Make your own healthy milk!

The dairy industry can be a very cruel one.

Let’s make our own healthy milk with seeds!

Research findings on dog food formulas

The findings:

Meat-free eating is happening all over!

News from Meat Free Monday:

Meat free eating is truly a global phenomenon at the moment, winning the support of local authorities, businesses and government agencies across the world.

Japan’s Cabinet Office and Cabinet Secretariat recently launched a weekly veggie menu at their staff canteen, while the German Environment Ministry has banned meat from being […]

Company creates first lab-grown “chicken”

Many humans want to try to be vegetarians but they cannot forgo the taste of meat.

Also, dogs are omnivorous and cats are carnivorous, so they need to eat meat too. Their caregivers need to feed them meat.

Well, here’s good news for the above categories!

The news:

The lab-grown meat – which […]

Monge Cat Kibble is back!!! (fundraising)

After a period of absence, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd has relaunched the ever-popular and very palatable Monge Cat Kibble!

It comes in two sizes (1.5kg and 10kg) and in four flavours (Kitten, Adult, Hairball and Indoor).

Our price list is below (by donation and all proceeds go to our Neutering Fund for the animals). We […]

A loving guide to eating less meat

The whole article:

Our thoughts: You don’t have to be vegan or even vegetarian straight away. Start by eating less meat consciously. Then, cut off red meat, then poultry and the rest will follow. As long as we eat less meat, it’s already a fantastic start towards a more compassionate lifestyle.

Here are some […]

Eating less meat

The article:

One reason should be enough: Compassion. The rest follows.

Isn’t this one area where we’d like to see our country drop down and eventually, OUT of the list?

Another article:

The most vegetarian country in the world is Bangladesh, where just four kilos of meat are consumed by a […]

This dog’s cancer went away in 120 days

The simple answer: Feed raw meat, folks.

Please watch the video:

Millions of people and dogs are dying of cancer. Why do we have to wait for the misinformed to die off before making the paradigm change? This is a tragedy of monumental proportions that needs to be addressed immediately.


Success…with Ms Poldrey Hepburn and Comrade Zurik

You’d remember that Poldrey and Zurik were the only ones who refused to eat Coco&Joe’s barf per se. I got them to eat my half-cooked-half-raw home-prepared food, but they would turn up their noses and walk away from even a tiny bit of barf. The smell of barf was enough to turn them off completely […]