Doris Day’s animal welfare work

Doris Day, one of my favourite singers, passed away in 2019 at the ripe old age of 97. She left behind a great legacy in the world of film and song, but she was also an animal lover and activist.

Doris Day was one of the most-dedicated, hard working and recognized public servants and advocates […]

A lawyer who cares for animals – thank you, Mr Ong Yu Shin!

We thank you, Mr Ong, for caring. Salute!

How to make garbage enzyme

For the sake of the cats, I’m going to relearn how to make garbage enzyme.

I thought this site is pretty good:

For those who might not have read my earlier post, it’s an option to control the odour in their sandpit. Another option, I just learnt, is to use activated charcoal.


The difference between CNRM and TNR (republishing)

This article was first published in April 2019 and again in January 2020.

We are republishing it again as a gentle reminder to all applicants that our neutering and vaccination aid is prioritised for those who practise One-Street CNRM, with particular emphasis on the C=Care and M=Manage components.

Our priority has always been to help […]

How pet owners (or rescuers) cross the line to become animal hoarders

The article:

The purpose of sharing this article is for education. To all new pet owners and rescuers, please do not cross the line to become animal hoarders in your fervour to save and rescue.

What is an animal hoarder? According to the article:

Also known as “Noah’s Syndrome,” animal hoarding is defined by […]

The late Adibah Noor’s cats

The news:

A timely reminder to all of us caregivers and pet parents – we have to make plans for our pets. Life is uncertain.

An update:

Take these wings and let it fly

We put Birdy back in the nest yesterday with a slight glimmer of hope that perhaps Bella could do something to revive him. Bella did come back and spent some time at the nest.

But after that, Bella and Felix no longer came back. I waited, but they did not come back anymore. Not in […]

Global food revolution: Eating “meat” without harming animals!

The video:

A brief history of house cats

The brief article:

The last sentence sent me into bouts of laughter!

After all, how often do you see a movie’s maniacal arch-villain, as he lounges in a comfy chair and plots the world’s destruction, stroke the head of a Golden Retriever?

It’s just so funny!