A gentle reminder: Honesty, Sincerity and Courtesy

This is a gentle reminder to all applicants:

We have been updating everyone here on certain cheating cases which we have discovered over the past few months. These included forging the vet’s signature as well as blaming the vet for not notching the ears of female animals. Both of which, after checking with the […]

Please support Lawyers for Animal Rights (Manjung District issue)

The news: https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2020/07/06/lawyers-seek-high-court-order-to-stop-manjung-district-officers-shooting-st/1882012

Lawyers for Animal Rights press release:

Press Release-2

This is the time to speak up and help the animals.

As Jane Goodall says, Covid19 was a result of humans’ total disrespect of animals and Nature. Until we learn, there will be more warnings and results.

But when will humans learn? It all […]

Cruel humans will never be extinct

I exited my neighbourhood chatgroup yesterday.

There’s just so much I can take.

For eight years, ever since I moved to this new neighbourhood, I had been the lone voice speaking up, appealing for some kindness to animals, be it the community cats or the tree shrews, the monkeys, or civet cats (musang).

I’ve done […]

Three videos from Istanbul (their street animals)

Their city council LOOKS AFTER street animals. What would it take for our city councils to do the same? Here’s the thing folks…in our country, it is the politicians who can change the council by-laws and politicians only listen to the majority because they just want votes. There are three videos in this link. […]

“We brought this (Covid19) upon ourselves” – Jane Goodall

Please watch this video, and let’s each of us make a difference by a simple gesture: RESPECT the animals.

The video: https://edition.cnn.com/videos/tv/2020/05/08/amanpour-jane-goodall-climate-wildlife.cnn/video/playlists/amanpour/

Kind neighbour takes care of abandoned blind dog

The story: https://www.mstar.com.my/lokal/viral/2020/05/03/tuan-lari-tinggalkan-rumah-sewa-anjing-buta-tumpang-kasih-jiran-melayu-sambil-harapkan-kepulangan—sayangnya-tak-boleh-nak-bela#cxrecs_s

Bless the kind neighbour for his compassion!

Grow a garden!

Growing a garden in the community – Something we can all think about doing.

Even if you cannot grow anything (you do not have “green fingers”), fear not, we managed to grow our first papaya tree!

But, actually, I did manage to grow a green vegetable (for making soup), mint (yes, I really did) and […]

The human zoo

It’s time for humans to think about respecting Nature….before the next human-created, human-initiated pandemic strikes….100 times worse than Covid19.


Peking University students set up viral app for campus cats

This is really a wonderful initiative by university students in Peking University: https://news.cgtn.com/news/2020-04-21/Students-set-up-viral-app-for-cats-on-campus-PRHzegnPmo/index.html

Cats prowling around one of China’s top universities now have their personal profiles uploaded to the country’s largest social media network – WeChat. A group of students at Peking University (PKU) created a mini-program, or a sub-application under WeChat’s ecosystem, to catalog […]