Bee-free honey – save the bees, save our planet!

There are 20,000 species of bees on the planet, but only 7 of them make honey.

75% of agriculture depends on bees for pollination.

“If bees disappeared, humanity cannot survive more than 4 years.” – Albert Einstein.

Now, four friends in Israel have started a company called bee-io and they have successfully produced honey from […]

A mini concert for the animals in Kolner Zoo

The animals in a German zoo were depressed and never left their den during the pandemic. Nobody went there anymore. Neither children nor adults. The place remained empty. Then the zoo authorities called the pianist to play for the animals. And see what happened.

Dog is my CoPilot – former doctor turns pilot to rescue dogs and cats

The amazing story:

An excerpt:

This is a typical morning for Rork — a 67-year-old former doctor who dedicates his life to rescuing dogs and cats that would otherwise be killed in shelters that don’t have room for them.

Through his nonprofit […]

Cat owners MAY have higher immunity for Covid-19

Discliamer: Just sharing the observations.

This is the second observation I’ve received.

The first was sent by an overseas friend where it was observed that in a certain town somewhere, owners of FIP-cats seemed to have immunity against Covid-19. While many townsfolk were infected with Covid-19, these FIP-cat owners were not. The hypothesis is that […]

Cats may have been pets along Silk Road for 1000 years

The story:

“While some ancient older civilisations such as Egypt and Rome kept cats as pets, we don’t know much about cats outside of those times and places,” Haruda said. “So this find is helping us fill in the picture that gives us a more complete picture about how people treated animals in the […]

Happy news for Ms Ng Choy Har!

Recap: Ms Ng is a dog feeder and she works as a cleaner. She has been making these purses to sell to raise money for her caregiving work. We help her with our neutering aid and we also gave her a batch of dogfood last month. Ms Ng says she uses it with rice and […]

Encouraging self-sufficiency and discouraging over-dependence

AnimalCare strongly encourages self-sufficiency and discourages over-dependence on our funds.

The first line of our policy statement in neutering aid is this:

Our primary objective is to help CNRM street animal caregivers who do small-scale rescue work or those who are just starting out. We urge those who are doing large-scale work to seek other […]

A gentle reminder: Honesty, Sincerity and Courtesy

This is a gentle reminder to all applicants:

We have been updating everyone here on certain cheating cases which we have discovered over the past few months. These included forging the vet’s signature as well as blaming the vet for not notching the ears of female animals. Both of which, after checking with the […]

Please support Lawyers for Animal Rights (Manjung District issue)

The news:

Lawyers for Animal Rights press release:

Press Release-2

This is the time to speak up and help the animals.

As Jane Goodall says, Covid19 was a result of humans’ total disrespect of animals and Nature. Until we learn, there will be more warnings and results.

But when will humans learn? It all […]