International Day of Forests (21st March)

Sorry we are late by 4 days, but the message is valid every day.

21st March is celebrated worldwide as International Day of Forests.

I received two messages on that day, which I’d like to share here:

The first is from India (please modify accordingly for our country):

This is the season of fruits […]

Are we eating plastic for dinner?

Please watch this:

And then see how even a swan knows how to clean up trash:

Making it happen in our country

Our last two posts was on the admirable and positive state of animal welfare in Holland. Over on Facebook, we received many, many likes on these posts too. As you might have read, the awareness and push for better and fairer treatment of animals started 200 years ago in Holland.

We did receive some response […]

The innate basic goodness in all of us

According to Dr Richard Davidson, we come into the world with innate basic goodness, and “we” include some animals too!

Let us help one another find this “basic goodness” and nurture it well.

The video:

Selfishness, greed, hatred and all other evils are learned from the environment and social interactions.

The power of […]

Rescued Yulin dogs say “thank you”

A message from HSI:

Thank you for helping these animals With your help, HSI works year round in China to fight the cruel dog meat trade, but as this year’s dog meat festival in Yulin, China approached, we made it clear to city officials that public outrage against it continues unabated: On June 10th, we […]

It’s the LAST medical school to stop using live animals!

A few days ago, we celebrated the fact that the University of Tennessee College of Medicine had agreed to stop using live animals in their surgical training. Did you know that this the very last of medical schools in the U.S. to stop using live animals?!!

Please read here:

Public pressure clearly influenced this […]

The lovely little girl in pink

If you remember, just one month ago, I encountered that lying boy who threw sticks at Mr Zurik at the park: and I wrote that our world is indeed doomed if this is an example of our next generation.

Well, I stand corrected after a lovely and heartwarming encounter yesterday evening…at the same park.


The best (ever!) iklan Hari Raya!

Selamat Hari Raya, dear friends and furry ones! Maaf Zahir & Batin!

“Kasih sayang tidak mengenal siapa kita.”

The “dog pack” myth (train with rewards, not with pain)

The full article:

I also don’t mind dogs walking first through doorways. I do like to teach them to wait first just so I can make sure there is nothing on the other side that could startle the dog and cause them to react. But once I deem it safe then, sure they […]