Small steps with Riley

Riley did not eat this morning. She must be still stressed from the major change in her life, taken from the street to a room in our house. She also has not urinated or defecated since yesterday afternoon. I was worried and I consulted the vet but she says to let her be and give […]

At Universiti Malaysia Sabah, stray dogs are welcome!

We hope such kindness will be emulated, especially by other universities. Universities are places of higher learning. Kindness is the greatest wisdom.

Happiness is….

Enjoy and emulate!!

Meet Flossie, the world’s current oldest living cat, at nearly 27 years old!

Here’s Flossie!

Photo credit: The Mirror

Flossie is nearly 27 years old!

Meanwhile, the oldest cat ever, Cream Puff, passed away at 38 years 3 days!!

This is who we are

AnimalCare takes a moment off from our regular work to share this video.

Our fellow Malaysians, sila viralkan video ini and show the politikus who we really are! Terima kasih!!

Zero Expectations. Zero Disappointments.

There is a big difference between having hope and having expectations.

We wrote to 6 parliamentary candidates requesting that when and if they land in parliament, would they be interested in amending the council by-laws so that ear-notched (neutered) animals will not be captured. That’s all we asked.

YB Wong Chen – I first wrote […]

Animals who stood for elections and won!

I will definitely vote for a goat, a cat, a dog or even a tree shrew if animals were allowed to stand for elections!

The story:

I am fully convinced they will do a better job. For one, they do not have greed or hatred!

The first reply: From Puan Siti Kasim!

I am thrilled beyond words!! Puan Siti Kasim replied within 25 minutes!

From: Siti Kasim <> Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2022 at 07:41 Subject: Re: Requesting for a voice in Parliament for the street animals To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr Chan,

Animal welfare is one of the issues that is close to my […]

An open letter to YB Cik Amira Aisya

Dear Friends, Please help to share widely. Thank you.

(Note: this is the best draft I’ve written so far! Thank you to two friends who gave me excellent points to improve on my earlier drafts.)

From: Chan Kah Yein <> Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2022 at 07:33 Subject: Requesting for a voice in […]