Smurfy learns to eat urban food

So far, Smurfy only eats Coco&Joe’s and Cubgrub. He has not been eating any Primal. Even if here is any sprinkles in his bowl, he leaves them.

But today, he discovered Primal!

Ooh….it can be eaten!

Of course it can be, it’s Tabs’ favourite food.

Minnie’s […]

Pole’s new enticement for meals (RC renal kibble)

I had a chat with the RC vet yesterday and he suggested that I feed Pole RC renal kibble since she is so fed-up of the renal wetfood by now.

So I decided to use the RC renal kibble as an enticement.

I know, it’s kibble, but I’m also using Greenies as one of the […]

Pole’s eating stories

Catmandoo and Primal sprinkles no longer worked this morning. Pole was clearly fed-up of them all.

Let’s see what we have in store as enticements for Pole:

1 Catmandoo 2 Primal sprinkles 3 AD 4 Cubgrub’s chicken treats (Pole wants this neat, not as toppings) 5 Cindy’s tuna mousse (with goat’s milk) 6 Cindy’s chicken […]

Pole’s kidney readings (maintained)

I suppose it would have been too much to hope that the readings would go down. After all, Pole is already at Stage 3 of the chronic kidney disease and we know she is deteriorating.

So, I suppose “no deterioration” is already good news.

Pole’s creatinine today is 414 (previous was 426, so it’s not […]

More dehydrated treats (for dental health)!

I also bought Cubgrub’s dehydrated raw chicken treats.

Everyone went CRAZY over it!

It’s pure dehydrated raw chicken, from Cubgrub.

My priority would still be to give them chunks of meat to chew. I bought gizzards two days ago (will tell you the story later). I also bought chicken breast meat […]

Minnie and the kittens and their nutrition

Today, Minnie attacked Ginger…bigtime.


But Ginger is not injured. He just lost some tufts of fur.

Minnie is on a warpath with any cat who crosses her path.

I was a bit worried about Rey again today. Yesterday, she was almost the same size as the rest but today, she looked smaller again, so […]

The magic powder, Catmandoo, has arrived!

I ordered on 2nd June and it arrived today!!

So far, this is really helping a lot for feeding Pole. Pole has also increased her consumption of the renal food ever since I blended it. The only thing is I need to add something to entice her to eat each time. I’m glad I […]

Pole’s check-up (the numbers aren’t so good)

Today was Pole’s check-up at the vet’s.

The numbers aren’t so good.

In just two weeks, her creatinine has increased from 381 to 426. It looks like it’s on the rise despite the daily subcut. The vet says most likely, her kidneys are deteriorating.

Her urea went from 25.6 to 17.6 today, so that’s a […]

Pole’s eating news

The good news now is that Pole can eat Coco&Joe’s again without vomiting, but it’s still not “neat”. It has to be mixed with some canned food. I think the need of mixing it because Pole is being picky.

However, she is still on daily Mirtazapine. It’s an anti-vomiting and appetite stimulant.

Coincidentally, her […]