The importance of taurine for cats

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on cat nutrition lately.

Because of Tiger, everyone is on home-cooked food now (we still give them Monge and kibble as a snack). But cooking destroys two-thirds of the taurine in the meat, so this is a concern. I know raw is good, so I’ve started the cats […]

Schwarzenegger and Cameron on quest to “terminate” meat-eating in China

The story:

Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger and director James Cameron have teamed up for their first joint project since The Terminator – but this time it’s not a film but an initiative to encourage people to eat less meat.

They are focusing their efforts on China, where meat-eating is on the rise as […]

Eating vegetables – raw or cooked?

It’s been too long since we last posted anything on eating vegetables!

Here’s a good article on whether vegetables should be eaten raw or cooked in order to get the best health benefits: (please do read the whole article, it’s very informative).

The conclusion:

Getting the Most From Fruits and Vegetables: Some Simple Guidelines


Barefoot experience on cat nutrition

This article is not written by a vet; it’s a sharing of barefoot experience by a cat caregiver on how she dealt with a senior FIV+ cat who had diabetes and other issues, whom she had “inherited” from her late mother.

Can we feed raw food to an FIV+ cat? That was the question she […]

A vet’s opinion on the diet for senior cats

The full article is here.

This is the opinion of Dr Karen Becker, a veterinarian:

Why Reduced Protein Diets Were Once Recommended for Aging Cats

For many years, veterinarians recommended reduced protein diets for older cats. This is because after a lifetime of eating commercial pet food containing poor quality protein that is difficult to […]

Vincent’s “maintenance” plan

Everything’s been fine with Vincent since his surgery. Apart from the 5 days of sneezing (it has stopped now), he’s as well as can be and is totally back to his old ways. This includes sentry duty at the gate and being “super-manja” to all visitors. His confidence is also back, 100%. Ginger is […]

BARF news: Detox or coincidental?

I’m not sure if it’s a detoxing effect or it was just coincidental, but three of our cats had sneezing episodes recently.

I did learn from the supplier, Coco&Joe, that BARF can sometimes initiate detoxification in the animals.

It started with Vincent – he began sneezing, but not badly. But then again, Vincent had his […]

The power of your fork!

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. – Mike Pollan

The last part:

Mostly plants.

Don’t worry. Michael Pollan doesn’t want you to live on lettuce alone. He knows how much you love him, and he wants you to be happy. All he’s saying with his […]

A reply from the CEO of Farm Fresh (yoghurt news)

As you know, I was hunting around for a quality brand of yoghurt and came across Farm Fresh, which all our humans and cats liked a lot.

My concern about dairy products is on its farming methods, whether there is cruelty involved. So I posted my concerns on Farm Fresh’s Facebook page and was delighted […]