The “correct” way to see animals in the wild

Let the trees speak

Cambodia to end elephant rides by 2020

Here’s the news:

Elephant rides will be banned from one of Cambodia’s most famous tourist attractions by 2020.

Angkor Wat, a massive religious site that has stood since the 12th century, attracts more than 2.5 million international tourists each year. One of its most famous attractions are the elephant rides, where the animals are […]

A look at animal hoarding

This is a very good article about animal hoarding:

Here are some excerpts.

The classification of a hoarder

The definition of animal hoarding may surprise you. That’s because the crux of what classifies a person as a hoarder isn’t a particular number of animals—it’s whether or not those animals are provided with sufficient […]

Of the Mafia and the Egyptians

The Egyptians knew better.

We have one too….

And so does the world!

It’s just a matter of time….


A Journey of a Thousand Steps

I’ll take a break from the usual and talk about another part of my life.

I grew up with the self-fulfilling prophecy that I am totally hopeless in sports. I am uncoordinated, directionally dyslexic and have various health issues which compound my utter hopelessness in sports. In school, I would run AWAY from the ball […]

End cat nudity. Embrace the orange

A funny but useful article:

Penang vows to be kind of its strays

The news:

Kudos to them for their initiative!

Quote: This is a good example to other local governments to emulate.

Oh yes, it is.

We are still waiting.

We are TEN years old today!!!

TEN years and counting…..!!

The day it started….31st May 2009.

I held a cardboard box and told friends at the temple that we wanted to help in the neutering of street animals. I quietly hoped we could do 10 animals per year, but we ended up doing 660 animals […]