The rescue and rehoming of 2 kittens (Marcus Wong’s)

Yesterday, I received an urgent email from Marcus Wong. Marcus had been taking care of two kittens, already neutered and vaccinated too. They were community kittens in his neighbourhood. There are only eight community cats in his area and the gardener helps to take care of them. He even told the residents that two are […]

Another great rescue (from Soi Chee)

My friend, Soi Chee, who used to be a dog-person, has now become quite the cat-person! Here is another rescue from her, or rather, from her domestic helper.

Soi Chee’s story:

Lately cats have been entering into my life , no idea why and how …they keep coming to me. I rescued a few … […]

Mimi’s story (a sharing)

Here’s a lovely sharing from my friend, Soi Chee. It was her very first time handling a newborn kitten, with an injury too.

Be inspired!!

Lately we added a new member to the family for the first time, a CAT !!!! The newborn appeared at my brother’s door step last year June … badly wounded […]

The rescue and adoption of 3 newborn kittens

This morning, a friend sent an urgent message asking if anyone or any shelter could take in three newborn kittens who were found inside a box in the park.

Obviously, a human had left them there.

I texted as many friends as I could. Sadly, no one was able to help. I […]

Trying to save Betsy’s eye

Connie decided to try.

So, yesterday, I accompanied Connie and Betsy to see our vet for a second opinion.

The vet examined Betsy’s eye and explained that there is a rupture and fluids from the anterior chamber has flowed out to form the bulge, which we see in her eye now. If this bulge breaks, […]

Betsy’s eye

I visited Betsy yesterday!

Now I know why Connie keeps saying that Betsy is a very “polite” dog. She IS!!

I have never met Betsy before and yet, when I arrived, Betsy ran all the way to the gate to greet me! She let me carry her throughout my entire visit and when we […]

Betsy’s happy playtime!

Here’s a video that will definitely make your day!!

Happy little Betsy playing with her friends in her forever home!!

What happened to Betsy: Betsy (with a large e-collar still on) was found by a good samaritan and brought to the clinic. Her owner was contacted by the clinic but the […]

Betsy has her forever happy home!!

Connie has decided to adopt Betsy!!

And Mun Mun is delighted that Betsy has a forever home now. We do wish to, again, thank Mun Mun very much, for offering to adopt Betsy when she was first rescued.

All’s well that ends well.

Connie will also take care of all of Betsy’s medical bills including […]

Happy little Betsy (Day 3)

An update on 13th Jan 2020: Betsy is now adopted by Connie and Connie will cover all her medical expenses including the 3rd eyelid flap surgery. This is now no longer a one-off special project for us.

Here are some photos of happy little Betsy on Day 3:

Betsy has already […]