How mushrooms can save the world (a very powerful video)

The video clip:

Please listen to the message.

“How many people are not trying?

Nature is a force of good. Good is a spirit. Hopefully the spirit of goodness will survive.”

We hope that this short message will serve as encouragement for animal caregivers who are up against so many odds and negative forces.


More about over-vaccination

Please watch this until the end:

The alternative: Titre checks!


Plant-based “meat” (meat-free “meat”)

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It’s made from pea protein, vegetable powder, plant starch, maize starch and a little bit of yeast extract. No animal ingredients at all.

This is a good alternative for those who cannot do without the taste of meat.

There are those who are willing to give up eating meat and […]

An article on rabies from Dosing Health

It looks like many people have short-term memory these days.

The last rabies scare was in Sept-Oct 2015 which resulted in the very unnecessary deaths of too many innocent dogs and cats. International help, vaccination and sharing of knowledge were offered but I think most animal lovers will never forget what happened in Penang.

As […]

An award winning short film on being self sufficient in the city!

An award winning short film on how to be self sufficient. Very inspiring!

They are vegetarians; they set up a homestead in their urban home, plant their own vegetables and raise chickens, goats, ducks only for eggs and milk. They have a cat too!


A home, love and care for little kittens

The video clip:

Kudos, Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Cat Project!!

The video clip:

If anyone lives in a town where your elected representative or mayor is compassionate towards street animals, you could try starting something like this! And be a model for the rest of the state or country!

We would need a very dedicated and committed team of people to do […]

Let us never break their hearts…

The cat version: A cat might destroy your furniture, but s/he will never break your heart.

So, let us never break theirs too…

Hooray to all animal-friends!!

Though he sprays at times, he is ever loyal.


The dog’s ancestry traces back to at least 40,000 years

The article:

But, the domestication of cats…?

That’s something humans simply cannot accomplish!