If you have any suggestions….(Part 8) – hopefully, the finale

So, two neighbours said that based on his photos, the paw prints were that of a musang’s, definitely not a cat’s. I chipped in saying the droppings actually did look like a herbivore’s droppings and not a cat’s too. But when he posted last night, I thought he had seen the cat doing it. Hence, […]

If you have any suggestions….(Part 6) – the harmless water sprinkler

My friend, Anne, found this: https://shopee.com.my/amp/Pest-Control-Motion-Sensor-Water-Sprinkler-to-chase-away-dog-and-cat-i.237763177.3720689983.

It is the water sprinkler to chase away dogs and cats harmlessly.

I have shared it with the neighbourhood.

Thank you so much, Anne! It is practical and harmless ideas like these that we need. We understand that not everyone will ever like or accept street animals, but we […]

If you have any suggestions…(Part 1) – the complaint (again) and my response

A neighbour has again complained in the group chat about people who feed stray cats thereby causing the cats to defecate and urinate in their house compound. They attached photos of the faeces in their porch and house compound. They are clearly very unhappy about it and has urged people who feed stray cats to […]

Animals that adapt to urban life likely to survive climate change

The article: https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/leisure/2023/03/17/animals-that-adapt-to-urban-life-likely-to-survive-climate-change/

They will still be here LONG after we are all gone.

Calling on all dog lovers in Selangor!

This is our chance to speak up for street dogs.

Please support neutering. Let’s hope the people can convince the council and the state to practise Neuter-Return-Manage as a compassionate way to control the street dog population. Catching-and-killing does not solve the problem at all.

Please share this widely. Every vote counts. No more killing!!


The ongoing debate on what to feed your cat

This article offers a fair view on both sides of the divide: https://cats.com/vegan-cat-food

I think the entire article is summed up in its conclusion:

You only have two options. One is to disrespect your cat’s needs and desires by feeding him a diet that’s morally meaningful to you and perhaps other animals, but utterly unnatural […]

Post-op care after neutering is compulsory, please

Some news from the grapevine again and it isn’t exactly good news.

We’ve been informed that there are feeders and rescuers who send in rescued animals for neutering to certain places that provide this service, but they do not fast the animals 8 hours prior to the surgery and they also do not give the […]

Who is the architect of planet earth’s ecosystem and our existence?

The answer is here: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/71YZu162stE

It is the largest organism in the world – the Mycelia Mat Mushroom! It is as large as 665 football fields!

This organism is the architect of our existence!


(This is Kah Yein’s sharing)


Of biologically-appropriate food and evolution

Some weeks back, an old friend contacted me to ask if I knew where to buy vegetarian food for dogs and cats. I immediately told him that dogs are omnivores, so while some dogs are known to be able to live on a vegetarian diet (provided it is nutritionally balanced), cats are obligate carnivores and […]