Birdy wants to fly (Day 2)

I woke up this morning, and went to check on Birdy. She was sitting down in her tissue box.

I quickly fed all the cats first. Nowadays, it’s three feeding venues. The kitchen first, then the Greystoke kittens and finally, Bunny’s Place.

Then came the bird-feeding session. I pounded some of the pellets and made […]

The rescue of Birdy, in a house of 14 cats

Late yesterday evening, Minnie spotted a baby bird on the grass. Luckily Minnie was inside Stargate2 while the baby bird was outside of it.

We managed to catch the baby bird, now named Birdy, and put her into a box.

I’d never been successful in caring for injured birds before this, so I quickly […]

Mun Mun’s magic touch and heart of gold!

Rocky B’s updates:

Mun Mun rescues yet another litter

Here’s the story:

Thank you so much for your compassion, patience and efforts, Mun Mun.

AnimalCare will help with petfood for as long as we still have funds!

Photos courtesy of Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary

Mun Mun to the rescue (the blind dog)!

Mun Mun has done it again!!

Here’s the story:

Thank you so much, Mun Mun!! And thank you, En Hazim, for your act of compassion!

Photos courtesy of Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary

Mun Mun’s puppy and dog rescues

In total, just recently, Mun Mun has rescued 20 infant puppies!

Here’s his post:

And here’s a video shared by Mun Mun:

Few days ago down below my shelter the security guard told me a stray dog had given birth to 6 puppies 100 meters away from where I rescued the 1st group […]

A rehoming of a pet dog, Snoopy, who fears thunderstorms

I received an urgent request a few days ago from a lady. The issue is that her pet dog became very fearful of thunderstorms and would react rather “aggressively” by destroying her front door and the netting on it.

Her dog was acting out of fear, which isn’t uncommon in dogs and cats.

The main […]

Mun Mun’s rescue of the 7 puppies (a success!)

Here’s Mun Mun’s recent rescue of the 7 puppies:

He did not manage to rescue the mother-dog, but he will try again soon.

Kudos to you, Mun Mun!!

The rescue and rehoming of 2 kittens (Marcus Wong’s)

Yesterday, I received an urgent email from Marcus Wong. Marcus had been taking care of two kittens, already neutered and vaccinated too. They were community kittens in his neighbourhood. There are only eight community cats in his area and the gardener helps to take care of them. He even told the residents that two are […]