recently, they launched their all-new Rabbit Recipe.

I know, I know, we are talking […]

The raw deal – Chew on this!!

A cat’s dental health is something very important.

I know, especially after giving palliative care to Vincent who had stage 4 kidney failure. For Vincent’s case, we did everything possible for him, but he simply had extremely sensitive gums. He went through two dental surgeries earlier on, had good teeth removed because his gums would […]

The raw deal: The wonders of raw food (Wendy’s story)

Ever since our cats went on 100% raw food, I have been writing quite a bit about this. I’ve also been telling some friends how much a 100% raw diet has been really beneficial for our cats.

So, one of my friends decided to try raw food for her dogs. One of her dogs, Wendy, […]

The raw deal and Indy’s update after 4 months

Here’s a recap of Indy’s chronic loose stool problem:

I discovered it in August 2019. He had blood-tinged loose stools. At that time, Indy was still the kibble-king. But he did eat canned and raw too. However, all our cats were on the rojak diet of canned-raw-kibble (“semua mau”). Little did I know at that […]

The raw deal – it’s a duck deal!!

Believe it or not!!

As of today, except for Cow Mau, everyone eats Cubgrub Duck!!

I was so surprised! Even Tabs and Heidi ate Duck today!!

I cannot…I just cannot eat this….It doesn’t smell like food at all.

It’s perfectly okay, Cow. No worries!! You’ll get chicken and turkey.

So, […]

The raw deal – a “rabbit” surprise!

This is unprecedented…

Tabs eating Rabbit???

Believe it or not? But yes!

How it happened:

Tabs is a huge fan of Primal. She just loves, loves, loves Primal. Every morning, she would obediently eat her Cubgrub Chicken, but she appreciates a reward of Primal after she finishes. Sometimes, she […]

The raw deal – Ginger’s “raw deal”


I demand for Duck, Quail or Rabbit….I will not eat Chicken!

This is unacceptable ABUSE!! I want to eat ONLY exotics….give me, or I will starve!!

And so, he did….for almost eight hours, until….

…I gave him some Chicken and maybe […]