7 more cats/kittens rescued and rehomed

Looks like many cats and kittens are being abandoned – it’s a never-ending story.

We were alerted to some abandoned cats with kittens (a total of 5 adults and 2 small kittens) and again, the kind-hearted adopted agreed to take them in.

Today was the rescue and rehoming…

It was a long […]

Another cat rescue and rehoming (2 adults, 9 kittens)

We were recently alerted about 2 adult cats and 9 kittens, abandoned on the streets. They looked healthy and a kind adopter agreed to take them all in. She will take care of the neutering, vaccinations and the medical needs of all these cats.

Today, the cats were sent to their new home!


Some updates on the pound rescue dogs (from Eugene Lee)

In February 2014, we helped make arrangements for the rescue of these pound dogs. The dogs are now under PAWS’ SAPP (Sponsor-a-Pet Programme). Here are some updates with photos from Eugene Lee:

From: Eugene Lee Date: Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 4:15 PM Subject: Puchong pound dogs update Dear Kah Yein,

We wanted to update […]

Rescued and rehomed, a new lease on life for 8 abandoned cats

We were alerted to the plight of eight abandoned cats a few days ago, so we asked a cat-loving friend if she would like to adopt these cats and she said yes!

These are eight cats who were abandoned by their respective owners. All eight have skin problems too. Yet, the kind-hearted adopted didn’t mind. […]

Vaccination sponsorship for the last 2 rescued pound dogs (Eugene Lee Thean Hock’s)

The last 2 rescued pound dogs were given their booster vaccinations yesterday. We have fully sponsored RM40 for them.

With this, all 9 rescued dogs have been given two vaccinations each.


Spaying sponsorship for 4 female rescued pound dogs (Eugene Lee Thean Hock’s)

The last 4 of the rescued pound dogs (all 4 are female) were spayed yesterday and all are doing well today. We have fully sponsored RM600 for these 4 procedures.

The photos on the left were taken when I visited them in early March and the photos on the right were taken this morning, courtesy […]

Spay-Neuter sponsorship for 5 rescued pound dogs (Eugene Lee Thean Hock’s)

As a follow-up to the 9 remaining rescued pound dogs now staying under PAWS’ SAPP (Sponsor-a-Pet Programme), 5 were neutered yesterday. We have fully sponsored RM750 for their neutering.

The photos on the left were taken by me when I visited the dogs on 5th March while the photos on the right are provided by […]

An update on the 9 rescued pound dogs (from Eugene Lee)

Just to recap, 13 dogs were rescued from one of the local pounds on 6th February 2014. On a personal basis, I raised RM2700 from my friends to pay for the dogs’ SAPP (Sponsor-a-Pet Programme) at PAWS after Eugene agreed with the plan to place the dogs at PAWS while he works on rehoming them.


Vaccination sponsorship for 8 rescued pound dogs (Eugene Lee Thean Hock’s)

We have fully sponsored RM180 for the 2nd vaccinations (boosters) of 7 of the rescued dogs and the 1st vaccination of one of them (the one who had the gaping wound).

The 7 dogs above received their 2nd vaccinations.

This dog received her 1st vaccination.