The Amazing Market Cats of Chile (Gatos de la Vega!)

Please take a look!

The difference between CNRM and TNR (republishing) and please be honest

This article was first published in April 2019. We are republishing it as a gentle reminder to all applicants that our neutering and vaccination aid is only for those who practise One-Street CNRM, with particular emphasis on the C=Care and M=Manage components.

Here it the article again (with some additional remarks):

We would like to […]

The Comfort Dog Project in Uganda

It’s all about dogs helping people with PTSD.

Dogs and cats are our friends.

And it’s coming to ten years now that we have asked for neutered street dogs and cats be spared from capture-and-kill.


The raw deal: The wonders of raw food (Wendy’s story)

Ever since our cats went on 100% raw food, I have been writing quite a bit about this. I’ve also been telling some friends how much a 100% raw diet has been really beneficial for our cats.

So, one of my friends decided to try raw food for her dogs. One of her dogs, Wendy, […]

Building a strong bond with your cat

Often, we hear non-cat parents saying that dogs are definitely more affectionate than cats and that cats are aloof. Some even accuse cats of being “selfish” and uncaring.

I grew up with dogs all my life and only touched a kitten (or cat) for the first time in my life 13+ years ago when I […]

Pahang’s very own cat island

The story:

Such a noble effort by Ayah Engku! Kudos to you, Sir!

If only the general public is more accepting of street animals, then all of us (humans and street animals) can live harmoniously on every street. And with neutering, the population will be under control.

After all, as we have said so […]

The amazing hospitality of the Tawau people

We just came back from a short but very happy and memorable trip to Tawau to attend Ming-Yi and Yui Ping’s Tawau wedding reception this weekend.

We had our Subang reception last weekend, and I cannot help but draw some comparisons between the two, so please do allow me to share my experience.

Upon our […]

Malaysian couple who makes affordable wheelchairs for dogs!

The story:–tNiZGGVLXn2KuRQ

Kudos to the Bintulu gentlemen!

The story:

Malaysia Animal Association president lauds fishermen who freed whale shark caught in rope in Bintulu waters (VIDEO) Melanie Chalil Malay Mail3 December 2019 The quick-thinking fishermen used a cleaver to severe the rope. — Screengrab from Facebook/Malaysia Animal Association More

PETALING JAYA, Dec 3 — The […]