Please behave like animals!!

I get really bewildered when humans do horrendous acts and some humans say of the perpetrator that “S/He is not human, s/he is an animal!!”. No, No, No, that is NOT true. That’s an insult to animals. Animals don’t do horrendous acts to anyone. At most, they only kill for food because they are […]

This is how the FDA classifies pets

Please read this:

So, please take note of this, and either make your own petfood or buy from brands that you fully trust.


Happy Workers’ Day!

Work is service. To serve those who can never repay you is the best service of all.

Happy Workers’ Day!!

Beluga. James Beluga. Shaken, not stirred


The video:

But, on a more serious note, we maintain that no animal must be “used” by humans. Humans may serve animals, but not use them for any purpose.

Mr Zurik says: Don’t insult the KGB.


Saving a little life….!!

The video:

The little squirrel lives!!! Kudos to the heroes who did not give up!

Animal “shelter” or animal “hoarding”?

The sad news:

In our experience, we have encountered a few cases of hoarding before. The animals were in dire straits and yet the caregiver/hoarder still thought that he/she was giving them the best and that no other person can do better than he/she.

Hoarding is a mental disease and the animals are the […]

Kudos, Thailand!!

Which are the animal rescue teams, please?

Dear Everyone,

We are compiling a list of animal rescue teams because there seems to be an urgent need for such teams. If you know of any individual, group, team or organisation that can do animal rescue work, please write to me at or leave a comment in this blogpost.

We often receive requests […]

Zurik starts on RetroMAD1

Last night, Zurik started on RetroMAD1, the anti-viral that was experimental many years ago.

It was my friend, Agnes, who reminded me that RetroMAD1 might be worth a try, so I contacted my friend, Anita, who recently bought 3 bottles of RetroMAD1 for her cat, to ask from where I could purchase them. Anita immediately […]