Being “entitled”

For the past few weeks, I had been talking to some of the present applicants who have been claiming our maximum of RM300 per week and also those who have been claiming for many years now, explaining to them our shortage of funds and asking if they would be willing to donate back RM10 a […]

How can we raise more funds?

This month started off so well with the RM5380 raised from the Stretch for Good workshop (thank you, Stretch Therapy Malaysia and all participants). The RM5380 will last us about 7-10 days of paying out claims, which is a big, big help.

You might remember too that we have been living with a shortfall of […]

Gems of wisdom from a new rescuer

Mr Ho is a new rescuer from Ipoh. He’s the one I was very impressed with, not only because he endeavoured to learn as much as he could on how he can help street animals effectively, he is also incredibly well-mannered and polite.

Such a gem, really.

When he first contacted me to apply for […]

An update from Kelantan

If you are one of our followers, you will know the number of applicants who come through us on a daily basis. Now, we have more applicants from other states and this is really very encouraging.

Mr Lim is one of our applicants from Kelantan and he is an elderly dog rescuer. We helped him […]

Feeding stations for street animals

Here’s one:

And this one is ingenious and doable, provided neighbours don’t complain:

Nature pushed to the brink by humans

The article:

An update on the two rescued puppies

The two puppies from yesterday’s rescue are doing well. According to Mun Mun, they are eating and drinking well. Just a bit timid. That is, of course, to be expected, since they are, after all, feral puppies.

Here is a photo from Mun Mun:

I also learnt a lot from Mun Mun and the […]

Of whiners and squawkers

I just learnt a new word today – squawker! I was looking for synonyms for whiners for the subject of this post.

Right now, Ginger is whining all over the house again – I think he wants his dim sum, but no, I’m not giving it to him since he has already eaten breakfast. I […]

Hear, hear!!