Mastitis cat – rescued, treated and rehomed

A few weeks back, we rescued a female cat from the street and brought her in for spaying. However, the vet checked and found that she had mastitis.

So, we got her treated first. She was given antibiotics and daily wound cleaning was done.

After a week, healing was […]

Rescue and spay-neuter of 9 street cats

Recently, we managed to rescue 9 street cats (5 females and 4 males). We have subsidised RM900 for their spaying and neutering and the balance of the bill is covered by anonymous donors.


A cat family, rescued and rehomed

It is really sad that in this last one week, many cat families (formerly pets) have been found abandoned or surrendered.

We were alerted to one cat family (a mother and three young kittens) who were abandoned by their owners. Luckily one of our readers offered to take over the family and provide a safe […]

Siamese and grey tabby – adopted!


Great news to start off the day – Siamese and grey tabby from our previous rescue have both been adopted from the clinic by separate families yesterday! We thank the vet very much for doing the adoption and looking after both of them. The adopters are welcome to apply for our neutering subsidies […]

1st vaccination subsidies for 2 rescued kittens – both adopted!


We have subsidised RM50 for the 1st vaccinations of these two rescued kittens (from our latest rescue on 6th July 2014). The balance of the bill is covered by Donald Duck and Tabs & Associates.

The Siamese kitten (female) will be adopted by a client from the clinic. The male grey tabby is […]

Spay-neuter and vaccination subsidies for 5 rescued cats


Out of the 8 adult cats we picked up on 6th July 2014, two were suspected to be pregnant, but after boarding for 6 days, it was found that only one was pregnant while 2 were only 4 months old (too young and not heavy enough to be neutered yet). So, 5 cats […]

4 babies (from Sunday’s rescue) adopted!!


The vet informed us that the 4 babies have been adopted from his clinic by one of his clients! The new family has requested for a few days so that they can do the necessary preparation for the kittens to go back to their home. All four to the same home!!

A Sunday rescue story (8 adult cats and 4 babies) adult cats, 2 adolescent ones and 4 tiny kittens were left homeless when people complained about their presence in a commercial area. They used to live there as community cats and there is a feeder, but the people who frequented the place complained and to avoid capture, the feeder had to surrender them.

We […]

1 female and 1 male cat neutered and adopted (from our previous rescue)

A female and a male cat have been neutered and adopted! Both come from our previous rescues of the abandoned cats:

We have fully sponsored RM200 for both cases.

Both were collected from […]