Chee Onn’s first reflections

As I have written a few weeks back, Mooi Chee Onn was the designer of our first tshirts and many tshirts after that too. He also helped us with a lot of design work, including the background paw prints that you see on this blog, our many buntings, banners and posters, through the years when […]

Vandana Shiva talks about ecocide

What is ecocide?

Does it concern us and our animals?

Please listen to Vandana Shiva’s eloquent explanation on ecocide:

It is only a 55 second video, but there is so much to take away from it.

Climate madness in Ireland

The news:


The high priests of climate change are at it again, this time decreeing that 200,000 dairy cows must be put to death to satisfy the left’s global warming religion.

This latest outrage is coming from government officials in Ireland who have announced the destruction of tens of thousands of dairy cows […]

What exactly is a no-kill shelter?

I’ve spoken to a lot of people and very often, some simply surrender their animals to shelters without finding out what type of shelter it is with regard to euthanasia policies.

Some take the word “no-kill” literally and think there is really no killing at all in these shelters.

Our suggestion is to please ask […]

Insist on or do your own follow-up

This is a follow-up post on this news:

So if you are a donor who has given your hard-earned money to a rescuer, a group or an organisation, with hopes that they will use the money for savings lives (and not killing), or you have engaged the services of a rescuer, a group or […]

Why are these rescuers catching-and-killing?

We heard this very upsetting news quite a while ago and we feel we must write about it and appeal to the good sense and kindness of these rescuers.

We were told that there are these rescuers who pick up animals from the street, especially young ones, some of whom are friendly and completely healthy. […]

How to communicate with your cat – the slow blink

Here’s the article:

Dogs and cats read our body language and definitely read our minds. They can sense positive and negative feelings. But apart from these, there’s another confirmed method of communicating with your cat – by “smiling” in a feline way, ie. narrowing the eyes and BLINKING slowly. Yes, blinking.

I’ve done this […]

Humans and their (stupid) fireworks

Talking about human stupidity and selfishness, here’s another one of their favourite activities during their festivals: FIREWORKS.

And so often, Jayden wakes up in terror at the sound of the fireworks. Tabs is completely terrified too.

Why do humans engage in all these absolutely money-wasting activities?


Why is it so hot these days?

The powers-that-be in my area are going on a massive tree-chopping spree and some of these trees are very old and have provided shade for us humans for decades, maybe even generations, and is the home of many, many birds and other critters.

Many people are speaking up and protesting, but do the powers-that-be bother […]