Were the dogs provoked?

I saw a news report on an area which has a colony of stray dogs. Some residents claimed that they were attacked by the dogs. A representative, who, by the way, claimed that he was a dog lover, said something has to be done and has urged the authorities to “do something”.

Names of the […]

Why the world suffers

My encounter in the last two days made me think of this quote by Napoleon Bonaparte: The world suffers because of the silence of good people.

There are animal lovers in my neighbourhood who agree with what I do. There are neighbours who think the complainant was being very unreasonable, and yet, nobody chose […]

Feeding street animals

Here are a few things I learnt from a friend who “knows”.

(1) It is not an offence if you feed street animals inside your house compound. But best to keep the area very clean and do not leave scraps around.

(2) It may or may not be an offence if you feed street animals […]

Of cognitive dissonance and the sentience of animals

The article: https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/leisure/2023/02/25/people-still-find-it-hard-to-grasp-that-animals-are-sentient-beings/


In other words, consumers still find it difficult to grasp the idea that animals are sentient beings like themselves. The psychological phenomenon behind this reluctance is called cognitive dissonance, theorised in the 1950s by American psychologist Leon Festinger.

This often takes the form of a psychological discomfort that arises when beliefs […]

A cat project in Maryland, USA

I have posted this before, but it’s worth reading as it is very real with practical ideas.

The article: https://www.humanesociety.org/news/keeping-neighborhood-cats-safe

This part, below, is a wake-up call, that no matter how annoying the intolerant people are, no matter how infuriated we are with them, our approach still matters and will make a difference to the […]

Gerald, where are you?

I freaked out this morning.

I was just too dead tired to wake up at 5am when Gerald and Misty came calling. I knew they were calling, but I could not get up. All mentally drained after doing battle with the complainant for almost 2 days. I’m almost never physically tired, but I can be […]

Ryan and Gerald

Jayden gets to feed Gerald every day, but not Ryan, so Ryan was so thrilled today, to be able to see Gerald eat!

Ryan: Hi, Gerald!!

He pats Gerald ever so gently. Ginger cats are also the sweetest cats, my vet says.

I wish there was a […]

The boys visit Hiro

Ryan hasn’t seen Hiro before, so he was totally thrilled to see such a tiny little kitten!

Jayden came first. He has seen Hiro before.

Then, Ryan came.

Jayden knows how to handle cats and kittens because he’s with us a lot.

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More suggestions needed! (how humans destroy biodiversity)

A reader has written in to share how some neighbours in her neighbourhood have been complaining about cats. It is much worse than what I’m experiencing.

Here it is:

Over 3 weeks, a handful of neighbours have been very vocal in the group chat about stray and/or pet cats.

One lady complained about a cat […]