Sheer willpower of a little goat to run again!!

“Do they still worship us, child?”

How to find a lost pet: A unique method from Japan

Here’s how it works:

“My cat escaped two days ago and didn’t return, but somebody on Twitter said, ‘Talking to cats in the neighbourhood and saying to them, ‘If you see my cat, please tell it to come home’ is an effective technique.’ So last night, I went to the local convenience store and […]

Towards a righteous life

One million non-human species near extinction…but it is not too late to help

The report:

Another report:

A glimmer of hope: It is NOT too late to save them.

There is actually SO much we can do. Some are simple things too.

Eat less meat. Adopt a plant-based diet. Humans are over-populating the earth and thereby destroying the earth. If you must, have only 2 […]

Another blessing in disguise!

I had another encounter with another rude applicant this evening, during my dinner! It was through text messages and voicemail.

To cut a long story short, this one was in cohorts with the previous one, so both are out now. It’s best they seek help elsewhere.

I do reflect deeply when such things happen and […]

Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise

Another case this morning.

It must be the season.

I had another unpleasant encounter with an old applicant. She sent me voicemails asking if she could get another dog neutered and claim from us. So I replied saying we have new requirements now. I dug out her record and she has since claimed for 25 […]

Of honesty, sincerity, goodwill and trust – it shows, it shines

I just endured the most unpleasant encounters with not one, but TWO unreasonable and rather impolite applicants today. It’s very hard to communicating with such people. One was downright rude and thinks that we have no right to change our policies. She also refused to read the policy page. The other refuses to read whatever […]

Humans…you aren’t on top of everyone else!!

The video:


“Who the hell are you to think that an ant is a lowly creature and you are some super human being?”

“If all the humans died, the world will flourish!”

“The idea that this cosmos is human-centric is a stupid idea.” (my favourite quote in the entire video…indeed, STUPID it is!!)