Returning to charity

One of our former applicant shared this story:

He has actually returned every single sen that he had claimed from us, and still continues donating now, to help other animals and rescuers. He also helps us in kind. Kudos to such kindness!


Hikers rescue injured dog from mountain

The story:

Free Willy

Canada bans the captivity of cetaceans:

Bless these Korean police officers!!

Such kind police officers!! Bless them!

Malaysian government, watch and learn! Compassion is wisdom and strength.

How many dogs does it take to change a lightbulb?

I can certainly vouch and the Poodle’s and Cat’s answers!


This is not a pleasant piece of news to share and it has a very disturbing photo too:

The dog-catcher has decided to quit his job now.

When there is innocence….

When there is innocence, there is no place for evil.

Two divers free a momma-whale caught in fishing net

Will bring tears to your eyes, it has a happy ending.

Istanbul, where street animals are treated as PETS and not pests

Watch and learn, Subang Jaya and the best of Malaysia:

Please share this widely. We can and should emulate Istanbul.

The full article: