Sakura is now officially “Hiro”, an attempt to catch Misty

I texted my vet “Sakura’s” photo to ask if she/he is male. She says the photos are not clear, but I’m really quite sure he is male. So whether male or female, Sakura is now officially Hiro.

Hiro is a gender-neutral name.

Hiro (ひろ, ヒロ) is primarily a Japanese given name with multiple meanings, dependent […]

Teaching Gerald and Misty to eat raw food

Gerald and Misty are adults who have probably been eating all sorts of food but raw food.

So I have to “teach” them to eat raw food now.

I placed a small amount in their bowl of homecooked food. That’s my very own homecooked chicken recipe. They avoided the raw portion and […]

Duck as a novel protein for the kittens

Today, I introduced Cubgrub’s Duck to the kittens.

Samantha loved it, though!

The kittens…maybe they weren’t so hungry. They ate a bit of it. Or they were too busy playing.

They took to Cubgrub’s Rabbit instantly. Maybe because that’s a very natural food to them.

This spoonful is after the main […]

The ongoing debate on what to feed your cat

This article offers a fair view on both sides of the divide:

I think the entire article is summed up in its conclusion:

You only have two options. One is to disrespect your cat’s needs and desires by feeding him a diet that’s morally meaningful to you and perhaps other animals, but utterly unnatural […]

A new protein for the kittens and Sam!

The kittens ate raw chicken and cooked sardines today! This is Coco&Joe’s Chicken & Fish recipe.

Just as a gentle reminder, cats absolutely CANNOT eat raw fish. So no sushi for cats, please. Raw fish contains thiaminase which destroys the thiamine (vit B) in their body and this can be fatal. Please see below for […]

Of biologically-appropriate food and evolution

Some weeks back, an old friend contacted me to ask if I knew where to buy vegetarian food for dogs and cats. I immediately told him that dogs are omnivores, so while some dogs are known to be able to live on a vegetarian diet (provided it is nutritionally balanced), cats are obligate carnivores and […]

Sam and her kittens eating 100% raw food

I’m switching Samantha from Primal Freeze-Dried to Coco&Joe’s.

Seeing her kittens eat, she is also following now.

And for the first time today, Indra can finally pick up raw meat from a plate!! It’s an achievement for little Indra!

This is Coco&Joe’s for Samantha. Her kittens are also […]

The kittens teach Samantha how to eat raw food!

On 6th March, Kai was the one who started to eat raw chicken breast meat.

She was the first.

Then, Akira followed closely. Indra was the last, being the youngest.

In the very next meal, Kai was already able to pick up the meat from the small plate all by herself.

(It is so strange […]

Updates from Amy Kok’s Kennel in Kota Bharu

Today, Amy fed the dogs, both outdoors and indoors in her kennel with the food we provided.

Here are some photos and videos:

We were discussing nutrition and I told Amy about the benefits of bones and raw food (BARF). So, Amy was game to try it on her dogs. Here’s raw chicken […]