Selamat Hari Malaysia 2018!


As we celebrate a “new” Malaysia, under a new government which promises Harapan Baru to Rakyat Malaysia, AnimalCare only has one Harapan and one request:

Please, please, please spare the street animals from capture. Let the feeders get them neutered and please allow them to live on.

Just one request.

Boleh, tak?


The bank executive who became an animal rights activist (Philip Wollen)

20 mins of one of the most inspiring speeches on animal rights (Philip Wollen)

Speaking up for those who have no voice (Philip Wollen)

An extremely powerful speech:

Justice must be blind to race, colour, religion AND species.

The festive “dumping” problem

Today, we received this information from one of our applicants:

During the last week of fasting n early week of raya when ppl balik kampung….i find many cats and kittens being dumped….they just leave the cats like that instead of spending for boarding…after raya they adopt new kittens.

Every year same problem…i neuter nearly 70 […]

Animal abuse on the rise in Malaysia?

The news:

According to the news, it’s on the rise.

Or is it because there is more awareness now, people have more courage to report such cases, so we get to read more of such cases?

Once wonders, though, with AWA2015, there is more legislation supposedly to protect animals and punish animal abusers, but […]

International Homeless Animals Day

Yesterday, 18th August, was “International Homeless Animals Day”.

Our friend, ardent supporter and dedicated rescuer, Dr Veeranoot, who is now back home in Thailand, sent this image below.

Doesn’t it break your heart to think of what might happen to all these innocent little puppies who are born on the street if they do […]

The voice of trees

Please watch the video:

Shampoo bars – the greener way to wash our hair!

Please watch the video:

According to the video clip, one shampoo bar is equivalent to three medium-sized bottles of shampoo and can last for over 80 washes!

I’ve just proposed the idea to Orifera. Let’s hope they can come out with their very own shampoo bar soon!

But for now, perhaps we […]