Vincent’s updates

This is going to be a long update. It covers from Thursday night till now (Saturday night).

During the last visit to the vet’s on Wednesday, the vet suggested that since Vincent won’t eat the renal diet, I’m to give him homecooked, canned and raw (in that order, with raw being the last option).

You […]

Coco&Joe’s latest cat barf flavour – Turkey Recipe!

Coco&Joe recently launched their latest Cat Barf recipe – Turkey! It contains turkey and chicken. And all our cats love it!

Coco&Joe is also supporting our cause by letting us sell their barf products. However, due to logistics issues, free delivery to the Klang Valley is only possible with purchases of at least RM350. We […]

Vincent’s Sunday raw food feasts

Vincent’s Sunday started with a feast of rabbit. I was afraid he might not eat it again, but he did, which is good, because I read that for kidney patients, rabbit and poultry are the preferred proteins.

I rotate among these Cubgrub flavours: Duck, Chicken and Rabbit. Vincent finally ate Quail as well, […]

A chat with a senior vet

I went to purchase Vincent’s fluids, tube and needles today and had a good chat with the senior vet at the clinic.

We asked about Fortekor, how it works, what it does and if Semintra might be better. Semintra is known to produce much better results, but Fortekor has been THE drug for a long […]

Vincent’s new stash

Our morning started at 4.45am.

Vincent went to his normal spot, to pee.

Oh, oh…what is he doing now?

Ginger seems to be helping to stop him.

Oh no! Another soil-stash!! I stopped him immediately.

And shooed him back into […]

Vincent’s subcut

Vincent was so cute during subcut today. He already knows the routine so well by now. When we put him on the towel, he turned to his side as though telling us that he prefers the subcut to be done this this side today!

Okay, here goes, Vincent…

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Vincent’s morning

We started with C&J’s Turkey Recipe this morning, at 6am. Vincent and all the cats love this flavour (except for Heidi, who doesn’t eat raw anymore now, I don’t know why).

For your information, C&J’s Turkey Recipe contains chicken as well, so there is a protein mix in it already. This is […]

Cubgrub’s Duck….who would like to try?

I tried my luck just now. Duck is the last flavour for us to try. We’ve tried Rabbit (Vincent and Bunny eats it). Quail – only Bunny was willing to eat it.

So, today, we tried Duck. I was worried no one might eat it.

Believe it or not, Vincent loved it!


Vincent’s blood test results (Yay!)

Time for your check-up at the vet’s, Vincent!

Waiting for our turn.

Okay, now, where do I begin to tell today’s story? There’s so much to tell.

The vet says Vincent really looks good. He weighed 3.3kg at the vet’s (using the clinic scale). His hydration is good and […]