Ego and Wisdom

Until man sheds his ego and learns to live in harmony with all living beings, Jonas Salk’s findings will remain true.

Cassava bags in place of plastic bags

It dissolves in water and is even edible, making it totally harmless to animals and insects.

The butterflies came

I had been waiting patiently for a sign.

And finally, the first butterfly came yesterday.

It was noon and I was out at the vegetables pot to get some greens for lunch. As I approached the pots, a very small white butterfly flitted happily over the plants. I stood and watched the little white butterfly. […]

Managing campus cats

Below is a news article shared by Dr Veeranoot, who is now back home in Thailand. Dr Veeranoot has indeed laid the foundation for animal kindness during her tenure as an associate professor in Universiti Malaya. It is heartening to see her efforts being continued by her colleagues now.

Again, we look forward to the […]

Animal hoarding is a mental disorder

The article:


Some reflections

For the last one week, ever since we were informed that the Selangor Neutering Subsidy (SENS) is open to all Selangorians (those who have a Selangor address on their IC’s), we have been gradually informing our many Selangor regular applicants that they are now eligible to apply for the Selangor government funds.

The criteria for […]

Cop builds retirement home for ex-service dogs

Bless him, bless him, bless him!!

Cop In Tears After Seeing Poor Treatment Of Former Service Dogs, He Knew He Had To Step In


Community dogs become “superhero” guard dogs!

Another wonderful programme!

A cat-photo and neutering project at an LRT in KL

The news:

It is very heartening to know that neutering and living harmoniously with street cats is catching on now!


“We need to rejuvenate and refurbish the city but it’s also home to animals,” Susie points out. “We need to live together harmoniously. That means we have to prevent the population of strays […]