Shampoo bars – the greener way to wash our hair!

Please watch the video:

According to the video clip, one shampoo bar is equivalent to three medium-sized bottles of shampoo and can last for over 80 washes!

I’ve just proposed the idea to Orifera. Let’s hope they can come out with their very own shampoo bar soon!

But for now, perhaps we […]

Prosthetics for all kinds of animals

Please watch the entire video. This amazing man even makes them for elephants!

Are we natural meat eaters?

The video clip:

As he says, if we are, we should have no problem killing the animal or watching it being killed and yet, most humans cannot bear to do either. We all have that compassion for animals in our hearts. It’s just the pleasures of the tongue that defeats us sometimes, and that […]

A 5-year old talks about being vegan

The video:

Quote: You are killing a live thing that you don’t need to kill to be alive.

A hero in the wilderness

The video clip:

He drives his truck into the areas affected by drought to supply water to animals in the wild. What a great man!

Ego and Wisdom

Until man sheds his ego and learns to live in harmony with all living beings, Jonas Salk’s findings will remain true.

Cassava bags in place of plastic bags

It dissolves in water and is even edible, making it totally harmless to animals and insects.

The butterflies came

I had been waiting patiently for a sign.

And finally, the first butterfly came yesterday.

It was noon and I was out at the vegetables pot to get some greens for lunch. As I approached the pots, a very small white butterfly flitted happily over the plants. I stood and watched the little white butterfly. […]

Managing campus cats

Below is a news article shared by Dr Veeranoot, who is now back home in Thailand. Dr Veeranoot has indeed laid the foundation for animal kindness during her tenure as an associate professor in Universiti Malaya. It is heartening to see her efforts being continued by her colleagues now.

Again, we look forward to the […]