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How important bees are, to planet Earth’s survival

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Food for thought, Australians and everyone else

Here’s one:

And here’s another quite disturbing one:

California to ban animal cosmetic testing

Hear, hear!

Makeshift koala shelters in Australian schools

Malaysian schools, please consider introducing kindness to animals into your curriculum, and not just in theory but in practice. New education minister….?

The brave dogs who are rescuing koalas in Australia’s deadly wildfires

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The Russian museum that “collects cats”

It’s old news, but it’s always good to remind ourselves that public places such as museums, police stations, fire stations, train stations, why, maybe even government departments (!) can lead the way to promote kindness and set a good example to the ordinary citizen. It would be great for tourism too!

Here’s all about the […]

Pray for the Australian animals

Australian fires:

An update on Edward and Vivienne’s case


Dear Friends, Thank you very much for your kind donations to help Edward and Vivienne. For all updates on the case, kindly refer to Ivan YM Chong’s FB page. I will post an image of last night’s update here for your reference. Thank you once again for your generosity.