The poop question

An interesting video comparing cat poop:

Ever since going 100% raw, our seven cats have this dry, crumbly poop that does not smell at all (the picture on the right).

Indy is still off-and-on. When we are lucky, we get semi-firm stools from him. When not so lucky, it is soft and still […]

Saving an IBD cat from 11000 miles away

The story:

Over the next weeks, many nauseating hours were spent in butchers’ shops and in the kitchen, simmering bones and disembowelling poultry following Lyn’s recommendations. The commitment of the all-vegetarian cattery staff was tested to the limit both by the concoctions stored in the freezer and by the ever-increasing list of instructions on […]

Feline inflammatory bowel disease

This sure sounds like what Indy has:

The article advises to use bone broth, which we are already doing. Indy loves the bone broth. It also advises to use probiotics, pinch by pinch. We are also doing that.

And finally, to transition to raw food.

All of the above, to heal the gut.


The raw deal – what’s your deal, Heidi?

I don’t know if it is coincidental or what, but Heidi avoids the kitchen whenever I open a jar of Quail or Duck for Ginger.

Does the smell alone offend her so much?

Then, she will also boycott Cubgrub Chicken (her staple food) and the only thing I could get her to eat would be […]

The raw deal – protein rotation: Bunny eats Quail!!

Breaking news!!!

Bunny eats Cubgrub Quail!!

This is very pleasantly surprising!

Bunny totally rejected Quail the last round (a few weeks ago). It was only Ginger who ate it. Today, Bunny devoured it!

So now, we have two candidates who are eating Quail!


Updating the list […]

No more “hospital food”, says Indy

Okay, I’ve got it figured out.

Indy doesn’t want raw chicken fillet or Fillet Plus anymore.

He wants back his Cubgrub. Normal food. No more “hospital food”, he says.

I took a chance and offered some Cubgrub to him just now. He ate it up! Then, I offered more and he ate that up too.


The raw deal – the boycott!

I opened a new jar of Duck yesterday (as a compensation gesture for Ginger), so I had to finish the jar as soon as possible, which, I am sure, is no problem at all, given how much Ginger loves Duck.

But I also wanted to transition some of the other cats to Duck, if at […]

The raw deal – protein transition (duck)

To compensate for “offending” Ginger, he had a 100% Cubgrub duck dinner tonight.

Ginger loves duck and asked for more.

Bunny is willing to eat duck as well, so that’s one more protein for Bunny besides chicken.

Indy had his 70-30 (Fillet Plus + Cubgrub chicken). […]

What if….(again)

Indy’s is back to his usual self, zooming around and playing.

There’s no stools today and the last output was what I found at 5.20am yesterday morning.

His ravenous appetite is back too.

He is currently on Vetri DMG, S.Boulardii (yes, I restarted this after he started getting liquid stools) and the low dose of […]