I’m a Cat Grandma too…

Hi, its’s JoTong here.

All my previous articles were all about dogs and actually I still have tonnes of untold rescue stories on the dogs.

However, I would like to share that I am a cat person too with 2 female cats (MeMe, who was rescued from the roadside in 2020 and […]

Tigger is recovering (Julia Chong’s rescue) – adopter awaiting!

We published Julia’s newly rescued kitten for adoption and a kind reader from Klang responded with her interest to adopt Tigger.

Meanwhile, Tigger was warded on the night of his rescue because he ran a fever. It’s been three days now at the hospital. The fever subsided on the next day and Tigger is well […]

Rescued kitten for adoption (Julia Chong’s) – adopter waiting!

Latest updates: Tigger is recovering well at the hospital and the best news ever is that a kind reader from Klang has offered to adopt Tigger!!

The original post:

Our long-time donor, Julia Chong, found this month-old kitten in the middle of the road yesterday. She will take him to the vet for the check-up […]

Photo updates of Birdy!

Here are some photo updates of Birdy from Reymont! Birdy is now the size of a sparrow. She is doing well and is also very strong!

Birdy’s progress

Birdy can now remove the the bark off of wood now. It’s progress….!

Birdy’s training continues

Birdy is now learning to hunt for insects in the “holes”.

There are insects in the holes and Birdy is now being trained to hunt so that she can survive “out there” eventually.

It goes to show that fostering birds isn’t an easy job at all. You have to know what type of […]

Birdy has new feathers!

Lots of new to share about Birdy today, from Reymont.

Birdy has changed to her new feathers now. Based on her size (measured) and after consulting a bird expert, Birdy is small for her age. So, most likely, she was a rejected child, ie. her parents could have thrown her out as she was the […]

Birdy’s lessons

Reymont sent some updates on Birdy!

Reymont is training Birdy to eat wet food on her own now. Tomorrow he is setting up a bigger cage for Birdy so that there’s more space to hop around.

Birdy can also fly higher now. She flew up to the stationary ceiling fan and it was quite […]

Birdy starts flying!

Reymont sent this video below. Birdy has started flying!! And she is also learning to peck food on her own from her plastic feeder!


Hello, Birdy!!! So happy to hear you chirping!

I’ve been playing Birdy’s video every now and then, just to hear her chirp (the one where she was […]