The dog blood donor

Late last night, a neighbour posted in our neighbourhood chatgroup that he needed a dog blood donor very urgently for his pet dog who is hospitalised.

Immediately, I thought of PAWS because previously, when Sihui’s dog, Brownie, needed a blood donor, PAWS offered their big and robust dogs. However, it was found that the dogs […]

Mickey in his forever loving home!

My dear friend sent me photos of Mickey right after Mickey arrived at her house.

I’m very comforted in knowing that Mickey is in very safe hands and in the most loving home I know of. Thank you so very much!

In rescuing animals, I think the hardest part is to find a good forever […]

Mickey’s morning with us

I got up at 5am to feed Mickey. He was so good last night; he did not make any noise to disturb anyone.

Mickey was already awake and waiting for me. I noticed he had pee-ed in the litter box, so that is good. Yesterday, he did not pee at all even though I massaged […]

A little kitten rescue (Mickey’s story)

This evening, we rescued a very tiny little kitten at the side of the road in the very busy Jalan Tujuan (the Subang Jaya-USJ main road). Cars were speeding and zooming nonstop and the little kitten was standing by the road side, probably a little stunned.

To get to him, I had to climb a […]