When? Pray tell, when?

It’s being done in so many countries. Animal lovers know this is THE way. Organisations are actively doing it.

When? When? When are our authorities going to make the council by-laws more street animal-friendly and allow neutered (ear-notched) animals to live on? Is there any hope with this new government?

It is sometimes just so […]

Thank you, madam! (and hello, beautiful people!)

This made my day!

You know how we have been identifying applicants to be graduated? Thanks to the invaluable help of a friend who voluntarily offered to help me out, our exercise began last November and so far, quite a number of applicants have been graduated. Some of them have been applying to us for […]

The super short pink wonder!! (Vincent’s subcut and some reflections)

Look at this!!

This super short pink wonder of a needle (Nipro 18G 1 inch) has literally “revolutionalise” our daily subcut sessions!


The hole is big enough to enable the fluids to flow so fast that it only takes 3 minutes flat to do 250ml of subcut fluids.

The other needles […]

The “one month’s notice” is a privilege and not a right

As announced in December 2018, there is a maximum claimable amount that applicants can claim for. We also announced that whenever possible, we will give such applicants a one month’s notice to make their last two claims.

However, we would like to advise all applicants that this one month’s notice and last two claims is […]

Putting thoughts into action

Do you like to make New Year’s resolutions? Or, is every day as equally good and important to you?

Whichever your stand is, please allow me to share these affirmations, written by a person whom I have the utmost respect for, Bhante Y. Wimala. He has charity projects in various parts of the world and […]

Reading is a thing of the past?

We have noticed that MANY applicants do not read our policies before applying. And this is why they send non-compliant applications.

Then, if they are first-timers, I will send them the link and ask them to please read so that they have a chance to resubmit (if they wish to). And yet, they don’t read.


Sometimes….we meet an angel

Tonight, I received another surprise from the same applicant whom I had written about previously: https://myanimalcare.org/2018/12/23/a-true-blue-cnrmer-thank-you-so-much-kind-sir/

He only started claiming from us in October this year. And so far, he has only claimed for 10 dogs (yes, only RM1000, which is SUCH a small sum compared to so many other applicants).

He is a blue […]

A brief look at 2018 and onwards to 2019

Dear Donors, Supporters and Well-Wishers,

Happy New Year!! We thank you so much for your generosity, trust and support in making it possible for us to help street animals and their feeders in 2018. And come May 2019, it will be TEN years!!

But let’s take a look at 2018:

Neutering Fund

No of animals […]

A breath of fresh air!!

This morning, I can FINALLY breathe a sigh of relief and gratitude!

Thanks to our new policy of not tolerating rude and entitled applicants, we saw the last of the RUDEST applicant yesterday. She still made demands despite her application being non-compliant and despite being told how much she had received from us over more […]