Updates on the recent rescued cats (three adopted)

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2014/06/21/a-ginger-cat-family-all-females-a-white-boy-todays-rescue-story/

Here are some updates on the rescue we did on 21st June 2014 where we picked up two adult female cats and 4 kittens (three ginger and one white).

Ginger mum, Teddy Altman, spayed and adopted by one of our readers.

Grey mum, Katherine, about to be […]

Spaying subsidy for 7 rescued cats and vaccination subsidy for 1 rescued cat (abandoned and street cats)

Since February 2014, we had been alerted to a few cases of abandoned cats and street cats. Our friend offered to house these cats pending adoption or failing which, she will provide them with a loving home.

AnimalCare does not do rescue work, but we were lucky we could find someone to take over the […]

Visiting the Ginger family (rescued cats)

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2014/06/21/a-ginger-cat-family-all-females-a-white-boy-todays-rescue-story/

We went to visit the ginger family today. These are the 5 cats remaining from the rescue on Saturday. Molly has already been adopted (lucky girl!).

This is the previously emaciated brown-gingerly mum-cat who had just given birth. It’s amazing what four days of good food and care can do. She looks […]

A ginger cat family (all females!) + a white boy – today’s rescue story

It’s rare to find ginger females, but today, we chanced upon 4 female ginger cats, 1 female ginger-grey mix and a white kitten – all abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves.

Someone had gathered them together from the street; Connie went to pick them up and stopped by my house before […]

Dolly gives birth to SIX kittens!!

Dolly’s rescue: http://myanimalcare.org/2014/05/20/hello-dolly-another-rescue-and-rehome-story/

Dolly in her new home: http://myanimalcare.org/2014/05/25/sending-yoke-meis-4-tnrm-cats-to-a-safe-forever-home-and-meeting-ivan-and-dolly/

My friend just texted to say that Dolly gave birth safely to SIX kittens this morning!! Mother and babies are all doing well.

Wow! SIX kittens from little Dolly!

I’m so thankful that she is safe in the “maternity chalet” where she will be well looked […]

Hello Dolly! – Another rescue and rehome story

‘Tis the season for rescue and rehoming?

I was having lunch at my usual food court after class today when I saw three students bullying a heavily pregnant cat. They were letting her smell something and then throwing it away from her. In other words, tricking her into thinking it’s food (it is probably some […]

Ivan and Justin – a rescue and rehome story

This morning, I was conducting a lab class in the computer lab when I had dismissed the class and while the students were leaving, a white cat sauntered into the computer lab!

The students exclaimed and were quite delighted (as young people often are), but the college does not look kindly upon animals within its […]

A dog rescue

One of our readers picked up a female mixed breed dog who appeared to be abandoned as she is very friendly. The dog has been surrendered to PAWS and another reader has paid two months’ SAPP fee for this dog.

Thank you, everyone, for helping the dog. Hopefully she will be adopted from PAWS once […]

A puppy rescue

Recently, we were alerted to a litter of abandoned puppies. We made some calls and a friend volunteered to rescue the puppies. Since no adopter could be found, PAWS agreed to take in the puppies as they were estimated to be more than 2 months old.

Unfortunately, one puppy did not make it after two […]