Compliance to policy requirements

This is a gentle reminder to all applicants that our policies ( and are put in place to ensure that there is sufficient accountability and transparency to the funds that we provide.

We ask for a write-up and complete photo collage (before surgery, surgical wound, ear-notch for females, fully awake photo after surgery) by […]

The Amazon rainforest fires

Many, many animals are perishing in the fires.

Please read how the fires started:

Instead of axes and machetes, people now use bulldozers and giant tractors with chains to pull down the Amazon’s towering trees. A few months later, they torch the trunks. It’s the only realistic way to remove such huge amounts of […]

Good colonies make good neighbours

CNRM requires much more work than just feeding and neutering. It calls for diplomacy and problem-solving skills to preserve good neighbourliness in order to have good and safe colonies for the animals.

This is why we stress so much on the C=Care and M=Manage components.

Please do read this:

A successful CNRM project (a sharing by Lee Chin Siang)

Mr Lee used to claim from us for the neutering of the cats in his CNRM colony. Now, his colony is more or less stabilised with 11 cats at the back of his house and 3 in front.

Here is a photo of the happy cats:

Feeding time in the morning, not all present […]

Sterilizing 75% of the cat community – it works!

Here is another study:

Pertinent points:

A collaboration between cat welfare advocates, veterinary scientists and wildlife biologists suggests that when sterilization efforts reach 75% of the colony, overall numbers will decrease over time, while preventable cat deaths can be reduced more than 30-fold.

What is the worst thing communities can do?

The worst thing […]

Humanely reducing free-roaming cat populations (a published study)

The 10-year study with statistics, conducted by experts in the field:

Malaysian local councils, won’t you please consider doing this?

This pet shelter in Brazil only hires homeless people who love animals

An amazing endeavour in Brazil:

A mother-bird “sews” her nest!

Take a look at this amazing video!

How bra clasps can save turtles

The video: